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FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II is one of the best $14.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 31st October 2017 with the latest update 20th November 2017

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


92 people have rated 1.0.3

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A journey that links the past to the future!

◆◇Game Introduction◇◆
A fascinating cast of characters of different races and eras.
An incredible story that leads you through the past and future to save the world.
Combine your strengths to defeat powerful foes in intense battles.
FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II is an RPG that brings a new legend to the world of FF.

▼A great adventure that transcends time and space
Our hero Morrow and heroine Aemo travel through the present, past, and future and gain allies along the way on their great quest to save the world.
▼Abilities and summon magic
Battle monsters with a simple and strategic active command system!
Select from abilities like magic, skills, and powerful summons to battle terrifying enemies and emerge victorious!
▼Crystals that house the power of the Eidolons
Equip and fight with crystals known as signet stones to acquire new abilities for your characters.
Many of these signet stones possess the powers of summoned beasts from throughout the history of the FF series!

The eastern continent of Ajima and the western continent of Westa.
A great disaster caused by human error destroys the civilization of magic that prospered during the Ancient Era and divides the world into east and west, ushering in a long period of conflict between the two.
A young boy named Morrow who lives in Navos, a small island at the center of the world, loses himself listening to tales of Wrieg’s travels, a Westan adventurer.
Morrow follows Wrieg after he senses something strange from an odd shooting star and meets a mysterious girl from the future named Aemo.
The world of Eidola exists outside the present, past, future, and beyond.
Say hello and farewell to friends of different eras in a story about a promise for a better future.

■Recommended environment
・Supported Systems
iOS 7.0 and above

・Compatible Devices
iPhone 4S/iPad2/iPod Touch (fifth generation) and above

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Updated on 20th November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Text bugs fixed.


We dont know why this one has hooked us… But we absolutely love Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Its a very easily accessible on-the-go RPG, where you wont get lost wandering around. We love classic FFs, but this is fresh, exciting, and quite comforting. It doesnt cover the weird aspect ratio of the iPhone X, but that doesnt bother us. And it proves our theory that any F2P game can easily be made better for the gamer by turning it into a premium game!

We almost didn’t buy it because of the reviews but we’re actually enjoying it so far. We miss the exploration part a bit, as it is one of our favorite parts of any final fantasy game, but overall, we’re still glad we bought it. We also don’t mind the price tag too much. I’d much rather play a flat fee upfront for the entire game than get annoyed when everything we want to do hits a recurring paywall.

Now when we heard that a new FF Dimensions game was being released, we were excited because we played the first one and absolutely enjoyed it. After downloading this game and playing it for about 3 hours, we uninstalled it. We were disappointed. Now about a year later, we decided to revisit it with a open mindset. We can absolutely say we love this game. The story starts off realllllly slow but about midway it gets really good. It does a good job intertwining the timelines & introducing characters in a satisfying way. The gameplay is awesome, just playing the first tutorial battle seeing the powerful abilities you could obtain & eventually knowing youll be that powerful & even stronger is a great motivation to continue to play. You can even grind out your levels in particular towers to earn currency to buy new abilities and outfits. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but its a good game. Take your time and try it out before you cast it off.

The game FF dimensions II is a traditional FF game with Menu turn based rpg. The main stuff which we expect from square enix. But the sad thing is the explore system. There is no map for exploring by yourself and everything is automatic. There game is extremely easy. U will not fail the battles . And the challenging part of the original FF series is not sensible inside the game. Artwork is awful. The music is very simple and the story is not attractive at all. We gave 5 stars because im a big fan of final fantasy series and we must finish the game.

We always wanted a remake of Chrono Trigger and unexpectedly found it in the form of this game. We were disappointed at first its not a sequel to Dimensions, but this game is AMAZING; the auto-battle system underwent a massive and much-needed overhaul, the combat is well-rounded, the story has you on the edge of your seat from minute one and has you in its grip right until the credits roll, and the initial 15 USD is the ONLY paid part of it, no micro-transactions. Addendum: while its true that for the most part this game isnt connected to the first Dimensions, that changes in Chapter 5 – and Im not just talking about the Alba subquest, either. The first 4 Chapters closely resemble Chrono Trigger, but the last 2 completely change the direction of the plot, leaning toward a more Dimensions-esque ending involving the destruction of the space-time continuum and everyones most-hated Final Fantasy villain.

It’s a fun game to be sure. Nothing like the first Dimensions. Took us 40 hours to actually beat the game, and a majority of it is grinding side quests to be strong enough to get by. All in all it’s really easy though, apart from a tower in the game, the final boss, and 4 or 5 other fights. You gain abilities like you do in FF9, and there’s no fast way to get gil, or anything, really. We enjoyed it, but by the end of the game we were bored and disappointed, and the characters are as corny as can be the whole time.

FFD2 does a lot of things right – and a few things wrong. The bad: The title – FF Dimensions 2 – is misleading to those of us who played the first game. No random encounters. No towns or dungeons to explore. No overwork map to blaze across. Meanwhile, FFD 1 had all of those elements. We personally feel that the game should have been called something else – many folks were disappointed enough by these changes that they never have the game a chance – which is too bad, because for what it is, and what its trying to be, FFD2 is quite good. The game starts slow – it take some time before your characters start getting new abilities to make the fights more interesting. We almost quit at one point – but Im glad that we didnt. The good: Everything else. We thoroughly enjoyed the story and experimenting w different party combinations. Battles are fun and fast, and the game is absolutely loaded with countless FF franchise references and details, making the game extra fun for those of us who have played many of the earlier FF games (e.g. The Tower of Babil music is a great remix of FF4s original ToB music). Overall, the playable characters are enjoyable and have personality – maybe not as deep or as great as some past characters from previous FF games (Edge, Locke, Barret, Celes, etc.), but still enjoyable nonetheless. Put in over 50 hours, was well worth the sale price of 7$. Got our moneys worth.

The game itself is not bad and we could actually enjoy it. However this game is completely different with FF Dimension! Dont buy it if you think this game is FF Dimension 2.

The storyline is a semi-decent amalgamation of the original Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. It’s moderately entertaining with a decent play time (I obtained and maxed out every ability in the game and hit level 99, clocking in about 65 hours). However, most of that time is really letting the game play itself with autobattle. It’s really only a handful of fights where you need to intervene directly. The game was originally designed as a freemium mobile game and it’s painfully obvious how the focus used to be on the business (enticing people to spend money on the microtransactions) rather than making a game that’s genuinely well-crafted. It’s been redesigned to eliminate the microtransactions. But with the deterministic drops of the signets, it feels a bit broken, since some abilities are clearly junk that are not worth upgrading, and yet, it just becomes the norm to do so because everything is handed to you as the result of story progression. It’s OK as a pay-once game that it currently is but definitely isn’t the best that SE has to offer. 4 stars just because we somehow managed to max everything out without uninstalling.

Fun game but cant believe it is only a year old and doesnt have full X screen support. Please add it!

  1. No full screen support for the X series/iPhone 11 series. Par for the course as far as Square Enix games go on iOS and Android. Cannot reliably expect updates. 2. Touch responsiveness needs to be fixed. At times touches just do not register. 3. This is a personal complaint, but we wish it were closer to the first Dimensions game. This is basically just battles with a wave enemies approach. No true exploration in the vein of the classic FF games. Story is a bit lackluster and the fact that you cannot explore makes it a bit boring. Its fun to pick up from time to time, but its not something we can play for hours unfortunately.

So Im using the iPhone X one its not full screen, and two the screen doesnt respond all the time Im surely upset. It doesnt work as it should please fix this. We want the screen to be recognized. Its sad a brand new device cant work with a brand new game. Come on square….

Just started playing on iPhone X, any button has to be hit like 30 time before it will work, like the back button, accept, even choosing abilities. Huge flaw, not sure if its just on the X, but please fix it so we can play.

We cannot express how much of a disappointment this game is. We have been playing FF games since FF3 on snes. We were excited about the new dimensions after the first one completely took us by surprise and we loved that game. This game should be free. It plays like one of these free pay to play games. No strategy, story is…. Not good. SE, you guys are the heavy hitters on the block. FFT is possibly the best game, maybe 7? But it is all about FF series. This one needs an enormous update called a redo or remodel. Enjoy our 15 bucks guys, you got us on this one.

Its an interesting game but not a true FF title… Its more like another Auto game… This is ruining not only mobile games but now platforms… A good time killer just to look down at the screen every 30 seconds.. Give us the classic Squaresoft back.. Haha.

DO NOT PURCHASE First off, the buttons dont respond to taps. Im not sure if its a compatibility thing or some kind of obvious bug they failed to pick up, we can tap to speed up the talking, but in combat and on the world map our tap doesnt work on anything. We have to spam tap multiple times for the game to register. Second, even when it is playable, the game plays like Brave Exvius, which is sqexs freemium game. Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is supposed to be a classic JRPG experience, that allows the players to explore the maps and travel to towns and fight monster encounters along the way, and they made it out to play like a mobile freemium money sucking garbage! Truly shameful! Bottom line: not worth the money, we wish we didnt buy it.

Half the time you have to click on an box multiple times. Got to a point where we can click on anything at all. Fix it please. We paid good money for this app that doesnt work right.

We think this game is a really good game. Great entry game for new final fantasy players on the go; easy controls, fun story, cast and gameplay. Only probably we have is that, as a fan of the series for years, is that when we bought the game we expected it to be a little different. Other than that we think the game could be a great gateway game to a spin off series or maybe a game for handheld consoles.

Its a FF game. It had the standard battle system you are used to in the PS1 era games wrapped up in the waves mechanic. This mechanic displays the number of rounds you have to fight enemies in any given area( we think a lot of mobile rpgs use this). However, you cannot explore areas freely (just like FF13). The major flaw we have is on the iPhone X (not sure if this happens on other iPhones), it is very difficult to press the buttons to confirm an action. Sometimes you have to tap 5 times on a button just to save or exit out of the menu. The story is a bit slow compared to other FFs.

It’s like FF13 with the whole dreaded hallway where all you do is just hit forward and auto battle; only they’ve taken the go forward thing out. What a waste, this is nothing like the previous dimensions game where at least you got the first chapter free to see if you liked it. The Japanese version does this, but here nope it’s paywall locked. It’s such a boring game, and that’s it’s real damping trait.

A new adventure!! Two hours in and Im already obsessed. Gorgeous art. Fantastic storyline right out of the gate. Love the side quests, makes grinding really fun. Final Fantasy forever! <3.

Despite our fears, and other reviews we have read, concerning the fact that this use to be a free to play game. We decided to make the purchase, and well, we are not disappointed one bit, but perhaps this is because we knew what to expect coming into the game. However, I’d like to think that without any prior knowledge of the games history we would’ve still appreciated this effort from square enix. As far as gameplay goes, battles are turn based and streamlined pretty quickly, nothing truly mind blowing or game changing here just the basics, you’ll have many skills, and summons to collect on this adventure (think chaos rings III without the triangle). You can also buy and sell items; and talk to villagers. The UI and presentation of the game is one thing that the game does very well, making use of all space allows you to easily navigate through each menu (much like how Nintendo has done with theUI in their mobile games) The story may not attract everyone since it definitely follows formulas that have been done before, but it is different, and if you’ve played some of the earlier FF games or Chrono Trigger, I’d like to think you wouldn’t have a problem with this story wise? The best thing about this game for us, personally, is it’s VERY on the go friendly. Offline play, meaning you can play it in the subway! Mid-battle saves so you can stop playing whenever w/o worrying about progress being loss, and there’s a cloud save. The game may not be as explorational or in depth as previous FF games, but this is definitely the most fledged out in terms of an on the go experience. If you’re a fan of the series we say give it a shot. It’s something unique and new in terms of an FF on the go experience. *And to those complaining that it’s not what they expected or it’s not like the first dimensions, we recommend doing research before spending your money, rather than writing a bad review due to expectations not being met.

For the Final Fantasy (FF) fan who thinks every FF title needs to be an exact carbon copy of every other FF title: if that is your expectation then you might be disappointed. Our first impressions of the game are very positive overall. We feel like things are streamlined in such a way to keep the player steadily advancing while constantly adding in new elements of play. It also appears that Square Enix (SE) has taken heed of what’s currently popular in the mobile RPG market and incorporated it into their new title. Of course, it still has many of the common FF mainstays found in any other FF title, such as moogles, chocobos, turn-based combat, towns, shops, world maps, etc. The common core elements that identify a FF title are all there. It seems apparent to this long time, old school FF fan that this is a solid effort by SE to keep providing fans with more FF content that’s relevant and high quality. However, we’ve not finished the game yet and although we highly doubt it, we could be wrong. We’ll write the conclusion for this review upon finishing the game. For now, though, we’re quite satisfied.

We like playing games we can progress in short bursts, this game gives us a nice FF fix, with minimal time invested. However, you can play as much as you want, and an auto battle option makes grinding reasonable and fair. We love it, and Im happy it had no ffp mechanics left in it, awesome!

Found out the game was out today and bought it before we could blink. Im a big fan of the franchise (happy 30 anniversary!) and we’ve been enjoying this game the hour we’ve been playing. The story is quite straightforward, taking elements from previous installments. The battle system so far is pretty good. Im sure theres a lot we havent discovered yet! Our only frustration so far (and the reason why we remove a star from the rating) is that in our iOS 11 (iPhone 6), sometimes the touch input stops working. We can get it back working by swapping to another app and back into the game. It annoys us because it takes us away from the experience. In any case, Im looking forward to keep on playing the game and seeing how the story unfolds!

This game is not like the first. There is no overworld. There are no random encounters. It plays from a hub world like any generic free to play game. It is just a rush of battles with no exploration. The first Final Fantasy Dimensions was amazing. It was a return to the snes days of Final Fantasy. This game is just a free to play game disguised as a premium game. Do not buy.

This game is so boring. We really thought it would be like, an actual game but it’s just so monotonous and not in a good way. No exploration or anything. Bad story.

The game has absolutely nothing to do with Final Fantasy Dimensions 1 other than reused sound-bits. Unlike a traditional Final Fantasy game, you cannot walk in this game. You cannot roam or talk to random villagers, you cant explore towns or caves. Battles and caves and such consist of pressing a button to enter, then movement is automatic. Battle is nothing to be excited about either. Boring and basic with no real reason to feel attached or excited about new abilities or characters. The story is also boring and already done in every other game. The artwork is lazy and ugly. Basically a gatcha-game without the fun parts. Dont be baited by the name of the game. We have absolutely nothing good to say.