Bingo Machine – Number Caller

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Bingo Machine – Number Caller


Bingo Machine – Number Caller is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anthony Mayo, Bingo Machine – Number Caller is a Utilities game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th March 2011 with the latest update 7th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Utilities, Casino, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


308 people have rated 4.3

You can download the game Bingo Machine – Number Caller from APP STORE.


Bingo Machine replaces the traditional bingo number caller with a simple, all-in-one, iPhone and iPad application. Call American 75-ball and English 90-ball bingo games.

With a bingo card in hand, Bingo Machine handles everything else — no need for a traditional bingo caller tumbler or expensive electronic equipment.

As each ball is selected, Bingo Machine keeps a running history of balls so you can see all the called numbers as the game progresses.

The app includes human and synthesized speech voices. Bingo Machine can read out each ball with recorded human male and female voices, or a high-quality synthetic voice for your language. Even if Bingo Machine is muted, it shows you bingo catchphrases on the screen so you know what to say as the announcer for each bingo number.

Use the Timer feature to call balls automatically, on a repeating interval. Set a time interval and Bingo Machine calls balls until the game is over.

Bingo Machine adapts to the game type. For English-style games, call up to 90 balls. For American games, call up to 75 balls with each ball accompanied by its corresponding B-I-N-G-O symbol.

For group settings, connect Bingo Machine to an external display or projector to show the game on the big screen. This is perfect for charity events, schools and other large room events. You can connect using a compatible TV-Out cable for your iPhone or iPad, or connect wirelessly to an Apple TV using AirPlay Screen Mirroring.

Bingo Machine can also be used as a teaching tool for learning numbers in foreign languages. Switch between English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish language options. The synthesized voice can even speak each language so you can hear how the number is meant to be pronounced.

Bingo Machine features rich design and finesse. The app is optimized for both the iPhone in your hand, and the larger canvas of the iPad display. It includes a beautiful theme for the new iOS 13 Dark Mode appearance, and is proud to support vision-impaired accessibility needs with comprehensive VoiceOver support.

Bingo caller software is typically clunky and complex. Bingo Machine is the opposite. Feature packed and simple to use.

Updated on 7th October 2021

Bug fixes and compatibility with iOS 15.

Bingo Machine – Number Caller Reviews

Just got this app because it is supposed to be speech enabled- Using a female/male/synthesized voice to call the numbers. It doesnt work.

Your app is great. But we like the old before update version. How can we get the old one in our new iPad?

We used this app almost weekly for various bar gigs, but found a completely different app when we updated to 4.0. The iPad version has very tiny text on the called numbers layout. Previously, call history was prominent, but now it is no longer there, leaving only the tiny text as your way of seeing which column a number falls into. Called numbers are no longer grouped by column. There is no longer a counter for total number of balls remaining. The timer function is inconsistent and inaccurate. A two second timer will actually take five seconds. The iPhone version sounds nice though.

When we call bingo numbers family members are not listening (too busy talking) then they ask what was the last number called. Any way to hi-light/flag last number called? Love the app so far.

This app has a lot of glitches on our iPhone. All of a sudden the voice stops working, but the numbers continue on the screen. Also will not stop when we hit pause. We enjoy playing bingo with our disabled son, but this is very frustrating. Please create a fix.

Loved the new the set up but we work with elderly people and now its hard for them to see the numbers because of the color blue and red. Can you please fix that issue and make the number bigger again. We play it on the TV for them.

Purchased and want our money back there should really be a video preview of the way it sounds we want our money back and this app isnt good you cant even here when the voice says the letter and doesnt matter if you slow it down still cant hear the letter just the number.

Not like real bingo. Missing letters waste of money.

We purchased this to use at an elderly home. Its confusing because the caller uses the word minus between the letter and the number. The grid isnt separated into 5 columns so you can see what was called. We found a free app that is better.

Family and friends likes playing bingo and this is a great app. But it would be perfect if they would have an option to call the letter (BINGO) prior to calling the number. Some of our players are kids not very familiar with the concept of bingo. It would be easier of the can look up the numbers by letters. Otherwise we would recommend this to friends.

Definitely needs the option to call out the letter first, and horizontal layout for easy mirroring to tv even on the iPhone.

ONE OF THE BEAT bingo callers out there. We wish the app would say the LETTER (B we N G O) before calling the number, THEN itd be THE BEST bingo caller.

We cant understand the caller and it talks too fast.

Paid de upgrade, but cant still use the foreign language for calling.

We love the look and function of this app! It is the only one we found that shows a grid of called numbers side by side with currently and recently called balls (iPad version). Unfortunately for us Americans, when projected through screen mirroring, the called ball doesnt show a letter, even though it shows on the device. We recommend a true screen mirror for Apple users, rather than the current modified TV-Out function. Other than that, a perfect app. Side note: super quick response from app developer, very helpful.

Purchased for a school fundraiser to use with American style (B-23) number calling and the app only uses English style, regardless of trying to change the settings to American. The ball graphic itself will display a letter (B, I, N, G, O) but will not say or display that along with the called number. You are left to looking at the tiny letter displayed to understand what column the number is to be played. We cant use this app due to this reason as thats now how the game is played here. Disappointed and that functionality was not listed in the app.

Theres no way to go back check what letter associated with the number has been called. The numbers are not in a manner where they correspond with B, I, N, G, or O.

With the letters on each ball now this is a great app!

Update: Very responsive developer! Crash issue was fixed within days. The one issue we really hoped would be addressed, accidentally dropping multiple balls in succession, was also fixed. Thank you very much! Perfect once again! Update: Latest version crashes trying to go to settings. We’re using this for bingo at a retirement home. It would be helpful if the balls fell straight down so they are easier to read. The extra real estate could be used to enlarge the called numbers. Also, label the blocks of balls, B, I, N, G, O so it’s easy to see when all numbers are called for a letter. Also, if you could prevent multiple clicks, where balls just keep falling, that would be great. We’ve been looking for a bingo app that the elderly can handle, and you’re very close. Keep up the good work!!! Nice job!!!

We bought this app to play bingo with our family on xmas, so of course we mirrored it to our projector using VGA adapter. We have a beauty and self explanatory screen on iPad, but on TV out its just a big and ugly giant number, with no history and no balls animation. What? At least give us the chance to disable it!

App does one thing and does it well. Simple interface and easy to use.

Beautifully simple interface with lovely animations. Both 75 and 90 ball games. Great!!!

Great interface, smooth, fast, and works great.

This a very nice Bingo caller. Nice work! We really do like it the way it is, but we have two suggestions. First, add more time intervals (i.e. 6 seconds, 7 seconds, 8 seconds and 9 seconds). Second, when using 75 balls (American Bingo), let the user have the option of the caller saying the ‘letter then numbers’ of each ball (i.e. Have the caller say "B 7" … "N 32 etc). Thanks.

Please add the feature displaying "number of balls remaining" and "numbers of balls called" and last number drawn for iPad and iPhone! The ultimate caller!

We want 2.5 seconds we AM LOL! Ps. Just kidding we are not bob.

Please add the letters and allow the mirroring to view the previously called numbers as well. We will give this app 5 stars once these features have been added.

On the big screen where all the numbers for the American bingo should show which numbers are for B which numbers are for we which numbers are N and so on. It just shows numbers.

Should call out numbers like, "B9", "O72" and so forth for the American version.

It needs a caller with an American accent, who announces "Under the B, under the I, under the N," etc.

Nice upgrade with the letters added to the 75 number American version. The next step is to let the letters be called with the announcement feature on. Presently only the number is read aloud.

We had the old version, then we got the ipad upgrade & had to re-purchase this item and a lot of the features we had are gone. No more last number called and no more 75 ball game option. We host a bingo promotion every week for the radio station we work for and these features were very useful. Please bring them back … Then maybe we won’t feel so bad about having to re-buy the app!

Bingo without any letters? What happened to "B-19" etc.? Useless for our purpose.

We’ve literally played at least one game of Bingo per week with Family since Covid began. It is everyones most looked forward to event of the week!

Not a very good caller. We would like the option of turning off the cute additions to the number itself "clicky click, sixty-six" and just have the letter and number called. It would be nice to have the letter/number called more than once. The letter/number does not stay on the screen long enough. The layout of the numbers called screen does not match a typical bingo card so it is harder to find your letter and number to see what has been called. We assume (although we have not seen it) that there is an automatic setting so you don’t have to click the Call Next Ball everytime.

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