Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody – Gordon Vogel

Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody


Step into the gaming world with Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody, one of the top $1.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Gordon Vogel, this captivating Casual game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 12+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 2nd April 2015, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 4th April 2017.

Whether you have a liking for Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody is sure to keep you hooked!

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Dive into Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody

Montage parody + most popular game ever = loominati confermed!

This flappy bird parody delivers more than just a few minutes of fun. It’s actually a real game with leaderboards, achievements and stuff to unlock. It’s combining a quality gaming experience with the fun and randomness of our beloved internet-memes.
Try reaching better highscores to unlock new skins or get the pro-pack to gain access to more funny sounds, memes, skins and the newly added dank mode.

▸ 9 Skins:
Classic, Party, Noscope, Spooky, Freddy, Spooderman, Doge, Shreked, Developer
▸ 3 Game-Modes:
Classic, Kid-Mode, Dank-Mode
▸ 400+ Memes:
We got everything!
▸ Power-Ups:
So you can rek fools and reach the top of the leaderboard!


  • Kid Mode – Play the game on easy mode and still unlock skins. You will only be able to play with the skins in kid mode tho until you actually unlock them for real.
  • Dank Mode – A hardcore mode only for true mlg pros. The screen will be flooded with memes and special effects. Warning! It’s really hard! To make it fair you will receive double the points.

Pro Pack:

  • More than 100 additional memes, sounds, gifs
  • 3 more skins: Doge, Shreked, Developer
  • New gamemode: Dank Mode
  • No Advertisement
  • Thanks for supporting us! :)

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Thank you for all the great and funny reviews:

by uraqt97
"Couldn’t see the screen cause fedoras kept blocking the way. 10/10"

by FreddySalinas
"Game critics call this the most MLG game ever yolo mcswag"

-This game is gr8 m8
by Numa numa ye
"Such an inspirational story, I’m emotionally attracted to this amazing game. Keep the quix scope goin"

-Gr8st Game in the History of Forever
by Vernonator21
"Seriously, this game is absolutely hysterical. Every time I play it I’m in tears by the end."

-The Best
by David Dubina
"Hands down the greatest game ever to be released in the apple App Store"

-8/8 gr8 app.
by Anonymous9271047639193028
"All I have to say is WOW! ;) 8/8 would ign. As somebody once said, " w33d is ma lyfe." This app definitely portrays that. Would recommend to anybody who’s with mlg."

-gr8 b8 m9
by Coolness 12345678910
"All of the mlg gods combined their powers to create the all powerful LORD GABEN and he took his blessing and have it to a young boy to create this masterpiece"

by 420yoloswagthomasthetrain

-Snoop Dog Approves
by ƒɾσηz
"I talked to snoop the other day. He recommended me this dank game. I tried it out, now look at me, my high score is 420. I am as high as snoop right now."

-Best game ever
by Pimp daddy swagger pants
"Duuuude this game is amazing and addicting get it now now u will Neve be the same after this we got snoop dogg and mlg and swagritos it doesn’t get any better get it now. Get the sanic and be free!!!! Be free!!!!! Peace out bros stay awsome this isn’t pewds tho sorry sp out!!!!!!!!!"

-Gr8 d8 8/8 r8 m8
by Splenda Mommy
"If I could marry a game it would be this one. I would sacrifice my first born for this game. This game has consumed my every waking moments since downloading and I can no longer differentiate my dreams from reality as all I know has become Noscope Bird. Flap. Flap, flap. The pipes. They’re everywhere. You cannot escape the dancing Snoop Dogg. Everywhere, they’re everywhere."

What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody on 4th April 2017:

-We are now offering surveys as free alternative of buying the Pro Pack. Complete 5 short surveys to unlock the Pro Pack for free. There is only a limited amount of surveys available so if there isn’t one available for you at the moment just try later that day or the next day.

-We are reworking the skins in the game. Each of the reworked skins has unique new effects and animations. We are going to add the new skins as they are being finished, so keep checking back for new updates :)
-Slight redesign of the skins-menu
-Dank Mode background animation less annoying

-Fixed crashes on older devices (older devices will have increased loading time on start)
-Fixed birds getting stuck in the middle of the screen
-Minor bugfixes and adjustments

Please make sure to update your reviews on the store for the newest version. Thanks! :)

——– Update 3.0 ———–
Huge Update AF!!!

In update 3.0 we presented to you:

▸ 2 new game-modes:

  • Kid Mode – Play the game on easy mode and still unlock skins. You will only be able to play with the skins in kid mode tho until you actually unlock them for real.
  • Dank Mode – A hardcore mode only for true mlg pros. The screen will be flooded with memes and special effects. Warning! It’s really hard! To make it fair you will receive double the points.

▸ Tons of new spicy maymays:

  • A new secret algorithm calculates the perfect way to present to you the hundreds of gifs and pictures we added in this update. It’s all procedurally generated so it’s like having a universe of quintillions of planets that are all equally buggy and boring, just that its actually not. It’s better. Maybe…
  • We added some new fun gameplay elements that trigger randomly and give bonus points. We will let you find out about those yourself.
  • More handcrafted memes and gameplay features!
  • Hundreds of new sounds, gifs, pictures, phrases and memes in general

▸ Power-Ups got some added dankness:

  • Enjoy some variation on the powerup-sounds. The same powerup can now play different sound effects and music.
  • Particle effects make everything better! At least that goes for montage parodies. So we added them to the powerups as well

▸ Game Center:

  • 2 new highscore lists to compare your score on the new game-modes

▸ General Improvements:

  • Hugely increased performance!
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Added our social media links to the main menu. We would love to hear about your experience with the game and ideas for future updates. Also, stay up to date about our future planned games.

Thanks for playing!

Hear from the Players – Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Noscope Flappy – MLG Bird Version – The Parody:

This game cured our chronic lung cancer. A masterpiece of a game. Download NOW or get rekt.

Amazing just perfection thanks for this app.

This game is awesome!!! Let’s see a EVERYDAY BRO UPDATE OR ENGLAND IS MY CITY.

This is mlg. If you like mlg. PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!! Wow.


This is amazing, but one problem, we can’t unlock dank mode, the surveys won’t show up.

This is more dank than our memes.

We paid to get the Dank Mode, and it was well worth the $2. Way more fun that playing the original Flappy Bird. Cracks us up every time!

Allah Akbar get mad cause we are Muslim but it a game.

Ok this game is flappy bird but with memes that are renewed every day.

The best alternative to the original in our opinion.

Love the memes should add the ting go skrra/mans not hot. Eight/ Eight.

This is the best and most funny game we’ve ever played. Once you get this game tell everyone you know about it, even tell your grandma. If you read this and you havent got this game from what we just said what are you doing get the game!!! NOW.

We had this game about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it. It was then taken off the App Store and we couldnt play it anymore. At least once every six months we would check to see if it was back and it finally is. Thank you so much this is the best game ever created!!

It is a very good game we would say the best app.

Greatest game fricken ever we showed our friend this he had a stroke of laughter we couldnt stop laughing while trying to sleep 18mil stars GREATEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE GAME POWERER.

We think this game is amazing. But if you had new memes and other cool stuff like that it would be a better game.

It’s really fun, hilarious, and creative. We personally didn’t like flappy bird until we found this game! I’d recommend it.

So much better bro and sick power ups weed is the best.

This game is funny and entertaining.

This is a fun and silly version of flappy bird.

Shallowwebintel loves it. We have never seen a more MLG game ever. Snoop Dogg rates 8/8 m8.

This game is the most inventive version of the game we have ever seen.

Never have we seen so many memes in one place. Try adding a mayro meme in there. (In case u dont know mayro is the internet meme rip-off of Mario. Look up the word mayro to see wit we mean).

This is the best game we’ve ever played in our life. So much better than the OG thank you for doing this.

Duuude, this game is 8/8 dank. We didn’t even mind spending 2 bucks to get the rest of the memes. Keep this up and you’ll be rich.

You fool. You absolute buffoon. You think you can challenge us in our own realm? You think you can rebel against our authority? You dare come into our house and upturn our dining chairs and spill coffee grounds in our Keurig? You thought you were safe in your chain mail armor behind that screen of yours. We will take these laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. We didnt want war. But we didnt start it.

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