Call of Duty®: Mobile – Ballistic Shield Operator Skill

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Ballistic Shield Operator Skill

Official Update : Call of Duty®: Mobile – Ballistic Shield Operator Skill

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Ballistic Shield Operator Skill.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

This brand-new Operator Skill is releasing as a part of the Season 12: Going Dark Battle Pass! This defensive skill provides you with a significant amount of protection while still giving you some offensive capabilities. Check it out yourself soon when th…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Call of Duty®: Mobile – Ballistic Shield Operator Skill, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 7815209 times. This clip has more than 26239 likes.

Ballistic Shield: Exists

Spawn Trappers: YES

"Ballistic Shield: Exists
Spawn Trappers: YES", AGuyThatPlays commented.

"Ballistic shield : Exists
Thermite: it’s my time to shine"

"Imagine a whole squad coming at you with this"

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Interesting comments by other players

AGuyThatPlays: Ballistic Shield: Exists
Spawn Trappers: YES

txfu: Ballistic shield : Exists
Thermite: it’s my time to shine

haneen dom: Imagine a whole squad coming at you with this

AtomAxelLz: Please explain me how is this the most viewed video on Call of Duty: Mobile’s YouTube channel?

Harbinger: CoD Mobile: release a fun operator skill
Also CoD Mobile: it’s NERFING TIME

༄Bonk Bonk༄: ballistic shield: bow to the new king

Molotov: Hey that’s my throne

Shivam: Shield Turret: I’m stronger than you
Ballistic Shield: I can move, unlike you

Merc going cringe: Ballistic shield: hi
Molotov: a worthy opponents our battle will be legendary.
Transform shield: who the heck are you?!

Rudolf Steihelm: Ballistic Shield: Comes out for 1 second.
Everyone: Nerf it NERF IT

Definitely not Avisto: Everyone: talking about the shield
Me: I want that automatic pistol to be an actual secondary

ItsZeųs: Fighting A Goliath With This Would Be So Epicck

Normie who draws on paper: I was so scared thinking it was a new weapon, thank you for just making it an operator skill.

SIDDHANT R: I remember using this only one on my team 😂 I used to wait until the opponent ammo would run out and then when he is reloading I would destroy them

Rafael Acosta: Simplemente hermoso

Zayni: Hoping for a riot/ballistic shield as a secondary weapon in BR😁

DJdemonGaming: Tbh when I saw it I expected it to be immobile, and would be a more durable but less-damaging version of the shield turret, but it blew my mind seeing it is mobile… gotta get ready to complete the event that has it as a reward!!!

Bryant Salas: im saying some positives things here ok. the shield in the trailer looks pretty op but if you didn’t notice when you run out ammo it turns into a riot shield now and you can use it to rush in with your teammates and capture the hardpoint/flag

Suki: The part around 0:13 really interests me, you can clearly see the person taking damage even with the shield facing the enemy, is it going to be like where if you’re shooting it won’t block the incoming damage or is that just a bug?

Message In the Bottle: Love the ballistic shield 🛡 best addition to the game!

Also its well balanced 👌 just use anything that is not bullets or simply flank behind.

Vicrod99: I’m having those nerve wracking goosebumps from BO4, when the balistic shield was OP when the game launched


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