Clone Ball

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 03:00 pm

Clone Ball

Clone Ball

Clone Ball is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Clone Ball is a game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th April 2021 with the latest update 21st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


18,298 people have rated 1.6.9

You can download the game Clone Ball from APP STORE.


crazy balls all around kick them & enjoy the feeling of cloning!

Updated on 21st July 2022

Minor Bug Fixes!

Clone Ball Review

Every time you loses a level it says want a lot of ball watch a ad!! Sign me.

It is what it says it is and not to many ads as well as entertaining well ( )

We love it. Is very satisfying and good we been playing it a lot but when we try to play the game again it freezes and then it kicks us out. The app doesnt start up it just freezes with a gray screen and kicks us out later on.

The first five levels have no ads until you finish the levels then it lowers to three levels and then two and then one. They get so frequent they aggravate us.

There are too many ads we enjoy the game but there are too many ads its like every minute you watch an add.

A lot of ads. Not good way guys.

It doesnt even let us load in the app.

We when we first got the game we were extremely excited to play, but when we opened up the app we logged us back out, so we trying again but it just had the loading screen for 1 1/2 hour (I set a timer to see how long it would take) so this game look really good and fun, but what even it the point if you Cent even play it.

Very fun game must play NOWWWW!!!!!

This was really fun until you guys updated it.

This game has some kind of bug that needs to be fixed. We cant even launch the game. It stays on the opening screen then force closes.

Whenever we try to get unlimited it doesnt give us it.


Its basically every other mobile games with ads. There seems to be fewer though, of course when we first started theres was little but now Im further in and theres an ad every few levels but its tolerable.

We alike this game it would be so much more enjoyable if it would stop crashing all the time as in freezing in adds . Plus extremely many adds. Id give it all stars if those two things were fixed.

Idk why but just chilling and playing this game is fun it has ads sometimes but not a lot.

We paid to remove ads after we paid, we still have small ads and random banners all over the screen The game overall is fun and a great build however the company shouldn’t be dishonest about a sale.

Ads crashed the game so we gave up.

Fun game, but its just another ad farm. If youre into 200k ads that dont let you skip them, youll love this game.

Paid for no ads. Now theres an ad after each level. Scam.

Theres an insane amount of ads after passing level 50 its ever other click 30 seconds, play one level another 30 second ad. Theres more time spent on looking at ads than the actual game. Not good imo.

Too many adds. We are here to plays games, not be drowned in stupid adds after every play.

We think Im the first one to reach level 1000.

The best part is that everyone likes it, but it is not that challenging, but we like it. [sorry it wasnt that big]

Really fun five stars but our brother has not played it yet and he said that it is boring.

The satisfaction we get when all of them duplicate bro is nice.

We like everything about the game.

There are way to many ads that are too long.

We downloaded it because the ad looked fun. And its exactly like the ad. So no complaints. Its a good game if youre not looking for anything mentally challenging. Just something fun.

Its super relaxing for us we love it!

We do really like the game but all we wish was that there was more to it but other than that its very addicting.

But whats the point of the coins? Like we cant see anything to actually buy.

Initially, we liked the game. An ad every 5 levels? Thats fine. Its a relaxing game and the concept is interesting. Theres no real challenge to it, but thats also ok. Relaxing games are great. But then it became an ad every 3 levels, then 2, and now its an ad after every level. All Im saying is reduce the number of ads or people will stop using your app. We like it and its a lot of fun to play in an altered state of mind, but come on. Ads every 5-10 levels is perfect and something we dont mind happening. An ad after every level? We dont need that.

After a while the levels begin to repeat themselves. Theres no challenge.

The game is okish, but there is an add every 15 seconds.

We like this game because you get unlimited balls by just watching an ad instead of paying to get it for the whole season.