Curly Crownz Hair Salon

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Curly Crownz Hair Salon

Curly Crownz Hair Salon

Curly Crownz Hair Salon is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Crownz Organization LLC, Curly Crownz Hair Salon is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd April 2021 with the latest update 9th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Education, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Curly Crownz Hair Salon ?

1,466 people have rated 7.3

What is the price of the Curly Crownz Hair Salon ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Curly Crownz Hair Salon released ?

Curly Crownz Hair Salon was released on 3rd April 2021.

When was the Curly Crownz Hair Salon updated ?

The latest updated date of Curly Crownz Hair Salon on 9th November 2022.

Where can Curly Crownz Hair Salon be downloaded ?

You can download the game Curly Crownz Hair Salon from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Curly Crownz Hair Salon, where hair is literally magic! Grow your hair with essential oils or add braids for goddess vibes.

Get creative with hair dyes and style combos. Flat iron for something different and wet for gorgeous curls. There are no limits at Curly Crownz Hair Salon, just big pretty crowns of hair.

We hope you enjoy! Tons of new features and updates are on the way very soon.

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Updated on 9th November 2022

Bug fixes

Curly Crownz Hair Salon Review

This game is amazing but why is there only two lipsticks for the poor people? Like rich people can buy the whole game because almost everything cost money even shirts and pants! And when we try to feed the people at the food thingy THEY WONT EAT!! Like we put the food close to there mouth and they WONT EAT! You guys need to fix it!

We rate this a three because the last time we played this game it was like you couldnt do anything but hair also to do pretty much of it it coast money so yeah Im sorry but pls make it better if you havent already done it.

Im glad to a game featured where women of color are shown. The graphic artists are super talented. We would like to see more eyeshadow, lipstick, and hairstyle options. When you add braids, it is difficult to switch between hairstyles. We should be able to take pictures.

This is a good start for creating apps for black people. This game needs improvement, glitches and needs more options. Hope this app creator creates more games or other apps.

Im gonna give it a two star rating instead of one due to the fact where its a game with poc, which we absolutely appreciate. But. Listen this game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Like-really! But its so hard to actual play it because you have to pay for mainly everything, and we get really confused with the controls. Like one second we wanna do makeup and im back at the main menu. We would like a more organized play and more free options, thats what wud make this game amazing! Thank u for ur time.

We downloaded this because we thought it would be fun but it was glitching and it wont let us play and then when we did eventually play it was making us buy lots of thing but its a scam if it was different we would be 5 starts.

This game is absolutely horrible. You have to buy most of the things and its just stressful. Its just a waste of your time. Theirs all so bugs in the so it takes a long time for a lot of things to load.

Whats the point of the game if everything thing is locked and you have to pay for it and it glitches a lot.

So when we Downloaded this app for fun it took for ever for the characters to work. + if you dont have money all you can do is some braids and a bun etc and you can only put on red lipglosses! This is so bad please fix the bugs and the lags and put more things that are free!

Its terrible we cant even get into the game. It has so many bugs that needs to be fixed. We wanted to play this game because it has black girl representation but its unplayable. Im very disappointed.

Cant move on without having to pay if your not willing to pay dont download this game, Im a black girl and would love to be able to not only see games where we can do lighter skin shades of make up but also darker shades but as always its always pay this to move or pay that which is why a lot of people just stick to the regular just seems to be more about money than peoples enjoyment.

It is not giving any of the people who are playing this game directions.

Worst game ever you have to buy almost everything but is also very creative but would never play.

This was a really bad experience like you cant even play the game or do anything and the pixelation was horrible.

We thought this was going to be a good game but its not you cant feed them and you also have to buy stuff for them which is like everything. The game is boring to so please update it please and we would also like to give it a five star so please please fix it.

When we played this game it was fun but no we had to pay for most things and the makeup you have to pay for it. When you play for a little you get bored of it.

You have to pay for everything theres a lot of adds dont play:(

This game is not it because you have to pay for everything, And for as bad as this game graphics are, nobody should have to pay and everything just glitches, the only thing good is the people but they glitch as well we don’t think anyone should download this game because. 1:too many glitches and bugs 2:the graphics and quality.

We dont like this game because she got a buy stuff that she really dont have money for.

We had this game in 2020 it was not that good but while the game started to progress it got even better like good job u came far!

In the makeup part of the game the other girls have white blotches on their faces. We tried wiping it off with the virtual cloth, but it doesnt work. And after you leave the beauty area, the girls faces are stuck with the blotches. Another glitch also happened at the salon. Whenever we tried to attach braids to the girls hair, we end up cutting it. And Maybe remove the cheekbones from the other girls, because one of them didnt have any. All in all we do like this game.

We love this game so much we love the different options but theres glitches like with the makeup it makes it like pixely but other than that love it.

The app is good but when we click on the models it takes us to the main menu and everything is locked so can you please fix it and also we like that you use (African American)one more thing when we use the blonde hair die its bigger then he hair but we do like the game so thank you for using African American but we do love the game.

We downloaded the game because of reviews and games pictures, and we thought it was going to be the best game in the world! And it was until we opened it a few days after downloading it. The Games graphics went Crazy!!! It was terribly pixelated. Maybe there was something wrong with the iPad or the game had a bug. Otherwise its a truly wonderful, creative, and awesome game!! If the pixilation was fixed, we will definitely give 5 stars!!!! But after downloading this game a second time we realized that litterly everything is locked. And you have to spend money for anything as well, and its not our iPad that pixelated its the game.

Okay the charters are really cute & Im starting to think thats all the game was for we really love how theyre all African American characters its giving us brats doll we mean the characters was detailed or watever Buh the game itself is messed up and the quality on some of the items are bad like us changing the color of the hair, it looks faker than the charter it doesnt match the hair looks outlined if that makes sense & while putting makeup on a character it was very glitchy & we couldnt fix bc it was fixed to how it was supposed to look in the first place with that being said you cant really change the make there was no options at all just a brush, blush that was locked & conclear & when we used the conclear it gave it a glitchy look, it literally messed up. Ig what im trying to say is.. The game is just throwed together. Its not a bad game Buh its not like something you would want to continue to play however if the game was fixed we wouldnt mind playing.

So basically its take its poor time loading you cant even do anything because you gotta pay for everything the only why we gave it 1 star because it usually be white people. But the chose black do good job just for the race change.

Its terrible we cant even get into the game.

And this new update is making it worst now you can even feed them and now its just bad EVERYTHING COST MONEY like come in cut us some slack plssss like add more hair styles for free because this right here aint working with nothin like uh uh .

OMG!!! We are LOVING the new updates! The colors are so warm and pretty. Plus the hairstyles are so cute! Thank you for this.

This game is the best game we had ever played Plus its black.

We havent played yet but we see all them reviews about how it supports blacks and let us jest say, YASSSSSS. Im adopted into a white family so this is so nice to se something like this. Thank god for this game yall! Its a blessing!

It is the best game we love it so much and it just has new things now and like you can have clothes for them and wonderful hair styles and tasty breakfast and they even have lashes makeup and so much more to explore.

So the game loads really slow but is a good game.

This game is amazing we love how it shows some ppl culture , All tho there is some bugs you need to fix ,but all tho we love it .

Rlly it is good but like whats up with the top? It says 1.99 and then all of a sudden its 2.99 ?? Unless they changed it but forgot to change the icon or its a glitch on our phone overall the game is good but u have to pay for almost everything we dont rlly care but at the same time we do u know what we mean ? Like we dont care to pay bc im happy with what we have now but why cant we have more stuff without paying money??? Its ok the game is but can yall lower the prices?? Like we said earlier we dont care but at the same time we do like the only time we payed real money for a game was like in 2016 when our mom payed money for toca hospital which cost like 0.99 like can the price drop down to that ?? Not trying to compare yall to other games but can it plz be that price?? Thanks peace bye<~> -Gias Ratings @[email protected]

It wont let us play the game whats up with that so if we give this a five star they have to fix it.

Errorless mostly. Our character keeps disappearing can you work on that please . Thank you.


This game is so so cool and we just wish that we can be like this and we rate this a 5 stars and what do you rate this game And this is the best game ever please play,love and enjoy;)

Its okay. You get to style good and stuff! But when you do somthing cool it never saves for when you go to the next store. There cool and stuff just we would like if they saved. Im not being hateful about it lol! But we get sad when our hard work doesnt save! PS. Awesome game keep up the hard work!!! We know your probably wont see but if you fix it please tell us! Anyways awesome job!!

We love this, its perfect to represent BGM.

We love the game but there were a few things we had trouble with like clicking clothes and stuff do hair and it really mad us mad so pls fix yall game.

But we dont like how laggy it is and that u have to pay to play basically the wholeeee game.

Over all this app is amazing. We love it so much but its really glitchy so can you make a choice to fix that? We are having a rough time putting on makeup and somw braids. Please fix the glitch. -Your fav reporter <3.

We just got the app and it looks fun Im excited to try it out and think it will be good.

Hey guys, this is a really great concept but we wasnt able to get into the game to really check it out. We were impressed by the different shops and sections! The styles, colors, and design are amazing! We just couldnt see the avatar and navigate as we would have liked to. So we cant really say too much, but we are DEFINITELY bookmarking this game app. We just wanted to leave a review to express interest and provide feedback on the glitches.

The game looks like so much fun but there so many glitches and we cant click on anything we would love to see those fix.

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