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Poohead is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dijiwerx Ltd, Poohead is a Card game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 12th December 2012 with the latest update 20th April 2016

Whether you are a fan of Card, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


17 people have rated 2.2.1

You can download the game Poohead from APP STORE.


Play cards with your friends and other Poohead enthusiasts around the world!!!

Poohead, also known as Idiot, Karma and Palace (but more commonly by another more objectionable name!), is the cult card game played around the world by travellers, friends and colleagues alike.

In Poohead there are no winners, only a loser. The last person left in the game becomes the Poohead until they pass on the title to the next loser.

Multiplayer wildcards:

  • Reset pile
  • Pick up pile
  • Clear pile
  • Lower than
  • Reverse direction
  • Skip a go

Single player wildcards:

  • Reset pile
  • Pick up pile
  • Clear pile
  • Lower than
  • Reverse direction
  • Skip a go
  • Mirror card
  • Glass card (also known as ghost card)

Intuitive interface gives an immersive card playing experience. If you like to play this card game then you’ll love this app.

  • multiplayer!!!
  • customisable rules (single player)
  • strong computer AI

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Updated on 20th April 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • bug fix to select correct starting player in single player game
  • bug fix to chat bubble orientation

Poohead Reviews

Love this game. Found the app. Love the app of the loved game. Occasionally the app will close. But generally this is not the case. A wonderful game. Excited about the free multiplayer, hope to have even more poo head excitement!

We like the game but one issue we have that if fixed would make it so much better is that if you play single play and there are two or more AIs the game cobtinues even after you win. No one wants to sit and watch the AI finish the game. So you have to quit to get out. When you win it should just stop the game.

Fun card game to play with friends!

This game is super fun, however there are some issues that we have experienced while playing. The first one is that whenever it says it is our turn to start, we dont get to choose the card and it randomly pulls one out to use, usually a 4. The second issue is when we are playing single player and we finish before the final 2, the AI continues to put the same card down in an endless pattern. We then have to quit the game because neither of the AI are going to change what they are doing. Overall this game is super fun, but please fix the weird stuff! Thanks!

Now the game will only stay open for 5 seconds or so. We used to play this all the time but now we cant play it at all.

We loved this game for so long, but now it constantly crashes when we start a hand and it’s unplayable. Very sad about that.

We loved this game when we first installed it a couple days ago. However now it says we don’t have internet connection when we do, and mid game it crashes and puts us in a new room waiting for new players who never arrive. We have reset our phone, uninstalled & reinstalled the app to no avail. It does this in single player & multiplayer mode. Too bad… It’s wonderful when it works, but now we can’t play. Buggy!!!

Downloaded it to play multiplayer, we could neither purchase or play multiplayer.

So to play multiplayer .. You need to do an in app purchase . On screen it says $0.00 … So we click purchase and get a notification that $9.98 is actually charged , not very truthful and upfront. Also, it then shows only 17 players are online .. Im assuming they got tricked like us. LAMEEEEEE you should be ashamed In single player If you win, you get the option to fast forward so the other players can finish the game. Well more often than not the final two players just plays the exact same cards back and forth so the loop is just endless. Stupid.

As with any review for an app lets get the negatives out of the way first… The largest being the terrible, or complete lack of opponent A.I. There’s no semblance of strategy to the computer’s moves an wether or not they win. The second issue is a lack of any customization to the game rules. As someone who enjoys this game amongst friends we would love to disable some of the preset game rules to reflect the way we play in real life… Alas the option is non-existent. With all that said this app is really solidly built. It is fun to play and quick paced, and the touch controls are really responsive…. It’s a pity that the app lacks any substance.

When we choose to quit game, let us quit the game. We don’t want to come back. Let a bot play for us for the remainder of the game.

When it was working well, we enjoy the game; however, now the game bounces you from table to table automatically in the middle of games. We can only get the single player to work if we switch our phone to airplane mode. We emailed support but did not receive a response. Don’t waste your money on this game until it is fixed.

This app is great! We love how you can customize the way you want to play. And the multiplayer is great! We don’t see anything wrong with this app. We highly recommend it!

Never thought we could find palace card game. This is the best game ever! Time go by fast just playing this game :)

Playing by yourself – good. Trying to play others – after a dozen or so attempts, gave up. Never could finish a game or often times I’d wait over 5 minutes for a table to start.

This is a fun app. We play it everyday. We used to play this game all the time. One of the best features is that you can adjust the rules to match the way you play. Good job guys.


Good game. Couple of glitches where our played card came back, but the next player played.

We love this game. It is well put together in this app and is better than all the others. We highly suggest adding multiplayer to the game. It’s no fun playing the computer every time. That would get this game more widely appreciated and downloaded.

A 7 should be high or low option and when you put a 2 you can go again.

This was the best version at the App Store. We were a bit bothered by the 3 card.

Playing this is almost like playing the re Palace with friends. Our only concern is that playing a 7 in our area means ‘lower than’ and it works as a pile reset, so you can put it over anything. It’d be cool if you can either select multiple cards for each wildcard rule and use each card for more than 1 wildcard rule. Still really great app.

This is our go-to game on the iPad for unwinding. There are definitely some quirks and the computer can get predictable, but it’s a great game overall. Would love to see the speed upped, a percentage win rate (I calculate this every 50 games), and the ability to play other opponents online. Real people are much more unpredictable than the computer, who will always play all 3 aces at once, a 2 before a Queen, etc.

Great… But it takes a while to play. Could go faster.

This is one of the worst games we have ever played we only won on it once so we deleted it.

It was fun at first but then it gets irritating with how poorly designed it is with the computers and the game cheating… Would give it a better review and better stars if it was not poorly designed with cheating.

It won’t let us play the 3 no matter what we do and it won’t let us pick up the deck.

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