Barber Chop

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Barber Chop


Barber Chop is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lajeune and Associates, LLC, Barber Chop is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th April 2013 with the latest update 12th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,757 people have rated 4.96.4

You can download the game Barber Chop from APP STORE.


Barber Chop

The first barbering game that will allow you to create a design, cut with precision, and practice doing a shape up or outline. Once you’ve created your design, it can be saved into your photo album on your phone or tablet. There are 16 characters to choose from: 15 adults (6 adult women, 9 adult men) and 1 teenager. This game is for anybody with a creative mind. It’s also useful as a learning module for current and prospective hair stylists. All you need is your finger and your imagination. Turn on the volume on your device to hear the sound of the tools. You will feel like you’re right there in the barber shop or hair salon.

  • The ultimate hair salon and barber shop for men and women.
  • Pick a character of your choice.
  • Rotate the image to cut and design hair on each side of the head.
  • Cut hair with precision using tools such as clippers, scissors, razors and clip guards. The clip guards let you reduce the thickness of the hair, which is a technique known as a fade.
  • Create a design and share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter).

Back button to undo the last action you did. As long as your finger stays on the screen, it will count as one action.
Zooming options for most characters, allowing more accurate cutting.
Adjustable clip guards to reduce hair thickness.
Razors for complete hair removal. You can shave the face or head bald.
Sharing button.
Music options to listen to while playing.
Camera button to let you save your work into your photo album,
Rotation button to rotate the head

Get ready to experience a realistic game that allows you to show off your skills, be creative or become a better barber. There are different ethnicities and genders to choose from. Each character has plenty of hair on their head to give you a limitless number of hairstyles to create. A timer that appears on the screen once you start to play will show you how long it took you to create your hairstyle. It will also be displayed on your saved photo.

You and others will see how skillful you’re getting each time you play. 

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Updated on 12th March 2022

Small UI Adjustment

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Barber Chop Review

So this game is really amazing and we only have two complaints about it so yea we like the idea of the brush but we think its stupid like that you have to pay for it and we think their should be an easier way to like add the hair like the brush does because the brush doesnt even really work and our other one is that we think when your courting the hair it should cut like the sides to or like the front. So heres an example if we were cutting the front of the hair and we cut the beard and then go to the side profiles we think the beard should be cut so we dont have to like you know line up our hair style and dont have to like shave the beard again but other than that the game is really good and the comb doesnt even do anything.

Not much to say but this is a good game.

There should be sponges added to the game to curl up they hair.

Basically all it was, was a giant blob on a persons face or hair and you would have to shave it off. Another thing that wasnt the best was that ALL the tools did mostly the some thing. And when we say that we mean we would assume that one pair on cutters or whatever their called would be bigger than another.

So basically if you look at its eyes you will see a weird looking thing inside it so Im thinking its looking at you like the game talking bad if you know that one and so we think that game is basically like terrible and theres too many VIP things so dont get this game just dont unless you wanna be hacked or something but thats all.

We can not give waves to our customers, im suing.

The only reason we love this game is because it is very derpy but we uninstalled it because it is trash and needs serious work. Bai.

So bad we walk in the Game and she people do weird face its good if you dont care like us just saying.

We downloaded it and when we started to play we knew they did not put any effort into making this game is really bad and super unrealistic don’t download this game youll just be dissatisfied completely.

The game is alright but you get an add every minute and it takes a while to load everything so that take up like 20 seconds. We would rather play barber chop because its just better in general.

This game is not what Good at all this was such a bad hair game we were looking forward to a good chop game and we got this ad all up in our face. Once you start the game boom ad.

The game is so buggy it froze our screen for 2 whole days its lame fr.

The game looks good hopefully they can fix this bug because every time we open the game it goes dark gray and it wont let us play hopefully they fix this.

Please fix it It doesnt even load anymore .

We literally drip these people out.

The best game we’ve played in 2022.

Can you please fix the game the screen stays grey when we try to log on to the game.

This game seems cool and all but when ever you open the app it just goes black (please fix the game) but other than that it looks like a good game.

We love this game it’s the best.

When we got to open the game it takes us to this white screen and it wont open.

Games looks great on TikTok just when we try to open the app,There is a white screen.

L game it dont let you play its just a blackish grey screen and now its a white screen like bruh cmon.

Can you fix it so that you can move and zoom in at the same time?

We have seen Gameplay before on TikTok And we download the game to play it for fun but there was a dark Grey Screen on our screen and It did not load in the Game we would give it a 5 Stars if it was fixed please fix this!

Everyone time we play it load a white loading screen for hours.

This game is amazing id give it a 5/5 but we cant even load the game. Everytime we try to load the game it just goes into dark gray background and wont load. Please fix this.

Every time we load up it turn all black.


It does not let you open the game.

It did not really work it was just gray we waited 45 minutes it didnt .

Its not letting us play the game the when we click on the game it shows up a black screen, and we never got to play the game.

This game may look fun but it didnt let us in the game if u think this is fake try it its not cap guys and pls fix this now to the creators (not cap)

Game wont open its just a white screen and l cant even play it fix your game and then l will fix our rating.

We literally just now deleted this game and we had it no longer then 5 minutes. We thought that this would be a really fun interesting game where we can do fun haircuts, but the ways the scissors, razor, and how everything cuts. Isnt that great. We really enjoy doing hair, but this game does not reflect off of reality, its more unrealistic and not very fun.

It just sits on a grey screen when we open it.

We first downloaded it and we dont know if it just take to long to play or it just wasnt working so idk Simone tell us pls.

Im trying to play it want way that why we put one star.

The game is good but the one thing we dont like is that we cant play it on our iPad.

This game is not working fix it because every time Its loading it will flash bang me.

It dont lemme play n just sits there on a black screen.

We cant even play because it takes to long to load.

It seems like a good game to download at first, but as soon as you do and click the app it just shows a white screen, so again DO NOT DOWNLOAD.