Dungeon Village

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Dungeon Village


Dungeon Village is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd, Dungeon Village is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th June 2012 with the latest update 6th July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


148 people have rated 2.27

You can download the game Dungeon Village from APP STORE.


Welcome to an epic RPG world in which the town you build can grow from humble hamlet into a mecca for the land’s most ambitious adventurers!

The enterprising warriors that stop by your blossoming burg will defeat monsters and earn you money. Conquering dungeons and clearing out hordes of monsters will bag you loot to stock your shops. And if your hamlet flourishes, adventurers will want to set up house and settle down!

Build training facilities like Combat Schools and Magic Labs to hone your heroic denizens’ skills and boost your village’s Popularity. The more faces that flock to your cause, the bigger the baddies you can beat!

An all-new "Cauldron" feature also allows you to test your alchemic expertise. Toss items obtained from quests or shops into the Cauldron and your armory might receive a rare addition.

No dungeon is too deep! Make your village the crown estate of this bold RPG narrative!

The game now lets you switch between English and Japanese.

Updated on 6th July 2021

Now available in English and 14 other languages.

Dungeon Village Reviews

We’ve been playing this game on and off since high school, and we love it all the same! Its super addicting and adorable. Im playing through the game again before going on to DV2. :)

Love this game, owned it since the beginning and it moves from one device to the next as we update. Now we see a part 2 and sheesh we will have to buy that one now. Hopefully it is also offline play.

Great game, keep up the good work.

This is the kind of game we love. Simple, rewarding, charming, fun. What more could we ask for? Awesome game!

We would really like for devs to make a DV 2 and we would definitely buy it. Or make more content to this one. Game is so freaking addictive that once you accomplish everything you are left with the desire for the game to be infinite like those ascending games where everything get reset but you get an extra benefit every time you ascend. This game worth every penny and would love to see more.

We’ve literally written a game review one other time, (for the Kingdom Rush Series – Great games as well) but this game is truly a very solid game. Great value if you like a challenge. Reminiscent of Stardew Valley, but building the town is much more fun to us than living in it.

We love the game. Feels like stardew valley but better. The graphics give a great feeling like Im playing Super Nintendo. Look forward to updates and possibly a part two.

Reminds us of the old Majesty pc games and more recently, Little King Story. Wouldnt really say Stardew valley in the least, so if you are thinking of plonking the money down looking for a croptending, relationship building focused game, this aint it. If you are looking to run a small town and the adventurers that protect it, its pocket money well spent.

Its a fun game but it should show the armor they have on but we still recommend you play it.

We were looking for a game like this, and after some research we found this game kept coming up online. We tried it and currently love it. Would love to see a part 2 down the line with some new stuff added to it.

Been playing this game for years! Its always a great game to come back to and beat again!

Definitely our favorite of all the kairo games. Wish there were a direct sequel.

We keep coming back to this every few months to play through again. We really wish that they would make a bigger badder sequel! Highly recommend this one. The paraplegic is also a very fun Kairo soft game to check out as well as ninja village.

We will happily hand you our monies for a sequel, or for additional content for this one. Great game.

We highly doubt a content update will be come to this game, but we might as well leave our feedback. We’ve been playing this game along with numerous other Kairosoft games on and off for six years. Dungeon village was our very first Kairosoft game, so it definitely holds a place in our heart. Looking back on it now, we do have some comments to make on it. The monster sprites are original and captivating. The monster expeditions are also very reminiscent of the RPG like gameplay the team was shooting for. While the art is great… The gameplay is mediocre. There isnt necessarily a story, which is usually ok for a Kairosoft game, just not this one. RPG stands for role playing game so there needs to be a story to actually role play. This lacks any story or purpose for the village and fighting monsters. While we say this, we also know that Dungeon village is one of the earlier Kairosoft games, so we keep this in mind given the fact that theyve improved a lot on the quality of games theyve been putting out. All in all, great game, worth a play BUT if you dont want to get your hopes up or still want an RPG like Dungeon Village Id recommend Magicians Saga. Its also a Kairosoft game and we really enjoyed the execution of it.

We were very excited about the concept of this game. We found myself rather disappointed. The stat bonus system is absolutely tedious! The game has MAJOR balance issues – toward the end equipment doesnt even matter since your character stats are enormous in comparison. All our characters get 1 shot killed and only win by mobbing enemies. The jobs are … Bad. Most of these (like merchant, Carpenter etc) should just be aspects of town building. We dont want to fight dragons with merchants, carpenters and … Clowns??? The endgame character class (no need for diversity because it dominates everything) is literally a blockhead. The present / medal system also silly and tedious. We wanted to build a town, attract character classes based on how we developed our town (which would five replay value) instead of collect them all. We were looking forward to the passive nature of this game but found myself constantly sucked into tedious tasks. Worth a play through but ZERO replay value. The concept is amazing. If the developer had consulted to implement better and more traditional rpg mechanics for the characters this could have been such an amazing game. Turned out kinda mediocre.

PLEASE NOTE: we AM ONLY GIVING THREE STARS BECAUSE we WANT THE DEVELOPERS TO CONTEMPLATE ON A LEGITIMATE REVIEW DEVELOPERS CAN GROW OFF OF. First off, we would like to say how thoroughly impressed with how this game turned out to be. This game to us is still better than those garbage free to play multiplayer army city builder games that require IAPs (in app purchases) like Clash of Clans that have been over washed to the point of no more fun out of that genre anymore. Anyways, enough of us rambling and time to get in the nitty gritty of this game review. Alright we’re gonna ahead and talk about how we felt going through our first play-through. Yes we had a blast playing this game while it lasted, but it was also very short lived because of the leniency this game had. No city disasters like fires or anything of that kind to make you rethink how you’re gonna layout your city and so forth. Additionally the villager system is also much like fallout shelter with more of them coming in upon upgrading your base/ town. Now we’re gonna move onto what we would love to see from this game in the future. FAIR WARNING: some of our ideas might not make sense to integrate, but would totally make this game that much more fun to play in the long run. Like we have said previously, this game was way too lenient for us personally. Put in some natural disaster’s or something to make it more of a challenge. Maybe villagers actually dying when they go down if a difficulty system is added, or something that has some major consequences if you don’t pay attention to the small things. You know? Maybe actually having to go restock your stores from somewhere after a while to make you spend your excess money on. Trust us, you get a lot of that. Never allow a game to be played through like we are walking through a daisy field on a 70 degree sunny day IMHO. Another thing we would like to see is way more customization options in the game. Whether it be the way paths look or building/ villager customization. Would give you the feel as if no could ever have the same town as you. Making you wanna grow and change up your city even more. There’s also a sense of what is their left to do after you get to 5 stars for your town. Honestly, the only way we can see this being counter-acted is if you allow cities to have different ways of getting things done. Like, instead of having villagers quest. Have an option for what kind town you what yours to make money off of. Put in a mining town option or something like that because there have been cities in the world like Dubai who have profited majorly off mining. Just having small customization options like that can completely change the way the game is. Lastly, what we would personally love to see out of single-player games like these is being able to interact between saves you have to maximize strategy. Going back to what we send about being able to choose the way you make your money from, wouldn’t it be cool to be able trade imports/ exports between your towns? Signing off here for now, hopefully we come back to edit our review if this is taken seriously. Kairosoft Co.

We really wanted to like this game, and did up until about 10 adventurers. After that, the game fell apart. 1. Too many useless classes. Every class should be combat oriented with a role. 2. Adventurer AI is awful. It held together fine at first, but now every time we look outside of town we can usually find a group of 5 downed adventurers (usually low level) being camped by monsters who will inevitably kill them once they revive. Nearby adventurers will just ignore this and continue to stand still and await new spawns instead of saving the others. At any one time, expect around half of your adventurers to be down, usually more. Adventurers also refuse to group up, and will always feed themselves into groups of enemies one at a time. At one point, we had 19 people down right outside of town due to a monster mob challenge we had started. Just 5 of them alone could have killed the group of monsters, but because all 19 chose to fight one at a time, they all went down and were re killed every time they revived. We had to wait until the respawn timers happened to match up for the mob to be cleared, which took over a month in game time. 3. The monster scaling is awful. The monsters seem to scale off of your best adventurer, which means new adventures are going to be one shot by every monster. Not only that, but because the adventurers only gain xp if they survive a monster encounter, they will remain a low level. This cycle will continue unless you manage to get lucky and the noob hides in the back and lets max level adventurers take the hits. We have level 1-2s that have been around longer than max levels, purely because they keep dying and getting no xp. 4. Adventurers do not buy equipment. In our town of 4000~ pop and nearly $1,000,000 in the bank, our weapons, armor and accessory stores all run less than $2000 profit. If you want adventurers to have equipment, expect to micromanage every one of them. Otherwise, you can just expect that this (relatively important) game mechanic wont work.

Great had it for years please update.

Very good game. We would recommend it to everyone! We want multiplayer online support.

Thanks for translating such a great game into Chinese!!! We gonna buy all of them. Kairo is the best.

A hidden gem in the App Store! We would recommend this game to everyone. Lots of content and just a great way to pass the time.

This game is very poorly optimized and the UI is a nightmare and greatly detracts from the fun this game might be. We do not recommend buying this game.

The game idea isn’t bad but they way the developers went about it is bad. The control UI is ugly to look at and the graphics aren’t really smoothed out. It may be 8-but but it still shouldn’t look as rough as it does. The control scheme is also bad and very confusing to understand and there isn’t really any help to get to going. A real waste of money luckily it’s only $0.99 so it’s not that bad.

We’ve spent all night and morning playing this game. The gameplay mechanics are very intuitive and the pop up help windows tell you exactly what to do. We haven’t played any other games like this but we enjoy this one a lot. There’s no Pay to Play features, it’s just a straight forward game with no advertisements or gimmicks. If you’re a fan of 8-bit rpg’s and town simulators/management, definitely pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed.

Surprisingly simple and addictive. You don’t really get to control the adventurers but get to be the mayor that gives out quests and control the economy and gear provided to them.

It really is fun and addicting. There are many classes, weapons, and things to keep you busy. Downfall, is that it’s short and there isn’t much explanation for any detailed mechanics. With just a little polish this could be one of the best apps out there. 8/10.

This game has surpassed our expectations in so many ways! We love it! Love all the little Easter eggs like giving your facilities bras increases the appeal level haha. Only things that can be fixed are 1: you can’t just rotate a facility and place it back down in the same spot, you have to move it to another spot then move it back if you just want to rotate it. 2: you can’t later change your adventurer’s job if you decide not to when you’re initially prompted. Other than those two things we LOVE this game. We wish it would just keep on going! Definitely worth every penny!!!

We’ve had this little gem for quite some time, and we still pick it up fairly often. Haven’t encountered any noticeable bugs, personally. The UI is straight forward, and it’s easy enough to learn the basics.

We’re a fan of all the Kairosoft games, this one is great!

This is a great game. The concept is awesome, ranking your town up, quests and an in game currency. The progression in the game makes you more interested to keep playing.

Love The game, Just Wish It Got Some More TLC, Maybe Throw a Few Updates In!

It’s a really cute game to play while watching tv and whatnot – butttt we finished it in only two nights. Can’t give more stars until there’s a way to progress further. Otherwise looks like the developers are churning out game titles with no follow up.

This game is very fun at first, but as time goes on, it was a chore to even think about playing this game.

When we say little we’re talking about the 8-bit looking graphics but otherwise these games are worth hours upon hours and great to kill time!

Simply a lot of fun. Build your town through selling high end gear to warriors and then have them help destroy local monsters.

We had high hopes when we read the reviews, but unfortunately this game just isn’t that fun – especially for the price. It would be fine for a buck, but it’s too quick and we had no desire to play it again.

The concept of this game is great. Where it falls flat is the mid-late game enjoyment, concept, graphics, ending, replayability, strategy, combat, lack of substance, we can continue. There are numerous variable objects at play that are used for multiple purposes, but instead of adding fun to the gameplay it fills it with cumbersome and slow item activation screens and repetitive tapping just to level up a building. The quests are very weak and only offer a "progression bar" for any and all adventures. The map is the worst. It’s nestled in this small map with very little opportunity to grow and all quests/monster slaying takes place in the same location right outside of town. There are no combat mechanics. The class system is a huge letdown because the games economy is so easy to get rolling that by day 10 you can have everyone equipped with Hero Armor, Helmet, Demon Axe, etc and just feed "heroes" items to make them stronger. The event element in this game is just another quick screen to celebrate what? The events are literally just "items" with a special name and screen. Nothing else. The graphics are simple. There is nothing elaborate or unique about it. The controls are god awful. Characters dying in a "fight", but you have tons of healing items? Sorry, you can’t select them easily/at all to heal them. If you do, enjoying tapping multiple times, througg multiple screens, just to heal someone who, when the screen closes, can die nearly instantly. The town eventually is packed full, leaving you no room for expansion at all. Buildings have no real purpose either, except to generate gold. There is NO story! The ending is the worst we have ever seen. Congratulations, here’s your high score! Keep playing! Luckily we only paid $1.99 for this or i’d be asking for our money back. This is a time waster like any game, but this has no true reward. Save your money!!

On the vein of Majesty, this game has a lot going for it. No extra purchasing, fun characters, quick gameplay and solid mechanics. It’s a bit short unless you are maxing everything out. Wish they made a sequel because we love these types of hero AI games.

It’s a good old game. We don’t know why they don’t make more like it.

Many hours have been spent on this great game.

Love this game! Essentially you build a cute town where, depending on how great you make it, Heros show up to spend their money and live. You can send them out on quests or watch them go out and battle area monsters on their own. Tons of stuff to do and upgrade but there is nothing to pay for with cash after initial game purchase. There are 2 save spots so you can play more than one town at a time or have one for a family member, which we wish more games would do. Well worth the price in our opinion. P.S. Kairosoft never does content updates on Pay Once and Play games so stop asking. You buy it as a full and final product. Their games are well worth the money and we replay them frequently.

We love this game! It is fun to unlock everything and design the town efficiently. No complaints! We would like an expansion pack!

Best game we’ve played on our phone, we were able to complete the game in a matter of days so it does have a short duration, would be amazing if an expansion or new content was released for it, other wise it is worth it!

If you enjoy RPGs and sim games, this is definitely worth the money spent! The main thing is you have lots to do. You can change classes, explore places, craft items through the Cauldron, and more! If you get a Kairosoft game, get this one.

This game was amazing back when we played it. We would pay for DLC/IAP of new content. Create Expansions please.

It’s a great game, but they need to add content. You cap pretty quick.

We can’t wait for a second game. Hours and hours of gameplay. We just wish we had more room to build and more interaction with heroes. Great game!

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