Cupcake Doodle

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 12:30 am

Cupcake Doodle


Cupcake Doodle is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Shoe the Goose, Cupcake Doodle is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th August 2013 with the latest update 20th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


167 people have rated 1.04

You can download the game Cupcake Doodle from APP STORE.


***** Spring 2014 Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award winner – Parents’ Choice Foundation *****

Make stunning cupcakes with Cupcake Doodle!

Choose from 15 fun batters, like Confetti, Green Tea or Mississippi Mud. Follow the recipe by sifting the flour, squeezing the lemons, mashing the bananas and chopping the nuts.

Before you put your cupcakes into the oven, decide on the cupcake shape you’d like – round, heart, square or fluted square. Next, design your liners using a variety of colors and patterns.

Once your cupcakes are out of the oven, frost them with specially designed frosting shapes and colors. You can layer different shapes on top of each other or make two-toned frosting swirls. Put your finishing touches on your creation with sprinkles, jimmies, candies, fruits, flowers, animals, googly eyes and more.

When you’re done, save your cupcake to your photo album, share it with your friends or simply dig right in and eat it!

Updated on 20th June 2020

Updated for iOS 13

Cupcake Doodle Reviews

It has no word you can decorate it.

How do you eat all the cupcakes?

Is great this even with you the recepis.

We love this game and it was definitely worth the 99 cents. We play it all the time and we like how you can chop the butter and sift the flour instead of just dragging the ingredients into the bowl. However we would love to see some simple flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Also, we would like a few more frosting flavors such as cookie dough and definitely coconut! Finally please add some blue frostings, we know that blue is a hard color for food but maybe add food coloring so you can make the frosting any color you want. Thanks for a great game!!

We love this game it is very fun to play on. But we have rated it 4 stars. We think it could be a better game if you had a variety of favors, icings, and toppings. Maybe even make your own cupcake flavor. Otherwise it is a very good game.

This is a awesome game. Our fave part is when you get to make the recipe. We love squishing the bananas.

We really love cupcake doodle. It is super fun to make, decorate, and "eat" the cupcakes. There is only one thing that we think you should add and that is more cupcake flavors. We think you should add the simple ones like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and other ones. We really hope you read this because we think the app could be way better. Also, could you lower the prices on the games? We want to get fashion doodle but it is too expensive. Thanks again!

Way to many pop ads. Must supervise your child while using this app.

This app is great!! But, when you click on the frosting it doesn’t update after u frosted it before. Can u add this?

First person to review! The app is awesome!

This is the best "shoe the goose" game. We would recommend it for not only little kids but for anyone. We could use one thingthough: the option to turn sound off. We hate how loud the sound is even when you have your volume on mute.

We have so much fun with this app!

This would be a great new app where u could make fries mozzarella sticks and corn dogs and toasted ravioli and other stuff this would be awesome and better than baking apps.

Love this game as much as the other doodle games . They should make a milkshake doodle and a smoothie doodle and a popcorn doodle and a breakfast doodle and an ice cream doodle and a lollipop doodle and a candy doodle and a pizza doodle and a cake pop doodle and a crepe doodle and a s’mores doodle and a fair food doodle and a desert doodle and a cookie doe bite doodle and a cake bite doodle and a slushy doodle and an icy doodle and a pudding doodle and a fondou doodle and a fast food doodle and a salad doodle and a pet doodle and a cartoon doodle and a flower doodle.

We love this game it is so fun and its awesome because u can make it bake it and decorate.

We just got this game and we love it! We would suggest to make the flavors of the batters more recognizable, because some we still don’t understand what flavor it is. Besides that this game is really cool! Thank you Shoe the Goose!

We love this app… Such great graphics and so many possibilities! A thing that could change in the update is how many cupcakes you want to make… If u don’t want to make four, but instead 1 or 2 have that be an option.

We LOVE this game! But in the next update we would like more flavors. Amazing game! <3.

Our 3 year old grand baby loves this, Great app. For a creative child.

Ilove cupcake doodle it is so muchfun.

This was hard at first but we figured it out. It was fun.

This game would be even cooler if you could create your own design and frosting as well as the other designs and frostings. But we LOVE the app so yeah! THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Such a good game but you should make it have a chocolate cupcake and a vanilla cupcake!

You need more favors maybe like a mix the batter deal? Or themed ones.

Its a game that has lots of potential. You should be able to create your own cupcake. Or maybe you can make a make your own cupcake recipe where its the basic normal cupcake mix and you can add any ingredients you like and as many as you like. Then you should have an ultra computer in the app so that it will create or find the recipe you made on the internet and give you a link to see how to make your recipe in real life. A little to much for an app, but good ideas. There should also be more flavors of cupcakes as well. And there should be more patterns for the wrappers, frosting, tips, toppers, and sprinkles. But its a great game overall. Great for how much it cost.

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