Burger Bistro Story

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:42 am

Burger Bistro Story


Burger Bistro Story is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd, Burger Bistro Story is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th May 2021 with the latest update 6th August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


402 people have rated 1.32

You can download the game Burger Bistro Story from APP STORE.


Get ready to experience a new fast food sensation! Create your own diner and grill your way to success. Create different recipes and offer your patrons a truly customized experience!

Think outside the box and experiment in the kitchen. Replace your meat patty with a fish fillet and tartare sauce, or a bacon, lettuce, and egg combo. You’re limited only by your imagination!

And the fun doesn’t stop with burgers. Create menus for side dishes, drinks, and desserts to really capture the hearts of your customers!

Just don’t let your popularity go to your head. You’ll need to manage your staff and train them to improve their skills. Before you know it, you’ll be offering world-class customer service even during the lunchtime rush!

Keep the cash flowing, and you’ll be able to open extra branches of your restaurant. Can you handle running several stores at once? Will you crush your rivals and take their territory for yourself?

Open your restaurant today and take the food industry by storm!

Zoom in or adjust the screen size with touch controls.

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Updated on 6th August 2021

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Burger Bistro Story Reviews

Love kairosoft games, and this one is no exception.

We have always loved Kairosoft games since they first brought pocket academy to English. We always check to see when they come out with new games!

We started playing Game Dev, then picked up Kingdom Dev, and now this one! These guys never seem to disappoint and have quite the selection of games! Once you get past the long and driven intro, this games develops into something we have spent a lot of time enjoying! ITS JUST SO INTRICATE! In the best possible way! Thanks again for another AMAZING game!!!

Awesome game one of the best out there.

Very fun game although takes some time to learn and it would help if recipes were saved somewhere.

We love the Kairosoft brand and their games so when we saw this game, we couldnt help but to chip in our coins and immerse myself into this adorable fast food chain sim! Its very easy but still challenging; which keeps players coming back! The interface/physics/game mechanics are amazing as well! Thank you Kairosoft for blessing us with yet another banger!!!

This game is so much fun. We love that you can manage all the restaurants and change the layout and really make it your own . This game is very well thought out and we enjoy taking charge of everything as well as making up our own recipes. If you enjoy game like that then this is the game for you.

We’ve been playing Kairosoft games for years and Im so happy theyre moving away from the free to play model in general. We sink hours into this game on a daily – its that fun. If you like management games in general and are a fan, just spend the $6 up front and thank God you dont have to waste money on microtransactions for some entertainment.

These games never disappoint us we’ve been playing since it was just game dev, love the continued work and support for the content!!

We’ve spent entirely too much time playing this game. There are a lot of windows to navigate but it doesnt stop the game from being highly entertaining.

Another tycoon story from the best.

Kairosoft never fails to impress!

We literally search Kairosoft every month or so to see if they have any bee games best pixel time management games on the market. #OBSSESSED plus getting that thick cheese is such a bonus for writing a review lol.

We’ve played this game probably more than any other Kairosoft game. Its so much fun. We like their other cooking ones, but this one is by far the best theyve EVER made. We hope you make more like this!!

We’ve played nearly every Kairosoft game and this one is just as good (and addicting!) as some of our favorites!

Kairosoft always make addicting games and heres another one! We’ve been playing this nonstop.

Thoroughly addicted to all of Kairosofts games.

Back to the Golden days of Kairosoft. Burgers galore, expansion and growth and mesmerizing statistics. Magnificent game and a return to form.

As always, Kairosoft doesnt disappointed. Burger Bistro is another management game that we loves to play.

We love these games they are so enjoyable and definitely worth the money we will literally be playing this game for hours.

Its a pretty decent game, its quite challenging as well.

This game is well worth the purchase price. The only criticism we have is the constant onslaught of interrupting pop-ups. Many of them are worthless the 1st time you are forced to read them. For example, completing targets; there are 10 locations, each with 50 – 75 targets (depends if you skip a renovation level), which is 500 – 750 times the Burgermiester shows up to tell us how proud he is and forces us to tap through three screens to get our reward. Just make it (and others, like research completion) a banner notification, please.

Not our favorite but its a good game.

The few criticisms we have of this is the level of micromanagement that goes into each restaurant. The UI isnt a big help either, as theres no sort button for staff or ingredients like in other Kairosoft games. There have been multiple times where to attract a customer we just have to get rid of one ingredient to get them to come in. Id like to be able to edit recipes just for this feature. You have to rebuild locations just to renovate and change managers, and have to repurchase registers and kitchen placements after researching them again and again. It should be a one-and-done affair store by store. Its frustrating to send out test cooks to restock items only to have them come back with everything but the ingredient you need. Id rather pay the burger currency to restock ingredients manually. Take this review with some grain of salt (haha), as Im about 3/4s the way finished with the game.

Lots of fun and addictive game play running your own chain of fast food joints and squashing rival stores!

So much fun making burgers and side dishes! Best $5 we’ve spent! Im a big kairo fan and this is one of the best games we love!

We’ve been a Kairosoft fan for a while, our favorite being Bonbon Cakery, we like all the food development games. We didnt hesitate to buy this when we saw it. Like the others, you launch a business, develop new recipes, sell, sell, sell and try to have the best eatery in the area. Our only negative note is we find it difficult to build up enough supporting currency (hearts and burgers), they spend fast and dont come as quickly as cash. Spend them wisely, and do not frivolously expend rare foods you come by In contests!

Another game from Kairosoft that doesnt require in-app purchases, just plain ol strategy.

They have done it once again . We love these games.