Color Roll 3D

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 02:45 am

Color Roll 3D

Color Roll 3D

Color Roll 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS, Color Roll 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th August 2020 with the latest update 6th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Color Roll 3D ?

167,121 people have rated 1.37

What is the price of the Color Roll 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Color Roll 3D released ?

Color Roll 3D was released on 15th August 2020.

When was the Color Roll 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Color Roll 3D on 6th January 2023.

Where can Color Roll 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Color Roll 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Roll and create beautiful pictures.
Very simple mechanics, only tap and roll.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

Updated on 6th January 2023

  • New Levels!
  • Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

Color Roll 3D Review

Its a good game to play with friends its cool and fun to play with friends it is so popular that our friends play like 40 of them.

We keep receiving a notification of a game update and Specoal level 253 but im on level 1078 soci misscout on the special level! The notification should take the player to the special level so they can experience it!! Im more than curious what level 253 is!! Lol. Otherwise we like thus app a lot!! We see a lot of repeat puzzles thoughive no doubt its nit easy to create these but seeing the same puzzles over again provides little challenge!!

We really like this game and we think it is the best.

This game is so hard but we love that you can go to different levels and they get harder like you should make more of these games slay yes queen.

Needs more levels Needs more challenging/hard levels.

Gret but after level 112 we think they just start repeating so thats not to fun.

If you hate adds read this! This game after 1 level BOOM! An add so DONT GET IT OKAY but over all it is super relaxing and very fun and satisfying good graphics and effects.

It is a good game but 1. There is an add every time we finish a level 2. The levels are to easy. Like waaaaay to easy 3. Did we mention There is an add every time we finish a level.

Hi! Im a beginner Im on level we think 49 we dont know cause we quit but, SO MANY ADS.. Like we dont wanna pay for no ads or anything at least give us people who didnt pay for no ads at least a limit of ads. Also, repeats. There are a lot of repeats of such levels a lot of repeats actually. Imma say right now Royal Match has 0 ads even though their advertising is false. Reminds us, False advertisement! Just saying the ads yall made says, Harder then it looks! And the easiest levels they fail like our 2 year old brother could probably do it better than them like its not that hard!! Also, Im Olivia, please if you agree or disagree write an review with our name also if we missed anything please tell us! Thank you developer for reading this we will appreciate it if you respond to this review! This is our valediction! See ya!

So we got this game and it looked really fun and hard. But when we got it, it was really easy and boring. Also there are sooooo many adds!! Like, there are adds after every level!!! And we understand that you have to have advertisements in your games but this is just too many!! Its also super easy. Even the hard levels are so so easy!! But other than that its a pretty good game after a long day.

We really like and enjoy the game. It is very relaxing. There are a few problems though. 1. The levels are very easy and every once in a while you can do a hard level but even those dont tiger harder. 2. You play the same levels over again, for us we want every level to be a new challenge. Thank you for reading we hope you can address these promblems.

Its to much ads every second theres a stupid ad it annoying.

Honestly we would give the game is zero 0.

When we were playing a game, the ad about this game popped up. We were really interested of this game because it looked so satisfying to play. We usually don’t download ads and just skip it but this time we didnt. Without looking at the reviews, we downloaded this game. When we got it, we were extremely excited to play because it was our first time playing. The start was very good, and we did not think Id get many ADS. But 2 levels later, we instantly got a 30 second ad! Like, what?! We skipped the ad after it was done and again, 2 levels later, ANOTHER AD! Whats up with so many ads in games these days! The game without ads is perfectly fine! But with 2 ads every level is just horrible. We suggest you maybe put add every 5-10 levels AT LEAST. The game is perfect without MILLIONS OF ADS ALL AT ONCE. Please do something about these ads popping up every second, thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We hate this game because it has so much ads but the game is fun but we hate how much ads it has (dont download this)

All the games seem to be ad-for-play, nowadays. Most have you watch ads for power ups, and most have you watch ads each round. Thats to be expected. But two solid minutes of ads for just 5 seconds of gameplay? Thats insane. Deleting game after just 3 rounds.

It doesnt let us get into the app at all.

Its a decent game, but the amount of ads are INSANE!! An ad after every puzzle or 2 is ridiculous. We deleted the game because of it. Also, the puzzles are a little too easy and they stay the same no matter what level youre ion.

We wanted a relaxing game but are ads really relaxing? There are so many things that are not good and we will give you 3 1: So many ads 2:after level fifteen it did the same levels 3: The levels were too easy we could finish 20 levels in three minutes and we are only ten One last thing it says ages twelve and up, a five year old could finish the game in a day.

We have played the game for a wile and it started to repeat the puzzles and is know boring to me.

Too many ads. There at least 2 per level. Sometimes 3. One when we open the app, another immediately after we win it and then a 3rd if it double plays the 2nd ad again. Levels have a max of 3-4 moves. That makes the ads longer than game play. The challenge level is still only 4-5 moves and requires yet another ad to even play it. We lost interest pretty quickly. Levels do not get progressively harder either.

First, it makes you believe that there is an ad every couple levels, but then it starts getting into every level, especially when the gameplay only last a couple seconds each level.

We literally downloaded it and then 2 minutes later we automatically deleted. Dont get.

Very fun game. The ads are annoying!! Uninstalling.

So we love this game but dont get us wrong but we know there will be lots and LOTS of ads but if not then thats okay also we JUST got this game so we dont know if there will be bad things but we love this gameso maybe start reading reviews so you know byeeee love you guys ,

This game is pretty fun but the puzzles are quite easy and there are way too many ads. Its like to finish one level then theres an ad. We know yall have to make money but you could use less ads.

The game is very relaxing. But when we are finished with a level we go to the next level sometimes its new but not anymore. Now when we finish a level we get the same one we had five minutes ago! We already know how to do it so we get done with it super quickly and that makes it less relaxing we would really like it if you guys can make more harder puzzles we remember like two years ago you guys had special levels that were way harder and each was not a reapeat we would love those back!

So after two rounds there is an add but thats all that bugged us we think you should get it we liked it.

We said 3 stars because we like it but its too easy.

Fun game but again too many ads.

We dont know what happened with the game but we are a year old so You have a okay game.

We are on level 300 and doing the same puzzles for the 4th time around! Not to mention the glitches when we do a puzzle wrong and it still gave us the puzzle as correct and passed the level before we can fix it! The game has potential but it needs something new each level AND the hlitches need to be fixed.

This game is so good, but we are so sad because there are way too many ads.. We do get they need to make money, but we play one game and an ad. We play the next game and an ad. We dont even spend as much time playing as we do watching ads. Giving it one last shot, but Im afraid we may have to look elsewhere.

Its an amazing game and we love it so very much. There is Some problems with it like, to many ads, you dont make it for harder or easy depending on how you play. The ads are very annoying because we get them every one or two levels.

This game is not relaxing because of the abundance of ads.

Fun but adds every two games. Deleted.

There is an ad after every freaking puzzle!!! Its ridiculous! We like the game but am deleting because of the ads.

We like the game but it was really glitchy and there was WAY to many ads we cant do a puzzle without an ad.

This game has a great concept but it gets old playing the same levels over and over. We paid $4.99 to have no ads. If we had known we would play all the levels in 20 minutes we would have said never mind about removing the ads.

Why are the first few levels so hard? We think you should start of easy But it is still a fun game.

The game is good, its just that there are too many ads. We get an ad every two rounds and its just so annoying. Please fix this.

One round, one ad. Another round, another ad. Another round, another ad. DELETED When will delvelopers learn that your app has to be better than the amount of time you waste watching ads. Three rounds, three ads, three strikes. Youre OUT!

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