Clash Caddie

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 02:00 am

Clash Caddie


Clash Caddie is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by trianglepixel, Clash Caddie is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd June 2018 with the latest update 31st January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


560 people have rated 2.19.3

You can download the game Clash Caddie from APP STORE.


Clash Caddie will help you take more accurate shots and take your golf game to the next level.

Clash Caddie can be accessed via Notification Calculator, Widget or App Switching on iPhone & Widget / Notification Calculator / Slide Over on iPad.

  • Slide over is only available on A8 and above devices.

All golf bags you create will be saved, so next time you play they will be instantly available!

Clash Caddie for Golf Clash features include:

  • Golf bags
  • Powerball support
  • Gorgeous UI
  • All wind stats for all clubs and all levels
  • Quick wind entry
  • Wind per ring shown
  • Min, Mid and Max ring adjustments calculated for you
  • Slider to adjust your mid value
  • Elevation adjustments



  • Slide Over is available on iPads with A8 chip and above
  • You may experience a disconnect if you take excessive time in the widget / notification calculator
  • Icons by Andrejs Kirma, Iconic, Monjin Friends, Nabilauzwa from TheNounProject

Updated on 31st January 2022

  • Fixed a crash when restoring wind values using an elevation greater than 80% or less than -80% with elevation buttons

Clash Caddie Reviews

How do we get our app into dark mode and how can we get the manual slider ruler instead of punching in the slider numbers. Besides that, this app is great!

Only gave 3 stars based on the thing has no guide or a help feedback section any whare just want to ask a question but cant find away.

This app is really awful,I had hoped it would be beneficial since it had the notification ability but No,I have to go in and out twice for it to show up which makes it very tedious..

Doesnt show enough step by step instructions on how to use the rings and what are elevation, Mid % , min, mid, and max are. Not recommend !!!

We have an IPhone 14. Overlay does not work. Feel ripped off.

Not user friendly for iPhone. Notifications do not work, no slide over. Dont waste your cash.

Tutorial videos are years old and do not help to understand the app. Waste of money. No support.

We have this version on our IOS. Are we moving backwards to

We used to use paper charts for wind correction in Golf Clash and can never go back. This is perfect for different elevations, club distances, etc. They have even added the fixed clubs in time for this weeks tournament! If you have ever made an in app purchase, this app needs to be your next dollar spent on the game.

The developers for this app are great with keeping the app up to date! GC just added a fixed club tournament and they had the new clubs in there super quick!

This is a bunk app. Do not purchase this. Customer support will only mock you for being ignorant enough to buy this product. Worst experience ever. Negative stars should be an option to rate this useless app. Not a wind calculator-just guesstimate-you can guess just fine without this bunk product!

This app is very interactive with the developers and they are in turn very active if anything changes or updates in golf clash unlike other apps.

After the recent update, we can see the Ryder clubs golf bag and also our old golf bags but creating a new bag the clubs of each category are missing, please support.

Hello, we just got the app a few days ago (iPhone user). We like the directional wind arrow on the other app. Do you plan to add this feature? It would help us a lot on the head wind adjustments as those always give us trouble Thanks.

For people who dont have an IPad. Some still have an Apple Watch. We have to run this app on another device which isnt fun needing two devices. A simple Apple Watch interface would be amazing!

We used to play with paper charts until we bought this app. We would never go back. We have used the app for about two years. Its great, but Id like to see these improvements: 1. Make the elevation adjustable in increments of one (rather than just fives). 2. Make it possible to back up the bag settings and load them onto a different device. 3. Fix the bug that prevents the bags from staying in the order we sort them. 4. Make it possible to create a master bag where updating a club will update that same club in all bags subordinate to the master bag. This would make it so a player with five bags wouldnt have to change the level on a club five times (once for each bag). Maybe this could be done by making player profiles. 5. Along that line of thought, make player profiles collapsible so that a player only sees the clubs for the profile being played. We heard some of these improvements were coming, but after two years (ish?) Im still waiting.

First The developer(s) deserve five stars for their hard work. Our gripe with this appthere arent any instructions on how to use the app. Instead, theres a hodgepodge of random YouTube videos from many different users of the app. Many of the videos are several years old and show a version of the app that doesnt match what youll be using. An exampleI (still) dont know what the grey, blue and red color code is used for, in relation to the rings. Instead of watching a precise, 3-5 minute tutorial from the developers themselves, youre required to watch over 20-30 minutes of video. We give this app 2 stars because its incomplete and frustratingly annoying. When the developers provide precise, straightforward instructions, Ill adjust our rating.

The biggest issue we have wth the app is that you cannot input a wind direction. Only 100% side wind is available and anyone who is above beginner knows, head, tail and angular winds effect the wind strength greatly. Go with Golf Clash Notebook.

You need to be able to change the wind direction in it. If you get a 9.8 head wind or tailwind they are completely different shots and have different slider pulls which is critical in our book.

Brad Rogers is a terrible salesman.

Freezes on you everytime you use the slide over feature causing you to time out trying to enter in wind or clear the last shots info. Extremely frustrating.

This app has a real bug in the interface. After setting your shot to compensate for the wind, the swipe down for adjustment window returns almost immediately. That window blocks your view of the timer! We’ve had multiple holes go wrong because we ran out of time. If the swipe down window could wait another 5-10 seconds before deploying, this app would be 5 stars.

This app is absolutely fantastic. The pulldown notification option is a little wonky, but if you have two devices, one with the app open and one to play the game on, it is pure perfection.

We were mainly an android Player and switched to playing on our iPad. It took some getting used to but the app is great, its really well-designed and they did a great job designing it and the work that was put into it is evident, so thank you.

Very easy to create accurate wind adjustments including elevation, min/max slider, and power balls. It took us about 15-20 games to really get the process down, but once you figure out your routine it is very FAST and accurate. It also takes some figuring out how to set it up, but once you do all you need to do is swipe left to bring up the calculator while in the game. Awesome App.

We just got this app so we dont miss whatever it is most people are complaining about. Its great. We set it up on an old iPhone while we play it on our other iPhone. It sounds like more great things are coming. Keep up the great work!

This app is the most accurate for Golf Clash. Can you PLEASE put in an iCloud Sync feature like the Golf Clash Notebook app so that those of us who play with multiple devices dont have to re-enter every club upgrade and bag adjustment on all devices? That is the main thing holding us back from using this app 100% of the time. If its available and we dont see it anywhere, please direct us. Thank you!

Good App but where do you set the win direction? There is an arrow in the pictures we’ve seen but not on our App.

We use this for tourneys mainly. Easy to use. But theres a glitch in reordering when multiple bags present. You reorder them the way you want and then activate one of those the order changes from what you just set. Extremely inconvenient and can be at times dangerous.

Something happened in one of the recent updates but when we toggle back and forth random apps will load when we click into this app. It takes extra time from our shot and is annoying in that it never happened until recently. We still love the app but they need to fix it.

A lot of the adjustment suggestions are precise. However, the rapier is so far off that you are better off closing your eyes and giving it a go. Also, if you use this app for match play, and not just tournaments, then you are a terrible person.

We might be an idiot… With our clubs input, what does each column mean? We add the wind but what does each column mean next to the clubs?

A couple of clubs are spot on, but there are several that arent even close. Like our Grizzlys, one of the most accurate clubs in game. The chart is pure trash with them. And another problem is when the wind starts to get really high, the charts are freaking useless. Dont waste your money.

1/ It sits at the top and cover shot clock, should be a button to tap and it pops up. 1 step further it should be when you purchase this app it integrates with golf clash & a tap button appears to pop open caddie. 2/ When interacting with it during game it shuts the game sound off. 3/ Should be able to have access to all your bags & change bags on the fly depending on course. 4/ 1 or 2 adjustable features should be accessible on box. Ex: Wind & Distance OR golf bag and wind. This will cut down on lost seconds. This app is really a waste of money because of these flaws above & we can just print or have a laptop next to us with all our clubs visible.

Not what we expected. It has everything but the wind arrow which is weird because the screenshots have the wind arrow.

The app CAN help, especially for unfamiliar holes and shootouts. Unfortunately there are still enough bugs to make this an iffy venture. The main problem is Clash Caddie hangs up Golf Clash, and cannot be swiped offscreen (iPad) to allow the player to take the shot. We have lost too many games due to timing out on our shot because the app is interfering. Buyer beware on this app.

We picked all our clubs for our first bag and we can only use three. We would have fathered given the money to a pan handler.

This company posted on FB saying they coming out with a new app. So we comment asking a simple question if we have to pay again or it it an upgrade? This is what is response was: Chris M Guardado you dont need to pay for it again. Clash caddie notes is a totally new app that serves a different purpose. Clash caddie is being rewritten but wont cost again. Maybe ask questions next time, instead of acting like a complete moron and making a fool of yourself. As you could see the idiot answered our question and added extra. Apple, hold your ground and jack these dang foreigners. His business ethics and attitude to customers is garbage. Apple dont need that on their team.

Played GC since season 1. We have the whole ring calculations printed. We thought It would be nice to have a digital copy so we bought this. So for instance a Thor 6, put the wind in at 10? It tells us to adjust between 4.4- 5.6 rings? Uh no 5 rings is about 8.5 wind. We tried other clubs… All off. Dont waste your money look up the ring guides for free and print those out.

This is not what we signed up for! You literally have to leave the game through notifications, when you open notifications to adjust for wind the screen is blurred, when you come back to the game to adjust for your shot you have to reconnect with the game. The slider from the side was so much easier and efficient! This app is junk.

Crashes before evening opening as of most recent update.

Do not buy for iPhone it does not work no grid and closes app when try to use it .

We dont understand the 3.9 we give it a 5, we this app have multiple accounts this app is a must ever since golf clash increased the wind in updates back for higher levels It takes some getting used to we gave up at first you have to get used to switching to the app we just finally got used to using the widget now if it doesnt work at times we seem to miss it, we just qualify 3 accounts for weekend tournament using this app.

We have used this almost since it was released. Always reliable with glitches addressed very quickly. The developer is dedicated, forthcoming, and communicative. Even better when iPadOS added gridlines.

Does it work? Yes. Doing the wind & elev. Calculations on your own is a huge part of the game. Buying an app to mathematically do it all for you is cheating. If you use this app you’re not winning honestly. Why buy the app if we think its cheating? So we could actually try it myself on a couple games to see 1st hand what it does, as opposed to hearing it 2nd hand from others. Am we using it? Nope. Its this kind of stuff that hurts the people trying to play the game as intended. But hey, it does work.

Changed from 1 star. Thank you for listening & bringing it back. Would be 5 stars. Need the timer back now too please. Also getting black screen at times when notification is pulled down and at times notification isnt coming back.

The app does not stay at the top of the screen as it says it will. Doesnt allow for easy editing during game play. Android app is a much better setup and user friendly. We hope they do some work to this app for it would be very helpful. You should be able to make wind adjustments on the fly in game. But u have to leave game to edit in ap to then go back to game. You have to be fast or u run out of time using the app.

This version is super clunky with the way the notifications interact with the game. When people are paying for your app it should have a more seamless integration. We would not recommend purchasing it at this point.

Keeps crashing when trying wind!!! RIDICULOUS!

We try to scroll down and update a club and it shuts down. Can’t use the app until this is fixed.

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