Banana Kong 2

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 01:15 pm

Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong 2 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FDG Mobile Games GbR, Banana Kong 2 is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 12th July 2022 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Banana Kong 2 ?

7,526 people have rated 1.3.8

What is the price of the Banana Kong 2 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Banana Kong 2 released ?

Banana Kong 2 was released on 12th July 2022.

When was the Banana Kong 2 updated ?

The latest updated date of Banana Kong 2 on 20th April 2023.

Where can Banana Kong 2 be downloaded ?

You can download the game Banana Kong 2 from Apple Official App Store.



Celebrate with us the return of Banana Kong!
We worked hard to create a worthy sequel for both fans and new players.

Run, jump, bounce and swing on lianas while traversing new forests, caves, treetops, lagoons and even the north pole!

All your animal friends are back and there’s so much more: How about hopping onto a penguin to slide on snowy slopes or riding ocean waves on a surfboard? It’s a whole new world full of surprises. Even with many new features, the game remains simple to control as you know and love Banana Kong.

Banana Kong 2 builds up on the original endless runner concept and adds entirely new challenges and ideas! Solve all-new missions, collect bananas and win golden Kong Coins to buy upgrades, hats and many other items in the crazy jungle shop! Become the King of the Jungle! While you dash through the jungle you’ll be able to compete with your friends! Who will run the best distance? You can see your friends best results right in the game. Compare your records and unlock achievements while improving your playing style.

A highly dynamic game engine will provide endless fun in this neverending run. Each session is a new challenge as the level is built randomly on the fly. Collect as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar. Use a power-dash to destroy obstacles. Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the game.


  • Each run is different!
  • Hi-Res and Ultrawide Display Support
  • Original Soundtrack by Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes
  • Full Game Center Integration
  • 6 entirely different animal rides and more!
  • One Thumb Controls
  • Cloud Save
  • 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.

Updated on 20th April 2023

Maintenance Update
Hotfix: Australia Mission

Banana Kong 2 Review

The graphics are amazing and the way banana Kong acts is amazing.

There are too many obstacles in the game and you can’t do much about them, controls are not responsive enough and you die very soon if you don’t buy upgrades, it’s sad because the game has potential, but it is ruined because of these problems.


Reminds us of the old donkey kong.

This game is extrem fun and addicting we love it download it also Im not a bot.

Its fun to play when Im bored.

This game is so good we love how simple yet complex it is.

Every time Im mad we play this game and then our mind just get on the game and then we beat our high score Leo yay.

We love monke collect banana and wear hat. He jump flower and buy thing. He Fall down when he thonked by monke,hehe.

Love the graphics and the gameplay!! Very fun and we recommend downloading it! Very impressed by the development team nice job!

This game was hard at first but then we started to get the hang of it!!!!! It is so fun an totally free! Our dad had this game and said it was the best game on App Store so we got it and it was!!! Download today!!!!!

We love simple controls in challenging games. The game is well designed, awesome colors with different levels/worlds. Fun for anyone. Lets see how far you can go in one run!

We love this game you guys are the best.

It is pretty fun nothing beats the first one tho.

Just started playing, but already love the game.

This game is really fun and amazing.

This game is so fun and everything we were suspecting from it.

This game is really fun and amazing we totally recommend it to everybody.

This game is so good and fun we can dress our monkey Bieber up want we think this is a creative game and we love it.

Banana kong needs controller support!!

We hope the developers bring more online play interaction with other banana Kong players include clan joining options also other than that keep up the great work !!!

Its prob one of the best game ever.

Game to you know what! We love how they have created their own style and its great to selling you have nostalgic games to remind you of your childhood. We are a 31 year old mom who loves to play these games for our 3 year old son to learn as well. He enjoys watching while also learning to play!

If you liked the original youll love the new one. Very addictive.

We remember playing the first game when we were around 8-9 ima try this one out now.

This is an amazing addicting and really unique auto runner which is probably the best free game in the App Store. Really really fun! We’ve put hours into this game and it never gets old! Its so fun and great for all ages it also has lots of great and unique mechanics that you normally dont find In mobile games especially free ones. And the adds arent that annoying either. They barely appear for us. We really think you should try this game if your looking for a great free auto runner mobile game. Great game.

The game is really fun game play doesnt get boring the only thing we would like to see that isnt in the game yet is the ability to tap to skip and speed up the revive timer. We hardly use revives and itd be nice to skip the timer.

We like the game and the animations but the way it looks and creepy because in this game the crocodile eats you which is more violent and the original one is better this one just looks to weird So we took a star.

We always love this game. We’ve been playing the first generation forever. So we are very excited to find out that there is a second gen. But after playing for a while we realized that we prefer the first generation, just cant get used to this new graphic style. Maybe its just us…

Would like the ability to use our controller.

Dont get us wrong banana king two is a great game its beautiful and fun but honestly the first one is better almost exclusively because the controls are better and more responsive bk2 is just a less fun game we are biased but its just less fun so ultimately the graphics dont matter much.

Obstacles are intentionally much harder than original BK while price for power ups are massively inflated. Not a coincidence. Game is more aggravating to us than fun.

What a great classic scroller game. All we need is backbone controller support. Perhaps a good goal for a new year.

The game is ok but it needs harder a little more aggrieve.

We love this game so much, but it would be so much better if it had controller support.

Is there a way to link an account across devices?

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