Virtual Families

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Virtual Families


Virtual Families is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by LDW Software, LLC, Virtual Families is a Family game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 25th June 2009 with the latest update 19th October 2017

Whether you are a fan of Family, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,130 people have rated 1.2.2

You can download the game Virtual Families from APP STORE.


Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true real time. Adopt a little person from the thousands of choices of little people who live inside your iPhone. Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries, help them choose a suitable mate, start and raise a family, let them kick back with a variety of leisure activities, and take care of and improve their home. Along the way, there will be many different random events to respond to, house malfunctions to repair, and mini-puzzles to solve, all of them adding an unexpected element to the daily routine. This is the same sensational game that became a smash Windows and Mac hit!

The game continues to progress in true real time, even when your iPhone is turned off, so don’t forget to check in regularly to care for your little people.

More about Virtual Families:

  • Real-time game play, with new surprises every time you turn on the game!
  • Fully trainable people: shape and adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
  • Marry for love; marry for money – the choice is yours.
  • Raise children and enjoy them as they grow up and go off to college.
  • Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
  • Solve hidden puzzles around the house.
  • Improve the house and pass it to successive generations.
  • Random Events: unique and unpredictable email and house events that bring everything from the tax man to free stuff!
  • Collectibles: dozens of unique collectibles for your family to collect and sell.
  • Trophies: over 100 trophies that can be earned for almost every area of game play.
  • Weather ranging from sunny days to thunderstorms.

Recommended for people who enjoy Virtual Villagers, and other life sims!

LDW games have been awarded with:

  • Sim Game of the Year – Game Tunnel
  • The Zeebys – Gamezebo
  • Parents Choice Recommended Award
  • iParenting Media Award

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Updated on 19th October 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Hello Virtual Families fans!

We’ve updated the award-winning, original Virtual Families to support the latest devices and iOS versions! With millions of downloads worldwide, we’re happy to ensure you can continue to play your favorite apps on your new devices. Revisit the classic Virtual Families today, and build a multi-generational home for the tiny family that lives inside your pocket!

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Virtual Families Reviews

Oh how we loved playing this game and wish there was a new update. We enjoyed all the different stories but this was our favorite!

It took us 5 years to get triplets along with starting over a lot. Anyways, we are on our second generation and we finally had triplets. To have triplets, one parent has the no way for kids, and the other one has definitely. We gave baby boost to the no way for kids and got triplets. We have not gotten twins yet in this game. While in VF2 and VF3 we have gotten multiple sets of twins but no triplets.

Have loved this game since we were 14, will always love it and we hope to be able to play it for many years to come :)


We love this game its always been a favorite but last night we got on the game and it automatically took us to the start screen, went black, then made us adopt a new person??? We dont understand. We were three generations down, two kids, 3000 units of food, $2000 in the bank, and everyone was healthy and happy. Why was we forced to restart our game like that????!

Have twins or triplets: start to use the phrasing glove on the parents before they try to have kids, once you get them to try to make kids, use the praising glove multiple times. Once they are in the bedroom give them there privacy and make sure that you cant see them. ( this will only work if you have 3- kids if you want triplets) How to cure hiccups: most of you probably know this but we will say just in case. First, you bring the person who has hiccups to the sink (kitchen or bathroom) make sure that it says that they are getting a drink of water. While they are doing that, refresh you screen and they should not have hiccups anymore. How to fix floors: if you go to your shop regularly, then at some point, there should be a toolbox. What you need to do is buy it and once it is in your toolbar, you tap it and give it to a person in the game. Thank you everyone we hope this helps! We are extremely sorry if any of these dont work but for the past 8 generations ( the whole time we have been playing) they have worked for us!

Ah, we remember this game when we were 7. Very fun. Playing it now and Its giving us nostalgic vibes. Love it!!!

We have played this game over and over! Its a great way to pass the time. We will buy everything, update all of the rooms offered & get millions of dollars & just start it all over again. Its just a silly, fun way to pass the time when you are bored!

We remember being a young child and playing this with our siblings. Now, years later, we are playing again. Its a very amazing game.

We’ve been playing and revisiting this game for ten years, and still havent done all there is to do. Virtual Families has provided us with endless hours of entertainment. From making sure your little people survive, collecting things, upgrading their home and seeing how many generations you can create, youll never get bored. A must-download for any sim fan.

Can we get an update please?! Just for the sake of nostalgia??

We really love this game but we have a suggestion. It is really hard to get money and we think money should be easier to get and things could be cheaper. We also don’t think things should be unlocked on lower generations. That is our ONLY problem with the game. But it would be nice if u could name the kids like someone else said. But this game is AWSOME! Thanks for reading! Bye!

We just thought about this, along with all the virtual villagers games, and they are still as fun as they used to be! Along with the nostalgia, we like that they are challenging as well and can still entertain us and make us think as an adult.

We love this game but we do wish the developers kept improving it. Guys we need an update!! Virtual families 2 is boring … We like the first one.

We had triplets! We did not know that could happen! They all look the same so we hope that they wear different clothes. Margesse, Gaga, and Saphina, all happy and healthy babies! We love this game! We lost all of our progress, so we had to restart. We were so sad because we had 3 great children! But we are not sad anymore because we got triplets! We are so happy!

We love this game but we wish there was more to do. We have 2 billion dollars and nothing to spend it on. We’ve done all the upgrades on our house that are possible. Wish we could do more.

We love this game and we have no complaints at all whatsoever. We introduced it to our friends and they got hooked too so dont change anything.

We’ve been playing your game for years and we love it ! However do you think you guys could add a feature where family can visit ? Like the people from past generations who would actually still be alive time wise? Just a suggestion to make it more fun and family like !

Wheres Virtual Families 3 at that you keep holding off?

We cant wait for the day yall either make or release Virtual Families 3 we would literally pay like $10 for it Please make.

Sometimes when we have the towel rack, our person goes to dry their feet, then the action immediately ends! What is wrong with this?

Hi, would you believe it im still playing this in 2021. We wish we had more options. We would like to interact with others like the neighbors and be able to throw parties and all. We wish it was more modern. We also wish our families could interact with one another… Such as hugging, playing with each other, and just more interaction!! Its very old school but dont get us wrong we LOVE IT! But it would be nice to have newer things to make the game more exciting. Like can our kids have bfs and gfs? Hehe.

We used to play this on our old ipod touch (2010-2012?) along sith our brother and sister. Its very nostalgic for us. We dont really have any complaints expect that it gets boring after a while.

We love this game so much but recently whenever we turn it on our phone screen goes black on and off. Only happens in this app. Not sure whats going on and Im so sad because we really want to play it!!!

This game is already pretty good and entertaining… But may we suggest some ideas we had in mind? For one, we feel like the children should at least sort of resemble the parents instead of just being random. Also, maybe have more things for the family to do besides staying in the house and maybe have them meet people in the neighborhood? We feel like this would make the game more interesting. Those are just two ideas… Great game tho!

We love this game but its kinda annoying when you have a baby is there some way u can put it down but besides that we love it.

We love this game and other games, however, we find theres an issue in the Virtual Families apps, when you put the family members to bed and leave the game, or go check on the family a bit later, the family is up and out f bed, and what ends up happening is their energy is low and theyre tired, we find it frustrating, because we believe thats why they get sick easily, could you please look into this?

How about updating this since you forced us to buy it! Can’t even interact with pets, wasted time fixing and buying things they don’t even have uses for, barbecue doesn’t provide food, no birds at bird feeder or birdbath. Don’t waste your time downloading the "free" or lite versions, useless. Just give us an update! Money comes too slowly and can’t afford anything?…

We really enjoy having this game on our phone. Its kinda just something to do on our down time but after quiet a while of having this game it would be nice if we could personalize our family skin color. Would be cool if we could make them black like us.

This game has a lot of potential, but isnt realistic. We and many others want to see skin of all colors! The world it self isnt just one color of people.

This Game Should Have More Realistic Things Going On Like Sims And we Need To Be Able To Add Our Credit Car To Pay For Money .. We Should Be Able To Make Our People As Well As Name Them !

Our family has gone through generations and over time have A LOT of money that we cant spend. We have updated everything and bought everything. Can we have more? More house upgrades? More rooms? SOMETHING!!

You should add an adoption agency so you can have more kids in the household instead make the people have one.

This is a great game overall but we would like it if the pets and babies had to eat. Also, why do you only get one small house when the before-game story says one BIG house? We think that with every generation, an old broken house gets sold to the new generation. Also, make the parents do all of the work, we are not happy that they do nothing but nap and watch television! We would like the developer to reply to this and PLEASE update this game. We keep deleting it because it keeps taking too long for the kids to grow up! Also, make more rooms, no kid should share a room with 5 of their siblings!!! Thanks! Ps: we gave it three stars because it is boring but ok.

It’s boring. It’s not as fun as the the other version from last year and we made a mistake as to buy the payed version instead of the free one.

Its good but it need black people.

Wish we could purchase coins like on the other games. C.

Love this game. We’ve been playing off and on for a long long time. However, we stop playing after about the third generation because theres nothing left to do once we reach that point… The game needs more to it. Some suggestions: daily goals, market and store refreshing more often, holidays, ability to travel to extra locations (I.e. Vacation, store, date night locations). It looks like there hasnt been an update in a year so we doubt this will be read or acted upon but we hope Im wrong because this game has A LOT of potential.

This game is as good as always, but now we can’t get all the achievements which is really frustrating, because the stkre changed. One achievement is to win the lotto, but you can’t buy lotto tickets anywhere?? And what happened to the maid and the gardener, and why can’t you have more than one pet at a time? Please fix as many of these as possible, and don’t just remove the lotto achievement because then you can’t get the 100 achievements achievement.

We got this game and the version 2. We really liked this one a lot! However, the game started to "restart" every 2 or 3 generations; in other words, we had to start over after 2 or 3 generations. It became very frustrating as we had started to accumulate money and collections, only to have to start from scratch a few days later. We ended up deleting the game.

This is the second time we’ve gotten extremely far in the game and we check in and suddenly we have to start our entire game over even though our family is still alive and or has died but has had kids. Im deleting this game for good unless the developers fix this. Im just glad we NEVER spent real money on it. Although, looking at the comments it seems like the developers dont care enough to comment on someones comment so we guess Ill just delete the game and take our loyalty some where else.

Tried this game out because the VFLite wouldnt let us counter ti have one more baby also played VF2 yes its more work because you have to comple saving money fir house upgrades decor furniture etc. There more to it. After just like a day or two into VF it got boring the fam is constantly tired and watch TV all day which is weird since there is only like3 major problems with the house cracks, leaks and the sickens. Its weird how there tired when they barely work and are always to tired to make or have babies. VF2 doesnt mind adding babies back to back and making money is easier more adventurous. In VF money is always low the Groceries should all be between $10-35$ since income is usually low. At least in VF2 your able to watch videos like 7 of them daily to get free $150 coins cash which is helpful.

We spent money on this game then it resets after we have a family established!?!? Sad.

Why are there constant ads now! We paid for this app and should not have constant ads popping up. Its ridiculous! Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just feel like this game would be better if the producer made African American characters or other races besides Caucasian we’ve played this game for yearsss and not 1 character we came across was black. Do better!

You need some black or different races in this game. Doesnt be racist. Thank you. Update your game.

We love this game for its simplicity so we’ve always kept playing it despite its horrible visual quality that’s fallen behind the iPhone screen technology over the years. HOWEVER, we were OVERJOYED to find our game had been updated. The graphics are crystal clear, and it’s the game we’ve always adored except with modern graphics. THANK YOU SO MUCH for updating it and not simply letting the game die out of outdatedness. We are so grateful.

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