Notebook for Golf Clash

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 09:00 am

Notebook for Golf Clash


Notebook for Golf Clash is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ian McIntosh, Notebook for Golf Clash is a Casual game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 13th January 2019 with the latest update 16th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


493 people have rated 1.6.6

You can download the game Notebook for Golf Clash from APP STORE.


If you love playing Golf Clash and want to lower your scores this tool will help make adjustments simple and easy!

This app has been built and designed by top players of the Golf Clash community whose primary focus is providing you with the best, most reliable information we’ve gathered for over a year. If you are looking for a shot aide that will help you adjust faster and more precisely, then this is the tool for you!

Key Features Include:

  • Tournament Course and hole maps for every hole in the game with over 1500 searchable tutorials to help you play holes for all wind scenarios.
  • Complete tournaments and course library coupled with annotated tutorial videos
  • Built in search function to easily find all the tournament, tour play, golden shot walkthroughs, you are looking for to help improve your game
  • Min, Mid, Max slider range which not only reports the 3 key values, but all values in between
  • Precise ring adjustment values for all in game power balls
  • Wind direction input in addition to a wind calculator to give you the most precise ring adjustment numbers available
  • Multi-bag support for easy club swap outs
  • Elevation control
  • Cloud sync for storing your bags across multiple devices
  • Detailed Help / Documentation for explaining all the functions the app features and much, much more!

Updated on 16th November 2021

Increase max wind value to 28.0.

Notebook for Golf Clash Reviews

We have been using this app for years, and it has served us well! The app needs an update though the needle trainer is ok, it needs a little tweaking to help with higher needle speeds. The wind data is no longer accurate as the winds increase with each tour. When we first started using the app, the wind calculations were were almost 100% accurate, now that Im playing the higher tours, the wind calculations are off by about 25%! Im not only one to notice this, most of our clan mates can attest to the inaccuracies of the wind chart calculations.

We have been using this ap for several years now with great success. Inputting data on elevation and wind is quick. However, one of our favorite features, the Needle Trainer, barely works since the last update. The Needle Trainer has really improved the percentage of perfect hits, and its one of the main factors in our success. Since the last update, the needle lag makes it almost impossible to use, especially if any OP is applied. Since the needle speed at the Master level is much slower in the game, we practiced using OP to get a faster needle. Now OP makes the needle lag significantly. We would have given this a 5 star rating if the needle did not exist. Nonetheless, we will continue using it for the other great features unless something better comes along before this fixed.

Feel like ours isnt very accurate, especially our nirvana club.

Just purchased this app. Wont even open properly on our iPad. Stay away.

Needs an update. None of the new tournaments are included in the notebook. If youre using an IOS device dont even bother. The overlay / widget wont work on iPhone. It wont work on iPad mini either. This app is useless to us on 2 different iOS devices. This app seems like it was amazing 3 years ago. Waste of money now.

Information regarding tournaments and tour courses are years old (2020). When we bought this app last year, overlay was listed as a feature. Also, going to courses at the time of purchase and cloud/data synching bombed. As far as we can tell, this app has no one dedicated even part time. IMO, developer making small mods just to keep cash flow going.

We have had this app for years but the have not bothered to keep up with updates. Shots are way off now. Not sure what the problem is but its way off and not worth spending money on. Look for something more up to date with the changes that have been made on Golf Clash.

This is the third time that we have had to reboot and delete this app. Why is that? Cant you guys fix this? We paid for this app and we expect it to work but it doesnt.

Really zero instructions on how to use the application. Just some video links to You Tube that does not show you how to use the app so that you can use it. Im playing on an we Pad and it has Zip instructions for us to sync with the game itself. Does not show how to use clubs in bag for wind control practice. As it is now, totally worthless.

We have been using this app for almost 2 years, and we never play GC without it. It is extremely easy to use, very accurate, and makes it easy to switch bags. We would have given it a 5 rating were it not for the needle lag that has appeared on all our devices (iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 6+, and iPad (8th Generation))since the update. We do not experience it in Golf Clash at all, only in Notebook. This is very disappointing to us since we use the needle trainer for practice daily and as a warm up before playing GC. We dont think this related to our hardware (all have >256GB). We would love for it be easier to update club levels in Notebook. If we update a club, we have go into each bag and adjust the level there. We would like to select several, but not necessarily all, bags and update a club level in the selected bags. Please fix the needle lag, and we will joyfully rate this a 5!

This is such an amazing App. So many useful tools. Our only problem is that some of the data such as courses does not work on this iPad as they refuse to load. There doesnt seem to be any way to contact support in app or on their website that we see. The courses work when you go online to the website but when you pay for an app you should be able to access all its features. That being said this is the most useful App purchase we’ve made in the last year.

We purchased this app for one thing, to improve our game! It has helped so much. We dont have a overlay or grid and Im still getting better. Thanks for the helpful information.

We’ve had this app for about 6 months, and recently it tells us that failed to load all the courses, whats up with that, help please.

The Courses feature did not download…

This app works. We’ve won a number of tourneys with it. It was old, outdated, and not the best to navigate around with, but, they just recently updated it and it is worth its weight in gold. All your clubs, with the wind, are on one page, now. Didnt really like going in to change clubs. They, also, added like 15 bags, for a total of 25, or so they say, we have not tried that yet. If you want to compete in Golf Clash, we would spend the few dollars, here, and go win some gold! Its a no brainer, unless you like to lose. And, unlike what some others said in these reviews, it is accurate. We are guessing that their complaints are the secondary wind, or after the balls initial bounce. On extreme elevation or high wind, or both, youll have to figure that part out, as you would with any app, as it would not be possible to have an app figure that out, with all the variables that come into play. Great app, it is easier, now, and we will never change. The only complaint we would have is, our wife has this app, as well. For some reason, it would not open so she deleted it and had to go buy it again. Not sure if there is support, she looked but to no avail.

When will there be an update for the Ryder Cup clubs?

Just the wind tool alone is worth the cost of admission . Add to that all of the tutorials, course, ball & club guide info and this really is the ultimate source for GC grinding. Cant give it high enough ratings!

Played this game for about 6 months with a solid understanding of the wind ring system. We got this app and won our first two pro tourneys back to back. It would be impossible for us to go back.

No access to course info. Only errors pop up. Says check connection but fully connected to 4G and WiFi. It was the only feature we were interested in. All is completely useless. Waste of $4.

Worked great until the new iOS security update. Now app will not open.

We have been using Notebook for Golf Clash for several months. The information and wind tool are must have tools for anyone who seriously plays Golf Clash. We use the IOS platform which is not as user friendly as the Android platform. The IOS operating system does not allow the application to be used as an overlay playing tool while playing matches. This prevents optimum use of the app and forces the user to run the app on a second device which is slower. Recently the course information has stopped working which prevents a user from accessing information about available courses, the individual hole information, and help guides to successfully play each hole.

Would give 5 stars with that change. Great app, hard to get your correct slider number entered.

We would like to know how to use the widget on iPhone or even if it is possible on iOS specifically iPhone X.

Is there anyway you can get this to work with the app?

The slider is buggy and difficult to get to activate sometimes. You can touch it and try to move it when making adjustments and half the time it doesnt respond. This chews up too much time while the timer is ticking down and its often just not useable. Please fix this. The courses and tourney holes havent worked since day one. We get a null error and this has never worked inside the app since we got it.

Works great when it opens, but often all we get is the notebook cover slides out, but will not open . Have tried completely shutting down and rebooting iPad and app. It opens about half the time, but about the time Im teed up on a new course against an opponent wrapped in a purple banner for a couple million… The notebook just will slide out and not open up & keeps us company while the clock winds down.

So many times we try to slide the app over to put in the wind and the app resets back to the menu and we have to put in the elevation ball type all over again its very annoying. We have re installed it twice and it still happens. Using on new iPad ….

App will occasionally not respond and open right when its needed. We have tried over and over to attempt to correct this but have not ceen able to depend on it.

This app worked great when it worked. However in recent weeks it has started to just close when Im trying to input the information for our shot. So we waste the time we’ve already spent, and then we have to swipe to reopen, tap on the menu where the wind assist is located, then enter our ball and the wind all over again. With the limited time you are given to take your shot, this can cause you to end up guessing many times. In their help section it provides a link to a YouTube video that basically says if the app is closing its because you are low on memory. But, we have not added any new apps, or programs or anything else since installing the app and we have PLENTY of available memory. We think its time for an update to fix these issues.

Courses and tournaments are not coming up. Getting error page.

Good app to use if you want to up your game. A little disappointed with the overlay feature not being present for our iPhone.

There is something wrong with the wind toolits way WAY off for higher windand they havent finished some sectionsnot worth it anymore unless they fix the wind tool.

So we understand why theres no overlay, but what we dont understand is how come the overlay works on android but not in iOS?

Fixed Bag Update for Android was released 9/22/21. Nothing available for iOS version so far!

Will not load any courses. Keeps coming up with an error.

We have Notebook loaded on our iPhone and iPad. Setting up with the same clubs at the same level and all settings equal, the wind charts are different. How can that be? Our sniper level 9 with a level 3 ball and a 10 mph wind to the left shows 10.9 on one and 11.6 on the other. Both devices are running the latest version. What the hell?

When we press on them it just says failed to load just wondering why we cant load courses etc thanks.

Half the features dont work – no courses. Last tournament listed is from February (its May, as of this writing). Last update to the app was 3 months ago – did development on this app stop? As-is, its not worth 4 bucks. The only purpose of this app is to give you an interface to calculate rings, based on winds and clubs.

This app needs an update so to golf clash recent changes. Ring adjustments at way off for recent updates.

Courses wont load. Good information regarding wind manipulation but thats about it. For the price paid for this app Id expect the rest of the functions of the app to work, a bit misleading if you ask us.

As others have mentioned, this app no longer seems to be supported. We I use Clash Caddie for game play. The reason we purchased this app is that we have not found another app that has a needle trainer. The wind calculator still works but we prefer Caddie, so in our case, $4 for just a needle trainer is a bit much. In our estimation, a needle trainer should only be around $1 or $2. If Clash Caddie would offer a needle trainer, this app would be completely obsolete.

The app has no way of asking the developer when you encounter a problem. Some of the features like courses doesnt open and we have no way of asking for advise. Poorly developed app from that prospective.

A few features on this dont work. We click on it and it says connection error. We thought that it showed the courses and how to play that course. Both the Courses an the Tournaments feature dont work the Bag feature allows us to select our clubs then choose tour and then what pat and our bag then the next screen says error. So the features on this app wind assist, needle trainer and partially bag setup. So right now we wouldnt recommend this app it isnt worth the money but if all features worked then it would be higher then just a two star and we would recommend it.

Great wind information but doesnt work great on IOS. Course info wont load, tournament are way out dated. Switching between game and app, the app often restarts costing time to get back to the wind chart. We’ve gone back to using paper print outs, but not a bad tool if you use two devices.

And no developer contact info (?)

Downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago and we are unable to open the courses tab. We have been unable to find support for this on the app or online. We would love to rate this app at 5 stars however at this point without assistance we are unable to do so. Please assist!

Not all aspects of the application will open. Eg tournament, and courses. Not very user friendly friendly either. Definitely would not pay for the app. Website seems to be much more informative than the app. Save your money and stick to the website.

Not all features work on iPhone. Its informative to an extent. For paying the price for it, did not supply what it said. The person getting pissy for talking it down must not understand if people pay for a product for its features they want to use all of them.

Bought the app so we could study the courses. Unfortunately, the app will not show any of the courses; all we get is an error message saying we might have a bad connection. Funny that all of our other apps work just fine. We want a refund! This is not right!

Cant get it to work. It wont show the overlay and that is the whole point of getting the app.

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