Christmas Drops 5

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Christmas Drops 5


Christmas Drops 5 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ROBERTO MANONGDO, Christmas Drops 5 is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th December 2019 with the latest update 17th December 2019

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


39 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game Christmas Drops 5 from APP STORE.


Christmas Drops 5 – begins as a simple match three
board game and gradually increases difficulties
as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes
more challenging.

  • Christmas themed match three puzzle
  • Multifaceted Christmas themed match three adventure
  • Unrivaled level design, Right amount of level challenges for all ages from 5 to 99.
  • Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!
  • No in-app purchase, one time payment for the whole gaming experience.
  • Hints/Music/Banners can be disabled.


  1. Score quota
  2. Removing dark pulps
  3. Bring down candy canes
  4. Remove nets
  5. Collect angels
  6. Matching the Christmas wreath
  7. Collect stars
  8. Penguin skips
  9. Collect orbs
  10. Clear frozen tiles
  11. Collect Christmas lights
  12. Collect toy soldiers
  13. Blast off firecrackers


  1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
  2. Complete the objective before you ran out of swaps.


  1. Snowman
  2. Drums
  3. Ticking Bomb item


  1. Vaulted and keyed items
  2. Mystery items

Power ups / Special items

  1. Santa Claus
  2. Ribbon frame
  3. Double Christmas item
  4. Christmas wreath
  5. Last orb
  6. Last ice bringer
  7. Toy Soldier

Auto hints can be disabled/enabled
Banners can be disabled/enabled
Music and sound can be disabled/enabled

Updated on 17th December 2019

Christmas Drops 5 Reviews

Agree with another reviewer about fixing the crashes that occur sometimes when lots of points are scored at once. We also noticed minor inconsistencies such as when Santa is used sometimes it breaks the ice on color chosen and sometimes it doesnt. Unless Im missing something key! Anyway. Love Bull Bitz best match three game out there.

Another fun game from Bullbitz. No annoying ads. You can play these games over and over without getting bored. The graphics of how the game plays are satisfying and addicting. However, unlike the previous Pirate Drops 2 and Halloween Drops 5, the visual graphics are quite distracting during play. The colors are off and the textures and shapes are incompatible. It is just messy looking and sloppy. We will still buy every match 3 game from this developer.

Thank you for making games that dont have ads or make it impossible to win without spending additional money. We have purchased all of them and even have some that dont appear on the App Store anymore! We hope you will make more for us old timers to enjoy! Thank you for your hard work! Great games!

Third edit: Its a fun game, as are all by this developer. We were kicked out a dozen times but deleted and reinstalled and have no problems now. We originally took off 1 star but would otherwise have given it a 5 even then. After playing it a while, we enjoyed it enough to give back the star. What we like about this developer is the price is all up front and youre not constantly badgered to buy something or get more chances to play a level you lost. You can also play and replay the levels from the menu if you find a game you especially like. We suspect that we will keep this game on our phone after finishing it, because like this developers other games, you can play the particular games or levels you like as many times as you like. Its a great value for the money.

Favorite game. Wish for Christmas Drops 6 This is an update to previous post. Since there has not been a new game since Christmas Drop 5, the games from this developer are buried so far in the search results that you have to search by name to find them which is a real shame.

You get so much with these games. Great graphics, fun scenes. You have five levels that get progressively harder and in each level you have 60 yes! 60 different games in each level to complete that also get harder as you move along. They are so fun. Then when you finish which definitely takes weeks you send to cloud. Open it again and you get to play all over again. We have all these games and love each one. We buy no others cause we play old ones over and over. Just try these games and you will love them. No in app purchases. We would rather pay than have pop ups or coins. Enjoy WHEN you buy.

Nice Christmas Match Three app. Game play and graphics are awesome and so much fun. Thanks to the developer for making a fun game to play and for having different mode options.

We enjoy this game because we just love Christmas of course! The twirling colors put us in a good mood and playing the game, sharpens our brain.

Fun and challenging. Keep making these games.

We have played the majority of the BB match three games and enjoy them. We have two issues and one request. Issue 1 is that the app sometimes quits unexpectedly. It most often happens when there are lots of points being scored at the same time. Second, and this is specific to Xmas Drops 5, on firecracker levels it is not unusual for the burning pieces (the ones that take out the firecrackers) to stop appearing at the top of the screen!!! Seems to happen when there are only a couple of firecrackers left to remove. Robert, please fix this one! And, our request is to allow other things (music, audiobooks, radio) to play while the game is in use. Currently if you have the sounds/music off in the game you cant listen to anything else without turning game sounds/music back on. Thanks for listening!

Game has unexpectedly closed numerous times. Usually just as we get close to winning. We have enjoyed other games from this developer, but will never buy any more if this problem is not fixed.

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