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CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 Answers

Last updated on July 6th, 2020 at 01:34 am

CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 Answers

These are the Answers for CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 with Cheats, Solutions for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and other devices with screenshots for you to solve the levels easier. This game is developed by Fanatee.

Leif __, Icelandic explorer who 1st reached America
Death-sentence poison taken by Socrates
Plant with leaves used as culinary herb
Ditka’s “Da Bears” reside in this city
A centenarian is someone who is one-__ or older
One-eyed monster of Greek mythology
Navy-colored jacket worn by sailors
pea coat
The celebration of two people getting married
Someone who provides foods for events and parties
Leave the gun, take the __

Game Levels

The game "CodyCross Answers" contains 4000 levels, you are in the level 273. If you found out that the answer or solution is not accurate, please leave comment below, we will update to you as soon as possible.


92 thoughts on “CodyCross Inventions Group 55-Puzzle 3 Answers”

  1. Your codycross doesn’t meet the answers on none of them I’m on planet earth level 20
    Poplar cocktail allegedly created in new Mexico an so on

  2. Cant find used to be revered to as tall, bearded men. Have looked for 2 days . I know the answer but not the spelling

  3. I’m at level 130 – game one – and I have tried everything to get the answer to

    “What is Jon Hendricks best known for”

    Where or what is the answer?

  4. I am working on 711 and when I go to check the answers many of them are in the wrong spot. Heck out number 5.

  5. Ricardo Borja

    Puzzle no. 1 clue 2, siege warfare machine for hurling large stones.
    Your answer is for different clue, why is that?

  6. Debra Logan

    Group 320 Puzzle 5 Question 4 has been changed: Question: Sales where there are various bidders with paddles. Answer: Auction

  7. Kaya Longshaw

    I found that when using this website that not all of the answers were accurate. I also found that it seemed to have every other answer correct. I would like or the makers of this website to adapt it and make sue that it was correct. Thank you for your time.

    1. Go to settings and check both country and language. These answers are based on country=US and language=English. Answers updated and new puzzles added.

  8. I think this page is very helpful but the questions I have on mine got nothing to do with most of the answers here.

  9. If you are going to give us answers to the game you should give the right answers to the clue not wrong answers this is pissing me off

  10. About to happen /Cody cross 246 ,puzzle 5 question one can’t be imminent ,first 2 confirmed letters are im++n+in+ please help I am stuck

  11. I believe the answer to clue in Planet Earth puzzle 12 about end of “Silent” movies should be “The Jazz Singer”, not “Singing in the Rain”. Of course that changes the clue & answer to fit the puzzle.

  12. Robert Lowe

    145-3 A centipede is not an insect. Insects have three body parts, a head, thorax and abdomen with 6 legs.

  13. I think that it changed, my questions are different.
    1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 are the same, but…
    3 – To the smallest degree
    4 – Canadian yoga brand
    6 – Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage
    9 – Someone nominated for election
    12- Type of ram used to knock down walls and gates

  14. Group 117 second puzzle……the largest amount of pubs per capital in Canada….the answer is not correct. Please correct.

  15. Give me then answer to the clue, ” a generic term meaning government or state”. Your answers do not match the clues.

  16. Wendy Spring

    I sent a message 21 days ago & this still has not been fixed, so i guess if you cant be bothered neither can I.

  17. Dawn Stroombergen

    Fauna and Flora 175 group 5
    -N-ERTA-N group, online gambling company
    I thought entertain group but incorrect answer
    Cannot find this on any of the cheat sheets either

  18. Angel Adkins

    The answers dont match to the clues especially where it says……
    ________ Page, star of sweet bird of youth?

  19. First clue and answer here are different than what I have. My clue is Giuseppe ____, led Italy to two World Cup victories. Mea_ _a

  20. Wendy Gibson

    So frustrated, cannot find answer anywhere for my set of questions in 173. Question 8 Queensland based energy company. Nothing in lists of Queensland energy company matches letters. I haven’t been able to move on for last few days.

  21. Why can’t I find the answer to question for under the sea group 22 puzzle 3 steep face of rocks and soil

  22. Wendy Spring

    Amusements park puzzle 215 answers to puzzle 4 incorrect. Modern australian rock band, artist. The answer is not there, also some of the others are wrong.

    1. Hi there I am doing this current puzzle at the moment,all my questions are the same as you have printed, except one. Number 7 – You have “can be swayed” my number 7 is “In 1953, the solar —- was invented (on roofs), I have blank OT blank A blank ER, I have searched everywhere for a word that contains these letters but to no avail, doing missing letters results in only one word – Cottager (someone who lives in a cottage) even tried that – even though I know this wasn’t the answer. Your help would be most appreciated as I cannot move on until this word is resolved. Thank you.

  23. Sandra Kippen

    Your answers don’t match questions. Level 62, puzzle 2 8th question. Please give me the actual answer!!!
    “You won’t find any of these in Vancouver”

  24. Need the answer to “you won’t find any of these in Vancouver” not in ANY CODY CROSS answers

  25. Can’t get the answer to documents in level 57 question number five, I’ve got the letters -A-ERS but nothing else, I can’t move forward until it’s answered

  26. Cody cross level 113 puzzle 4, the clue I have is “the most” this does not match the clue given on cheats page

  27. Question six “one of the worlds seven modern wonders” ?NT?WER. Question six above is about Faye Dunaway ??

  28. Series 21, puzzle # 2 ——- a bone in the wrist, the answer according to CodyCross is carpus, I have car_a_. The “a” has to be right because it filled in itself and made the word “ocean” right in the vertical puzzle. I can’t move on until this is all filled in. Would like a response because I would like to continue. Love this game. Thank you.

  29. Level 200 ancient Egypt game four ….B C phrase, experiences as currency… can’t find question let alone answer in cheats and solutions..Frustrating!

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