Cashier 3D

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 01:10 pm

Cashier 3D

Cashier 3D

Cashier 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Cashier 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 18th June 2020 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cashier 3D ?

106,364 people have rated 55.2.0

What is the price of the Cashier 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cashier 3D released ?

Cashier 3D was released on 18th June 2020.

When was the Cashier 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Cashier 3D on 31st May 2023.

Where can Cashier 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cashier 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Would you like to run your own store and be a manager? It’s super fun and easy with Cashier 3D which is a supermarket simulation and cashier simulation!

Forget all other restaurant management and hyper job games you’ve played before, Cashier 3D is the best hypermarket simulation game! You’ll enjoy buying and selling items as your store grows and customers come in!

In this game you are a supermarket cashier in a supermarket mania! So do not keep your customer waiting too long! Manage your cash register correctly and count money quickly! Get ready to be rich and upgrade your store. Just like idle supermarket games, your customers are in a race, running around the store looking for more! Sell old items and buy new ones. Unlock new 3D items; grocery, games for kids, fruit ranch, booze, phone charge, instruments for sale, selective clothes and designer shoes!

Imagine the registers in a store or bankers, they are so good at counting money. Cashier 3D is also a super fun money game for kids to learn counting money and calculating change. Just like a hyper teacher.

Join our cashiers, become the employee of the month, and show them who’s the best hypermarket manager!

Updated on 31st May 2023

In this update, we’ve made a couple of tweaks to improve your experience just out of our love for you. What are you waiting for? Download now, go, go, go!

Cashier 3D Review

It helps a lot with math its a four star its pretty fun expect that when you have a VIP customer you need to watch an ad to welcome them? If they are VIP that would be dumb to put an option there to say go away.

We’ve have finished this game for a long time now and it has been saying new store coming soon. We wish you would update it.

Its a fun little game, kills time, teaches to count money, but an ad after every sale is overkill. They want you to pay to get rid of the ads. Here is a novel idea.. Update your game, get rid of all of ads and we would BUY THE GAME!!

We like the game. We had to uninstall because the game ads cover up stuff while Im playing so we cant see what Im going. And there is no way to remove it.

Paid $2.99 to remove ads and now theres a large ad covering part of the game that wont go away.

Cashiers think they know everything honestly.

It is so good and it helps us with our math and counting money.

The game isnt all that bad but the number of advertisements is overwhelming. We have to put our phone into Airplane Mode just to enjoy the game with no ads. Its crazy. Fix it.

Its a great game but it wont let us click the bonus tip jar at the end of the day. It bugs out and Im forced to exit out or click lose it.

This is a really fun time pass app but there are way too many ads that come.

Apple-Stop letting these apps on your platform. Thank you.

We bought the app to avoid adds and it WAS STILL FULL OF ADS!! Frustrating and doesnt upgrade fast enough once you complete all the store levels. Not worth your timeor money!!

Beware parents! The ads on this app are sinister and target children with sexual exploitation! Dont let your child play this app unless youre ok with them being exposed to borderline XXX animated fetish depictions. Disgusting and misleading. Im just glad we saw it before our 6 year old did and can delete it.

We downloaded the free version, we were tired of the ads so we paid the $2.99, ads still appear everywhere. The game seems to have ads built into it.

This app is slowed to load after a level. UGH!!

We paid for the full version / no ads and there are still ads! We tried both clicking to restore the purchase and fully closing out of the app then going back in to try again but neither works.

Horrible we had this app for 5 min and it boring and need for fun things.

Literally all in the name. Cant move on after watching an ad to get more money.

We first started playing this game and it was fun, but it needs updates. They have the same people almost every time and it gets very boring. It always tries to help us with the numbers, and Im like. We dont need help. We also want to make a point about the cash. It says that we need to give $2.50 back, but when we put only one down it says we completed. Over all we do not recommend this game if you want to be bad at math.

Fun game but such inappropriate ads. We cant believe this is what kids are seeing! We deleted the app because of it. Do better!

Overall the only thing that can ruin this games are bugs. But it helps with math and it is a fun way to learn.

Really fun but its super repetitive and the robbers are really annoying and they want a lot.

This game is fun and you can also learn about money.

We gave this game four stars because this cashier game is a calming and also challenging! In our opinion this is a very well made game and we recommend it if you like these kind of a challengingly games.

The game is awesome helps us learn a lot only problem is that every few minutes it resets our money we dont know if this is a glitch or not.

4 Stars, because the no ads is a scam.

This makes us just want to get a job as a cashier instead .

Fun game to play but WAY to many ads and some of them are inappropriate for a lot of kids playing the game.

This is a relaxing game, but there are tons of ads and they can be pretty inappropriate and sexual. It also is quite buggy and freezes up often, requiring a force quit.

We started playing and it was fun but ads keep popping up seriously the level only takes at most 50 seconds to finish then an ad will pop up the ad is longer then our play time.

You think it would remove the ads since you bought it but it really doesnt. There are still ads on the title screen, VIP customers you still have to watch an ad to be able to play them and even at the end of the day in game, you still have to watch an ad to collect your tips. Over all its a rip off buying the game when its still so ad based. Save your money.

It seems like a great app but the ads that pop up are absolutely ridiculous! Its an interactive ad that says Im drunk and the options you can click are give it a try. Absolutely horrible.

Paid for no adds, but adds still there. Even after restore purchases Im not talking about the adds for extra cash either.. Its a fun little game to play when youre bored, but wasted our money.

Game is fun but a lot of ads not worth it.


Absolutely filled with ads for no reason other than their own gain. If you enjoy watching ads we suggest downloading. Otherwise steer clear.

The robber tried to take our money but he asked for 0 dollars, it’s stuck, which is too bad cause we liked this game.


Its a good app it simply has ads popping out from attending one person. Im not saying dont have ads just have them space out more.

We Purchased the ads removal and still show an ads on the left like a video! Whats the point on paying to removel the ads.

In our very first run of the game, while we were actually playing, an ad popped up in the screen for another game. Ridiculous!

We love this game we play it almost every time.

This game is amazing, its really relaxing and soothing. You guys should definitely play it. It makes you feel like you are actually a cashier.

This is one of the few mobile app games that we can say is at least a little fun. While we do enjoy the concept and the content, we’ve noticed that it gets repetitive. We havent played more than 15 levels, but the confetti after every single customer seems to be a little much. We also think that the game would be more interesting if there was someway you could fail, and its be even better if there were multiple customers in a single level. We will reiterate that we havent played more than 5 minutes, so the game could give us more than expected later on, but this is our first reaction to it and we wanted to share it.

This game is quite boring but addictive at the same time. We’ve upgraded all we can, Im waiting to see if there is going to be another new store.

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