Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Goat Co. Ltd, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd June 2022 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas ?

24,882 people have rated 0.6.123

What is the price of the Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas released ?

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas was released on 23rd June 2022.

When was the Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas updated ?

The latest updated date of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas on 31st May 2023.

Where can Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas from Apple Official App Store.



The World of Lithas is waiting for you. Become the next High Guardian, leader of the City of Light, and embark on an epic journey through the realm of Lithas. A fantasy world with diverse cultures and races; meet clans of lycans, demons, demi-gods, elves, orcs, and dozens more. Unite them together on your campaign, bringing them to your side as powerful champions on the battlefield. But that’s not all, forge deeper relationships, courting them as Companions, to unite your bloodlines and raise new and more powerful Champions, a new generation of heirs to fight alongside you.
The seeds of chaos have spread throughout the land, shattering and dividing the clans apart, and it will be the work of many generations of Champions to restore peace and order. You possess the Bloodline of the Ancient High Guardians, and you alone, with courage and strength, will be able to command these forces, both present and future to victory.

「Game Features」

  • A Vast World of Fantasy Races:
    The world of Lithas is filled with fantasy races of every kind. How you relate to them will ultimately determine the future of the world. Explore their territories and cultures, find their stories, interact with them, and even engage in Romance. The choice is yours!

  • Raise the Next Generation of Champions
    Through careful cultivation of their Bloodlines, you will determine the unique strengths, traits, and skills of the next generation of heroes. Decisions of both nature and nurture will determine their future and your success. Each of your Champions and Companions will bring their own distinct characteristics to pass down to the next generation. Through your efforts, you will forge new Bloodlines of immense power and skill!

  • Luxis: A City of Light on the Rise
    Take on the mantle of High Guardian, and lead Luxis, the ancient City of Light, back to greatness. As you expand and rebuild, you’ll unlock more and more features of your city and new avenues of commerce and growth. Allocate your resources and handle the political affairs of your city wisely, and your city will thrive. As you grow, your Champions and heirs will assist you in growing your city, bringing their own unique skills to bear in managing your city. Only by working together will you bring prosperity back to the City of Light!

  • Bring Honor to Your Clan!
    You will accomplish great deeds in your journeys through Lithas, and your Clan showroom will mark the achievements you’ve made in your progress! The annals of your Clan will record how you’ve built the strongest combat teams, developed a thriving city, found love with many different Companions, and passed down your bloodline to a legion of new heirs. Each of your deeds will bring honor and glory to your Clan!

  • A World in Conflict between Order and Chaos
    From the long shadows of an ancient war, the threat of the Darkness has returned to the world just as the strength of the Goddess of Light has weakened. You must engage in thrilling Raids to fight back the tide of darkness and evil with your chosen champions! In your expeditions, you and your companions will soon discover ancient secrets, long hidden, that threaten to shake the very foundations of the world.

Terms of Service:

Updated on 31st May 2023

New Events:

  1. New Clan Introduction Event – Limited-time War Bringers Clan!
    Time: 06/01/2023-06/07/2023
    Ⅰ. The probability of getting a War Bringers Clan Champion during this event will be increased.
    Ⅱ. Any Favorability obtained from this event will be exclusively for the War Bringers Clan.
    Ⅲ. You will be able to exchange any accumulated draws strictly for The War Bringers Clan Companion Favorability and Mythic War Bringers Clan Champions.

  2. New Raid Event – Explore the story of the War Bringers Clan in their own Raid Event!
    Time: 06/01/2023-06/07/2023

  3. Anniversary Log-in
    Time: 06/01/2023-06/28/2023

  4. Anniversary Pass
    Time: 06/08/2023-06/21/2023
    Ⅰ. Complete Quests to gain Pass EXP and use EXP to gain Pass Levels.
    Ⅱ. There are Daily Quests and Weekly Quests, which are refreshed daily and weekly respectively.
    Ⅲ. You can spend Diamonds to manually reset the progress of Daily Quests for a limited amount of times every day.
    Ⅳ. You can spend Diamonds to buy Pass Levels. There is a time-limited discount at the beginning of the event.
    Ⅴ. Reach a certain Pass Level to win the corresponding reward. Top up to unlock more reward tiers.
    Ⅵ. After reaching a certain Pass Level and unlocking any additional reward tier, the Pass EXP you gain will be calculated as Points toward the Leaderboard, and a corresponding Rank Reward when the event ends.
    Ⅶ. The Points you gained can be used in the Points Exchange Store to buy items. The Points will not be kept when the event ends, so make sure you spend them in time.

  5. Consecutive Purchase Pack
    Time: 06/05/2023-06/07/2023
    Ⅰ. Purchase packs in their respective order to enjoy amazing discounts.

  6. Mini Game-Heli-Goat
    Time: 06/01/2023-06/28/2023

New Function:
Equipment Refine
1.You can choose a Class to refine. Once refined, the Equipment will provide an exclusive Trait Bonus to the corresponding Class and cannot be refined again.

Adjustments and Optimizations:

  1. Quick Court Feature Optimization – The heir’s animation will only pop-up once.
  2. Champion Ascension Selection Border Optimization – The visual indicator for the selected Champion will be more prominent.
  3. Champion Districts Assignment Direct Navigation Feature – Navigate directly to the Champion’s Details interface from the assignment.
  4. Dungeon Descent, Spire of Champions, and Eyes of Abyss now include a Battle Skip feature, which unlocks after clearing stage 10-1.
  5. The Cross-Server Ranking Entry has been relocated to the Season Entry section.
  6. New feature: View Line-up in Personal Info.
  7. Champion’s Ult. now includes a Close-up option.
  8. New feature: Collapsible option added to Champion’s list.
  9. Sails & Sabers Battle Info Optimization – Display detailed quantities of pillaged or plundered Merchant Credits and goods.
  10. Sails & Sabers New Feature: Island Prosperity – Upgrading prosperity increases the purchase limit of goods on each island.
  11. Display Pillage Protection Time – Located above the Pillage button.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue causing abnormal ranking points due to the Quick Develop Heir feature.
  2. Fixed issues with incorrect text in Nautilid Marksman Clan Quests and historical records.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Review

We love this game we started 9/28/22 and cant stop playing we also love the heir we have 3 travain daughters and 1 travain son and 3 other heirs That we dont know if they are male or female.

Its a rad little game, moves quick.

So far we love this game and the style of it, very final fantasy vibes.

We cant put this game down much. It keep us interested so much.

Five stars what else can we say great game.

We enjoy the game for what it is. Easy to get characters, gold etc. Completely F2P although its not the harem simulator like the ads suggest but we love the DnD style story. The amount of tutorials at the beginning is a little overwhelming and slows it down but we like it. Ill keep playing F2P and thats not a bash on P2P but we dont feel the need to buy anything.

We love the auto fight feature. This game has some interesting characters but, we couldnt get into the story. Overall pretty solid game.

This is by far one of the most engaging games ivve played all year on our IPad.

It is not a bad game, definitely not as pay to win as other games, but it has its fair share of bugs.

The characters are such rip offs of LoL characters.

Really easy to play with great features.

The game is unique and fun but you cant mate two heroes till later in the game.

Very similar to raid shadow legends but with more of a focus on crusader kings kind of gameplay. Pretty refreshing.

Its so great u can do anything and even Chat to anybody.

Game is fun and easy to figure out.

This game is so good we’ve only been playing for two days and we almost am able to marry several other people to get this game we even made our brother get it so fun you guys should make way more games.

It has some features that we like to it, the bloodline aspect Im loving, and overall this is just hitting a lot of spots for us. We hope the developers continue on with this game and improve how and where they can. The parts that we love are: – The bloodlines – The idle farming resources – The story – The graphics and fights This game just really hits the spot for us. What more can we say?

We love this game we just got mad cuz when we married off some of our characters they disappeared and now we have to start over and hunt for legendaries.

Coolest game in the world and we love it.

Real fun game we have enjoyed it.

Very nice graphics the story line is also great like allot about this game.

The game has a ton of stuff to do, looks gorgeous, and is not heavily pay-to-win. Lets hope it stays that way!

This game is fun and different from other games.

We are enjoying this game right now but hope it definitely needs more.

We just got this game a few hours ago and Im addicted. Just give the game a chance youll understand.

We like the game, its like Raid Shadow Legends but way better.

This game is perfect. We wouldnt change one thing about it. Its pretty easy to.

For a new launch game this has gotten off to the best start of any game we’ve played on our phone. We hope they keep up the great work and dont fall off.

Awesome game so far! Still progressing but Im enjoying the start.

Doesnt kill your battery and is exactly like advertised love it.

So the game was released on our birthday and its been a good game.

We love the graphics and the champions. Gaining more champions through heirs and companions is really cool as well, the story and other modes are fun. We just wish we could understand the marriage part of the game a lil better, we have really low rolled traits on a lot of champions and Im really not sure how those traits increase in level maybe we missed something but its an amazing break from our day!

Pretty much what you would expect but fun none the less.

Pretty cool twist to the game with city management and Heir system producing heros with certain traits.

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