State of Survival: State Merger Update, January 7, 2022

State of Survival State Merger Update 07 01 2022

State Merger in State of Survival will be implemented on January 13, 2022 in State 19 – 96.

The game server will be shut down on Jan.13 (Next Thursday) and update the game during the system maintenance.

Meanwhile, the next round of State Merger will also take place in State 19 – 96 during the system maintenance period. An in-game notification pencil about the Merger will be released soon in the States above.

We initially hope version v1.14.20 can be updated on Jan.10, but unfortunately, due to the update development progress and the Store review process afterwards, we finally re-schedule the update and system maintenance on Jan.13.

In order not to affect the game experience of all players, and to avoid system shutdown for two times in one week, after comprehensive consideration, we decided to change the date of the Merger to January 13.

Sincerely sorry for the adjustment on the Merger Schedule.