Blackjack & Card Counting Pro

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Blackjack & Card Counting Pro


Blackjack & Card Counting Pro is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Blackjack Apprenticeship, Blackjack & Card Counting Pro is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 24th September 2010 with the latest update 16th December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Education games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,323 people have rated 3.3.15

You can download the game Blackjack & Card Counting Pro from APP STORE.


Blackjack Apprenticeship’s "Blackjack & Card Counting Trainer Pro" is the best way to master card counting so you can bring down the house! Blackjack Apprenticeship trains card counters who have legally beaten casinos for millions with the same skills learned in this app!

******** Featured in: New York Times, CNN, ABC World News, Good Morning America, The Colbert Report, Huffington Post ********

Introducing the Blackjack trainer created and developed by Professional Blackjack players. is the authority on teaching you how to play Blackjack like the pros. With over a decade of combined experience and millions of dollars won, the Pros here can help you take your game from amateur gambler, to winning professional.

Perhaps you just watched the movie “21”, or you’ve read “Bringing Down the House”, you are ready to take your Blackjack game to the next level. This is where Blackjack Trainer Pro comes in to help you up your game – without being an MIT student.

Blackjack Trainer Pro works hand in hand with We teach you step-by-step instruction on how to get the advantage over the house.

We don’t give you multiple counting methods here because you only need one: HiLo. We help you hone one counting system and use it to its fullest potential. Be an expert, not a “Jack of all systems.” That is the difference between a gambler and a winner.

Blackjack Trainer Pro helps you keep the Running count, shows you the True Count and guides you if you make a Basic Strategy or Deviation mistake. We want you to be on top of your game when you go into the casino. Practice at home, then run through a few shoes in your hotel room before hitting the tables to freshen up.

******** FEATURES ********

  • Basic Strategy – Build your blackjack foundation
  • Learn HiLo – the most efficient yet powerful card counting system known today
  • Learn how to keep the Running count, convert to a true count and use that information to your advantage over the house.
  • Strategy Deviations – We provide you with the charts you need to be successful
  • Real Hand Signals – Use the same hand signals as you would in the casino: Hit, Stand, Double Down, Spit, and Surrender!
  • Customize your game: Dealer Hits or Stands on soft 17, Resplit Aces, Double after Split, and Surrender are all rule options.

***** TESTIMONIES *****

“This app is easily worth the $$$, I just got back from Atlantic City and won enough to pay for my whole trip!” – JC

“I’ve been training with blackjackapprenticeship for 3 months now and am stoked to have their training go with me everywhere. I’ve used this app right before walking into the casino even.” – LB

“This app is just what I was looking for! Not a silly blackjack game, but an actual Trainer!”

"This app combined with the videos on the website has improved my blackjack game 300%!"

Updated on 16th December 2020

Fixes an issue where when playing 2 hands and one of your hands is BlackJack and the dealer has BlackJack, dealer would not expose hole card and terminate play after insurance was decided on.

Blackjack & Card Counting Pro Reviews

Its a game simulator. Based on the name we expected some counting drills at least. You apparently have to pay even more for that. The simulator doesnt let you see the count except in the middle of a hand so its pretty useless. The heads up simulation is not what youll face in a casino, so also seems like pretty useless training.

There are free apps available in the App Store which are user friendly. This app feels very dated, also not a fan of signs to take any actions. Small touch buttons work great. We only purchased this app to support these guys as we have watched a lot of their content on YouTube. Was expecting this to be build on that but it failed… $5 price is not a big deal but app should be user friendly in this day and age..

Awesome app, with zero ads and a large variety of interface options. The analytics are great as well! The only other option we could hope for is customizable backgrounds.

Love the app. Very user friendly. Highly recommend it as a pre-session practice tool before sitting down at the tables. two thumbs up

Everything about the app is really great except for the gestures. We understand you want to make it feel real but too many times have we meant to double down and we lose our no fail streak because it thought we only hit.

Best card counting app available.

Very helpful, this has improved our game dramatically.

This app is great for practicing. There are ways it can be improved to be the best app you can ever dream of, but even now it does the job it was designed for well, and we don’t think there are any competitors. We would give it 5 stars, but we think it has an error in the basic strategy for surrender for 8 decks, when dealer hits soft 17. The rest of the strategy is correct, but the surrenders are for dealer stand on soft 17. The difference is that you also surrender 15, 17, and 8-8 against the dealer’s ace. Plus, you should surrender 15vs10 only on 8 deck game (both S17 and H17), but not on 4 or 6 decks, if our information is correct. We think this is a bug; otherwise it would be nice if Colin could explain that difference for surrender for hits17 in his videos, because Wizard of Odds and strategyCard. Info says to surrender these extra 3 hands. And also there is pretty annoying bug that buttons are always placed on the left by default each time you start/resume drill, even if it is disabled in options. But that is not the reason we lowered the rating. P.S.: we like your work on YouTube, seen the movie, got the ebook, hoping to join your bootcamps one day, once we get our homework done. Keep up the great work!

Its super Convenient and makes controlling variables incredibly easy. Trust us when we say you wont regret this purchase! (2 thumbs up for me)

. The app charges additional videos and courses delivered on website and by email.. Save your money and skip this crap.

This Apps description was very misleading. The app is very basic. You can only play vs the dealer and cannot simulate a real world event where other players would be present.

5$ for an app that will not only save you from losing but help you gain the advantage so you win $ from the casino. This app is far more valuable than the price you pay for it.

Was doing the counting drill and got completely stuck in a hard 16 vs. 10 situation. The running count happened to be exactly 0, but the drill showed a strategy error explanation that said you should unknown when the running count = 0. Clicking Fix just loops back to this error message, while clicking Continue softlocks the drill completely. Just thought Id point that out. Thanks for making this app tho!

The app is amazing first things first. The only gripe we have is that the training videos on the app do not seem to have functioning audio.

A bit of a learning curve to figure out all of the abilities of the app but overall the best app to teach HiLo.

This is the best black jack trainer ever and we absolutely love this app and we saw how interactive the developers were with reviews so we though we would mention one problem we had with the use button instead of gesture option, every time you back out of the drill to either check the chart or anything the buttons switch to the left side. This is a minor problem and we love this app.

Just wrote a review, but almost immediately got an idea for the app. What about having the option for multiple hands being in played in a single hand. This would help with counting many hands at once. Or the option to let the computer run. All it does is spit cards out at our pace. This gives our mind a workout for doing nothing but counting. But because it is at our pace, we can continue to increase the speed until Im ready to start playing. We need to count before we can play. If anyone has watched the YouTube videos, Collin states the first thing to do is update the running count. Always update!!! Let us count before we worry about basic strategy, or vis versa. Let the seeds fall in the mind as they will. As long as the time is invested, is there really a wrong way to learn it? Just some thoughts. Bottom line, we LOVE THIS APP!!!!!

Our only complaint is that it doesnt allow multiple spots at the table, we would really like to see cpu players join the table to get a feel for counting when theres 5+ players at the table.

This app is more than worth the $5 plus the absolutely amazing $1 card counting drill. We always wanted to be good at a card game and we chose blackjack because this app is ranked the #1 Casino app so we thought why not? We started training and watching the videos and before we knew it we memorized basic strategy in an hour and knew how to card count! At first we made mistakes every once in a while and often lost our card count, but after a week of training we have a high score of over 500 and can keep track of the card count without needing to check the reference anymore. Thats how good this app is, and we dont regret getting it at all. Not only does this app teach you how to get good at blackjack, but its fun to train yourself to see how good you can get, it provides great feedback and charts for you to always look at, and lots of different customizations when doing drills to simulate whatever playing environment you want. Our only problem with the app is we cant press on the discard tray image to more clearly see how many decks have been discarded once the betting screen comes up. This is an issue because we need to accurately tell how many decks are left before we make our bet because this is important to how much we will be betting in the next round. The only workaround we found was to exit the drill and then quickly tap on the discard tray image to make it zoom in before the betting screen pops up. Other than that, this app is perfection. 5 stars!

Some clunkiness and unclear instructions. But developer is responsive and its promising.

We lost all of our money playing $50 at a time and corrected all the wrong moves, shuffled when the deck went lower than a true count of -2, bet 1.5-2 times larger when the true count went above 1-2, your game is freaking rigged, not worth the $5.

Practice practice practice. Get better. Go to the casino and win money. This app helps you learn the mathematical best plays in any given scenario. It will tell you if youre going against the book and let you fix your action before finalizing it. Easy to use interface with several game options. GREAT for passing time on the flight to Vegas… Look at all the money we could be winning!

Recently just started learning how to count cards. This app is truly one of a kind simply for the mere fact that it alerts you when you make a wrong decision for Basic Strategy and when Counting! Pretty genius to create this app. One of the best ways to train.

We love this app! But we want to note that the game stops responding when you have a hard 16 vs a 10 and running count is zero. It wont register hits or stays. You can end your drill and start a new one but…

We are learning how to play Blackjack and Blackjack Apprenticeships app is the best available hands-down. If you are interested to learn blackjack inside and out this is the app for you!

We enjoy the app we just dont understand why we cant double on a soft 17.

This app is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that the program offers. Some may say its all a scam or you just cant remember everything but all you need is practice over and over. Become committed to the idea of investing. No different than your investments in stock options. There is a trend to the cards just like a trend to stocks. Invest at the right time and you increase your money. Not adding in how much fun this is in comparison to stocks. We personally cant afford the full course as Im on a disabled Vet monthly pay but if we ever get the funds Im in. Our church also agreed that this would be good to raise money for our needs so maybe Ill get there. So for anyone looking to commit and have fun then jump in and take the course. Have fun.

Great app, really helps Improve your game. A lot of great features are in this app, however we noticed there has been a bug lately where it does not add up hands played without error. Im sure you will fix this ASAP. Thanks for making this a great tool!

Mostly basic, dont feel that its worth the $5 we paid for it…. Maybe $1 would be more reasonable.

The app is good for what it was made for- learning basic strategy and card counting. BUT, after two months of regular use, there are many, many bugs that should have easily been found and fixed. Some of the many bugs we’ve seen: with buttons on left side NOT selected buttons always start on the left side, dealer NOT drawing on (2 hands) after player bust and blackjack when dealer has a 12, allowing negative bankroll, and re-dealing the prior 3 hands when switching from drill to achievements and back. Overall we like the app and use it daily, but, come on guys, test your software!

Im not clear on counting cards and dont understand the ap … On the basic strategy we’ve studied it before – we wish that when we had an error it would explain why instead of just saying that thats how it is.

Why exactly did we pay $5 for an app that has in app purchasing? If we pay for an app, especially $5, the content therein should be accessible without additional costs. Its not the cost its the principle. Its dishonest. We loved the site and its content so we thought Id support them by purchasing the app only to feel cheated when we have to pay once again for content we wrongly assumed we had already paid for. We would have given it one star but its a useful app. Just a dishonest creator we guess.

We bought the app today and we dont see any of the screens that actually help with training. It doesnt tell us if we made the right decision or not it only tells us whether we won or lost. What did we pay $5 for?

The premium drill "speed counting" is a complete waste. All it does is plays a hand of blackjack. It doesn’t keep the count or anything like that. We know that it is training YOU To keep the count but maybe it should be hidden so if you lose the count you can keep going. Also we were hoping there would be a drill where it just continuously flips cards over and then asks you what the count is.

If youre new to blackjack, you need this app. Learning to play basic rules is key, and this app walks you through any mistake you make. And you can never practice counting too much. If youre ready to take on the casino, take on the app first and make sure youre prepared to play perfectly and keep the count perfectly every time. Only thing keeping this from 5 stars is that it keeps crashing. When clicking on the drill it closes. It wont work until we delete and install again.

After playing two $500 hands with both being (A,A) splits we only received a $1,000 bankroll increase and not $2,000.

We are making significant processes.

The latest version of the BJA cars counting app is really great. We can practice one hand or 2, and its helped keep our game sharp between casino trips.

We’ve been following the BJA video course online and have been using the app to practice our basic strategy, running counts, and putting it all together while Im at work and cant have our computer. This app is without a doubt the best way to practice if you dont have any other way to do so. Absolutely worth the money and it will not let you down!

Awesome app that helps you understand the game and how you should work on the felt.

Blackjack Apprenticeship has created an amazing training tool. This app has allowed us to learn basic strategy and counting like second nature. The BJA team has found one of the most accessible and convenient training methods available.

Probably best Perfect Strategy and Card Counting Trainer and why Blackjack Apprenticeship are solid group in business.

Great way to sharpen our skills.

Great app and we have learned quicker than we anticipate. Highly recommend. Suggestions: It would be great to have all time overall stats. For instance we would like to see how many consecutive hands we have done correctly from all time in addition consecutive correct hands from the last mistake. Also the game settings and counters randomly clear out which makes it impossible to get the higher achievements.

The app is a great study aid in so many areas. When working on our splitting hand BS, you can split up to three times, giving you four hands. If on one of those hands, you get another card of the same value, the system still says you should split. Of coarse you cannot and have to play the hand base on a hard total. Our issue with this is that it resets our Achievement hands after it says we didnt make the correct call. If we cannot split 4 times, the system should adjust and just let us play the remained of the hands.

Very solid program but we want an easy button to check running count during training game. Also it wasnt paying us our extra winnings when we doubled down and won. Also surrender haptic seemed to not work.

You pay 2.99 for the app that advertises card counting training yet its not actually included. Its just basic strategy with program flaws. The card counting is an additional in app purchase.