Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I


Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sega America, Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th October 2010 with the latest update 4th April 2016

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


752 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I from APP STORE.


The sequel fans have waited 16 years for is finally here – Sonic The Hedgehog™ 4 Episode I!

Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic 4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ left off.

Two exclusive levels built specifically for play on the iPhone & iPod Touch using the accelerometer.

All of Sonic’s classic moves are available, including the newer Homing Attack which will add a new level of control and excitement.

Race through 4 unique zones containing 4 acts each as well as 7 special stages.

A staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stages return allowing fans to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlock Super Sonic.

Dr. Eggman returns with new and improved mechas and will go berserk when he accumulates damage.

GamePro – “…this looks and feels like a genuine Sonic game, deserving of the "4" attached to its title.”

IGN – “After an afternoon in its presence it’s become seared in our conscience just like the classic levels of the early Sonics – and surely that’s reason enough to have faith in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.”

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Updated on 4th April 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

We’ve been busy jumping around squashing bugs and eating chilli dogs.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I Reviews

When we first go to the special stages there are 4 worlds 4.

The Haters Don’t Know That Sonic Is Good In The Everyway so Sega If Your Reading This Don’t Listen To The Haters! Sonic 4 is ok we guess but just make a feature where you can make the controls larger? Plz?

One more update for sonic 4 episode 1.

We really like the model and the running animations theyve done and the graphics are so well made, but we do want the running animations to be like what you did for the PC version of the game. For instance, we were always wondering if youre going to make Sonic 4 Episode 3 and Sonic 3 mobile and complete the trilogy. Im looking forward to see how it turns out soon.

Sonic is one of our favorites! Dont need this on our Xbox 360.

This was an unexpected update to the game and it’s great. The updated Sonic model looks good and the games plays really well on our iPhone 6s. The only problem is there are some audio glitches, like sfx being lowered and music not properly looping. Other than that, this update out of left field is pretty good!

We had been so disappointed by sonic 4 episode 2 but this made a total redemption! It has good graphics and the good gaming quality of the classics. If there is one thing we could suggest, it is to make the controls adjustable.

This game is perfect and without sonic 4 we would literally cry and the super sonic ending is the best ending in the game and hyper sonic in the game would be cool. Also we did a sonic 4 trilogy from episode 1 to 2 and we have episode metal and also please one problem, fix the special stage tilt on mobile and make the bumpers harder to touch that when sonics outline touches, the bumper does not boing sonic to the ! Things and also thanks for time balls in special stage because we do not want to fail getting good ending if we accidentally delete data we hope you keep up the epic work SEGA!

We got all the chaos emeralds and got super sonic and we like the song.

Looks gorgeous on our iPhone 6 love the graphics plays smoothly hardly experience any lags adding knuckles would make it even better keep up the great work sega!

Please add 1. Retina Display support 2. Add next act when u complete one 3. Needs more bosses/zones/bots look different 4. Needs more characters Please take this all into consideration please.

This game is terrible just terrible plus the bonus levels are way to hard.

This game would be amazing with backbone controller support!!!!

Hard to play the game with control buttons so small.

Sonic is our favorite game series but in the mad gear zone it wont let us play the boss after completing act 3! Please fix!

It is the best iPad/iPhone game.

We love the game we like that modern sonic is in 2D we always wanted modern sonic to be 2D our favorite levels are splash hill and lost labyrinth People just complain about this game because their haters.

We have actually been playing sonic games for a few years but havent been able to beet them. Sonic 1 was to hard, sonic 2 was ok but it was so hard to get the chaos emeralds. We bought this game hoping it would be easier and it was! So not to say the 1st 2 are bad (every body plays at a different level) but thanks for an easier game!

Saga we hope you continue with good games like this.

This is awesome game is so cool im never deleting it. But we do have a little problem with act three in the final zone. But if you keep trying youll do it. We swear sega is on a roll. And sometimes… You just gotta go fast!. PS raise a glass to freedom.

It is like the sonic 1 from 1991 but its 2D/3D and good graphics!

We love all sonic play styles and the fact that you combined two play styles is just amazing. The homing attack is super fun just like this game great job.

Ok so this game is good but the running is different then episode 2. Sonic takes a while to do his circle running. But in episode 2,he takes 3 seconds to do his circle running p. So please fix this please and Ill think this is perfect and we cant get all the chaos emeralds because you made it to hard! So fix the special stage and then it would be super fun andperfect.

Sonic is one of our favorite games ever sega so many awesome things in this app got to go FAST.

We love this game so much but it would be so much better if it had controller support!

999 Rings in Sonic 4 episode 1 Super Sonic.

The update looks better than ever!

We really had a hard time with these stages THE LAST STAGE SUCKED but finally did it and super sonic has hands open and his face looks like he worried going the right direction come on sega super Sanic op.

Ok, we know you make games that are good SEGA, But you outdid yourselves on this one, we were waited several years to get this game Im happy so much that we will explode into Sonic games, keep up the good work!

We feel like your adding every sega game accept sonic&knuckles.

The specials stages are too hard it is timed come on we hate this game unless you make it so its not timed bye >:( but if u make sonic 4 ep 3 we will be ok.

Add characters like you did in sonic 1 and fix super sonic.

We love Sonic. And he is faster then Mario! Sonic 4 is good and all. But there is a few problems. 1: The sound effects are a little bit low pitched. 2: Outline in Please tap the screen 3: Graphics doesnt look like it compared to the video game version. Sonic 4 is good and all but It just seems different. Dimps if your seeing this review please fix these problems. Anyways thats all for now!

We love this game!! Its great! But please update it to be iPhone X compatible.

This game is best game we ever played thank you so much for making this game sega.

Make it so that the special stage controls you could change to tilt or buttons.

Ok the controls are good but the background is to realistic for a sonic game you can play the zones nice plus the loop de loop has to get change Im not saying that the game is bad it just the loop de loop has to get change cuz it turns around the screen but thats ok just do like sonic 1 and 2 did not turn around the screen but thats fine the reason why people hate it cuz 1 controls 2 probably the graphics (some people) 3 its confusing its not bad sega its just good you yes you need to prove the people wrong and this game is great its your sega fanboy Declan Peace.

Add controler support please respond to our request please add controler support and thank you.

We dont know what to say about it its just so AMZING!!!!!!!!

Can u update this game to having the exact music from Sonic4 on the wii for the super sonic music. Also check the animations for super sonics tuning and fix as many bugs as u can. P.S. Make sure those bugs are too slow for sonic and Im a fan of Sonic.

This game is great our only complaint is it does not work with MFI controller ( Game Vice) all the other sonic games do why not this one.

We love this game so much but it would be so much better if it had controller support!

Im okay whith this game but the problem is we’ve never played it One the vines are hard to get past two back to the vines okay The vines are the reason we cant pass act two.

LOVE IT SO MUCH we F**KING HATE LOST LABYRINTH ACT 3 otherwise very good game.

Thanks for the update but it’s a little too zoomed in and lock on with episode two still doesn’t work.

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