Color Roll 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:07 pm

Color Roll 3D


Color Roll 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS, Color Roll 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th August 2020 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


155,687 people have rated 1.31

You can download the game Color Roll 3D from APP STORE.


Roll and create beautiful pictures.
Very simple mechanics, only tap and roll.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

Updated on 29th April 2022

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance updates
  • New levels

Color Roll 3D Review

We love this game and if you are reading this you should Write a nice Review.

The game is great. Not to many ads, and we just love it.

This is a good game if your bored.

This game is very fun very easy to use !

This game is amazing it just has to many ads. After every stage has a ad. Plz fix this maybe make 4 ads every min.

Keep doing the same patterns over and over. When can we expect different patterns.

The game is good but after level 116 it just repeats the old levels.

This game is really fun! It helps us calm down after a long day. But it has a lot of ads we know you can pay but every single one you do it has an ad we dont really Like that it does that. It should be every other one.

The graphics are neat for a free game. Theres some hitching when you try to tap too many cloths at once, but otherwise fine. The levels could be more difficult, however. Theres not a lot of variety in difficulty either, which would be nice. Every 2-4 puzzles, theres another 30 second ad in addition to smaller ads on the bottom of the game screen. We get that ads are normal in a free game, but for them to be so forward about it 3 levels in isdeterring. Overall, the game has potential to be a really unique and challenging experience, but its just not there yet.

Too many repeats of the same ones especially when you get in the higher levels so really its the same ones over and over again.

We think its a really fun app, and very addicting but there are way to many adds so we deleted it.

Fun game however (the paid version) just loops the same puzzles over and over again. Would really like more levels/games.

Amazing game we love you so much but needs more upgrade it really does but its OKAY.

We understand why ads are put in the game, its terribly annoying. We wanted to try the game and after each round is an ad. We dont want to pay for it to be ad free if we didnt like it. Im not going to give it any further mind and delete the game because of all the ads it doesnt even give you the opportunity to see if you enjoy it to pay for it to be add free. Holy buckets spread the ads out a little bit to give the player a chance to see if they even like it.

Its a fun app, but the difficulty level does not really increase, and you do the same handful of puzzles over and over. We paid the $3.99 because we hated the excessive adds and thought Id get additional puzzles, but no such luck. Its definitely not worth paying money for so little content. Might be fun for a young kid, but we think even a very young child would get tired of doing the same approximately 15-20 10-second puzzles over and over. Great concept though! We would love it if the developers could add more puzzles with increasing difficulty levels. Then we would give it 5 stars.

The puzzles started over again after 100. Not much of a challenge.

Games last 10 to 30 seconds and ad pops up in each and every game. Not worth paying for it.

The game itself is definitely relaxing, however, the amount of ads and time defeats the relaxing part. More time is spent wasted on dealing with the repetitive ads for other games. Not worth it for us.

We really enjoyed this game, until we kept getting repeats of the same levels. It got really boring really fast. We wish they would provide more difficult and different levels as you play.

Love the game. The concept is fresh and simple. It lets you relax and use a little brain power. However it keeps giveing us the exact items over and over and over again. We paid for no ads thinking we could just freely solve puzzles and enjoy. So how and when do we get more content? The fun is over with nothing new to look forward too. .

We progressed, quickly, to Level 120 but by around Level 100 the puzzles began repeating. It was fun while it lasted but that didn’t last very long.

We had a lot of fun at first but it has the same levels over and over and they were the same so it just got boring after a while. Can you add more level and we will play again. We have memorized all the levels and its just very boring.

THIS GAME HAS A RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF ADS!!!! For every two or 3 10-second puzzle, you get an ad which takes as long as the puzzles. Its ridiculous.

Deje de andar haciendo vdeo que es difcil en juego si el lo ms ms falsil que ay.

Way to many ads dont like the ads wont play again sorry.

We are SO angry! We played this for less than a day and really loved it but the ads are TERRIBLE. They start minimal, after every 5-6 boards completed. But not long after they become constant. We finally caved and paid for the Ads Free upgrade only to immediately start REPLAYING EVERY LEVEL! There are only X number of boards and we completed them in less than a day. SO DISAPPOINTED!

Way way way way way way way way to many ads theres 2-3 EVERY-TIME you finish one and we mean EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We saw the ad for this game; and we thought it was a great game. But we found out that the levels are extremely easy and REPEAT. It has potential, but the way these people made this game is stupid.

This game is cool, but its WAY to easy and has to many ads every round or so. It makes us mad that something so simple, they act like they are struggling with it. We downloaded the game to see how it was, (like if they had a song in it just like how we seen it in the ad or if it was hard) and it wasnt hard at all! It was just so simple, easy, to many ads, etc. We thought this was gonna be hard, just like how we seen it in ads! But nope, its the usual. Boring, easy, and you know the rest. We agree with most reviews saying this game has to many ads, to easy and has false advertising. This game is quite literally boring, and we dont recommend it.

This game has to many adds if it is going to have this many adds they may as well shut down the game its so bad so trash it belongs in a garage can and garbage truck so bad we give it a -100 – 10 this game is dead no fun we hate this game to many adds so it deserves to be gone or deleted destroyed.

After 10 minutes, its no longer interesting because the same, simple puzzles are repeated over and over. There isnt any progression to tougher puzzles. We purchased no-ads, which was only $3.99, but it isnt even worth that. Disappointing.

We couldnt take it anymore. We lasted about two-days with this app then had to delete. Too bad. Cool game concept.

The game is fun, but there is more ad time than play time. Theres a 30 second ad after every 5 second puzzle. The puzzles also seem glitchy and/or slow processing.

Only has 100 levels before it starts looping again. Turn off Wi-Fi and put your phone in airplane mode for no ads.

We will be playing this game for ever.

Hi ok lets get straight to the point. This game is awesome! People who write bad reviews are so wrong! This game is so relaxing and satisfying. Some people say theres to many ads! We mean all games have ads. Its like saying schools have to many teachers! They also say its to easy! Well it may be for some people. We believe you should get this game and not listen to the bad reviews!

Look please change the add we know you want people to get the game but thats honsely a bad way no hate its just not that great and it persuades people to get so they can prove the game wrong and it probably frustrates them so much! But there could be a. Better way like for say,the add could say this game is easy and fun you should try it! Instead of frustrating y/n or maybe not but earthier way that should be fixed.

We first saw this game on a add and it showed someone doing a rly hard level and after we got to try it out and it was so satisfying to us so after a lot of begging our parents, we finally got the game but within 10 minutes of playing, we were bored. Also every 20 seconds there is an add that pops up and even worse, ITS THE SAME ADD OVER AND OVER. And just like the adds, the levels repeat themselves too! We looked that the reviews and it looked like everyone else said something along the lines of that too. So if u could make more levels, and a mode that is harder, it would be great! Thx for reading! -dog luvr.

We know you need advertising to mark a living. It seems you are greedy. We spend 5-10 seconds to solve the game then 30-35 seconds of advertisement. Played for 30 minutes then deleted the app.

If you want people to have this app then STOP ALL ADDS!!!!! It is sooooo annoying! Dont get this app until they confirm no more adds! There is an add every time you complete a level!!! We were in the middle of doing a level when adds popped up! Not one add it was two adds but this is the annoying part, we used the restroom and left our iPad on the bed and when we came back the adds were still on! Its soooo annoying!

Our kiddos love to play this game every morning as they eat their fried peacock legs for breakfast!

We havent played this game for along time and we already love it. All we have to say isBEST GAME EVER!!!