State of Survival Value Vouchers Event

Value Vouchers Event

Last updated on December 13th, 2020 at 10:55 am

Value Voucher Event is a regular event in State Of Survival that gives you the chance to obtain Legendary Hero Fragments. You may obtain vouchers with biocaps or purchase with cash. After obtaining vouchers, the next step is to use vouchers to exchange for Legendary Hero Fragments.

How to Obtain Vouchers

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  • To obtain vouchers, simply go to Value Vouchers Event in the Events section. Then tap on the Tasks tab. There are two options here, wither purchase bundles with cash or obtain vouchers with biocaps. The cost is 150 biocaps for a voucher up to a limit of 100 vouchers (15,000 biocaps) per event.
  • Once you have the vouchers, tap on Voucher Store and exchange them into Legendary Hero Fragments of your choice. All unused voucher will be kept in your backpack. So if there’s any remaining vouchers, you may use it when the event appears again.

Some Event Tips

  • As your state evolve, new tier of heroes will appear in Value Vouchers Event.
  • Try not to get the current tier of heroes if possible as their voucher cost is the highest. When new tier of heroes are available, the voucher cost will drop accordingly.
  • This event is a great place for F2P players to get Legendary Hero using biocaps. Try to focus on one Legendary at a time and get it up to a decent level.
  • There is an option to exchange vouchers for Epic Hero Fragments but DON’T do it. Epic heroes are easily maxed by just playing the game regularly.
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