Hit & Run: Solo Leveling

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 06:40 pm

Hit & Run: Solo Leveling

Hit & Run: Solo Leveling

Hit & Run: Solo Leveling is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Supercent Inc., Hit & Run: Solo Leveling is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 22nd April 2022 with the latest update 31st March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hit & Run: Solo Leveling ?

27,610 people have rated 0.54.0

What is the price of the Hit & Run: Solo Leveling ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hit & Run: Solo Leveling released ?

Hit & Run: Solo Leveling was released on 22nd April 2022.

When was the Hit & Run: Solo Leveling updated ?

The latest updated date of Hit & Run: Solo Leveling on 31st March 2023.

Where can Hit & Run: Solo Leveling be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hit & Run: Solo Leveling from Apple Official App Store.



HIT AND RUN : Solo Leveling is a runner game full of action like you’ve never seen before!

“Am I the only one who can level up in this game?!”
You are the stickman warrior who needs to save a town from epic evil monsters! The only way to defeat them is to level up yourself!
All you have is a pair of blades, and you need to defeat every enemy that blocks your path. Would you take this hard and long trip to save towns and challenge the enormous boss?

HIT, SLAP, SLASH! Do everything you can. All you do to smash obstacles is JUST SWIPE! Nothing can stop you!

Get out of my way! Defeat all the enemies that blocks in your way! Every time you slash them, your levels will go up. However, not all enemies you encounter along the way can be defeated. Choose an opponent you can defeat by making smart choices based on your level. Keep it up and try to reach the highest level!

There are not only enemies on the track. Avoid traps and tricks along the way and choose a safe path. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter a portal that speeds up leveling or gives you gems. Explore various elements in the game through mysterious portals.

The final boss at the end of this road will be another level of your obstacles. If you can’t blow up the boss, you can’t save the village. Defeating the final boss will require smart choices along the way. Will you be able to overcome all the obstacles and even the giant and strong boss?

This fun action runner game will amaze you! You can experience action RPG fun and easily from this dynamic adventure runner. Challenge yourself, test your agility, and see how far you can level up right now!

Updated on 31st March 2023

Minor bug fixed

Hit & Run: Solo Leveling Review

Its a good game but it becomes boring and also it doesnt make sense because when you slide on the railing thing somehow we die and Im better than the people that we have to hit so please fix the problem.

Cant get past level 10, it keeps making us fall off and it doesnt give us instructions of how to jump or just what we have to do to get past the first part.

The game was a great idea and pretty fun at first, but later it becomes boring due to lack of content and challenge. We think it should have boss fights that you actually have to fight and scrimmage with.

Best game we’ve seen since we were 4 years old.

ODM Gear would be an awesome skin and colossal titan would be awesome too an Eren Yaeger skin too. Still good without it but it would be cool.

We beat the game about 1 month ago and we have been waiting for the next section to come and it still has not come.

This game has way to many adds and we like the older days when this game had an add every 5 levels and its kinda easy they need to make the levels harder otherwise it is a good game and we would recommend it but even if you put airplane mode on it will be terrible in graphics wise but otherwise amazing game and is fun.

We have been playing for a while now and we have been leveling up our stuff but we cant get to the next area. Can anyone tell us how to? Thank you in advance!

This game is really fun its just there are way to many ads like when we are done with one game ad so we think there should have less ads and thats all.

Its a nice Time killer for anythings its super entertaining by the gameplays and is appealing to the eyes like the outfit the weapons its so well animated.

Maybe Im not used to this type of game but it has way too much ads. We dont mind ads for players trying to get a head start but just normal game play? We had ads kicking off when we were just browsing the cosmetics to wear. We dont think we can play this any longer.

Way to much ads to much Gils h and to much hacks and cheats.

We know there are other games with a lot of ads but this is just on another level. Like theres ads right when you go on the app, and once we got another ad 3 seconds after we just watched one. Theres so many offers like extra gems or swords that you can get if you watch ads and theres an ad on the bottom of the screen like its everywhere bruh. We know you dont have to watch the ads for the extra rewards but theres so much that we accidentally press them and its an immediate ad. We dont usually write reviews so you know its an issue. The only reason Im giving 2 stars instead of 1 is because the concept is good and the actual game is fun. But if you flood the game with ads how are you supposed to have fun.

Really cool and fun game but a little too much ads.

This game is really awesome and really fun.

We are very happy with this because it only gives you ads if you want.

We have been playing for a while now and we have been leveling up our stuff but we cant get to the next area. Can anyone tell us how to? Thank you in advance!

Overall the game is pretty fun it has a fun leveling system and cool skins and the motivational quotes are pretty cool too but the ads are unreasonable when you first log in you get a pop up type of ad and when you finish a level you get ad a good thing tho is its only 3 bucks for no ads. Overall its pretty fun and we are excited to see the future of this game.

We spent 100 hours on this game and its still unfinished theres still more areas and it still says coming soon.

We really like the game, but five stars would just be suspicious, so instead Im rating it 4 stars.

We literally cant even open the game without it freezing and lagging on us. Idk if its just us but we cant get past the first level, once we start trying to upgrade stuff with the gems it all crashes. This is so stupid.

Most games are full of ads but this game takes it to the next level. Load game AD. Click one button in game AD. Finish AD, AD. 1 star trash ad spamming dumpster fire.

We love this game, but the main problem is the adds. If you see this review there are bots saying no ads for free that is a lie, unless you willing to pay $2.99 although the gameplay is good it sometimes is laggy, some of the meshes start being weird too. But besides that fact, gameplay is pretty good, its a little better than the average mobile game but you might just want to start smashing you device because of how many ads there are!

Is fun to play when your bored.

Its a good game but the ads are annoying but still fun game.

This game has very little adds :)

First off, the reviews saying there are no ads for free are fake, there a quite a bit of ads. We would like everyone to know that overall, this game is good, (except for the ads) we like the concept and the style.

This game is pretty fun but they just havent updated the new level area when you beat the level and get coins so its pretty hard to do anything when you complete it.

Everybody said there is no ads but when we got in the game there is an ad.

We hate how there are so many adds 3 stars.

Theres ads after your finish and before you start and like Im not gonna pay money just to have no adds 2/5 stars.

Make it already cause all it say is coming soon we need to built more house we got about 30k coins cause we cant even build we finished.

This game is trying to hard for a mobile game phone gets hot for no reason and the game is glitchy trash. So many ads they are killing theyre own game.

Can be beaten in an afternoon, turn off your data and Wi-Fi for a much better experience.

This game is amazing but it has too many ads.

When playing the game at higher levels you encounter a lot of levels were you have no good leveling to complete the level the units cap in the back for the multiplier is increasing slowly and some times you run and do the entire mission and have not enough Levels to complete it the swords and skins are not as favorable needs more variety in our opinion but overall solid game needs more work.

We’ve been playing this game for awhile and our phone gets super hot just for playing for 5 minutes like WTH man and too many ads.

It would not let us change our color at will instead it made us watch an ad and then spin a wheel we just wanted to get the green color.

Get this game anyone who can see this pls.

For a minute we want to change our mind we dont know yeah.

We lilke the bosses and theMonsters.

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