Barber Chop

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 01:50 am

Barber Chop

Barber Chop

Barber Chop is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lajeune and Associates, LLC, Barber Chop is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th April 2013 with the latest update 25th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Education, Family, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Barber Chop ?

5,799 people have rated 5.3.1

What is the price of the Barber Chop ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Barber Chop released ?

Barber Chop was released on 8th April 2013.

When was the Barber Chop updated ?

The latest updated date of Barber Chop on 25th September 2022.

Where can Barber Chop be downloaded ?

You can download the game Barber Chop from Apple Official App Store.



Future barbers and stylists enjoy our characters, which represent diverse hairstyles, beauty, and cultures!!
A total of 16 characters from different background like BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), people with disabilities, and Pride/LGBTQAI+.

  • 1 Pride/LGBTQAI+ teenager
  • 1 Black Asian male
  • 2 Black female teenagers
  • 2 Asian males
  • 3 Children (1 White child with disabilities, 1 Jewish child, 1 Black child)
  • 1 White male
  • 1 White male with disabilities (wheel chair)
  • 3 Black males
  • 1 Black woman
  • 1 White female with disabilities (wheel chair)

This game is for anybody with a creative mind. It’s also useful as a learning module for current and prospective hair stylists. All you need is your finger and your imagination. Turn on the volume on your device to hear the tools. You will feel like you’re right there in the barber shop or beauty hair salon.

  • The ultimate hair salon and barber shop for men and women.
  • Pick a character of your choice.
  • Rotate the image to cut and design hair on each side of the head.
  • Cut hair with precision using tools such as clippers, scissors, razors, and clip guards. The clip guards let you reduce the thickness of the hair, which is a technique known as a fade.
  • Create a design and share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


  • Selfie-based Haircut: take a selfie, apply hairstyles, then create your own custom selfie haircut!
  • Added Design Feeds, check out cool designs by other players!
  • Undo button to undo the last action you did. As long as your finger stays on the screen, it will count as one action.
  • Zooming options for most characters, allowing more accurate cutting.
  • Adjustable clip guards to reduce hair thickness.
  • Razors for complete hair removal. You can shave the face or head bald.
  • Share button.
  • Music options to listen to while playing.
  • Camera button to let you save your work into your photo album.
  • Rotation button to rotate the head

Get ready to experience a realistic game that allows you to show off your skills, be creative or become a better barber. There are different ethnicities, genders, cultural backgrounds to choose from. Each character has plenty of hair on their head to give you a limitless number of hairstyles to create. A timer that appears on the screen once you start to play will show you how long it took you to create your hairstyle. It will also be displayed on your saved photo.

You and others will see how skillful you’re getting each time you play. Everything is free!

Updated on 25th September 2022

Future barbers and stylists enjoy our three new characters, which represent diverse hairstyles, beauty, and cultures!! An account deletion feature has been added and two new characters a White male with disabilities and one Jewish male have been added.

Barber Chop Review

This game literally belongs in 2009. Very unrealistic, do yourself a favor and do not download this game.

Save yourself some time and dont download this. This app is awful!! It just shaves the head bald. All the tools do the same thing.

Thx for making this game bc its the reason why us n bakr got close thx bye.

The only thing Ig automatically exits out.

Make different levels of the clippers from longest to shortest and make them optional.

Yea it was good news but it didnt get back until after the first time it went down so we could get a hold on the phone lol we i just got home and we are doing good now we lol but we just got home from our dad and dad lol we lol lol we just called and he got a call back in his car so we got it and got caught in it a couple days lol we i got it done it was just got it back lol we just got a new one lol we just woke up so ill got a new phone lol we lol we just woke us me awake and.

We love this game and we play it often, the only issue is that every time the creators add new clients old ones disappear. It would be so much better if the old ones would stay when the new ones come and it would just widen the variety. Im not really sure why they have to remove the old charactersmaybe its a storage issue? The game would be much more fun with as many clients as possible!

We like this game but the issue is that its kinda hard to cut the hair and the brush douse not really do something it douse nothing.

Yoo this game is rlly da best game out of all da hair cut games yu courld rllly be creative wit it.

We like it but they need to be more realistic like add the machine that u would use for tapers n fades to blend more yk.

We made everybody have the cancer cut.

Its really good game but you can make more people.

We love the app. It inspired us to cut hair in person. But with the new clients u added you should make their hair texture like the old clients because the hairs easier to fade and when u line up the new customers you can see the lines of their scalp. One thing u guys need to do is BRING THE OLD ASIAN DUDE CHARACTER BACK AND THE WHITE DUDE WITH BROWN HAIR! We feel like those two characters were the original and were the best and when u faded their hair it was most realistic out of everybody.

4/5 stars for us mind you its a great game but we feel like if you added more equipment to do the hair it would get a 5/5 star List of things to add: 1. Braids 2. Curling iron 3. Rubbing achole and make they face look mad when you put it on em 4. Dreads 5.360 camera mode when you finish.

You should add the ability to grow the hair and facial hair back. That would be so awesome if we had the tool to either make the hair longer or grow the facial hair back.

Fun game but kicks us mid haircut so nah we deleted it its a waste of our time! Im not gonna restart every time it kicks me.

L graphics W people L physics L fun fun time.

Dont recommend this app you have to pay for everything and it keeps glitching.


It is so fun when you learn how to actually put the tools to good use.

One of the best games we’ve ever played!!!!!

The game need more accessories. Like the sponge brush. New people And make them have waves on their head.

This game is so booty we can never even choose any of the equipment and it just exits out by itself.

The reason why we give it a four is because it only has a black screen or white and its annoying.

Can you guys plz add more guards from the 0.5 to 8? If you guys do we would highly appreciate it, and it would make the game better.

This game needs an update needs more people needs better fading like when u try to fade it leaves a line so you cant fade to good just needs tweaked a little bit but over all is a great app.

Got a little downtime? Make a haircut. They are all horrible, but its so much dumb fun and we cant put it down.

No one is doing like these developers. Love the game.

We dont like how you have to pay for some tools and when you buy them they dont work.

This app was terrible and very unrealistic.

How does this piece of poop have a lot of 5 startS.

So this game is really amazing and we only have two complaints about it so yea we like the idea of the brush but we think its stupid like that you have to pay for it and we think their should be an easier way to like add the hair like the brush does because the brush doesnt even really work and our other one is that we think when your courting the hair it should cut like the sides to or like the front. So heres an example if we were cutting the front of the hair and we cut the beard and then go to the side profiles we think the beard should be cut so we dont have to like you know line up our hair style and dont have to like shave the beard again but other than that the game is really good and the comb doesnt even do anything.

Not much to say but this is a good game.

There should be sponges added to the game to curl up they hair.

Basically all it was, was a giant blob on a persons face or hair and you would have to shave it off. Another thing that wasnt the best was that ALL the tools did mostly the some thing. And when we say that we mean we would assume that one pair on cutters or whatever their called would be bigger than another.

So basically if you look at its eyes you will see a weird looking thing inside it so Im thinking its looking at you like the game talking bad if you know that one and so we think that game is basically like terrible and theres too many VIP things so dont get this game just dont unless you wanna be hacked or something but thats all.

We can not give waves to our customers, im suing.

The only reason we love this game is because it is very derpy but we uninstalled it because it is trash and needs serious work. Bai.

So bad we walk in the Game and she people do weird face its good if you dont care like us just saying.

We downloaded it and when we started to play we knew they did not put any effort into making this game is really bad and super unrealistic don’t download this game youll just be dissatisfied completely.

The game is alright but you get an add every minute and it takes a while to load everything so that take up like 20 seconds. We would rather play barber chop because its just better in general.

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