Bike Jump!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:11 pm

Bike Jump!


Bike Jump! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BoomBit, Inc., Bike Jump! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 16th July 2020 with the latest update 5th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


11,814 people have rated 1.5.0

You can download the game Bike Jump! from APP STORE.


Enter the craziest, most challenging and spectacular sporting event ever conceived! Drive your bike as fast as you can down a breathtaking ramp and just… JUMP!

Fly as far as you can, keep spinning and making gut-wrenching twists and turns. Show off your skills in this challenge of bravery and gusto.

And then… When you think that’s where the craziness ends? That’s only where it begins! Make the driver jump off the bike and see how far they can fly!

Not fast, far and crazy enough?

Keep unlocking upgrades to:

  • max out your engines!
  • add boost!
  • add extra bonus power for ultimate performance!

What’s the craziest stunt you can imagine? Download now and watch it happen!

Updated on 5th April 2022

Improvements and minor fixes.

More updates coming soon.
Thanks for playing!

Bike Jump! Review

With all the games out there you think they could have 100 levels we already want a new level. More levels at least 50. Get er done. Thank you.

Needs to have more levels soon. Lots of more levels and we would play this all day.

It is a great game. But we do have one issue. It takes along time to get far enough to the target. Thats all otherwise its a great game.

This game is fun and Challenging until its not. Only a few maps and after you beat them it gets real boring fast.

Still waiting on that last level.

We would like to know when there is going to be more levels added. Im up to the last one and cant go no further.

Es una porquera llena de anuncios , si quieres ver anuncio descarga esto.

We can not for the life of us find the target. Other than that, its a fun time killer. Turn off WiFi and ads go away!

Its the best game we’ve ever played.

Game is fun we dont mind ads but and its annoying for ad to pop up unattended and no rewards if there were to be rewards behind it yes we wouldnt mind watching the ads but they too much we have Apple Arcade let us enjoy the game find another ways to rewards besides ads its a game not a tv for intermission.

The game is a standard design we’ve seen on the App Store all too many times lately so thats nothing special but the graphics are astoundingly better than those prior. We do think the number of ads are ridiculous, however. We get that they are trying to pressure us into paying for no ads, but cmon, give it a rest.

We beat it in about 2 days and theres no more levels, plus there is a glitch to make you just keep going forever until your phone dies. Would be way better if they actually had more levels.

Whats up guys!? You gonna add more levels?

Been waiting a VERY long time for new levels coming soon. App was fun, but is now just taking up space on our phoneIll wait a little long for new levels before deleting app.

Its not horrible but has a few drawbacks. You cant see where the target is on a couple of levels because it zooms in too far. 12 levels only takes a day to reach. Level 13 probably will never come.

We any update on when there will be new levels? We feel like we wasted money paying for the special vehicles, and have waited for over a month with no progress on level development.

Its just crazy how many commercials. Its the only way (aside from purchasing) to move through the game. Otherwise it might be pretty cool we guess.

The game we thought was a LOT more fun when you had control over the height of your descent using the jet pack; however, thats been taken from you. Now you have to reach the target in one shot basically. You just increased the difficulty of the game by 10 fold for no reason. At this point even if you paid the the super special awesome vehicles you probably still cant control how fast you fall using the jet pack. Its really disappointing that you guys changed the mechanics of the game like this. Uninstalled.

Pass a level = 30 sec ad Fail a level = 30 sec ad Decline to buy the app = more ads we dont have an issue with the ads, we get it. The ads are how the developer make his or her money. There is such a thing where its too many ads that take away from the game experience in a negative way. Lose the some of the ads guys.

Way to many ads that are way to long.

Five seconds to play and take a jump. 30 seconds of advertisement every single jump you have to watch an advertisement. No thanks!!

Not appropriate from children. Bad advertising!

Wayyyyyy too many ads and it wont let you play on airplane mode to bypass the ads.

We’ve played 2D games that are more fun than this. Scratch that, we could play with a paper cup and have more fun than this. This game is more of an advertisement for similarly unoriginal, boring games, and of course theres no way to advance faster besides watching those ads. We think we spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. If this is what the company considers a worthy game to put out there, then we think they need to re-evaluate their priorities. Also, your ads for this game are almost completely incorrect just so you get people to download it. We know that any time in the future we see a game from Boombit, Ill steer clear.

If you like to watch ads then this is the game for you. Youll hold your finger on the screen to the jump make a jump. That takes 5 seconds then 60 seconds of adds. This game is garbage.

We’ve seen many ads for this game and none of them are the same as the actual game and we also find our self seeing many ads on levels that are like 10 seconds and then you get two ads right after the game.

Its been about a year and level 13 is still coming soon.

This entire app is just one long set of commercials occasionally interrupted by 6 seconds of entertainment.

Ads make it unplayable waste of time.

Too many ads. Its like the only thing they had in mind when designing the app is making money off ads.

Bought this game and theyve had coming soon level 13 for almost a year nothings coming soon. Terrible video game never updated has potential but never adds new levels. Buyer beware.

When will you release new levels?

Its a simple little game fun to play and passes time easily wanna keep the kiddos quite this is the game for them.

This game is horrible and on top of that level 12 isnt unlocked waste of time and the ads are ridiculous.

Could be a fun game to kill time, but its just a giant click bait game. We understand needing adds to help pay for a free game, but 90% of your time is spent watching adds. Theres no real skill to the game. You just push and hold, crash, watch an add, upgrade, watch an ad, rinse and repeat.

Whoever made this might as well stick to a 9-5 job.

This is the best game we’ve ever played. But how do l use this jet pack on our back every time l jump off our bike?