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Clusterduck is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Prodigy Design Limited T/A Sidhe Interactive, Clusterduck is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th November 2020 with the latest update 10th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


69,560 people have rated 1.6.7

You can download the game Clusterduck from APP STORE.


What came first, the duck or the egg?

CLUSTERDUCK is about hatching as many ducks as possible. As more ducks hatch, the more strange things happen. The ducks begin to genetically mutate! With each generation of ducks that hatch, the chances of things going horribly wrong increase at an alarming rate. Ever seen a duck with a sword for a head, or horse hoof for a wing? These ducks have gone absolutely bonkers.

Need room for more ducks? Sacrifice ducks down the hole. But don’t get too close — you don’t know what’s lurking down there.

-Hatch and mutate wacky ducks!
-Collect hundreds of head, wing, and body variations, resulting in amazing varieties!
-Mutations come in common, rare, epic, and legendary rarities!
-Witty duck descriptions introduce you to the personality quirks of each duck
-Discover the secrets of the hole

Updated on 10th August 2022

-Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Clusterduck Review

It is a fun way to unwind and be silly.

This game has ruined our life we have abandoned our family and job inhopes to become the #1 duck collector.

We love the ducks! They are cute and make cool noises. We’ve been playing for months, and we love that we can play for a minute or an hour. Our one complaint is that if Im listening to music or a podcast on our phone, the game cancels it out, even if the music is turned off. It would be nice to do both at once.

Great game! Absolutely love it! But there are a lot of combos that arent in the grimoire. Also, if theres a way to know what part goes with what set, rather than going into grimoire, then back out multiple times to see if a wing matches, or a body. Just makes it a bit easier Great game tho!

We purchased all the upgrades, which seemed worth the cost at the time. The challenge is enjoyable, but a little unbearable at times. For instance, we have 15 ducks with firefighter helmets and wings, 15 ducks with firefighter wings and backpacks, and another 10 with firefighter helmets and backpacks. Despite having 40 ducks with all the right traits, Im still not getting a firefighter duck. If anything, it like the 10 non-firefighter ducks Im keeping are those that do 90% of the breeding. We enjoy golf, even with its myriad frustrations, because eventually the ball goes in the hole. This game could learn a little from golf. We have a sense that on some level, the game doesnt work, like a randomness generator is broken. Ill try to play a few more times because we like the game, but its not something we can stick with if we cant make any progress.

Well until we got boring it was the same old thing over and over again, add more pleaaaase! And the limited space got really irritating, like we were trying to get every cursed duck but then we ran out of room and had to get rid of our favorite ones which made us sad :(

Just look at the title. It tells you everything you need to know!

Its be 5 minutes and Im addicted.

We downloaded this app after our friend who loves ducks suggested it to us! Once we stared playing we could not stop, we have been playing this game for a few days straight (with food and sleep in between) but we love seeing all the different and funky ducks we can create! We especially love the bios and personalitys that all of the ducks have! They even have different voices!!! Yall should definitely download this app, it kept us busy for a long time and our parents love it.

This game is super addicting. Our favorite game on the App Store. Please release an expansion!

We love it!, its very fun and interesting we personally recommend this to whoever reads this.

This game is super fun we a really like it. Also it is a good game when your bored.

We got this game and it is realllly good we love it!! You see all these super creepy ducks and its so cool and we love how the people made all the ducks look its so cool,weird,and creepy its amazing.


Ok we thought this game was gonna be dumb when a friend requested it and then we couldnt stop playing. Idk whats wrong with us or this game but its too fun. One thing. When u look at the gallery or heads bodies wings etc we wish we could click on an item and it shows us which combo it goes to. Like if we were to click on a duck head and it would show us the wings and body that matches. Again oddly fun and we love it but please take our suggestion into consideration. Thanks.

This game is immaculate in every way possible. The art design is genius. The hole. The ducks look cool.

Bought it, became totally addicted, beat it, now have withdrawals. Any chance at an expansion? Pretty please?

Its an amazing game and great for when your bored and need a laugh. However it could use more functions. Like choosing what ducks breed, and like a little fight arena area where each duck has its own talent and the loser must be sacrificed to the hole. But still a very amazing and fun game :)))))

This game came to us in our time of need and Id be nothing without it.

We love sacrificing the lower class.

Love playing it in our free time. Feel like it can have more stuff in th shop though, Not worth actual money maybe you can make an ingame currency?

We like making weird ducks and we like the silly sounds and funny descriptions.

Its really relaxing and fun. But we wish you could breed.

Its fun and so on and having to discover new ducks but it takes forever to find new ones after the first few days and then it gets to a point where you get no where. Its old and boring and then you just forget about.

Just hatch eggs and get new traits, pretty much it. For a time waister its funny how there are many other traits to be scared of.

We were playing it and it had a lack of things to do but it was free so we will still keep the game but just letting you know that you would like the game to have us re to do with the game.

We enjoy the concept but there does not seem to be any system that allows you to get corresponding parts for the ducks. It seems like it is left up to complete random. There needs to be some system in place that makes it actually possible to get the complete ducks in the sets.

They took our ducks every last one of THEM Im still traumatized by the pain and memories we had together all to go right before our eyes its sadIk AND they dont care they just took them in a snap just like thanos so we wanna say who ever took our ducks GIVE ME BACK MY DUCKS right now!! We just want our ducks back we got to sleep one night so our ducks can make babies wake up gone just GONE. All gone we try to restart it nope they took them ALLhope your happy.

It opens up to a duck spinning on the screen with rotating ads at the bottom. We left the app open for a few minutes thinking its just loading but never does. Reset app and phone and never loads. Just a spinning duck.

We have a newer iPad and it would not load. Im guessing its because our language is Danish.

Its just funny and good end of story.

We really like this game though after we sacrificed the first few ducks we got we found that we couldnt get basic ducks like that anymore and we still had some more to collect but all our ducks look like frogs or something so we cant get normal ones anymore. This sounds really confusing. Say we have the original duck and sacrifice it. We can no longer get those ducks. Cuz all the different ducks breed and dont make the normal ducks. Make weird ones and yeah. Also can you make a cow version????

It is very fun to play when ur bored or have no internet.

This game is soooo fun we love to see all the different types of ducks u can create this is the #1 game.

This game is so much fun! Its great for people that dont like putting too much time or commitment into games. Just started playing the game and loving it!!! This game deserves 5 stars. Great game to play if youre bored and on the go.

This game is super cool and its really fun to play right next to people, its a nice little game and we think its pretty good! Although when we click our nest too much sometimes it wont let us click them anymore and we have to reload the app, but overall the game is pretty cool!!

This game is so fun and we cant stop playing it!

This game is really fun you can play when youre bored!

Its a really fun game to play with your family.

The game is so fun! It is funny how the ducks have weird mutations.