Construction Simulator 3

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Construction Simulator 3


Construction Simulator 3 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by astragon Entertainment GmbH, Construction Simulator 3 is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th April 2019 with the latest update 19th July 2019

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,002 people have rated 1.4

You can download the game Construction Simulator 3 from APP STORE.


Discover an idyllic European town in the sequel to the popular Construction Simulator 2 and Construction Simulator 2014 with officially licensed vehicles by famous brands: Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat, Palfinger, STILL, MAN, ATLAS, Bell, BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG, HAMM AG and MEILLER Kipper. Take on diverse and challenging contracts. Build and repair roads and houses. Shape the skyline of your city and expand your vehicle fleet. Discover a completely new map and unlock new contracts and vehicles with your growing company.


Explore a 3,2km² map, lovingly designed to resemble the idyllic Alpine foothills and play in three different districts: The village where you establish your company, a spacious industrial area and a modern town. Use the time between jobs to explore the freely drivable open world.


Enjoy the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig for bridge construction for stable and deep foundations during bridge construction and other exciting missions! Another feature long-awaited by many fans is the cockpit view. Now you can enjoy Construction Simulator 3 from the inside of every vehicle and get a first hand feel of what it’s like to take control of epic machines!


A huge amount of vehicles is waiting for you! Choose the right machine for every job: Take on the challenges of road works and refurbishments with machines by Caterpillar, BOMAG or WIRTGEN GmbH, VÖGELE AG and HAMM AG. Available for the first time: The E55 compact excavator or the T590 compact track loader from Bobcat will make earth moving a walk in the park! Get behind the wheel of the MAN TGX truck to visit your local gravel pit or supply store and discover new heights with the Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane.


Prove your skills on the job: From small Bavarian style family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers – more than 70 challenging contracts demand all your skills and precision in Construction Simulator 3. Refurbish crumbling roads and use your large vehicle fleet to master every challenge. Shape the skyline of Neustein through your unique work!

  • Over 50 vehicles by 14 brands
  • New Cockpit view
  • Over 70 different contracts
  • Liebherr LB28 for e.g. bridge construction

Updated on 19th July 2019

  • The CASE 1021G is now easier to transport
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicles fall through ground while switching machines
  • Fixed traffic blocker for a construction site in the industrial district
  • Fixed problems with the eco-cycle duration on some devices
  • Visual Issues were fixed in the world
  • An issue was fixed causing the construction site location to disappear from the quick travel menu after fulfilling a submission
  • Visual adaptions were made to some vehicles

Construction Simulator 3 Reviews

When we were getting hot Asphalt, it wasnt letting us get the asphalt, we were long pressing, and nothing seemed to work.

Super complex, so many jobs you can do, and so much fun running the equipment and trucking stuff around. Theres a frickin tower crane, for craps sake. Buy it.

There is nothing to say its just that good.

Favorite app we suggest for those of you who like real construction simulators.

This game is great!!! Dont get us wrong but you guys should add Diesel Trucks. Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax! Also trailers, gooseneck, dump trailer etc!

Construction sim 3 is the best game of all. It gives us a good experience of operating machines and building different things in the games community. Not just that but this also goes to construction sim 2. The person who though of this game did pretty well making this game.

We’ve put in almost 30 hours on the game so far and we are absolutely loving it. The gameplay is engaging, the contracts and amount of work to do is very well done. We actually find myself wanting to play this even when we have Snowrunner and Farming Sim 19 waiting on the PS4. Definitely recommend this game!

This game is so fun, we like the new city it is very improved from con sim 2, keep it up guys!!!

They need to add kabota, new Holland, John Deere, and link belt stead steers and excavators.

We love playing this game but we think it would be nice if there was a trailer for the car because otherwise there is no use for the car except for messing around. We have had multiple times when we have wanted to drive to get small items that we forgot to get when we were getting other materials, but we did not want to have them delivered to the construction site or bringing a big semi trailer or the flatbed dump truck. We guess what we are trying to say is that we would really like it if you could add a small trailer for the car. Other than that we really like this game.

Everything works great! Just need to be a little more clear on exactly what youre supposed to do when using the driller! But over all its a very well thought out game!!

We really enjoy this game! Hoping yall are coming out with another one soon! But some ideas for the next one like demolishing jobs,being able to tailgate rock on roads with the dump truck, do contract dump trucking jobs just to name a few. Hope this helps! Hope to see a new game soon!

We love the game everything about it is realistic, Is there a way you could add a controller option for Xbox or PlayStation?

This is a well done game. Much better than a large group of other simulators we have tried!

This game is amazing we love it.

This is like the best game. Maybe you should have the player unlock nuestine at level 10.

When is the next update Im so excited we play this daily.

This game has everything. You get a cabin camera and hidden details no one mostly notices other than that very good game.

Was trying to build a garage but in the process of going to the store to get garage it wasnt in the store and didnt tell us where it could be.

This is the best construction simulator ever yes.

Good game needs work like we would like to get out and walk around and made Dump sites and like cat skid steer and cat Mini excavators small Trailers and we wold like to see 314 308 can we start with a dump truck trailer and skid steer and excavator and a work truck and can we buy land in the game and forks for the skid loader and more buckets for excavators and rock hammers and more jobs like a lot 100+ (Please respond SOON)

Love this game and still maintains its amazing game play would love to see more jobs and new vehicles would love to see logging and maybe an airport building or mall bigger builds and just something fresh and new love you guys love your game and keep up the amazing work and hope to see something new soon.

Hi!!!!!! We just got a controller and was tryong to use it to play the game. Can it support it? We dont seem to find the way ti make it work. Thanks in advanve.

Aun really nice game, good controls, good physics, good vehicles, a lot of interesting jobs and just a great graphics, really good, in all si a good game, we love this game.

Add updates with new construction vehicles and machines Add backhoe machines with a hook ball to be able to move a trailer with it add a mini flatbed trailer for the mini excavator When will the next development of next construction game by astragon will happen Add lane paver machines for road construction contracts campaigns and tutorials when is the next update coming for coming for construction simulator 3 Release more updates for the game Add contacts campaigns in the mountains.

Very fun game can you put more different kinds of machines, more work to build, tunnel, tracks, power lines, signs, traffic light, so on, selling metal more.

This is a really good game apart from the little bugs here and there. It also drains our battery fast (Probably because Im on IPhone 6). We would love to see a Construction Sim 4! And our would pay for it!

So in consim 4 the map will be southern USA. The companys in the new game will be John deer sennibogen hibachi komatsu jlg. The crane companys will include crawler cranes kobelico more liebher link belt. Thank you so much for making the consim series happen devs.

This game is pretty good until you load a bulldozer on the heavy duty trailer and they should also add pickup trucks and two where you can drive inside the garage can yall add pickup trucks.

Love this game. If you like farm sim you will love this. There is a ton of stuff to do. Hope they keep adding to this game.

We love this game but we finished it so we would like to have a new one pls.

U guys should add a long reach excavator and a rock slinger.

Love the game. Would be 1,000,000 times better if we could play with a controller.

Yea so the selection is good but can you make a mass update map expansion with everything we mentioned before, including tunnel missions.

We think in con sim 4 they should make an American map with jobs that fallow the seasons such as fall cleanups, snow plowing etc. But overall we really like the game. Just wish there could be more new equipment.

This is the best simulator game we ever played. The graphics are really good and the controls are smooth. The only thing we recommend is multiplayer! Please add and keep up the work.

We played a played the lite version of one of the older construction simulators and was very impressed. So when this game came around we decided to get the full version and boy did it not disappoint! The graphics are excellent, featuring some of the best terrain physics we have ever seen on mobile. The progression system is really nice with the ability the make actual progress without having micro transactions be the only way to play. The ui is simple and intuitive. Finally, the only bugs to speak of (as least for me) are minor and more amusing than frustrating. This game is definitely a worthwhile purchase and we hope to see more good work from the developers in the future.

We love this game over 6 months we have put about 200 hours into the game. We wish there was a way to walk around the world. We also wish there were more gardening things implemented to the next game. Please make more.

Dont get us ring we love the game we play it almost every day But we would like to go off road and we would like to have to move a huge dirt pile of dig up s long dirt road and then put the pipes in after and then close it back up and then roll it back over now that would be great but the think we want he most would be to move a huge dirt pile and and haul it away with the off road dumpers Those are not supposed to be drove on the road thanks for you time.

What would make this game a little better is like a flatbed truck with a gooseneck hitch and a gooseneck trailer to transport track hoe and the mini excavater and have the truck be a dodge cummins that roles coal thanks a lot.

We love this game but we wish you could haul more than one vehicle on a trailer.

Why is there no ConSim 4 yet? We keep waiting and nothing!

For some reason sometimes you can not turn correctly.

There is a bug in the game that does not let you steer when you are driving.

The game is fun! But it has to be more realistic !!! We wish the vehicles had amber lights or caution lights like in real life. Detour signs and everything they put in when there is a work.

We were going on the bridge when we drove off and our truck fell in the water and fell through the map.

We really like this game but theres one thing that Im not happy all it the we only have to dumping trucks the simulator 2 theres like 4 dumping truck for we opinion we think its better to have a lest 3 dumping trucks. And another thing is yall should add one more car a truck car line a ford car the will be so awesome.

You do an awesome job, we were wondering if you could bring some of vehicles from your older games here like the Kenworth dump trucks. Also add more equipment like a gooseneck trailer, with a pickup truck and/or Another Semi. If you could do a mining campaign or game would be great. Because you do so well with construction could you do a fire truck game, do an American and European version please!!

Love the game. Only have one hiccup so far and thats drilling the holes for the second section of the bridge to the third area. Getting the all holes and pipes in the ground but the fourth one keeps going too far forward and its not letting us complete the task. Is anyone else having this issue?

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