Getting Over It

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Getting Over It


Getting Over It is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th December 2017 with the latest update 26th July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,458 people have rated 1.14

You can download the game Getting Over It from APP STORE.


A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

  • Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
  • Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
  • Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
  • Lose all your progress, over and over.
  • Feel new types of frustration you didn’t know you were capable of.

Updated on 26th July 2021

Support for all modern devices, various bug fixes.

Getting Over It Reviews

Beat this game 8 times, very fun.

So difficult on the first attempt(i got 4 hours) but its fun to learn and our second attempt was 45 minutes and on our 5th attempt we got 10 minutes and its fun to just play and get better!

If you beat this you are better than a pc player. ( or using an iPad and an apple pen)

This game is a masterpiece. The music is wonderful, the annoying quotes every time you fall, the voiceovers, and the amazing feeling you get when finally beating it. We have beaten this game over 200 times with a fastest time of 4 minutes and 49 seconds and am still trying to get faster. We recommend getting the pc version of you can for the secret at the end!

We caught many a stds playing this game.

Get over giving up! Keep climbing. 3rd clearing!

We hate this game but we beat it.

This game is a wonderful concept and works fine on pc but its easy to get blisters when you play on mobile POST ENDING EDIT: we got over the whole blisters thing and stuck with it and finally beat it, its a lot less frustrating when you finally beat the game.

Frocking amazing a lot of rage but really fun.

We beat this game in about two hours and the next time we beat it in 30 minutes we have only had this game for a little while but its super fun ben when you fall we did rage a few times but overall that feeling when you get to the end out weighs all the falls.

If you hate yourself, play Getting Over It 10/10 highly recommend.

This game makes you feel things, things you havent usually felt in life. You will feel grief and frustration the first few times you fall down from a high point, then just 5 minutes later when youve made it back up there, you will feel a rush of excitement for getting to a new part you havent gotten to before. In this game, Mr. Foddy likes to play around with your feelings. Originally, we were angry and had an inner hatred towards him, but now after beating the game we take a look back and realize it wasnt all that bad, and Im thankful that he created this game. Thank you Bennet Foddy, for this amazing game, and the adventure that came with it.

We downloaded this game and within the first 30 minutes of playing it became abundantly clear that the creator of this game is undoubtedly a sadist who feeds off of mental frustration. If you hate your life and/or love a challenge this game is perfect!

If this game had a final boss it would be the bucket.

So when we bought this game, we had watched Markiplier play it and scream in agony at the progress he continuously lost. We began to play it and we got to the orange with no problem. Oh boy did our rage begin there. We tried to push the orange off the table and ended up picking myself up and panicking because our hammer was on the orange as it was moving and ended flinging myself off. After that everything is a blur. When we finished it, we were refreshed and relaxed, and Im grateful for that. So we give this game 5 stars.

Incredible graphics, stunning voice lines, beautiful gameplay, and we must say the soundtrack is exquisite. We applaud you for this absolutely marvelous game.

We have a short fuse. And hate horrible controls. But we can appreciate a good rage game. Everyone saying the controls are horrible, thats how theyre supposed to be. We just wanna know who you hated so much to make this game.

It was frustrating at times but the stories and message we learned was really worth it Truly a game that is hated on too much.

Absolutely incredible. Very challenging, and an overall joy to play.

This game will wring out your soul and then hand it back to you, better than before. Wholly unique, profoundly frustrating and ultimately a work of art.

We got this game on our birthday if this year (feb 5) and we’ve been stuck on this one part since and just today we finally got past it and we never got mad at the game at all and just persevered and soon Ill beat the game just to all the doubters you got this and plz download this game its really fun for those who dont have anything to do but dont play it if you have a short temper because you will get mad quick but honestly you should make a second game.

We saw this game was labeled as psychological horror. We were like shiiiet, we put myself through psychological horror this wont be too bad. You climb all the way up, just to fall back down. You get to the very top, just to take a ride on the snake. Anything worth doing isnt easy, apply that to everyday life and dont settle. This game not only is hard, but teaches a lot of lessons too. Not to mention, the Grateful Dead plug with going down the road feeling bad Give this game a try, its worth the $5. You might end up breaking your phone though and needing a new one. Im only on our third phone with this game.

It was hard, but we got over it you get a sense of completion when you do.

This game is a wonderful concept and works fine on pc but its easy to get blisters when you play on mobile.

R.I.P the people who rode the snake.

When we first started playing this game we thought of it as a chance to under take a challenge and beat it, it took us 4 years or neck breaking anger and needed breaks to see it through. We started this as a 14 year old and now as we approach adulthood we see this game as not a challenge but a journey that taught us anger management and failure better than any teacher we had before and after all this time and pain we feel like once we myself had gotten over our own problems , the mountain became not a challenge but a pleasure. So as a long time player to a new player dont worry about getting over it , just enjoy the ride.

This game is certainly rough on mobile, requiring some time to learn the movement, and dont even get us started on how frustrating it is. Our hatred grew slowly over the months it took to beat this game, but when we succeeded? Our hate fueled heart melt with satisfaction. This was 100% worth almost needing to buy a new phone.

We hated this! But good job :) we beat it today! Very satisfying ending.

This game had us raging so many times, and yet, it kept us coming back. We just couldnt stay away. Its almost as if the game was telling us to come back and get over our rage. (No pun intended) we love all the 6 hours we spent beating this. Id recommend it to everyone who has some time to kill, or just likes to test their anger.

You should totally get this game if you think you’ll be good at it. All the negative reviews are from the people who aren’t so good at the game. We beat the game in 1 hour and 45 mins and had a blast because we’re pretty decent at the game! So decide wisely!

Some times we would fall all the way back to the bottom and break down and cry. And when we saw that snake and the orange we would get scared and freak out because we lost so many runs to the orange. And the music just rubs it all in adds insult to injury you know. But when you win you feel like you are at the top of the world and when you win you get your pot gets shinier. And the fastest we could beat the game was in 17 minutes. Definitely play its a great game with a lot of time put into it.

This game is awesome, we had it since 2019, trying to reach our limits of beating this game. We got our first win about a month later, now we can beat it in about 10 minutes or less. This game is AMAZING. 10/10.

Definitely soul crushing and rage inducing but quite an accomplishment!

The journey was worth the time we spent. We worked hard we fell. We got back up. But towards the end we were just happy with what we had accomplished. Its all about the journey. Thank you Bennett Foddy. Thank you for making a game that pushes you to complete it.

Getting Over It is absolutely incredible! We just beat the game (which we never thought Id be able to do) and generally this is a hard game, no questions whatsoever about that. This game can be infuriating at times when you fall, but we promise you that this game will make you learn to either control your anger or destroy something within your vicinity. If you can get past the anger, this game is a lot of fun. This is where the beautiful part of this game comes in (for us personally) we learned how to gain self control because of this game. That isnt a joke, and thats why we said earlier that this game will make you learn to control your temper. This has been a life changing experience for us, and is absolutely worth the $5.00!

We bought this game after seeing a playthrough of this game by one of our favorite YouTubers, Markiplier. It is safe to say that his reactions were not exaggerated. At any moment, you were at risk of starting all over, and because of that you needed to be careful. However, the reason that this is five stars is because that at the end of it all, the satisfaction of knowing that we have managed to overcome the mountainous challenge that is this game made The whole experience worth it. You can expect to swear at the top of your lungs at a few points, but when its all over, the dopamine rush to your head makes it all worth it. All in all, its a great purchase for 5 dollars.

We love this game and always have a good one.

Absolutely amazing. A spiritual journey for everyone with enough skill. 100/10.

It is a really good game even if it makes you rage. If you are looking for a good rage game, you should buy this game.

5 stars However, the controls are not optimized for mobile. Yes, we bought this with the knowledge as to what we were getting into, however there are some elements (such as press escape to adjust mouse sensitivity) that do not lend to this games level or portability. Going right feels different than going left, and there are a good deal many misfires because the physics were made with a mouse in mind.

Failure Is Not The Falling Down But The Staying Down.

We love this game in all but we did hate myself playing it. But we still got over it and we are glad that we put in the time so that we could buy the shirt and earn it. We now know what everyone else had to go through. Also there was one glitch that would fling us randomly and make us restart. But it was still worth it. We got over it.

Honestly one of the most fun games we’ve played but theres some Areas that makes you stuck. Im not thanking about the tower, Im talking about that area leading up to the orange, the furniture area something it would push us to a certain spot and make us stuck, then we would have to restart the whole game. Other wise keep up the good work with this game its a lot of fun. Ps we would lov.

While this game is a caution for ones susceptible to ungodly rage, we’ve happened to find a particular appreciation for this masterpiece we collectively call a video game. The gameplay is unlike any other one we’ve played before, and the narration is charitable, as well as knowledgeable. When we found myself down, Id be negatively afflicted, but eventually, we came back to come back up. This game is not for the impatient, but even so, it can teach us all many amazing things, and for that, we give Sir Foddy our deepest gratitude. -Justin Eden.

This game was hard but rewarding.