Root Board Game

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 09:00 am

Root Board Game


Root Board Game is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dire Wolf Digital LLC, Root Board Game is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 24th September 2020 with the latest update 21st June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


384 people have rated 1.29.5

You can download the game Root Board Game from APP STORE.


Play the digital adaptation of the beloved tabletop board game. Root is a game of adventure and war where 2 to 4 players battle for control of a vast wilderness.

The nefarious Marquise de Cat has seized the great woodland, intent on harvesting its riches. Under her rule, the many creatures of the forest have banded together. This Alliance will seek to strengthen its resources and subvert the rule of Cats. In this effort, the Alliance may enlist the help of the wandering Vagabonds who are able to move through the more dangerous woodland paths. Though some may sympathize with the Alliance’s hopes and dreams, these wanderers are old enough to remember the great birds of prey who once controlled the woods.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the region, the proud, squabbling Eyrie have found a new commander who they hope will lead their faction to resume their ancient birthright.

The stage is set for a contest that will decide the fate of the great woodland. It is up to the players to decide which group will ultimately take root.

Updated on 21st June 2022

Bug fixes, localization updates, and optimizations

Root Board Game Reviews

This is a great game worth the payment. We got this game its like risk so we tried it out…… Not as expected. We also didnt know that each carefree has a different game mode. But other wise its good.

We had issues with the new expansion but emailed the direwolf support email and they fixed it! Cant ask for anything better than actual support help. Love this app so much!

We had a small issue (a glitch) and dire wolf digital fixed it just like that. Its a great board game and the digital adaptation only makes it that much better.

This is a 5 star game, we would be happy to give it the 5th star, but the store wont allow us to buy two of the expansion, just locks the game out forcing us to hard reset. Aside from that, fantastic game.

We are here to tell you of how good this game is with pros and cons. Pros: Menu is well made, we found no bugs or glitches from our experience, Great port for any apple user, Just a fun to play board game, No pay to win schemes, Graphics and attention to detail is very good, When on the board everything is so immersive, Also updates are vast and amazing so remember that, Now to cons of this game. Cons: Ai does some quirky things yet not common it is something to know, If you dont like complex rules this may not be your cup of tea, Fights are randomized by dice so strategy during fights is not there we only say this just to keep you informed yet strategically doing things is a big part of the game so take this with a big grain of salt, So that is the review cons are rare so we say 4 stars is deserved some things could be fixed but overall 4/5 stars also thanks to the developers for such a great game good job.

This is a great game to play alone or against others. It’s a little hard to comprehend at first if you don’t know the physical board game already, but you can learn as you play. The only reason we’re withholding a star is that while it works very well on our m1 mac, the trackpad support could be better; pinch to zoom does not work well at all, seeming to do a less than 1% zoom out with a large pinch gesture. Scrolling could be easier, though if you drag the slider, then that’s not so bad.

UPDATE After a few weeks the support team reached out to us and fixed the problem. Couldve done better but Im changing the rate from 1 to 3 stars. The game is fun when played on board. But the digital version is totally bad. We purchased all the extension contents (which was a huge mistake) but am unable to access them unless we log out and sign in again EVERY TIME we open the game. Support team wouldnt response either. Such poor service. If you really like the game, go for the board game version. DO NOT BUY any digital content in this game. Its not worthy it because they dont take this game or your experience seriously.

We’ve experienced many issues with the DLC not activating once purchased and then deactivating randomly once it does start working. We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restoring purchases, etc. If it werent for this issue with accessing content we’ve paid for, Id gladly give this excellent game 5 stars but be warned.

Id love to turn this into a 5-star review, but we purchased the expansions over 24 hours ago and am still not able to access them. Id love for support to help us change this to a 5-star review with helping us access our purchases.

We never write reviews so we dont know what all to say but this game is incredible. The app is well designed and tutorial is as good as gets. Us and brother tried playing the board version and every play through we realized we were doing something wrong. Now we feel like well be able to fully learn the game and play root on the go! Win-win!

Dear Developers, we want to thank you for the amazing game. We have an issue with the new expansion though (vagabonds and alternative deck): when we try to buy it the game freezes and the add on is neither bought nor we get promoted to buy it. Any ideas how to fix that? Best and thanks Thorsten.

The app is mostly fine, but why are the tutorials locked??? We dont want to play a whole game of the marquise cat when we already know how. We need to practice the bird faction. This is very annoying. Annoying enough to remove stars. UNLOCK TUTORIALS. What is the benefit of locking them? If someone skips one, they can just go back later.

Friends that we usually play board games with every winter weekend bought the board game and remarked how complicated it seemed. Not knowing anything of it, we downloaded the instructions and tried going through it without the board or pieces and we were lost. Even online videos were confusing but the game looked interesting and we read about the app. We decided to download it even though it was $10 and we were hooked!!! This game is so charming and a lot of fun and the app really explains well how to play the game and it translates to the board game very good as well. We played the four basic factions Friday and we played the board game Saturday with us using the app as a tutorial and it was a lot of fun. We even went out that day to our LFGS to snag what we could of Root and Im still using the app as a tutorial. The app itself is great as the gameplay follows the board game and the animations are awesome with music that really fits the game. If you are a fan of the board game or just want to learn how to play, this app is a sold must have. Highly recommended and cant wait for them to release the Underworld Expansion.

Its a faithful adaptation of the board game with beautiful graphics. It would be an all-time favorite if not for one big problem: the Eyrie AI is utterly incompetent, even on hard difficulty, mainly because it fails to build roosts early in the game. We just played a game where everyone got 20+ VP, except the birds who got less than 5. This throws the game out of balance and ruins the fun.

It was mystifying and frustrating that it wasn’t clear in any of the App Store or online descriptions, but we have confirmed that there is cross play, or at least Android and iOS versions of the game can play with each other online. Overall, an excellent electronic version of an excellent board game. Bonus, you can’t accidentally cheat on here.

Digital root is great especially if you have played the board game. Its really easy and has cute animations! There is only 1 downside the downside is you cannot call the woodland alliance toasts. But other than that it is great which is why we are rating it 5 stars.

We love playing this game , we would love the other expansions added to the game. Hopefully soon.

Great adaptation of the board game! Online play with friends works well. Are there plans to add the Underworld or Marauder Expansions? This would certainly help extend replayability by providing more options.

Having played Root physically once before, but not usually having 4 people at home, we wanted to try the mobile app for online and local play. We’ve found the AI surprisingly excellent to play against, and this is the most positive mobile/digital experience we’ve had playing a game. It teaches the rules in a very streamlined way, and games are fantastic fun! Only thing else we could wish for was access to the rule book – to the details like defenseless/combat resolution – since thats all automated. Great work, keep it up! We cant wait for Everdell!

The gameplay in this app is excellent! We havent had a board game app work this well on the phone! Im excited for more upgrades/expansion factions to be introduced!

We love this board game. But sometimes cant talk our friends into playing it. So its nice to have the app as well.

9.5/10 game Async multiplayer is just an amazing feature alongside live multiplayer. Live plays arent that common but you will find one in a couple of minutes at most in peak hours. A complete in-game chat is available which is amazing. We have one minor issue; only that the expansion dlc is a bit steep at 10$, we would pay for some of it like some vagabond agents or river folk but since we dont like the lizard cult we wont buy it.

What a wonderful table top game brought to life on the IOS! The clever animations are perfect and the tutorial play is so well executed to learn each of these different factions with ease. We had never played Root as an avid table top gamer and after reading some reviews, gave this a shot to learn the game. Highly recommended!! Developers: Thank you! However, PLEASE provide some more settings to adjust in the single play mode. After beating all the challenges, this mode is what keeps us nerds coming back for more. The biggest must have IMO, is being able to change game length (scoring). Thanks again for or such a quality product, recommending to friends and love supporting a $10 game that reflects this attention to detail.

We love this board game, and the app is one of the best digital implementations of a board game we’ve seen. Well worth the money! The biggest issue we have is that there is no record of finished games. So usually when an asynchronous game ends, our friends and we are texting each other asking who won because unless you were the player to took the final turn, the game session just vanishes from your active game list with no indication that it ever existed. Really needs some way to see the results of past games!

Love Root! But would be better if it had controller support.

We love Root and for the most part, we love this adaptation. But we find Im playing it less than other digital copies like Wingspan because of little annoyances – the biggest one being, every time you tab over to another app (even only for a couple seconds!) you get logged out. And on your return, you have to watch the entire recap over again, even if you were there for almost all of it as it was happening. If everyone is together and playing live, its a GREAT experience. If youre taking a few minutes or more per turn, its a clunky one.

The game seems to freeze a lot, iPhone 12 so certainly not and old device. Dont have as many problems on our iPad. Also notifications that pop up in game are often wrong, telling us its our turn in a game when it isnt.

Great game. Very well done graphics. A couple of things to note. First there is a big with dominance card. We ruled three clearings as stated in a card but did not win on next round or any subsequent rounds. The game only ended when someone reached thirty points. Second. We suggest an option to speed up game play for bots. In other words do away with the animations for when opponents / bots are being played.

Simply one of the most charming, well designed board game adaptations on the market. Frankly, set aside the whole board game aspect: this is an awesome stand alone game. Frustratingly, there are some bugs that have been around for some time that it doesnt appear Direwolf are interested in squashing, bugs with notifications and gameplay. If they solve these, five star game all the way.

On iOS 15.1, and toughest part is tutorial dialogue modals dont disappear/time out, causing other modals to hide behind crashed one. Also, for current iPhone, the home swiping gesture almost always overrides attempts to select cards from the hand. Either moving the hand to somewhere the screen is not overloaded with touch commands or debugging the UX on iOS would be greatly appreciated. The game looks sincerely interesting and fun, but we came enjoy it because of these complications.

We dont wanna pay money for a nine dollar game our mom paid money for this game already.

The game freezes and wont progress if you engage arbiter to aid you in combat. So you pay to NOT play when that character is in the game – at least on our apple products.

Like spending your money to see direwolf news you didnt care about? Then this app is for you. Start every game with direwolf news! More news than root instructions!! Maybe a small oversight and a few bad assumptions. But at least you can read about other games as a first act of using this app. Great way to drive disengagement from root, leder, direwolf.

It is SO painful to wait for the AI to play. Especially early in a game where you have little to do and the AI then goes on and on and on and on playing its moves. We have an iPad Pro so speed is not the issue. Many games have an AI speed" setting – disappointing that it hasnt been done here. Im not wasting our life away while a computer leisurely takes turns – not our idea of fun.

We wasted money today on this game and it makes us sad Not worth the money.

The game is awesome and the production value top notch but Im getting crashes every five minutes, usually when a battle begins. We havent finished a full turn yet without it crashing.

We bought Root on ipad this week to get used to it before playing the board game with friends. It works great but the sound isn’t working in our app. We have tried deleting and redownloading but there still isn’t any sound coming from this app (other apps work fine) Is this a bug? Can you help us fix it?

The game does not come with the complete rules. While playing a game with no enemies. We get a card in hand, needing 3 sites. We get attacked repeatedly, before our next turn, at the sites needed. First time we were attacked all game ? Im playing a game. If you click resign. Normally the game ends, back to Home Screen. We click resign. The game continues and completes an action to declare victory. The rules state 2 points, where the app gives 1 point. There needs to be an improved undo button. Currently the game saves actions. If you move into a creative alliance site, the computer will draw a card from your hand. There should be an undo button for that. The game needs improvements ,before considering buying any expansions.

Top notch implementation of an excellent board game.

The UI is so tailored for the mobile device and whole game flow is optimized. We can quite enjoy the art of Root. Thanks for the excellent game!

Absolutely gorgeous game, really fun and clever. This is probably the best board game adaptation we’ve ever played and it stands on its own, and consistent updates make it more enjoyable all the time (thank you undo button!!!) You dont need to have the physical board game to play or learn the game rules, there are really good tutorials for each faction in the app, but it is a nice set do pick it up if you like the app! *Edit: after the recent update, it seems all is good with text displays so our below issue is gone. However Im currently unable to purchase the expansion, which Im eager to try out. Previously on Review: we have an issue with it on our iPad where all text blocks in all menus and cards appear to be file names such as solooptions. Singleplayer or root. Cardtext. Codebreakers Im familiar enough with the game to get by but its irritating to say the least. Devs, please help!

We had never played Root before downloading this app, but we were quickly able to learn how to play despite the complexity of the game due to the very helpful tutorials. We love the art work in the game and the overall game play is very balanced which is quite an achievement for an asymmetrical game with 6 different factions. That brings us to our next point. We are very happy about the addition to the riverfolk expansion, and we know it would take a while to make but we think the underworld expansion needs to be implemented as well. We have already bought the hard copies of root and the riverfolk expansion because we liked the gameplay, and we feel like Id be inclined to buy the underworld expansion as well if we could play around with it for a bit.

Discovered Root the board game recently. The game is hard to learn. However, the game is masterful. This digital version is absolute perfection. The in game animations are on point. The game play itself is perfect. This is the most fun we have had with an iPad game in a long time!

This is a super creative and well-made game! The tutorials are there for a reason. Play them until you learn each fighting group, and then the game is limitless. We also love the challenges that are so different than the regular game play!!!

Very first and only online game just experienced a crash that locked the game, making it unable to progress. Have sent feedback through the app- if the feedback system works, the issue is actually addressed, and they fix the bug, we will update our review. We actually enjoyed playing the solo game but if we cant finish an online game due to bugs/crashing then the app is pretty much worthless.

For those unfamiliar with the og board game, root is a gem in every sense of the word with an unmatched level of replayability in the strategy/war game category. Each faction plays completely unique from the others which leads to tons of variability in matches, as well as tons of different play styles and combinations to try out for each player. The ability to play pass and play as well as turn based online is great, and the in game tutorials makes learning the complex mechanisms simple. To us this is the gold standard of a table top game being ported to mobile/digital and really puts other big name games with lesser ports to shame. Updates are frequent and there is clearly a dedication and care for the source material that is incredible huge fan and stoked for the underworld expansion to be added!

Near flawless digital adaptation of the board game. However, the castle siege challenge is currently bugged, making player victory impossible. We have sent an email to support.

This is a compelling game overall for sure, but in trying to play remotely with our family more often than not games end with unresolvable bugs – someone gets kicked out, with no warning, or someone is unable to make a move so forfeits. Its really disappointing. Weve submitted feedback about each issue. If the games can generally progress all the way to the end Id be happy to raise our rating, but for now the game is just an exercise in frustration.

We love this game but our god is it buggy. It is a great game but when it feels like almost every game gets hit with all the players quitting before the end or even worse the game breaking bugs it is hard to recommend anyone spend money on this. We love this game IRL but this port seems to get worse with every update.