Cookie Run: Kingdom

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 08:15 pm

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Devsisters Corp., Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th January 2021 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cookie Run: Kingdom ?

170,604 people have rated 4.5.201

What is the price of the Cookie Run: Kingdom ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cookie Run: Kingdom released ?

Cookie Run: Kingdom was released on 20th January 2021.

When was the Cookie Run: Kingdom updated ?

The latest updated date of Cookie Run: Kingdom on 26th May 2023.

Where can Cookie Run: Kingdom be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cookie Run: Kingdom from Apple Official App Store.



Meet our Cookies, all voiced by an amazing cast of voice actors
Witness their epic skills, fall in love with their voices, and dress them into new chic costumes.
Join the Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

The secrets of the ancient Cookies and their kingdoms are waiting to be unraveled.
Join GingerBrave and his friends against Dark Enchantress Cookie and her dark legion.
The chronicles of Cookie Run: Kingdom have just begun!

Choose from a great variety of unique decors to design the Kingdom of your dreams.
Produce materials, craft items, arrange all sorts of activities—the vibrant kingdom life awaits!

Create the ultimate Cookie team with endless combinations of Treasures and Toppings
Prove your battle skill in the Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, Super Mayhem, and Guild Battles!
Come up with different strategies to emerge victorious!

Reach the top of the ranking table with your fellow guildmates.
Expand your guild’s Domain and collect Guild Relics to become the strongest guild there is!

[Retainment of your service usage records]
Purpose: management of deleted accounts, prevention of service abuse and legal claims
Retainment period: one month following account deletion

[How to delete your account]
Open the game
Tap the 三-shaped button in the upper-right corner of the screen
Tap Settings
Tap Info
Tap Delete Account in the bottom part of the screen

Please forward all other questions to our support team
Contact email: [email protected]

Updated on 26th May 2023

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Cookie Run: Kingdom Review

This game is one of our favorite games but we think they should fix the crashes it keeps doing to us.

We love it has very high quality animations 1000000000 out of 1000000000.

We deleted this game for storage until we got the iPhone 14 pro, we got a bunch of storage. We had everything back when we redownloaded it, we forgot everything but our cousin showed us everything, (btw we havent played for 2 yrs)

Devsisters, we think you should make a Cookie Run movie! Here is all of the details – Setting: The Cookie Kingdom in Crk – Problem: All of the cookies go on a adventure except Strawberry Cookie & Capsaicin Cookie and see their old past adventures from the older Cookie Run games. Suddenly, Strawberry Cookie says: DONT! ITS A TRICK! All of the cookies look confused, & then Capsaicin Cookie becomes evil! So then all of the cookies have to go on all of the Crk courses and experience some bumps on the way. Then on the very last course, they find a potion to make Capsaicin Cookie a part of their team again. The End. (you dont have to do it. We were just dreaming of it!)

This game is so fun that we played it for hours it was so fun we never stopped playing it we love cookie run kingdom we love you devsisters!

Thanks guys at the CRK team, you guys are absolute legends for putting it on mac >3.

It is wonderful to play and has amazing graphics.10 out of 10 for us.

Game is so good!! We 100% recommend it.

Oh yea, Black Pearl cookie Oh yea, Black Pearl cookie Oh yea, Black Pearl cookie game is great, you should totally download this game if you love action, design, fighting, and surprises. We love how every cookie is special and unique! Oh yea, Black Pearl cookie.

We dont understand why people make such big texts abt this game like who has the time but this game is 5 stars.

This is the best game we’ve ever played we’ve been so addicted to it of how fun it is download it NOW!! Its so good.

Been playing this game for almost 2 years and still enjoying it. Having bad luck is frustrating but thats how gacha games go. The cookies are so very cute and the updates and events keep us invested! It is very time consuming but we have the time to pour in anyways. Only complaint is that it crashes a LOT but anyways love this game keep it up devsisters!! P.s. Please make dark mode 16-30 possible its literally not playable.

Overall the game has pretty great graphics, story, characters, etc but the game is becoming a pay to win game. Whenever a new "super epic" comes out it is rlly hard to get and you have to be super lucky in order to get the character plus there’s not enough time to get the character and the chances (percentage) of getting the character is pretty slim. But for us that’s the only problem im sure we’re missing more but from our experience playing that’s the issue.

This game is so good. Even its so hard we still like it. We want to point out something, but Im not mad. The game crashes a lot and glitches. But its not yall fault its just our wifi, lol. We really like the game and we will always love this game.

This game is so fun it may seem like a chore to some people but we love it.

If we could we would give this game 6 stars!

We love the new update we got the new cookie 3th 10 pull.

We started playing this game a year or two ago, and we really liked it. For whatever we stopped playing for a number of months, but recently started back up again. And oh our gosh.. Its overwhelming. There is wayyy too many events, rewards, etc. Yes its nice that there is so many things to do in this game, but we kinda liked how it was a while ago. We dont know, maybe we just sound lazy. But we think they need to tone it back on how much is happening in this game. Fig cookie is our favorite whats yours?

We like it we have been playing for like 3 years and we most of the characters we just need 8 more lol if they keep making new characters lol but we love this game so much yall should download it!!! And give it a review.

We love this game it’s very fun game we definitely recommend it.

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of our favorite games to this day! We’ve been playing for about a year and a half and this game has not disappointed us once!! Great Gacha game and AMAZING quality of life features. Loving every single cookie that comes out and their kits get better every time! Some recommendations You should probably have a pity feature for the up-rate cookie. We’ve spent around 60 pills for candy-diver and felt this feature should be added. Around after 50 pulls, the new epic cookie should be guaranteed in the next pull. It would make gacha a lot easier and would benefit the new players. Overall, AMAZING game and would recommend to all people looking for a fun game!


This game has some ups and downs, but overall it keeps delivering very cute cookies and interesting storylines. Some more work needs to go in to the size of your home village, and your ability to view the entirety of the village at once.

It’s a really great game where it’s like fighting games, but it is just filled with evil, cute, and kind cookies that fight enemies. It also has arenas where you can battle other people’s teams and it is a really great game we recommend it.

Bro this is a littlery a pay to win game we’ve been seeing people with five stars or more and we feel ashamed cause we’ve been playing for three and. Half years.

So to get this clear, we absolutely love this game. The atmosphere is beautiful, the story is so compact yet works together amazingly, and the character designs are very pleasing to the eye. But the problem we have with this game is the crashing. Its constant, and happens every time we boot up the game, at one point or another. Theres also the horrible start-of-game lag when you first open up the game, often causing your game to freeze mid reward collecting. Its a hassle, but not as bad as the crashing. Then again, we do have an old phone, (Iphone 7 if you REALLY wanna be exact) but if there was a way for devsisters to make it less prone to crashing, we can bet us and hundreds upon thousands of other players would be very happy.

This game is super fun! We love all the amazing designs and the interesting personalitys with good backstories.

This game is just so amazing, not only does it have grinding for good characters but THE STORY its a great game and we love playing it so much!

This is a lovely lil game so much fun to level up your kingdom and cookies also customizing your kingdom with all the decor options.

Its so good we love it but can you add more ancient cookies please.

We love this game it is so good and devsisters is very good game designers. Yall should try out this game and cookie run kingdom OvenBreak.

Im not addicted to a lot of things but this is one of the things im addicted to..

This is the best game ever we know your hearing this from a kid but its AMAZING!!! You should totally try it out.

Please bring back duskgloom sea update.

The new update?! Hmmm we havent seen it yet but the new cookie is just beautiful.

Its so fun to expand your kingdom and draw for new cookies we really enjoy it and would totally recommend!!! :)

It to be more like a lot about this is why we have a lot of Funny.

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