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Chesh is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Damian Sommer, Chesh is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 8th October 2015 with the latest update 12th September 2017

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


18 people have rated 1.1

You can download the game Chesh from APP STORE.


It’s like chess, only not at all.

Chesh is a game of strategy, memory, and luck. Every Chesh game is exploring all new territory. Half the game is simply learning what you can do.

“[Chesh] is surrendering your expertise, flying blind in a familiar territory.” – Zack Kotzer, Killscreen
“Chesh makes Chess look like Checkers” – Raigan Burns, co-creator of N++
"i really like chesh" – Michael Brough, creator of 868-HACK

  • a unique game every time you play
  • 500+ chesh pieces from 30+ artists
  • adjustable board size and number of pieces for different styles of Chesh.
  • three different timer modes: Bullet Chesh, Blitz Chesh, Infinite Chesh
  • play local, online, or versus the computer
  • colourblind-friendly

Updated on 12th September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Two things in this update:

  1. There’s now an alternative win condition that can be selected. Royal Elimination means you lose once all your Royal pieces are destroyed. Piece Elimination is traditional Chesh, where you must eliminate a number of your opponent’s pieces to win. They both feel similar, but the slight difference in rules can lead to very different situations!

  2. There’s also a flip mode for playing with 2 players. If flip mode is turned on, then the top player’s pieces will be flipped! This will also slightly adjust where that player is touching if someone is using their iDevice upside down. This means the player on the other side of the iDevice won’t misclick as often! Use this if you’re playing Chesh across from another person.

Chesh Reviews

We’ve had this game for a couple of years now and find it to be pretty fun. We know most reviews dont like the idea of every game being different with the change of chess pieces, but thats the whole point of the game. Sure, we get beat just about every game, but thats what makes the game more fun and challenging, making us wanting to come back for more. Im learning to play regular chess right now and we find this game to be an awesome escape from the norm. Great game IMO.

The A.I. Within this game will take any chance it can get to take a piece of yours, especially if it won’t out their piece in danger. However, the A.I. Seems to not value their royals, as they will be more than happy to send them into a high risk situation. The A.I. Is still a challenge, nonetheless.

The game is well made but the play is extremely frustrating. The way your pieces move changes randomly every game. Once you touch a piece you must move it. Around every five moves you will be forced to destroy one of your own pieces because you have no choice. Impossible to plan, impossible to generate any kind of strategy. It’s an interesting idea but not fun in reality.

Im pretty sure most of these incredibly detailed reviews are fake. They all have way too much thought out detail. Heres the thing: this game is good and quirky. Its for you if you like randomness and fast placed gameplay. Once you choose a piece, your stuck moving said piece. So memory is your friend. Theres no obvious tutorial. The menu is very vague on what the buttons do. One of said buttons will give you small details about the fatigue and return systems. Just take your time on an easy AI (which is found with one of those vague buttons) and learn the pieces. It will do you good in multiplayer.

Pretty dumb and a waste of money. It is no longer supported and there are no instructions included.

We love how every time you open a new game no one really knows what will happen and theres a sense of mystery as you try to put us over your opponent. It seems like it would have infinite replay-ability. The only problem is that the mystery also extends to how the game is won. Every time we’ve played the game has been going great as we moved pieces trying to figure it out when it ends seemingly randomly. This would probably get 5 stars if we had some idea of how to win but as is it becomes unplayable really fast. So far we’ve won 3 games, 1 where we took a single royal pice to end it, 1 that didnt end with the royal pice but ended with taking some random pice, and 1 where we didnt even take a pice in our last move. We understood that its supposed to be confusing but this is too much and there needs to at least be an explanation of how someone won after a game is over if it cant be listed before. We will change our review when the game is fixed.

Chess type game where you are assigned random pieces from a large 500+ pool. You then must try to elongate several units from the other player. The fun part it each piece moves completely different and once you select a piece you just move it. Even if the only available move forces you to take your own pieces. You pay attention to yours and your opponents moves and try to learn the pieces well enough to to win. It’s very fun, lots of customization and endlessly replayable. A pure joy to play, Quick and fun, this is true iPhone digital board gaming.

This game is tons of fun to play alone or with someone just across the table. It’s incredibly easy to pick up and play because of the random move set the pieces adopt each time you play. You have to be vigilant and very observant to play well as you watch which pieces the enemy moves and in what ways so you can know how your own pieces will behave. Another great game from Damian Somner!

A lot of this game is random, but it’s got patterns within each game. You have to be able to memorize what each ‘piece’ (read: sprite) moves like. It’s not limited to the rules of Chess and we really enjoy that. We don’t know though whether or not each sprite keeps the same movement across games. This game is worth your time and money.

We dig the retro style and bright colors used in the game and the soundtrack is fantabulous. We love that you are forced to move whatever piece you touch even if it means you have to destroy one of your own. We also really like how the pieces movements change each time. We imagine this game will frustrate those who must have order in their games but if you enjoy a little chaos then we think you may come to love this creative gem. Chesh also makes a wonderful substitution to Rock, Paper, Scissors when you need to settle a dispute the old fashioned way… "I challenge you to a game of Chesh!"

This has become our go too game, great concept and mechanics for infinite fun.

If you love chess but wanted a different take on it this game is for you!!

Imagine being trapped in a strange chess-like game on an alien world, with no understanding of the rules. With each move you make, you get a better understanding of how to play the game. Just hope you figure it out before your opponent does. Chesh is procedurally generated to keep you endlessly confused, but maybe if you keep your wits about you, you’ll start to see the patterns…

It is very fun and different each play Chess like board game with random piece rules movement Nice….

This game is really weird and we’re not even sure we "like" it but it sure has a lot of really neat ideas. We respect the audacity of decisions like not allowing the switching of selected units after the fact even if it feels like it messes us up constantly. We could see folks with some experience really make this thing shine though. We recommend it but definitely suggest keeping an open mind, and let it teach you a bunch of lessons about the "whys" of game design. It’s a wide open possibility space out there and someone needs to explore it.

Interesting game. Love the art style and sound. Would buy again.

Great use of the mechanic used for the power-ups in Zaga-33 and the pills in Binding of Isaac: you don’t know what each piece-type does until you try it out- then you apply this to the others. In those two games, you don’t have to memorize the assignments once each is revealed, allowing you to focus on strategy. We initially wished this game employed the same record-keeping system, but after playing it more we understand why the developer decided this was not feasible. The reason for this is because you don’t always get the complete move set for a piece once you touch it, since some of the backward moves are hidden by the edge of the board. It adds strategy to the gameplay. Memory is part of this game.

If you like chess games, or if you like board games, or if you like randomly generated games, or if you like fun games, or if you like puzzle games, or games that look awesome, or….. If you like GaMes in general, get this game! Amazing and addicting.

This game is so unique, and it’s kinda like chess, but it’s incorporated so much of its own elements that is something most people haven’t encountered. It’s very clever. We also would like to recommend that the following changes/improvements are added to the game. -there is a bug where the opponent’s last move is not shaded or shown – Infinite mode should be the default game mode. Our experience got much better when we found a non-timed mode. – AI, not PvP should be default when first opening the game – The concepts tutorial should not allow you to skip to the next one unless the current concept has been performed. The first time we ran through it, we skipped to the next concept after only moving each piece once and was left only more confused when finishing the tutorial. -please allow the game to save its state in memory. Not a huge deal as games are so short, but would be nice. – An option to disable background animations could be beneficial.

That should be explained someplace!

We get that the games are supposed to be random but there is still little direction as to how to win a match. There a timer, pieces get overused and break but there seems be be other win/lose conditions that aren’t made very clear. Great potential if you understand it.

Perhaps many will like this, but Chesh operates by touch rules. You touch the piece, you GOT to play it. You cannot preview a Chesh piece moving. We doubt the computer plays under the same rules. At least give us the option to use touch rules.

This game had some promise but it’s an absolute mess. Being locked into using a piece merely by tapping it is ridiculous. It’s chaos that is simply no fun. We’re not sure what the ravers are smoking.

We live the idea but why can’t we see what a price does before we move it? We get it’s supposed to be random of course but we want to make informed decisions.

Your given no info on how pieces move. Its always random. Your forced to kill your own pieces. The computer has a giant advantage. NO ONE PLAYS EVER SO MULTIPLAYER IS USELESS. Bottom line this game is terrible.

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