Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 09:05 pm

Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash

Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash

Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WINNER STUDIO CO.,LIMITED, Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 23rd September 2022 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash ?

25,447 people have rated 1.1.5

What is the price of the Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash released ?

Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash was released on 23rd September 2022.

When was the Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash updated ?

The latest updated date of Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Bingo Raider!
It’s time for you to win cash rewards and compete with other players from all over the world. Strategy + Speed + Skill = Victory. Winning millions is no longer a fantasy!

Main Features:
【Free】Free Bingo Game can be played anytime and anywhere.
【Fun】Just relax and enjoy the classic winning patterns: straight lines, diagonal lines, four corners, and full house.
【Fair】Fair competing environment. Compete against other players with similar skill levels.

Massive Prize:
-Daily Bonus and various Surprise Bonus. Collect all for free.
-Tremendous amounts of tournaments, and many enormous prize pools, are all waiting for you!
-100% safe and secure withdrawal via Apple Pay, Visa, and more!

It is fun, simple, and has an outstanding visual style with popular bingo elements we all love. If you like Tour, Blackout, Story, Skills, Bash, Clash, Holiday, Tornado, Pop, Tycoon, or Blitz Bingo, or you are a casino, slots player – you’ll love BINGO RAIDER!
We’ve prepared many bonus games for you, such as lucky spin, lottery scratch, and so on. The winner can earn big rewards!

What are you waiting for? Download now!

Notice: Cash Tournaments are unavailable in the following states: AR, AZ, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN. However, players in these states can still enjoy fun free games!

Updated on 22nd May 2023

-Added a new event room: Jungle Survival
-Added a new event Tomb Treasure
-Adjusted the room list in the lobby
-Optimized the pop-ups of game events
-Optimized the gaming experience
-Fixed known bugs

Bingo Raider: Win Real Cash Review

Do you guys accept Venmo for your prizes.

Its too difficult to find out how much we have in our bank account.

We enjoy this bingo app out of the few we’ve tried but if u do end up making a purchase on the app ull begin to see FAKE winning scores being higher than normal in order for you to LOSE. When ur done with each game it shows u the highest score of the day but then u see this fake and outrageously high score that just happened to beat u.. Which doesnt match the highest score of the day either. Pay attention and youll see what we mean. We’ve called it out and mentioned it to customer service but no response to that fact. Just beware. Its deft rigged.

Their advertising is false. The only way to win cash prizes is to pay entree fees. Total bait and switch. Delete immediately.

We are a better than average player on EVERY other bingo game app but am awful on this app. We’ve never cashed out and often will see 10+ bingo balls called before we get our first one. It is almost mathematically impossible to have that many bad games for that many days in a row. Not to mention the scoring takes FOREVER and we often have to turn off the game before we ever know who won the first match. This would be such a good game if it wasnt run by greedy cheats.

You can almost call it when youre not gonna win before the game even starts. Usually after a win. You get 1min 30sec and several times we’ve went 40 seconds without hitting a single number. Always seems to happen after a win. Then their joke of a random spin the wheel. Just so happens to land in the same 3 worthless slots. Dont waste your time.

Si us y entretenido ect pero cuando ganas qu haces todo los que se dice. Das los Spinning esperas los das que dice y nada y luego te dice que no tienes confeccin es una mentir todos y asta los videos no s cmo famosos se puedes prestar para tal cosa definitivamente borrare ests juego y todos los que tengo.

Had our doubts about this game as so many others. But we decided to add a little money and play a bit. Got it added up a bit and tried a cash out .. They actually paid thank you for not being fake as so many others we truly do enjoy your game.

We put in all our info and tried to withdraw our winnings but it will not let us submit it. We emailed bingo raider and got no response.

Thank You so much we pray to win big one day and we think you should pay to cash app would like that over pp but all in all great game yet to receive a pay out.

At first, we doubt it this game. Im now playing this game for over several months. We really enjoy it.

We have been trying to contact Support for four days now. We personally think the game is rigged so if you dont buy money youre not gonna win money. We tried to contact support to actually get our winnings of $105 and every email comes back to us. We have now contacted them through this website and we are waiting to hear back, we have also contacted PayPal so Im hoping that we will eventually hear something. Customer support should not take four or five days to hear from and their contact information on the game or in the game is not accessible they owe us $105.

Other bingos drive us knutty with the slow motion and then hey lets give u a free game for 25 or 50 bucks. Then screw you on all the numbers. This game is actually relaxing to play. Not trying to make 50 or 100 bucks. Just a few like 10 or 15 even 5 bucks is cool. So we can actually keep playing with emptying out our bank account. Just enjoy some simple quiet time. Thanks for making a difference out here with all the scammers push free money. Like make 3000 grand a week. Dang Chinese you so funny little Man.

Yes you can win cash but make sure you play enough and win to use up bonus money.

The game is ok , as far as fairness . And winning, the down fall there isnt enough information on how to use your power ups . But it far better when it comes to explaining the what you get when you get the money . We only wish it was easier to win but that would make it less exciting.

This game is super fun to play, even when its only gems instead of cash. We’ve won up to $50, but put it right back into the game instead of cashing out. We havent cashed out yet, but we have faith itll work out. We only wish that there was more to do with gems. They arent easy to rack up and dont exactly feel worth it to hoard. Maybe offer a small cash game for folks with lots of gems, or even some sort of shop to spend them on special daubs or something.

We really enjoy playing this game. However they dont like to pay out. Twice we have waited days, the second time 11 days. We had to send email asking why it takes so long and they would pay right away.

We’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now. Finally decided to withdrawal our winnings today. Linked PayPal account etc. When it comes to enter address info it automatically puts us in a different country and therefore we cant accurately fill out the correct address info and hit submit. Starting to think this is a SCAM!!!

Most of the time this game is alright at most, but lately anytime we feel like we want to play it wont let us past the daily bonus screen. Needless to say we dont get to receive the daily bonus either. Very frustrating. This game is a absolute scam. We have sent money and cant even access the game. We just want our money thats coming to us and this app can hit the road! Do t do it people. Massive manipulation!

Most of the time this game is alright at most, but lately anytime we feel like we want to play it wont let us past the daily bonus screen. Needless to say we dont get to receive the daily bonus either. Very frustrating.

We tried to withdraw our money but because we didnt have the physical copy of our Id at the time we could get our money we ended up paying a few games as we waited for them to respond to our email and lost it all we just dont understand why they letting ppl put money on with no id just to tell them they need it to withdraw. Its 18 yrs plus to gamble so an id check should happen before ppl get that far into the game. From an angry bingo fan. Its been fun but Im done. Oh and its rigged believe me.

We are a U.S. Resident and we are currently in India. The game wont let us play cash prizes. We understand the implications of location. HOWEVER, we figured it wouldnt hurt to ask customer service if there was a way we could still play their reply? You can try. That is not even a proper response.

Hey! Overall, not a bad game. However, other apps have quicker payouts and better customer service. Winning is NOT easy, sometimes you will play really well and still not be too. Withdrawals Outstanding: none. Rating: 5 Star: All Withdrawals Paid Out 4 Star: New Withdrawal Request 3 star: 3-5 days Pending 2 Star: 6-7 Days Pending 1 Star: Over One Week Pending – havent gotten over 3rd place in 25 games even after beating our personal high score 3 times. Watch out for their placement of players.

Update! Today is May 18,2023. We have emailed and no response. We requested a pay out on March 30,2023 and its still pending! Leisure play is fine but dont expect to get paid! The games are fun to play. We’ve been waiting two weeks and havent received payout yet. We wanted to see how quickly money is received before proceeding to make deposits. So far its been since 3/30.

Do not even attempt downloading and trying this game for yourself. Its programmed to have you lose. We promise. When you bet $, the game gets harder for you and they match you with people who are either better, or got higher scores than you, NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU DO. That the crux. NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU DO, you could get 1 million points, it doesnt matter, someone will rank high than you in a game and you will lose money. Its psychological scam. Even if you win some, they game wont let you keep winning, you will just lose, and its out of your control. This is still ILLEGAL gambling that theyre getting away with. This isnt a skill based game when the programming is against you no matter what.

We played a couple of games and to withdraw our money the first time it worked but the second time it still hasnt came in and its been 2 weeks now.

They are not releasing our winnings and its only $39. It was fun to play but we will not put any of our money in because they kept our winnings and the status stays as pending. We received an email stating they would release the money as soon as possible and they were sorry for the delay, the day we requested the withdrawal. Im going to cut our losses we guess. Disappointed. No response from them when we inquire.

Wont let us withdrawal our winnings.

Wont send us email to verify our account we’ve tried for over a week and still nothing and yes checked our spam folder all incoming emails and nothing so its a scam will be reporting this game for fraud.

We are so glad we didnt put any money into this game. We’ve been playing since March and decided to use our $17 in bonus cash to play for real money. We played 3 games, $10, $6, and $1 respectively. We won some in every game. Where before we had $15 bonus cash and $2 withdraw-able, we now have $13.37 bonus cash, and $3.50 withdraw-able. We’ve cashed out our balance, and after only $1.50 processing fee, and after giving them more information about myself than we find necessary, we dont really expect to see that huge $2 payout. We will update if we do receive it.

We have been waiting for our cash out, sent several emails to support with no response. They take the money out instantly they can put it back in. The games are rigged you lose your money to their computer not a person the score difference is to big. We are tired of theses games taking advantage Its time for a class action.

They are not upfront with having to pay international fees every time you make a deposit or withdraw. The international fee should be some thing that they pick up and take care of because were making the deposit to play the game. When asked about the international fees, we got no response.

We saw an ad saying if we downloaded Bingo Raider game to our iPhone and if played for 1hour we would receive $200 to our cash app. We had been playing for an hour. We tracked and recorded our progress with screenshots. The hour was up and we could not withdrawn our reward of $200 to our CashApp its saying we needed to have a PayPal account. Which is false bc the ad said CashApp. Also the Ad didnt specify what type of bingo game we would have to play. It said that we had to play a money entry game in order to win the $100 your ad didnt say that either. Again False advertisement. But do not worry we will be making sure we spread the word about your Asian Game Scam. Sincerely Aiyma Snikies.

Whats the point if we cant even deposit cash with our Apple Card?

22k+ ratings and one review that is not great? You really think we believe that rating is real and that there is only one written review? We call fake!

This game is a a 100% scam. They want you to pay money to win money. Of course there is no mention of that in the ads for the game. We played for 15 mins and won zero, but the game told us if we had paid $5 we would have won $100. Trademark of a SCAM! Game deleted!

Great game and easy to play and win!! And it only took 2 days to get our winnings!!

Hard to understand easily no one can really send itself u 1 here a.

Idk what these guys are pulling, we had our winnings up we play 21$ – 98$ games we usually just put our money back into the game, however this time we decided to withdraw the money from our winnings, and luckily for us we had very little bonus money, so a substantial amount was ours to withdraw, we submitted request to withdraw and the process was finished all except for our payment,I patiently waited and after a while we got bored and wanted to play some. To our dismay our account was logged out, we went through the process of logging back into our account and we cant log back in, no money and no help from these slime ball thieves that we hope are orphans because if they have family they are bringing shame to their families and their ancestors!!! We are optimistic(foolishly at times) but Ill see what happens and update this testimony. Update they buggy but they paid us 5 days!!

Juega gratis con bonificaciones.

The game is fun just hard to win if your get on a roll its like the game shuts you down until you lose and pay alittle more but otherwise great fun game that we will continue playing.

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