Bingo For Cash – Real Money

Bingo For Cash – Real Money


Bingo For Cash – Real Money is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WINNER STUDIO CO.,LIMITED, Bingo For Cash – Real Money is a Casual game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 27th April 2021 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Casino, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


9,213 people have rated 17.1

You can download the game Bingo For Cash – Real Money from APP STORE.


◆One of the BEST win-real-money bingo games in 2021! ◆
Love bingo? Good at playing it? Now you can test your skills and win real rewards just in Bingo for Cash! Never miss this chance to enjoy this fresh, exciting and competitive style of the classic bingo game. It’s time to have fun and win big!

【From now on, bingo is never just a game of chance】
This game is totally fair and skill-based!

  • Every player in the competition gets The Same Balls AND Cards.
  • Those who finish among the top 3 – WIN!
  • Get matched only with other players within your skill level. Meet your worthy opponents!

【The good old game with a fresh twist】

  • Daub fast and try to get as many bingos as possible within a limited time.
  • Classic winning patterns:
    ◆ Straight lines
    ◆ Diagonal lines
    ◆ 4 corners
    ◆ Full House
  • Endless Boosts: x2 Score, Golden Ball, Free Daub. Use them as much as you can to power up your score!

【Selected Themes and Fun Bonus Game】
We’ve carefully designed all the bingo themes with bingo elements we all love.
◆ Bakery Mania, Momoply, Pub Night and more waiting for you to collect!

  • If you like Blackout, Story, Bash, Clash, Holiday, Tycoon, Pop, Showdown, or Blitz Bingo – you’ll LOVE Bingo
    for Cash!
  • More and more bonus games with brand-new designs are coming soon!

【Quick & Safe Cashout】

  • Win cash and real prizes! The winner can get cash rewards.
  • 100% safe and secure withdrawal. Put your skills to the test where fun times and great rewards await!

The app, the game, and any sweepstakes contained herein are not sponsored by, endorsed or affiliated in any way with Apple, Inc.

If you need any help, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected]

Updated on 29th April 2022

v17.1 Version Content:
1.Optimized newbie guidance Process
2.Optimize the download speed of resources
3.Fixed bugs

Bingo For Cash – Real Money Review

Okay so you know how most games say they pay this game legit pays you , we won $50 without any using our actual money . We love this game we recommend it And the payout be next morning in our PayPal account .

We love this game but unable to sign in to our account now Im unable to keep playing.

We asked them how to play the game – what is the intent -Especially Patricks Hat – they send us back pictures with arrows.

Guys we like playing the app. But you need to fix the crash bugs. It crashes whenever we go into a game so our gems or money is wasted, it crashes after and we cant confirm if it saved our score. Please fix this.

The game is addicting but would not say there is a real opportunity to win cash. We’ve been playing for a while and while it says we’ve won xxx dollars, we’ve never actually withdrawn any cash. In fairness, we’ve not linked a credit card to the game, so maybe Im missing something or missing out.

They hardly ever call out a number thats on your card. You loose more money than you ever win. Dont waste your money. You have a better chance winning more money by going and buying a scratch off ticket from the store.

You cant withdraw any bonus cash. You can only withdraw monies youve put in but thats withdrawing the same money so whats the point? All your winnings are bonus cash. You do the math. Deleting.

Game cheats. Bonus cash increases even when you play against ppl which makes it harder to cash out. Then the 1.50 processing fee for anything under 10. Good luck reaching 10!

Feeling totally ripped off is not fun. This game seems very rigged against ever accumulating enough to actually withdraw anything. When we finally accumulated over $10 in our withdraw-able funds (the amount needed to withdraw without fees) it suddenly disappeared & turned into 43 cents. We tried to write more than once, because we thought some hacker had gone in there & stole our money or something. We never did get an honest, reasonable answer. Rather, we were told that we only had $4 and lost it on a bet? What? Prior to that our bets had come out of the total we had, not the withdraw acct. Between not getting the bonus money and them taking bets from only your winnings once you accumulate something, its basically impossible to ever win enough to bother. You can earn more depositing receipts to Ibotta or Fetch. It just doesnt seem like letting someone win $10 after months of play would break their bank! They take your winnings coming and going.

All the reviews that say this is legit and they win so much and get paid fast they are liars!! Probably just the apps employees. When you start this game you win like crazy luring you in and getting you excited. And then you have a bad luck streak so you deposit some more money cause you think you are good and can win it back. Its BULL!!!! We have only gotten better and in the beginning we always got 200-300k points on each game. Now we will play an almost perfect game and get around 150k. There is one game we played and almost every single ball was a number we had and we daubed them fast and used the boosters and finished almost 30 seconds left!!! We got barely 200k. And the top player got 500k!!!!! There is no way someone can play that MUCH better when we had identical boards. And its either you cant get a lot of points OR your entire game you wont get ONE number on your board. And if you use the boosters and daub a number, that number will immediately show up next so you just wasted a booster. And the very fact that they make it so stupidly confusing with winning the money shows just what a scam it is! We get that you dont get to withdraw the bonus cash but we played two $7 games in a row and won $8 both times and went to look at our withdrawal amount and its $1.40!!!! Dont give them your hard earned money!!!! And please notice how their responses on all the negative reviews make NO sense or are extremely vague.

This site advertises that you win cash for playing. What they dont advertise is that you have to pay to play. Your account will show a dollar amount built up and if you cash out, you are not entitled to all your money because they reward you with what they call bonus cash. Also, we found out from our bank today that when we put money in our Bingoforcash account, we are being charged international processing fees. What a scam!

We were trying the game out for a bit and went to sleep with a certain cash balance and when we woke up there was almost $4 gone that we didnt spend. We realize $4 isnt much but its the principle of it. Dont waste your money because it will get stolen.

While it looks legit, this app is a scam. Half of the advertised levels arent even available to play- it tops out at level 38, and thats as far as you can go. Even worse, trying to cash out is a nightmare. The app takes a percentage of your money on every cash out. Plus, half the money you earn bonus cash cant be withdrawn, and disappears the moment you make any kind of withdrawal. All the app does is steal your money. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Stay away.

Two words. Easy money. Honestly, this app is very easy to collect bonus money. You can use 100 gems to play a bonus game every day, which gives you a shot to win up to a dollar bonus cash. Also they give out some bonus money each week if you keep logging back in daily. Overall, a great experience and an awesome game! At least give it a try.

So far so good still testing the app out time will tell.

This game is fun and very addictive, its also very fair.

You can actually win and deposittrue paypal some money. Thisis the best cash ga,e in our opinion and have tried many.

We’ve cashed out over $50 from this game. Its actually made it to our PayPal which is amazing to us. We’ve played a lot of these games and you can never cash out or it doesnt actually send the money. This one does.

Fun game. Enjoy the opportunity to win free money.

Best earning game we have ever played.

Its a good way to waste time. Its fun to just zone out for a few minutes. Will you win 1,000s of dollars? Nah. But maybe a few bucks here and there.

We put in $5 and read the reviews and got spooked and took the money we won out, this was about three or four days ago, we won $25 and had the money in our account this morning. However it is true that when you play more it gets harder to win more so just be aware not to lose more than you put in cause then youre not winning anything. But as long as you can control yourself youll win money and we only played the game for an hour and won $25. We would have played more but the reviews scared us that we wouldnt get any money so we took our money out but now Im playing again since we already received the money.

This game does actually pay out, nothing life changing but we’ve received $15 dollars twice and it did say it would take up to 4 to 8 weeks or so to receive our money in our PayPal but we received it after only one week. Dont expect to win super big or feel like this game is a scam because it is legit and its fun to play! Only game we’ve played that has actually payed out. Just have fun!

So we were enjoying this game. You absolutely can win actual money on it, even without a deposit. Been playing daily for a while, but they randomly deleted our account with no explanation. We didnt cheat, didnt do anything wrong at all. Just boom, gone. Support hasnt answered us yet as to what the problem is or what happened to our account either.

Fun game can actually win but the bonus cash system of .01 to every .10 you spend is kinda funky. Also we submitted a withdraw request and it said it would take 4-6 weeks. If the withdraw time is shorter we would do 5 stars.

We played this game for weeks spending hard earned money won 25 dollars withdrawn after finding out the money takes four weeks and never received money why doesnt it go on our checking account instead of PayPal when our checking account is used and saved o the game.

We love the game and we dont mind loosing the bonus cash on cash out but our issue is even though you give a valid PayPal they still want personal information like full birthday and address. We dont see why if its a valid PayPal they would need full personal information that creates a risk if it gets into the wrong hands.

It dont even let us start a game and we have a iPad and it has a higher iOS the 10 in it, so how do we fix this.

We kept playing and every time we go in it crashes please fix this.

We deposited $5 from our PayPal, played some games, and increased our total cash. When it came time to withdraw, we cant take out any of our winnings; while our allowed withdraw amount decreases. Disappointed.

For an app that was advertised repeatedly to pay you out instantly we tried to withdrawal the $40 we had and we get a Congratulations! Your cash out will be paid in 4-6 weeks. Doesnt seem so instant to us.

We Dont Know Whats Going On Since we Downloaded This App Yesterday Its Been Giving us Nothing But Problems Network Error Its Not our Wifi Its The App. Its A Shame Because we Was Really Liking This Game Had Won A Few Dollars. But The Issue Is The Error Messages Im getting Then The Login Out Error Im Tried Of This. This App Needs Fixing Or Im Deleting It.

Yall keep telling us to contact yall but nothing is real not even yall contact information we been trying all morning and we received an email saying this email doesnt exist we are be robbed we just want our money yall took from us and you dont have to worry about us playing any more of yall games this is a quick scam for yall.

This game in no way resembles bingo in any form! You dont even need a number drawn to daub a number! Lamest cards we’ve ever seen!

This game is meant to make you lose s lot and win a little even thought we dont put our own money into it and play for diamonds and the bonus cash we dont gain or get ahead to withdraw bonus cash. It has its pattern it lets win for a little while then all of a sudden you start losing till it takes all your winnings. There are many times about 10 numbers will be called out and not one is on your card so you have to use the bonus and star buttons to select a number to win a bingo and if you select a number that number will be called out and some numbers get called twice.

After deleting and adding this app on multiple phones we can say this game is a scam.

We dont know how anyone wins money off this game. The bakery mini game half the time have to hit the bakery pieces numerous times. Then your winning and then you lose the next ten rounds. We were almost at $60, then all gone. In secondsthis game is a rip off and we waisted time trying to make money so we can get our cat into surgery as well as pay our rent!!!

Dont waste your money and time. When you make the deposit money very mistake. Your money will lose. They fake pay money. Report this app.

The game CRASHES before we are able to submit our score causing us get a zero for our score amount and that has caused us to loose the money we paid to play the game!!

Always skeptical of these games and why shouldnt we be? Its cause they are ALWAYS rigged! You NEVER win with these games. Would not play. Only downloaded it to prove to people that these games are TRASH!

When you deposit money and get a bonus of extra cash that bonus is the last to be usedplus not only cant you withdraw the bonus cash but if you withdraw any money you forfeit all the bonus cash in your account. That applies to any $ you win on bonus games, too. So the only way not to lose the deposit bonus is to lose all your money first. Its very deceitful. Kiss your cash goodbye!!!!

One of the creepiest bingo games ever played many games and the most bingo balls youll ever get in In this game before five if youre lucky its a rip off dont waste your money or time.

We’ve been playing for awhile. Any money that you put in turns into bonus cash that you cant withdraw. Fun but look elsewhere to win actual money.

This is the first of the real money bingo apps that we have tried and it might be our last. (In a good way) initially we never put In any money and after 2 hours or so we had accumulated enough to withdrawal about 11 dollars after fees. Its been less than a week and safe to say we got our payout successfully. Much more easy and fun then taking surveys. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Its nice to have a game that doesnt require an initial deposit for you to have the chance for f winning some real cash! Great game!!