Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Aidana Kengbeiil, Car Parking Multiplayer is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd April 2018 with the latest update 24th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, or Graphics & Design games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Car Parking Multiplayer ?

9,329 people have rated 2.4.1

What is the price of the Car Parking Multiplayer ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Car Parking Multiplayer released ?

Car Parking Multiplayer was released on 23rd April 2018.

When was the Car Parking Multiplayer updated ?

The latest updated date of Car Parking Multiplayer on 24th December 2022.

Where can Car Parking Multiplayer be downloaded ?

You can download the game Car Parking Multiplayer from Apple Official App Store.



Car Parking Multiplayer: open-world multiplayer mode, 130+ cars, tuning, racing and free walking!
Thousands of players are waiting for you.
Join us!

Multiplayer open world mode

  • Free walking.
  • Free open world with real gas stations and car services.
  • Compete against real players in the multiplayer racing.
  • Exchange cars with real players.
  • Thousands of real players every day.
  • Friend list.
  • Voice Chat.
  • Police mode.
  • Role Play: become a taxi, cargo or delivery driver.
  • Drone Mode: explore the world and take stunning screenshots.
  • Daily Tasks and Rewards: collect coins and presents by completing the tasks and joining the game.
  • Character customization: variety of clothes and skins to choose.
  • Animations: choose among dozens of animations and reactions.

Car customization

  • Adjustable suspension, wheel angle and more.
  • Engine tuning: swap engine, turbo, gearbox and exhaust.
  • Visual auto tunings: Dynamic vinyls, car body parts.
  • Car Plate: choose among 6 plate types and customize it.

High-quality open world

  • Highly-detailed environments
  • 130+ cars with the real interior.
  • Buildings with interior

Amazing gameplay

  • 82 real-life parking and driving challenges.
  • Different vehicles: Tow truck, pickup, trucks, sport and classic cars.

Updated on 24th December 2022

Updated Chat System
Updated UI
New Skins and Wardrobe Clothings
New Environment
New Cars
New Bodykits
New Environment Sounds

Car Parking Multiplayer Review

Need a pinks an bet system Allow street drags Need too have more than 50 mill Allows us to change button format Make it mare difficult to upgrade (make extreme parts) Online map needs mor places definitely a drift track (: New cars : nsx rr , Supra a90 , 2007 si, Pagani, cobra jet, Nissan 400 , hellocat red eye, porche rwb , Aston Martin , saleen, lotus, jaguar, gtr Italian, sc 004 , Rrarrii fxx , 2017 ford gt Also 200hp would be nice Need more houses an the anime on movement could be better we also need a story mode for online only events (: ? Could u includ carbon fiber body kits for primium ? Also mabe drift events or races would be great other than that great game im about maxed everything lol Also allow us to go in other peoples houses w permission thanks.

The graphics of this game are wild!!! They have only gotten better since we’ve had the game for over a year now!! Absolutely enjoy playing it with our family and hope to see more cars added to the game soon!! Keep up the great quality of the game and good job to the development team!!! Sincerely, SRT~Svge.


Rain rtx mode on and off add new bmw g80 m3 new rims add.

Please can you make body kit for the dodge charger for us please.

So we love car parking but it would be cooler with tornado mode! So in servers and in single player you could go into settings and Add tornado mode the tornado would destroy the city and we could avoid the debris and run! And when the debris hits our car It could brake the window or but a dent. Everything else is perfect we love the game.

The best car game we ever played thank you car parking.

Add a laferarai and Audi etron.

Best game ever you can do a lot of styles on cars and there are so many cars and its so easy to get money its our favorite game in our opinion.

When we join a friend and when we leave sometimes the user we were just playing with sometimes appears offline when they be playing that would be a good bug to fix thankyou.

Hello to all fans of car parking multiplayer…. We’ve this message for the company we looked for comapnies website but we didn’t found it…. We’ve bought 400,000 coins for 5000$-6000$ before 1month we changed our phone and we opened our account our coins all were delete it by the company and we have bought all the cars and 50,000,000$ money in the game we want our coins back if the company can return it back… Its good game but this like cheat from company… And our phone is ios not android to make a cheat in the game.

Awesome game but we want more cars.

They should make a hellcat Durango on the game.

This Game is the game of the year the best car game ever we have ever played can yall please do us a favor . We wondering if yall can the Dodge Durango.

Amazing game Im hoping to see some more cars soon and more clubs !

We need new range rover cars and honda accord sport 2022.

Mmm you should add a 1995 Nissan hardbody D 21.

The game is great but can yall please please add the 2001 ford f150 lighting svt.

We Love the game we just want to ask for a hellcat charger and two step and we would love if yall make the house garage as a way to bring multiple cars out at once and a way to raise and lower the cars.

We first downloaded CPM in 2018 and we instantly fell in love with this game. We’ve been playing since is many devices. When we started it was not a big map or anything fancy, but now its the best game in its category. The physics and editing is amazing. We recommend to make the vehicle grips a bit more realistic as the cars feel light when going fast. And more options in steering sensitivity. Otherwise this game is perfect.

Hello car parking multiplayer devs the new update is awesome. But when we were driving around we noticed we had 32million but we remembered we had 20 million before the update because a bought 2 cars and now we dont have them anymore and we were confused then we thought it was a bug that loses some progress in the game so Im telling you guys so you guys can fix it. And also theres another bug is the daily task every time we try doing a task it wont give us our price and when we go to the lobby it shows a different task we hope you can fix it soon and have a good day.

An update with only coin cars is not ideal for new players they might hate the game for having an update like that. The cars are good and the lambo kit is epic but you could at least at a simple car that has a body kit that doesnt use coins and one of these cars the Ford Escort, the Toyota starlet or a off-road car like the Toyota Land Cruiser. We just think that the new players would like that if you read this thanks for reading.

We play this game more than any other game on our phone, and we have collected almost every single pay and coin car in the game. There is only one slight problem. When we want to play with our friend, Most of the time it doesnt show that he is online. We can re-add him but it will still not show. It would make us really happy if you fixed this in the next update. Thank you for the game,

You guys should add super chargers and duplicate cars in the game.

Can you add superchargers instead of it just being turbo chargers cause turbo charging a dodge demon when its actually supercharged doesnt feel right to us and can it have the same horsepower when you have the final engine triple turbocharged can you also make the money form you owning a business go up more than just by 1 dollar how about 20 and can you also make coins a daily bonus to and add motorcycles if you have the motorcycle gear and do you not know how fast 187 km is its 116 mph.

Great just need to get the new update please.

This is amazing we play it every day but we wish there was more trucks like obs nbs trucks too like single cabs short bed so we could lover them and stuff and also that we can change the exhaust like actually choose how big it is or how long and stuff like that but over all the game is amazing keep up the good work.

Please please add LEXUS LX570 2021 please.

YOU know the starter car aka HONDA EK9 type r. Add w16 engine for 1695 hp plzzzz LOVE THE NEW UPDATE .

How can we get our account back? We had a stacked account and then lost it.

First thank you team for the game we’ve been playing it 2 years ago Second in the next update we want: _ Sport mode button _ gas percentages appears on car dashes _ raining whether _ whippers button _extra space for a gallon of gas in the trunk _the new Mercedes s class 2022 _ Mercedes E63 2015 _Audi Q7 2014 we hope these features appears in the new update . Appreciating your work on this game.

Can you please add the Polaris slingshot and teslas please they would be cool.

Plz add Audi rs3, Maserati, bmw x7, Nissan Altima, Dodge Charger srt, Mercedes Benz s560 for 1m plzz.

Todo est muy chido ay muchos carros para escoger y el mapa est muy grande lo nico que no us gusta son los sonidos de lo carros porque se escuchan muy falsos.

Can yall added more cars pls and more engines.

We had this game for 2 years its a great game. Recently we been having a problem with our dodge charger the interior wont load we know you got to download the interior but we dont get that button anymore cause we already had downloaded it . In a recent update it just went the interior went blank. We thought it was the car we sold it bought it again still the same thing we even try buying it from another person still the same thing we dont know what to do .

Hello developers, there is an issue with the world sale as it does not appear and hence unusable after an update. Please fix it because most people use it to earn coins faster. Thanks.

This game is very good, but we have a few suggestions. The graphics are good but the crashes arent that realistic so Im asking to please fix the crashing graphics. Other than that, great game.

We really love this game its the best. But it would be better if y’all can add a garage where we can pull out as many vehicles as we want as we play. But overall love the game so much.

We need motorcycles and new homes and thanks.

They should add body kits for the Dodge Charger like a srt or scat pack wide body and add other body kits because it looks very plain but besides that the game is pretty good.

Hello our name is David we would like to say this is a very good game we’ve been playing for a while now probably 6 to 7 months and we really love the game and we would kind of like maybe recommend or request a couple of things put into the game. 1. Bugatti Chiron 2. Designing options in game like how people get the anime designs like maybe put an option in there for that or maybe just extra vynals 3. Koningzegg gamera 4. Lamborghini vision gt 5. Option to get a max of 2000 horse power on select cars Thats concludes our recommendations or requests to be put in the game and not all of them have to be put in the game it would just be nice to see them in the game.

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