Barber Chop

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

Barber Chop

Barber Chop

Barber Chop is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lajeune and Associates, LLC, Barber Chop is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th April 2013 with the latest update 16th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Education, Family, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Barber Chop ?

7,122 people have rated 5.4.34

What is the price of the Barber Chop ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Barber Chop released ?

Barber Chop was released on 8th April 2013.

When was the Barber Chop updated ?

The latest updated date of Barber Chop on 16th January 2023.

Where can Barber Chop be downloaded ?

You can download the game Barber Chop from Apple Official App Store.



Future barbers and stylists enjoy our characters, which represent diverse hairstyles, beauty, and cultures!!

A total of (23) characters from different background like BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), people with disabilities, and Pride/LGBTQAI+.
A total of (3) holiday characters from different holidays like Christmas.

  • 1 Pride/LGBTQAI+ teenager
  • 1 Black Asian woman
  • 1 Black Asian man
  • 2 Black female teenagers
  • 4 Asian males
  • 3 Children (1 White child with disabilities, 1 Jewish child, 1 Black child)
  • 1 White man
  • 1 White Indigenous man
  • 2 White women with disabilities (wheelchair)
  • 1 White man with disabilities (wheelchair)
  • 4 Black men
  • 2 Black women
  • 1 Black male Santa
  • 1 White male Santa
  • 1 White female Santa

This game is for anybody with a creative mind. It’s also useful as a learning module for current and prospective hair stylists. All you need is your finger and your imagination. Turn on the volume on your device to hear the tools. You will feel like you’re right there in the barber shop or beauty hair salon.

  • The ultimate hair salon and barber shop for men and women.
  • Pick a character of your choice.
  • Rotate the image to cut and design hair on each side of the head.
  • Cut hair with precision using tools such as clippers, scissors, razors, and clip guards. The clip guards let you reduce the thickness of the hair, which is a technique known as a fade.
  • Create a design and share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


  • Selfie-based Haircut: take a selfie, apply hairstyles, then create your own custom selfie haircut!
  • Added Design Feeds, check out cool designs by other players!
  • Undo button to undo the last action you did. As long as your finger stays on the screen, it will count as one action.
  • Zooming options for most characters, allowing more accurate cutting.
  • Adjustable clip guards to reduce hair thickness.
  • Razors for complete hair removal. You can shave the face or head bald.
  • Share button.
  • Music options to listen to while playing.
  • Camera button to let you save your work into your photo album.
  • Rotation button to rotate the head

Get ready to experience a realistic game that allows you to show off your skills, be creative or become a better barber. There are different ethnicities, genders, cultural backgrounds to choose from. Each character has plenty of hair on their head to give you a limitless number of hairstyles to create. A timer that appears on the screen once you start to play will show you how long it took you to create your hairstyle. It will also be displayed on your saved photo.

You and others will see how skillful you’re getting each time you play. Everything is free!

Updated on 16th January 2023

-Tool Hint message from appearing in screen shots fixed
-Unlock Tool message fixed

Barber Chop Review

We wish we could put any song that we want.,like rap and other stuff we really love the game but we wish u guys can do that.

We only gave it another star because the hair actually fell. The game is super laggy, the hair is like your drawing on it. The hair has no physics and its stiff. The "hair" only falls after you let go. We’re also 99% positive that most of these 5 star reviews are bots.

Great to practice for to be a barber.

Nice game but like if u can put rappers if u want its just idea of ours u know!

All we got to say is its a very good game and keeps you busy.

This is the best game ever it helps with stress.

We think it she be more added where can give them dreads locs like more realistic and better.

This game is soo good and realistic and if you wanna be a barber or are a barber this game is for you and it is really fun.

Man, this game is just the coolest!

We love barber chop! The quality is bonkers! We love ripping peoples hair off and letting them look beautiful! We hope you get barber chop now and support it!

We Lovvvvve this game but bring back the kid with curly wet hair it was easy to fade and we can style them with freeform dreads.

Need to add a person who has a buzz cut.

We think that this game is goo but as someone who gets bored really easily, this isnt that fun. We get bored at fun things and we get even more bored at boring things. But other than that the game is totally fine. We think its hard to do the hair correctly because we cant zoom in as much.

This game looks amazing, and starting out was. But it isnt realistic at all and feels like you are drawing and erasing pencil marks. We really am disappointed because of how well the ratings were and the pictures.

Terrible things won’t recommend.

Idk if its just us but whenever we enter the app it lets us play for like 20 seconds then it kicks us, we checked if there was any update or anything, there wasnt, we deleted the game and downloaded it again, it still didnt work we just dont know what to do.

Idk of its our iOS but everytime we open the app it just crashes our phone.

This is just terrible. We were playing this game and they were like sittin in the chair and what not. Then, out of nowhere Donald trump is twerkying on our screen. Dont play this game.

The game is very unrealistic and yea.

We downloaded this app thinking it will be a fun realistic barber shop game but turns out its not we are really upset about this and we were really hoping it would be, the tools are like the photo editing on Apple photos any way we had big hopes for this game pretty bummed out.

We never write reviews and id like to say its bad.

We’ve been playing the game for a while now and we think you guys should add more tools and stuff like hair spray, gel, and shaving cream. PLEASE!!!!

Every time we try to open this app it goes black and kicks us out. We dont know if it is because we have a iPad. If you have any answers to our questions please tell me.

We love ur game but if we mess up on the hair we gotta redo it we think u should add a back button because we mess up a lot and u would get more better reviews no bugs with the game and ur doing good on it just please add a back button.

This game made us repulse and shatter a blood vessel in our brain because of the ads and it being so glitchy that our finger started to burn from the screen from it draining our battery on our phoneps fix the game make it better.

This is the best game we like it a lot but there is a small issue cause when we log in it just randomly kicks us out the whole app and it kinda made us made so please fix the issue thank you.

We got quandel dingle led the third the fresh hair cut he loved playing tic tac toe in his hair he daddy left and he messaged him and he said mommy hit us frecuantly and the end.

We love this game , we also see the tiktoks of it and we play it all the time. PLEASEEEE add more characters!! A variety of different people and just overall more characters to cut would be cool! Great game.

This game is amazing it is very fun to play but we do have to say one thing is it supposed to say barber chop or was it a typo ?

Hey this game is the best but it has barely any characters so we think you guys should add a character once a week like one a week or like 3 every month or sun just add more.

Can you maybe make it so you can twist the hair to make it dreads we know its acting to much but your trying to make it realistic so please add it we dont like putting the shadows. Also when we practice why do we have to watch a add its just to practice its not anything special.

Add Gaurds to the clippers for different hair sizes.

This game inspires us so much, has everything! We like how its not a simulated game where theirs too much ads. We love how you can choose your character instead of it picking one for you. We see so many TikToks of people doing haircuts on people in this game . <3.

We saw a dude cutting hair and we wanted to do Edgar cuz Yk, no cemah cuh.

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