Conflict of Nations: WW3

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 12:00 am

Conflict of Nations: WW3

Conflict of Nations: WW3

Conflict of Nations: WW3 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bytro Labs GmbH, Conflict of Nations: WW3 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 3rd September 2020 with the latest update 9th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


24,991 people have rated 0.111

You can download the game Conflict of Nations: WW3 from APP STORE.


Modern Battle Tanks spearhead the assault, Attack Subs prowl the oceans for lone Carriers, Ace Pilots dominate the skies with Stealth Fighters… while your hand reaches for the Nuclear Launch Button. In Conflict of Nations: World War 3 you control the course of history on a global scale!

Take control of one of the mightiest nations of the world and face the looming threat of World War 3. Conquer resources, forge alliances and strengthen your economy. Research devastating weapons of mass destruction and become the dominating superpower on the planet.

Intelligent alliances or ruthless expansion, stealth warfare or nuclear devastation? The choice is yours: The nation’s military power is awaiting your command – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are you ready to take control?

For fans of realistic grand-strategy games, Conflict of Nations offers a gigantic playing field, a multitude of military units, and infinite paths to success. Jump into a match, plan your strategy, and lead your troops to victory in the days and weeks ahead. Rank up and claim your place among the best players in this addicting WW3 game.


  • Up to 128 human opponents per match
  • Units move in real-time across the battlefield
  • Loads of different maps and scenarios
  • Real military technologies and equipment
  • Huge research tree with over 350 different unit types
  • Three distinct doctrines: Western, European, Eastern
  • Terrain based combat with stealth, radar and missiles
  • Nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction
  • Fresh content, updates, seasons and events
  • Dedicated alliance gameplay in a huge community

Join the race for the best strategy players on the planet! Jump right into World War 3, and test yourself in real time against human players across geopolitical maps of the modern world!

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Conflict of Nations: World War 3 is free to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Updated on 9th June 2022

  • Updated Red VS Blue & WW3, infusing bug fixes, nation update, slight rebalancing, starting units.
  • Fixed pesky bugs
  • Added Standard Alliance challenge map
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Quick Join button with new maps
  • Added Delete button for messages

Conflict of Nations: WW3 Review

We think this game is really good, but we think there should be some more playable nations. This might be asking for a lot but we would like to play as countries like Antigua and Barbuda or Djibouti.

A great game to play just it needs to add more countrys.

Would it be possible for there to be new maps that take base in Roman times. We love rising tides and how the map turned out. Can we get more though?

This game is awesome, but we think you need a 4x speed game to get more action, but we appreciate the multi game system that allows for more function.

This is like no other game like this, we love it!!!

Love the thinks and strategize of this game.

Such an amazing game we love it. But there are some thing that would be nice to have in it. We want wars to be more diplomatic, adding a peace conference to discuss who gets certain land from an enemy would be awesome! And we feel that naval battle are lacking something so a update to navy to make it more important would really help the game in general. But such a amazing game and definitely recommend it.

This game is one of our favorite games of all time we get on it everyday when we get a chance and we love how great the mechanics and troops work. We would love for the developers to add a trade system in between individual players instead of having to sell them on the market, we would rather trade with other players instead of buying them from people that also what resources we have. Overall great game though.

Well we see the game as amazing but what if you added a strategy to the game like if there where 7 infantry and 2 tanks well what if you did a 2 pronged attack on there position and divided there strength up by the 2 pronged attack so they cant use there number suppurority reduce there strength its a kinda decent idea.

Using our home state to declare war and make West Virginia part of Virginia again.

We love it but sometimes it takes forever to load and sometimes it shuts down and matches take forever to load fix that and it will get 5 stars.

It wont let us move our troops where we want it to go.

We really love this game, we play it a lot and find it very entertaining. This is one of the best strategy games we’ve ever played but theres a few things Im not a fan of. 1. Pay to win we dont like that people have the ability to buy gold and use that gold to boost up their stuff, its really unfair for experienced players and others who dont have a lot of gold or just dont buy it. The ability to use gold and to upgrade things instantly is very iterating, for example at the beginning of a game other people start off with nothing really built in their cities but people with lots of gold could get things like level 4 shipyards instantly or make 10 troops out of thin air. 2. AI The AI is pretty annoying, they basically have the ability to make more tanks in a hour then we can make 1 infantry unit in a day. The AI is a little over powered, the can produce things that would take at least a day to make in merely an hour and sometimes they dont even have the necessary buildings to actually make these units. We would like to see these things fixed, it really isnt fun anymore after the AI and pay to win players become too powerful. And again this is one of our favorite games so it would really be nice to see this game become even greater then it already is. Thanks!

Its a good game but every time to wanna take over something it take hours to get to the location you click on for every piece of land you want to take over like click on the closest area oh we gotta wait 4 hours oh lets take this over too oh look at that its 3 hours away like its really not fun having to wait so long every time Im about to delete this game.

We hate how when im playing our music from Spotify and we open the game it stops playing our music.

Its exactly what you think it is. Pop ups, poor graphics, pay for coins. Military FarmVille.

We tried to open the game using a promo code and it didnt work. Then, we tried to sign out of our account to log in with the account that we use for the original Call of War, but in order to do that you have to delete the game and reinstall it. But in the couple minutes when we were in the tutorial game, we were already very disappointed with this game. 1. The map is an eyesore. That blue color is very hard to look at for a long time, and the map in COW was much nicer to play on. 2. Its way over complicated. Unlike COW, there are special officers that boost different aspects of your military, making this game way harder for new players to learn, as well as adding way more categories for players to have to figure out. COW was already kind of difficult to understand due to the large amounts of stuff you are thrown at right out of the gate, and this game just adds more of that. 3. Gold. This is the big thing. We were already angry at the amount of gold abuse occurring in COW. We made this known in several forums, as well as emailing the devs about the problem (which we still havent heard back from since we sent that email almost a year ago now). We really hoped that they would balance the gold more in this game but instead they made it worse. Gold can be used to speed up more stuff than in COW and with the mass amounts of new stuff, gold users can abuse production much more than they could in COW, and become much stronger than the casual players could. This apparent lack of care for the players that dont buy their micro transactions is scandalous! Also, the only game we could play was the tutorial. The game would not load any other servers, so we couldnt actually play the game. This in itself deserves a one star review because how good is a game that you cant even play? We dont know how anyone could make a game so much worse, but this is it. Until these issues are resolved, we will never touch this game again.

It takes too long to get your troops to fight and also the battles are not fun.

Im having fun playing. Linnardboy Poom.

Saw the ads on tiktok, and decided to download it. Best decision. We highly recommend this game, as its fun and addicting, and something to do throughout the day.

Ads on tiktok dont lie, we’ve been playing this game for months now and still love it, highly recommend, its what we expected it to be!

This is a great time killer throughout the day.

We really love it and play it a lot but thing we dont like about it is you dont have censor on coalition name becauze soem of them are too inappropriate for 12 like N word please censor or cancel coalition with inappropriate word also on some news too.

Great game the only downside in our eyes is that you cant name your different games and sometimes it get confusing.

Switzerland has 5 cities tightly packed like israel the five cities can be Zurich electronics Basel components bern supplies Lugano fuel and Geneva rares.

Im sure this game is super good but we cant even play it because the screen will go black and crash we’ve shut down our iPad we’ve unestalled it and reinstalled it but we just wont work.

GOATED game fr. Theres really nothing bad about it besides having to be on it everyday so no AI overthrows you.

Been playing for a min and we still love this game if u thinking about getting it u should real fun.

Pretty slow paced at times but altogether a good game.

We accidentally spent money on the game because we thought it would get us something cool. It only gets cheats unfortunately but nevertheless we dont regret it. We gave some money for a game we love to play and the gold just sits in our account because we refuse to use it. Ill win on our own merits and strategy. Also we dont really see anyone else paying to win. Games are so quick and there are new ones being made and filled so often that paying to win doesnt make sense. Plus there is no prize. We run about 3 of the slower paced games and 1 fast paced game at x4 speed. If we run into anyone we dont like or an obvious cheater we just skip the next game. Im here to have fun lol.

It takes a little bit to understand how to play but it is awesome when you get the hang of it.

There are bugs that crashes the game and and exits us every few minutes. Please fix.

Just a couple of suggestions for the game. Add a feature where you could trade resources of every kind. Another suggestion is that you should make rogue state able to be in coalitions and a playable character and for it to be able to do right of ways, etc. And can you expand the amount of countries in the game that can be playable, like Armenia, Djibouti, Botswana, etc?? Thanks for reading!

Okay okay okay, hear us out creators we LOVE this game and we myself cant stop playing it! We love the 4x speed game and the new 4x with American states ADD IT BACK ASAP!!!! As an avid player of CON we need more updates and all of us talking about it need a big update soon please.. More game modes, new stuff to research and PLEASE GIVE US NEW FLAGS TO PICK FROM!! We would love to advertise this game on Tik-Tok, CON developers let us know if thats something we can work out. We would love to advertise the game, show people how to play, and give tips! LOVE THE GAME.

When we were on the App Store we said we want a war game then Boom! We saw conflict of nations! We were like okay? This is the best game we ever played! We wish you made like a Canadian Territorys And Provinces Map Man we Wish and also please make Tanzania independence from Kenya its kinda weird so thats all! NOTHINGS WRONG we JUST WANT YOU TO UPDATE IT.

We couldnt pick to be Indiana. We wondered why we tried so many times to have it on the list but it didnt come up why?

Thanks because we love strategy games and this game is the favourite now for us and thanks again because this is like real life in WW3 now and you can really recreate WW3 and like USA attacking Russia we love this game.

Would be even better if there was more political envolvement with your country to produce more rescourses such as keeping a good poll number, or keeping a good approval number, or you cant go to war if your country is against it ( Hense meaning u need to be some type of dictator ) but Im not sure just a thought to get even more involved with your countrys production of economy, plus this will make it easier to have bigger militarys in shorter times so u wont have to wait till day 70 to have atleast a 1/3 of what a real life military power would have.

Nice game. Most of the things take a bit long but overall very nice experience.

The music is a banger the quality is good but the map needs a minor more details but heyyy the games already cool.

We did not want to give five stars but they wouldnt let us play unless we did. Worst game ever.

This games is one of the best games we’ve ever played for a new game.