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Blip Blup


Blip Blup is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ustwo Games Ltd, Blip Blup is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th April 2013 with the latest update 19th May 2016

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


35 people have rated 1.2.23

You can download the game Blip Blup from APP STORE.


BLIP BLUP is an addictive conundrum of coloration that will consume your thoughts and occupy your dreams.


"It’s a game that feels familiar, though I’m certain I’ve never played anything like it." – Kotaku

"An ideal mobile game" – The Verge

"A hypnotically-addictive puzzle" – The Guardian

"A very good puzzler for abstract visual thinkers" – Maclife

"It’s simple, challenging, and just beautiful." – AppAdvice


You must carefully consider each move in order to fill every tile with color – 140+ perplexing puzzles await your brainpower.

  • Tap a tile to start a pulse of color which spreads outwards.
  • Color all tiles in as few pulses as possible.
  • Carefully place each pulse relative to walls and other obstacles.
  • Game-changing "trick" tiles alter your pulse’s path, so think ahead to succeed.

Adapt your thinking to overcome 10 different packs of challenges. Compete with your friends to see who can three-star every level and climb the leaderboards to become the BLIP master.

BLIP BLUP is made possible by showing you adverts. You can upgrade to get rid of ads at any time.

Game Features:

All magnificently adorned with a spectrum of beautiful colors.

Solve your way through nine whole packs of levels, each featuring all new challenges and gameplay.

Devious combinations of special tiles, from insta-locking gate tiles to explosive death tiles, keep you searching for the perfect solution.

Become the BLIP-master and conquer all before you on the global leaderboards.

34 awesome achievements to flaunt to your friends.

Full Retina display support for minimalist gorgeous visuals.

iCloud AND Game Center
Share your progress between all your devices.

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Updated on 19th May 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • iOS 9 Update
  • General Fixes

Blip Blup Reviews

Sorry. This isn’t the free version of the game. Apparently this latest version decided to start loading ads in the middle of levels. (Without actually mentioning it in update info)

Our only complaint is that we’ve played this game for a while and we’re not sure if we really understand the physics behind blip dropping. It seems very unpredictable at times, which turns a strategy game into a guessing game.

Every time we open the app, it says "Loading", and then it crashes! Everytime! Please make a crash fix update.

As a huge fan of ustwo’s other work, namely Whale Trail and Monument Valley, we picked up Blip Blub without a second thought, and we’ve not been disappointed!

It’s a grand old time! This game is fine!

We play a lot of games described as "puzzles" but this one actually delivers. We put this on the same level as squarescape or train yard with its originality and challenging attributes. If you like puzzle games that actually make you think then you’ll love this one.

It is awesome, we’re so happy to play with it.

This game is soo much fun, it is very addicting. We can’t put it down now.

Can’t stop playing this we forgot what our children look like.

We have had this game for a month, but only played it once before. Today we were home sick, and played this for most of the afternoon. It was really fun at first, but it gets very frustrating starting at the end of level 4. We gave up halfway through 5 bc we were getting annoyed. A hint system for the upper levels would be nice!

But the ‘hold-to-preview’ does nothing when there are any special blocks (toggles, reflectors, etc). It just shows the 9 blocks around the one you hold and doesn’t preview anything whatsoever.

Very fun game but freezes occasionally.

Was so excited about another game from these folks but was pretty disappointed. Their other game Monument Valley is fantastic. We really recommend it. This is just another puzzle thing.

The description shows this app having a file size of about 33 MB. But once it’s downloaded to your device, it unzips and installs an app topping out at (ready for this) 186 MB. We’ll repeat that so you don’t think it’s a misprint: 186 MB. If you don’t realize how absurdly large that is, we’ll tell you: it’s larger than many media-rich, graphics-intensive apps. (For example: "Angry Birds Star Wars", "Cut The Rope" and "Road Trip 2" are all less than 100 MB when installed.) How does a simple-looking colored blocks game get to be that big? We don’t know, because we deleted it right away — but our guess is that it was either poorly coded, or includes a bunch of mystery features that aren’t mentioned in the description (hours of music? Videos? Holograms?). Either way, if you’re concerned about app sizes or storage space on your device, please take note. The developer should really reexamine the contents of this app, and at a minimum — include a disclaimer about the file size in the app description.

We like getting "ah ha!" moments. This game gives us many of them.

Simple, somewhat deep gameplay. Kept us occupied for a while and is easy on the eyes and ears.

Wholesome, clean fun for girls and boys.

Like we said, live this game and love this interface.

Unique puzzle solving. Good game.

The Try Again button seems to be jacked up with this update. You have to press it a few times before it responds.

Death tiles need to come in later.

Awesome game! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Interesting puzzle, and the whole thing is highly polished and oozes love.

Wonderful yet challenging app.

Love this puzzle game. The low risk high reward gameplay is very addictive. We also love the minimalistic art style and the atmospheric music.

Our new favorite puzzler on iOS!

This game is an incredible puzzler. A simple yet original concept. A word of warning though, it is HIGHLY addictive. We are stuck on 7-15, any help out there??

Pretty good game, although we’re a little unclear on how a blip fills the tiles. Walls block blips from flooding certain rows, but if you place a blip directly behind a wall, the blip still fills the rows above and below the wall, even though it seems like it should be blocked in that direction. Also, this game doesn’t seem to work at all on our iPad 3. The screen doesn’t ever update in response to our touches. For the dev: simx [at] mac [dawt] com if you want to contact us.

This does not pass the grandma test, think about redoing the tutorial. Shane.

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