Race The Sun

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Race The Sun


Race The Sun is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FlippFly LLC, Race The Sun is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th July 2015 with the latest update 25th August 2016

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


240 people have rated 1.02

You can download the game Race The Sun from APP STORE.


"Words cannot express how insanely fun it is…” – Touch Arcade (5/5 stars)

Watch the world blast by you in your solar powered glider and try to keep pace with the setting sun, while avoiding deadly collisions further and further into a strange and dangerous landscape.

Upgrade your ship by completing challenges and learn to adapt to a world that changes daily. Compete on local and global leaderboards against friends and the world… but in the end the sun always wins.

Key Features

  • Race at insane speeds through an infinite world that changes every day
  • Complete objectives to unlock upgrades and level-up your ship (25 levels)
  • Customize your ship with attachments like faster turning and decals
  • Unlock two ultra-hard worlds as you level-up

Updated on 25th August 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Added free new game mode: "Sunrise." Play in a beautiful new environment with a focus on relaxing, zen-like gameplay. No highscores, no speed boosts – just endless flow
  • Added several beautiful new portal worlds. The portal world will update every 24 hours.
  • Added 3D Touch support for newer iOS devices.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Race The Sun Reviews

Overall this game keeps us entertained while we’re waiting for something. A cockpit view would make this even better we think.

This is a great game. The only thing we would recommend is multiplayer races!

We love this game its so relaxing and so fun!!! We play this so much probably about 10 time a day at least.

Game is just really beautiful. Not only the design but the flow of gameplay. Got all achievements and unlocked all levels and still love zoning it with it for a bit. Feedback for game makers: love the new sunrise level but would also love a similar level where you can’t crash/die. Just tons of boosters and jumps!! You can cycle back to beginning stage over and over.

This game is amazing. It is so well done and has the perfect combination between peace and serenity and fast paced action. This game is absolutely amazing.

Its fun, really gets your heart rate up.

Ima keep this short. Best game we’ve ever played on mobile. Must buy <3.

This is one our favorite games the graphics are beautiful and the music is soooo peaceful.

Love the game just need more levels.

Please release an update for iPhone X.

We love the integration with 3D Touch, its such a good game. Will it be optimized for iPhone X?

We thank its a really good game but we wish it fit the screen of a 11 pro max.

A very good game (even though Im terrible at it ) we recently starting playing sunrise mode and it is very nice, but we do have one suggestion. Making the sound you get when crashing something less jarring, it is very intense after the calm music of the game-mode. Changing the death music as well would be nice. Maybe the sound of magi a wind chimes to represent the sparks or something like that for the death sound could be nice, and the post-death music could possibly just be the same soundtrack that plays when you are flying in that world. This would make the experience more calming without the jolt of a crash sound to interrupt the zen.

The game is fun but needs to update so it can fill the entire screen.

You see our 4 out of 5 stars? Well, here’s why: we were extremely cautious in buying this game, we rarely buy games, especially for $5. We got it, and was immediately very UN-satisfied with our purchase. BUT, after 20 or so minutes, we began to understand the games cool features and interesting gameplay, and now we LOVE IT. We also never write reviews so trust us, this is a good game. We wouldn’t say it’s worth $5. Maybe $3, but we still think you should buy it. So why 4 stars? We simply thing there could be more color to the game. Literal color. Anyways, cheers and have fun rocking on in that plane!!

This would be a 5* review if the game would update and take advantage of the new Bluetooth controller support. The game is awesome. We own it on so many platforms and would play it so much more on here if it supported thee new controller support. Please update <3 Id even buy it as an in app purchase if it just comes down to cost to develope <3.

We just bought it and was disappointed to reveal that it doesnt support iPhone X screen. We would give it 5 stars if it was supported.

We love this game we have it on our PlayStation. We use to play it all the time and when we saw we could get it on our phone we were ecstatic. Our one and only gripe about it so far is that you can only touch to move. We think the game would be more fun and more interactive with the accelerometer. We really hope you guys have an update adding that to the list of controls. Also we’re not 100% sure on this we just got it the yesterday but we haven’t noticed the field change at all like it does on console. We’re not sure if this is due to us just not having it long enough for it to change or what. But if it doesn’t that would also be another concern. Td;lr: please add accelerometer option to list of controls.

Please update to fit the whole screen on the iPhone X, other then that its good.

This game doesnt fill the screen. We infrequently tap in the empty area between the edge of the play area and the bezel. When our thumb slips here, we tap, get no response to the craft and wreck. It makes a great game unenjoyable. If an update arrives that causes use of the whole screen on an 11 iPad Pro, then Ill be happy to update the score…

This game is great and all and is very pretty but it is way over priced. For $5 all you do is turn right and left and left and right until the sun goes down and u die we recomend pokemon go.

Great gameplay, but looks pretty poor on the new X compared to older plus devices. Please update.

We used to average between 2 and 3 million point. FYI we have an iPhone 5s. Now, after an update, we can barely get a million before the sun sets. Either it sets too fast now or not as many yellow time savers are offered anymore. Idk.

Great game but our iPhone 5s U.S cellular phone will no longer work with mad catz micro controller.

We have played Breakneck, which is free, and has a much more rich environment and better music than Race the Sun. After spending $5 on this app, we were discouraged that it was so difficult, and we kept dying at the same place but, there was no option to continue at the last region. We just don’t have the patience.

This game is fun and all but it is way too hard and there was nothing we could do but try again over and over. Also there isnt a way to get back except to go back through all the regions we just did and go through all the hard work we just did.

Why doesnt this fill the screen on iPhone X or newer? Literally any game on this App Store does this. Why not this one? Makes an otherwise beautiful game look terrible.

We bought this for our kids to play with… We saw it when we were at a store… It works on some iPads but not older iPads. We think for $5 it’s kind of a rip-off… We think this is a 99 cent game or a free game… Not worth the 5 bucks. Fix the game to work on all iPads… Not just the newer ones.

Sorry this is not worth 5$ Not even close. Maybe 1$. You have to start in the same place every time so it’s very hard to see the other stages.

We loved this game on PC and was excited to buy it on our phone. It might run fine on other phones, but not the iPhone 11. The game relies on screen taps to control the ship, with taps at the edge giving sharper turns than those in the middle. Unfortunately, on the 11 the game screen doesnt reach the edge of the real screen, meaning many of our sharp turns dont turn at all because we didnt realize we tapped just outside the game screen. Could be fixed if the game could be made full screen or if turns were sharp no matter where the screen is touched. Would love to see this in the options menu.

This app drains our battery 20% a minuet we can’t play it unless we plug our phone in.

Last update was 2yrs ago? Does not support iphone xs max screen. Outdated game.

The game doesn’t work with 3D Touch. With normal controls the screen goes white during events like getting resetting the daylight and getting to the next region. We’ve tried to fix the problem but nothing’s worked.

It says we should sign in with the game center at options but we dont see the options feature.

We really liked this game when we first bought it. Unfortunately with with upgrades the game doesn’t perform well on 6s plus. When in 3D touch mode, which wasn’t there originally, as soon as one touches the screen it goes white. Have to exit and put in regular mode. Even in this mode the screen goes white when picking up extended sun, which leaves the player flying blind and usually crashing. The are other instances of whiteout for unknown reasons. This needs to be fixed.

0.0 Star rating. Does start but plane crashes instantly when the screen is touched, each and every time. It says it is compatible for iPhone 6splus. What a headache, nothing else gained but lost time, so we rate it less than zero star (forcing customers to give a star is bad business and makes us tell a lie about a product we bought). We want a refund.

Addictive and fun to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. We’ve played the PC / console versions of this game and it just feels right on this platform. Will recommend. 10/10.

This game is incredibly fun. You get super into it and it’s a crazy sensation flying through obstacles at light speed. It never gets old, because each "phase" you go through is entirely different, and every 24 hours the game randomizes the worlds and changes them up. Awesome game.

This game is insanely fun. It is a must-buy. It’s like pod racing on steroids. Get this game. You won’t regret it.

This game is our favorite arcade game on our ps4 and now our iOS. But we wish there was a "free run" mode where you see how far you can get with out the sun going down. So the game game but with no sun to test your quick skills and not have to think about the sun.

To start this off, we have to say that Race The Sun is definitely worth the hefty price tag. The goal of the game is to get as far as you can without crashing while the sun is still out (Your ship is solar powered). As you level up by completing missions, you will unlock new powerups, pickups, and even maps. There are four maps (including the credits fly-through), and you have to unlock two of them. Each map is procedurally generated, and will reset every 24 hours. This means, instead of having a random map each run, you can learn each map as you go, until it resets. Overall, yes the game is expensive, but it doesn’t get boring, it is fast paced, and ridiculously fun.

We got this game a few days ago and it is now one of our favorites! We thought it looked pretty cool just by the trailer and we were right! Very well done game, at first we didn’t know if we should buy it or not mostly because of the cost and the lack of reviews and that is why we’re writing our own review so people who want this game but are skeptic about buying it can read this. Fun game.

Wow! This is an absolutely perfect game! It is one of the top 10 games on our iPad Pro, and it has gorgeous graphics. We love this game. If you don’t buy it, you are wasting your life!

This game is an amazing but challenging game. We could defiantly spend loads of more hours playing this game and trying to get new high records.

Started off as a nice indie game on PC and then made a successful jump to PS4. Now we have a top notch conversion to iOS! Very enjoyable game with very responsive touch controls, get it and get hooked!

Fantastic game from awesome indie developers. Stunning visuals with interesting game play, perfect for iPhone.

Can someone please tell us how to barrel roll? We’ve tried everything and can’t seem to figure it out. We can’t move up a level until we do 20 barrel rolls in one run.

We’ve really enjoyed this game on PS4 and now it comes to iOS. Looking forward to playing it on the go now!

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