Bongo Cat Musical Instruments

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 07:15 am

Bongo Cat Musical Instruments

Bongo Cat Musical Instruments

Bongo Cat Musical Instruments is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sampath Udayakumara, Bongo Cat Musical Instruments is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th December 2018 with the latest update 3rd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bongo Cat Musical Instruments ?

2,223 people have rated 1.8.9

What is the price of the Bongo Cat Musical Instruments ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bongo Cat Musical Instruments released ?

Bongo Cat Musical Instruments was released on 5th December 2018.

When was the Bongo Cat Musical Instruments updated ?

The latest updated date of Bongo Cat Musical Instruments on 3rd May 2022.

Where can Bongo Cat Musical Instruments be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bongo Cat Musical Instruments from Apple Official App Store.



Play your favorite Bongo Cat musical instruments.

& Rubber chicken :)

Get it now. enjoy!

Updated on 3rd May 2022

Performance improved!

Bongo Cat Musical Instruments Review

Sooo is good and our dog like what is that noise so we put the chicken on he like OMG WhERe Is THe Chicken and its a good app.

We love this game but we wish there were more instruments.

This game is so much fun. You should get it.

This game is adorable and amazing and fun as well! We do recommend this game for music lovers, like myself! We get to learn some songs! But our suggestion is that there should be more songs to choose from. There is only a small amount of songs right now. Also, we would like there to be a bit more options for instruments. But over all that this game is fantastic! We really enjoy our experience playing this game! Hope you get around to our review and take our suggestions! Thanks!

It is the most amazing thing we’ve come across on this whole platform. This is the perfect game to get on when just bored theres so much to try out and make music.

This game is awesome we recommend this game to anyone who likes music and cats. Best game ever!!! You should definitely play.

Im the meme prince we came to see this meme lol.

We love this game it is Super Duper cool and so FUN!!!!!!

This is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. It has so many options and a few songs. Its crazy cool and hilarious. Our friends and we made a band with this and it was super funny. It has many adds whenever you open options it does play and add but whatever. 5stars.

First when we got it we like never played it but then one day we clicked on it again we saw that there were tutorials then we were like this game is.. AWESOME sure the ads can get annoying sometimes but overall this game is amazing and dont they put ads cause the game creators want to make money or something so really the reason they put it there is because money and who doesnt want to money? So thats really just the reason there is ads in every single mobile game though some games just arent fun because of how much ads ok enough of this ad stuff the game is amazing and we would like some more instruments and the bongo cat meme is sadly dead so we dont think they are going to do an update like we’ve every seen a mobile game (only the really good ones like Pokmon go or something) but this game is really good just they are probably not :(

We love the cat and the Music that you can make you can also learn happy birthday to you and (other things that are even better for you!)

Now we will keep this short but we would greatly appreciate it if you would add the triangle to the instrument menu thing we love it yes but the triangle is like our favorite instrument again just an idea.

OMG we love your outfit so great the bongo cat is so cute and we love the noise it makes for all of them make more instruments and make a sequel its so fun do everything you can find to make it happier and funner OooHugs.

This app has all the things you want in bongo cat when you turn off the Wi-Fi you can STILL PLAY IT no ads.. NOTHING YOU DONT LIKE LIKE ADS.


This game makes us very satisfied by we need updates man if we do not get updates the songs they just get annoying and we need like different likeInstruments and we need like golden hour by jake we need Billie Eillish by armani white hes a good one we need ocean blue eyes by Billie Eilish we think but the main one is we might kill our ex and that is the best one so maybe we need a little bit updates and maybe we can actually record and when you do make the updates we really really really want to know first to get the updates because we’ve been playing this for a very very long time love the game tho lol.

So if you are looking for a fun, musical, outstanding game for your child (children), this would be a great choice. For others when you say there is bad music, Its just because you cant play anything right dummy. If your child (children) ask you to help download please do. This is great if your child (children) love music than let them play this game Sincerely, Addison bargos.

We just got the game like three minutes ago and we love it like it so funny and fun like we cant find the tutorial like someone said when they got back in one day there was a tutorial and like On YouTube we watch someone by the name of Bongo Cat for their channel and we didnt realize there was a game called Bongo Cat then we asked dad and he got the thing and accepted and we were happy and we thought the sample tunes was the tutorial but we dont know how to open it up so we just mess around with the instruments.

We love this game it is so fun and cool you should play we really love it and we hope you do to.

We are a musician and we love this app! Just memorized happy birthday! Love this app!

This is a really fun cute game, Its a lot of fun when playing it. There are different instruments to try and have so much fun, we never get tired playing it, its so addicting and adorable. Give this cute game a try and youll be having a lot fun, And its like you dont want to stop playing it ever since you start.

Its an awesome game,but it would be better if you had it so there was more instruments likeKazoo! OrYou could make it so bongo cat tapped the one you press,AND you could have it so you could post and listen to other posts! Thats it! Bye!

Add more songs a lot more plzzzzzzz.

DARNIOGNOHONOHO and away Joe and away Joe and away Joe and away Joe and away Joe pickles have pickles and pickles have pickles they have lots of pickles and pickles have pickles One with 32 with four Ba Ba Ba Ba yummy yummy tummy yummy tummy yummy tummy yummy tummy yummy yummy yummy yummy tummy tummy tummy tummy tummy yummy Tupperware.

This is sooooo amazing you definitely have to try this.

This is like our favorite game and it is AWESOME, besides the ads, this game is a lot of fun to play so we recommend downloading it.

We love it when we got it and now we make music and play the happy birthday song and our dad proud of us so recommended to download this it fun to make music for people :)


The app is really good, funny and charming, but if you dont have WiFi on the app doesnt work if its game design, please fix it! If its not game design, please fix it!

This game is purrfect sorry for the cat pun.

We think it is great because you can have a cat make music and we love music and cats so if yo read this and have something to say about it please write a review and we will read it thank you.

This app is so good if you want to have fun deffenetly reccomend.

The app is ver good if you do not like this app and think it sucks GO FIX YOURSELF.

When we first tried this app we tried to play happy birthday to you but it was a fail but when we tried in the bongos we were a professional already.

Its rlly fun but maybe it should have less ads and more Instruments.

Retetwuuuwyywy te r we tet the best thing about this tweet is e no be no go talk to us like this rrrrrrrrrrrr.

Every time we look at the song samples, and click on an instrument to play it just brings up an ad, its adorable but please make it less ads. We bought this game and we just love it. We recommend if you like instruments and cute cats. Thats all.

All right we like this game and we love that it gives you options of what to play and you can explore with it. But we thought we would want to delete it but then we realized we were liking it and we were playing it for 30-45min. Just we need more song lessons and there is something about it we dont like but idk what it is but otherwise great creative game bye.

So we downloaded the app cause we’ve heard good things about it, and we download it and try playing something and we cant hear anything.

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