Blocks vs Blocks

Last updated on August 6th, 2022 at 01:00 pm

Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD, Blocks vs Blocks is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th October 2020 with the latest update 14th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


13,489 people have rated 1.9.5

You can download the game Blocks vs Blocks from APP STORE.


Play the battle of blocks! Overcome the opponent level by level!

Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and addictive game. Break the walls and capture cells, it’s that easy! The more area you have, the more chances of winning.
How clever you are? Let’s go to a great victory!

  • Fun gameplay
  • Satisfying animations
  • Lots of challenging and addictive levels

Updated on 14th November 2021

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Blocks vs Blocks Review

We like the game but we cant get past the fourth challenge. It is impossible.

Paid to removed ads, not one ad was removed. Out 2.99.

Ok we just started this game today and its TOTALLY AWSOME. We just dont understand why people think it isnt a good game because it is. People say when they can get double the coins by watching a ad and say no, it still plays the ad. But for us, that doesnt happen. Either theyre just lying and dont want people to buy it, or theres something wrong with the game. Anyway, dont believe them because there wrong and she buy this game. IT US SUPER DUPER OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN, AWSOME AND COOL.

The first time we tried to go into the game it just went out write when we got and we’ve tried to go into it more times but it wont let us, so we havent played the game once.


Level 90 do not make sense because we have more than our opponent but it still says they win so the game is very dumb and has to many ads.

This game is so bad its full of bugs like some times we get more and it still says we lost and theres way to many adds we have to turn on airplane mode just to play to be honest this game is in the top 3 games we hate the most and we down load a new game at least once a week.

This game is literally for when your pooping and trying to avoid social media lol could be semi ok time killer game except 2/3rds of the time is spent watching ads and 1/3rd actually getting to play the game and thats the bare minimum!?!? Some games you suffer through ads if you want bonus points or perks, but not this game, every single round you win you get force fed an ad no matter how good you do, you could fail, or get 1 star, 2 star, and a perfect 3star all suffer the same punishment. Time is the most valuable thing of all, its bad enough to waste it playing a pretty lame time killer of a game but way worse to waste it watching ads waiting to play the lame game for a few brief seconds a lvl.

We got to a level and we used hints for every move and it was 50/50 every time. Also after literally every single level there was and ad. It wasn’t that bad until then but app officially deleted.

Watch ads for similarly crap games, 1 level equals 1 ridiculously disruptive ad. We play games while we listen to podcasts, this game is not worth the headache of constant ad breaks. Im so sick of this business model. ZERO stars.

Its a fun game. You start off and you win the first levels and think okay, its fun, addictive, Ill keep playing. And then reality sets in. The issues: 1. It NEVER gets harder. The games just too easy… Level 100 is really no harder than level 10. Theres no challenge! 2. So many ads… As a quick download, sure, its fun, go for it. But youre going to get bored quickly….

Blocks versus blocks is so fun we definitely recommend it. But there are some things we would like to add to this game we would like to add like a power up that the game gives you rainbow colors and you can take over the other guys blocks. Other than that we love this game and we recommended. Please add the Power ups.

The game is great its that level 90 is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Two things are bad and Id love to give this app a 5 star rating but there are way to many ads and the red ppl Im competing against are WaaY to easy to win against . The no thanks button when it asks us to triple our coins is useless. Thx for reading!

The game is super fun but the adds are so annoying.a.

We were playing this game it was so awesome BUT when we got to this one level its was impossible to pass even when we clicked the hint button we still lost and we know there is a skip button but we mean and impossible level really!?

2 second game for every 30 second ad. We quit at level 24 10 minutes in… Its a milestone for you cannot pass without spending money. Go play a cash-out game, at least they promise you money there.

The game is amazing. But u get a ad after every level. Which is really annoying. We would rate this a 5. If it wasnt for the amount of ads.

We downloaded the game cause it seemed fun and then after round one we get an ad, and it just gets boring having to watch like 20 ads in 5 minutes, EVERY TWO ROUNDS YOU GET AN AD. We do not recommend this app.

Just downloaded the game and started playing. Got to round 2 and the ads started. NOPE! Not interested in a game that has so many ads!

Downloaded it and cant even play because it just crashes:(

If you dont EVER win ANY game this is fun. But if not super easy and boring had it for about 5 minutes and Im already bored 1/10 dont recommend.

Game is fun but level 21 normal is unbeatable because yellow would always get bigger spaces then the others and we would always lose because of yellow.

Ads are too frequent to enjoy this game.

Hints need to be reworked to actually help the player and not act like the bots we have to face Level 493 is literally impossible to three star Seen lots of complaints about ads, would greatly recommend getting lockdown cuts ads down to almost none.

The levels are super easy even when your ok high levels and when you say no to an ad for reward it makes you watch an ad but without reward.

Skin is so great you should play it this game is so theres no way you wouldnt want to miss out on this game its so fun like you can like roll around and you can basically sponsor your people.

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ!!! Im starting to say that everything is sooo satisfying but this ones 4 real. Its a time killer 2, and just one suggestion. It would be cool if u could play real people (is it already real ppl or is it not?) to have private games like in Among us. And maybe players can choose the difficulty of the game. +, the size of the board thingy, of u k wut we mean (u gotta get it 2 k wut we mean!!!). We like the bigger size, and the challenge levels r cool 2. And we love how much u can customize, BUT we were thinking maybe u could make it so u could change the COLOR 2. We k that theres the blue and yellow, green and orange, and those tealish and pink. But we like green and blue heh anyway u developers dont have 2 do this all in 1 update or scramble 2 try 2 do them at ALL, but these r just suggestions, k? NOW. Here come the pros :) the game is awesome, cool, good concept and, satisfying.

OK, so we live the game it has like one ad every 5 rounds its just the right amount of easy are hard but the game- Im kidding, dont trust title, this is a perfect game! Download it!

This game is so amazingBlocks turn in the humans they fight and the highest percentage Wins!


We had it before and decided to re download it,Ill give it 4 stars just for one or two complaints we have,I would like to be able to completely choose where we place the blocks and we would like to be able to attack the other sides places but its a good game to just occupy your hands and think.

Fun game idea, good to kill a few minutes Has an ad every other game with an offer to triple your coins, and a no thanks button, presumably to skip the ad. But the no thanks button still shows an ad? So if the options are 3X coins and an ad, vs regular coins and an ad, the no thanks button is pointless or its broken. Either way, not good because we have to close the app to skip the ad. If we close the app, we have to do the level over again. Because the ads are every other game and we have to repeat levels, theres basically an unskippable ad every new level and im having to do each one twice.

Challenge level 3 is unsolvable. Even using the hint button for all moves you still lose.

We thought at some point the game would start being a challenge but it never happens.

We love this game but sometimes when you use all the hints you STILL LOOSE its so frustrating.

Every level an add. Forget that.

The in game imbedded ads are highly sexually suggestive. Game rated 4+ advertisements are PG-13 Not a prude just dont want our 8 year old watching a woman get ballgaged.


There are so many ads the game is just annoying. Decent concept if you didnt spend more time waiting for ads then actually playing.