Hyper PA

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 10:30 pm

Hyper PA

Hyper PA

Hyper PA is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FUNCELL GAMES PRIVATE LIMITED, Hyper PA is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th February 2022 with the latest update 6th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hyper PA ?

13,749 people have rated 4.7.1

What is the price of the Hyper PA ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hyper PA released ?

Hyper PA was released on 7th February 2022.

When was the Hyper PA updated ?

The latest updated date of Hyper PA on 6th June 2023.

Where can Hyper PA be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hyper PA from Apple Official App Store.



Have you ever wanted to become a personal assistant? The one employee in the office that makes all the choices? Ever wanted to be an office jerk and play pranks on your boss? Office fever is on the rise and this fun game is here to help you beat the boss.

Don’t live the boss life, become a Hyper PA. As the Hyper PA, you make the choices. Be the office jerk and beat the boss with perfect lies to get revenge or become an angel personal assistant. In this fun game, you choose! Play the role of hyper hostess by answering phone calls, sending secret files, hiring new employees & firing the office jerks.

> Multiple levels to experience as a Hyper PA

> Tell a perfect lie to your boss and watch the story unfold

> Customize your outfits and personal assistant look

> Beat the boss and control what happens in the office!

This hyper hostess caught office fever and is the new Hyper PA of the office. Don’t let boss life get you down, become a personal assistant and beat the boss!

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Updated on 6th June 2023

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Hyper PA Review

This game is very fun and we wanna play again.

Goooooooood sorry it is not our fault.

Really good game but at the end of BE A BOSS you should get all the potions. We need one more and that one is Good looking. We have been playing every day and we never get it.

This game is fun, but its not like it is on the ads. Plz dont show fake ads just to get people ppl to play.

Ok so the ads looked like it was an awesome game. We are on level3 and theres no switching bosses. That was the only concern that we had.

Im a 12 year old girl. And we noticed some inopropriate content on the levels. It teaches kids how to be lesbian, cheat, and set people on fire. Which is a very bad example. Im not trying to be rude we like lesbians its your choice. But what its teaching little kids is to inopropriate. So 2 star rating. But other than that it was fun.

Its was nothing like the adds no changing anything and very inappropriate adds and the game was glitching and it was not the same as the adds please fix this.

This app contains sexual references and workplace harassment normalization. It was advertised to our 7 year old daughter and she was playing it. Thank god we noticed. This game should be at least 18+ and removed from App Store. Shame on these developers.


To many adds and to many things happening at the same time to sexy for kids.

This games is funny and fun to play on but. On day 77 we completed the task it gave us and it gave us a potion for our boss but it wont let us press off the gift pls fix this to make the game better.

We went into this game from an inspiring YouTuber and in this gam you have CHOICES so we decided to be bad and it let us let out myself that we locked back in when we got off a lot was justice n, revenge so we give itand now we say download this.

It is very interesting and fun.

This game is so much fun but its very glitchy. When ever we click on the add and it said add unavailable. Please fix your game.

This game is fun and silly we just wish that there were less adds.

We really do love the game! Its very fun to play! But whenever we clear a level it gives us a wheel that we should spin, when we spin it and it gives us our potion it doesnt like leave the potion screen. Theres no exit button or something to tap. So we close the game and reopen it, when we reopen it we should clear the same level again. And again it asks us to spin the wheel. And the same thing happens. We hope it gets fixed soon.

We love this game its just when we got the potion it didnt let us exit out the screen we kept switching our app it put us back there again we are really annoyed can you please fix it transI its it we it back it.

We love this game but when we got so excited to make our own boss this game wont give us the last potion we need and we’ve spun the wheel like 20 times and it will never give us the last potion. And when we saw the make your own boss you people got our hopes up and now we cant make our own boss. So thanks A LOT developers.

This game is so overrated, its nothing like the ads. The only thing that is like how it looks is that the boss is mean and the demands are really dumb. There was only like four stories to do so we finished it really quickly. It was a decent game, but overall not worth it, there was also pretty frequent ads and a lot of them were pretty long. We really wanted to make the boss how we want to. We get said we could but that never happened. It never give us the option.

Its a fun game and all but it wont let us collect our potions.

Its glitchy, and wont let us get the potions.

Well do not get it that is it bye follow us in zepto btw.

Never play this app it is the worst game we ever played in our childhood it got us so mad so many times it is the worst game for our perspective we would never play it again if you play it and you go all the way to day89 you will not get because it says make you own boss but they dont show you how to make a boss.

When we spin the wheel it gives us the same thing over and over again and we want it to be fixed soon.

This is the most boring game we have ever played we dont recommend to play this game .

Okay Im not gonna lie we love the game. But heres the first thing is that the game needs more stories. Second thing is that we think that we should be able to apply for jobs and sometimes get in. And when you get the potions you cant move on from that screen. Please make these improvements and this we promise you will be our favorite game.

So, as the title reads, we played through the entire game until we became our own boss And after a level where you have to make sure that your workers dont fall asleep, a pop up showed, You can now make your own boss using potions! Only, there was no next button and it was just stuck at that screen. Dont waste your time on this game, honestly. Dont do what we did lol.

First of all, when it gets to the part of you collecting potions to create-your-boss, our entire screen froze and we cant collect the potions, which makes us stuck on a level. Second of all, it is very inappropriate and not for kids. There are dating apps that you go into and chat with a npc saying words like hey cutie.

Hyper PA is a great game in our opinion because it is in your control on what happens. For example, you can pick your outfit, your hair, your jewelry, and you can even upgrade the office. The only thing is we would like for there to be more levels. But, other than that, you should definitely download Hyper PA!

Not that your game is bad but it is a 2 because the ad shows that you can make a new boss so we downloaded it and we have been playing for a long time and we never was able to make our own boss and we kinda keep doing the same thing like where you find the dog so can you fix it and dont make it where it shows you where the dog is when you have to find it so please fix it.

We downloaded this game because we thought we would get to make our own boss and none of the levels are like that. The game is fun and all but we wish we could change our boss mood.

U have a weird game. We will now delete it.

This game is the worst thing that ever happened to us we hate it so much. Kids watch these ads too.

The game in question is not about creating a boss, but rather making critical decisions that will impact the outcome of the game. While some players may be disappointed by this devastation from the norm, the game offers a unique and challenging experience that will keep you engaged for hours. The gameplay revolves around decision-making, and every choice will have an impact on the storys direction. Youll be presented with various scenarios and given random choices to the game. The games graphics are smooth, transporting you into a programming building full of rude bosses. The music gives us an anxious feeling about this being in every game. While some players may be disappointed that the game does not involve creating a boss, its important to note that the games focus on decision-making adds a level of depth and complexity that many games lack. Overall, this game is not highly recommended for players who enjoy creating things.

We loved it but it didnt have what it had an ad and we really wanted to do it and thats the only reason we downloaded the app we wanted to change our boss and we just end up being the boss instead which we love that but we really wanted to change our boss to kind and loving like in the ads.

This game is nothing what it looks like on the ads so dont download.

Well first its very sexual and it said to tie a rope to the fan and we did and it tied someone to the fan it was that or gasoline in a fire with a person in it and for the outfit for the devil traits is not 12+ it also asked us to push a dog in front of someone walking do we even have to explain that one? Well our review is not for kids very sexual themes and animal abuse and also making someone feel bad when they are called ugly is not a laughing matter creators! We would give a lower rate but we couldnt.

So , it seems like a cool game but like its super weird. On the third level you have to massage your boss???? WHAT!? NO, just noooo! Do not recommend!

We finshed this game in 2 days we wish there more levels like the PA getting fired and finding the boss she loved but he asked her to date him again we hope more levels come out soon.

You have no one for you a baby and I.

This game keeps us entertained but how can we make a boss we became one but we NEVER GOT TO MAKE ONE its really frustrating for us to BeAt ThE gAmE but WHY THIS FEELS LIKE A SCAM.

It was ok but we did not have what was in the ad!! Horrible.

Hello so we were playing for a while and now Im on level 30 Im glitching SO bad and we need to play more levels! But on level 30 Im stuck on the level we almost fixed it and bye.

So this game is simple you want to see what a AP life is like but when you actually get into playing it had dating apps and uses the words hey cutie and is a terrible influence for you kids it uses terrible language And when we say inappropriate it IS. It used bad clothing and is not fair you can either be a bad person or an angel it is not good. Stay strong!

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