Giant Rush!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:01 pm

Giant Rush!


Giant Rush! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TapNation, Giant Rush! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th October 2020 with the latest update 26th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


136,006 people have rated 1.6.0

You can download the game Giant Rush! from APP STORE.


Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant to a fabulous color ride!

Updated on 26th April 2022

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Giant Rush! Review

We chose to pay the extra to avoid the ads every 5 seconds.. And we still have like 2 minutes of ads after every 30 second game.

Like the game but its not worth playing so many adds and they are way too long.

The is so fun if you dont try the game there is something wrong with you.

We know it seems fun and amazing, but in reality when you get it ,there are so many adds and its technically the same thing over and over again. We dont recommend you download the game unless you would like to waste your time. Please fix the bugs! And no we are not trying to be rude to the creators or trying to harass.( we couldnt write a lot of things sorry )

Do not play in your life! Squid game is now everywhere and it is not for kids.

The entire game is ads, its insane.

There is lots of ads but we think its worth it.

We love this game this is the best game thx for making it!!!!

Super excessive on the adds. Start the game and theres an ad. Finish the level theres an ad. See the stats after the ad after the level and theres an ad. Omg its too much we had to delete the game. It wasnt even enjoyable at that point.

Great game but Im coming across. Bug where every time we go above 200 million it goes negative? Any fix on this? We watched some ads to get our money up but it over flows for some reason.

Stop with the ads you put in way too many and will the be a reason why no one will play this game cause 90 % of the game is ads so stop.

Fun game to play but ads are too prevalent and their too long. Sometimes back to back ads as well. Really? The ads ruin the game. We dont recommend based on amount and time of ads alone.

Giants rush is the only game that has been played on every device in the whole stinking world so thanks for playing this game with us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesime game we love it how like they mive.

We like the game but its slow.

Its the best we ever played thank you for this game now Im not bored This game is the best its so underatted you deserve a lot more in life this game is the best out of the world out of all we to us we cant believe there is something like this game in this world thank you.

This app is super good thank you for creating this app who ever created this app we like you so much.

Cool how do you make them giant.

This app is amazing Im only on level 2 tho it makes you calm its also good for fighting thank you for reading this. Brianna RagozZino.

We really love your game it feels like our happy place.

Good game the only problem is that there is way to many ads and it gets annoying after a while and it just makes u not want to play the game any more.

Its not all that fun because its easy and you do the same thing every level and the ads that constantly pop up are ridiculous. Makes us feel as if im watching more of the ads instead of playing the actual game.

Nice game just way to many ads to enjoy it the way we should be able to.

Game is cool literally an ad after every single round. That can ruin the experience.

This game isnt challenging at all and seems to be more focused on getting you to watch ads every 2 minutes or so.

To much ads and its to ez not fun do not get.

We clicked on the no ads button, paid the 2.99, and the ads never stopped.

Like we get that but after EVERY LEVEL are you fing serious like dog if you wanna play a game that has Ads after EVERY LEVEL play this game if you dont then please save yourself the trouble go play a different game.

We get the need for ads. But not even letting us complete a level without watching them is ridiculous. Game deleted.

We purchased the ad free option and was immediately inundated with twice the amount of ads as the free version. Total rip off.

There ads are very intrusive and make it hard to enjoy.

To the producers of Giant Rush: you guys did an awesome job creating this game! We downloaded this game a couple days ago and we were instantly addicted! Its one of our favorite games to play! We love all different skins and things you can earn. It makes the game more interesting and more exciting! We also think the levels themselves are great because there are lots of obstacles things to move around. We like that the game gets gradually harder as we play and isnt the same old same old. The one problem we have with the game is the ads. We’ve never really minded watching ads. It only bothers us when the same ads keep popping up, or they are strange and/or inappropriate. In this case, there is one very repetitive ad that probably isnt great for kids. Overall we enjoy the game and we hope to be able to play more games like this one in the near future! Hope this was helpful! Jesus loves you! Have a great day!

So this game is best game in The world.