Dandara Trials of Fear Edition

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Dandara Trials of Fear Edition


Dandara Trials of Fear Edition is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Raw Fury AB, Dandara Trials of Fear Edition is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th February 2018 with the latest update 25th March 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


311 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Dandara Trials of Fear Edition from APP STORE.


The world of Salt hangs on the brink of collapse. The citizens, once free spirits, now stand oppressed and isolated. But not all is lost, for out of this aether of fear arises a heroine, a ray of hope. Her name is Dandara.

Welcome to a unique 2D metroidvania platformer full of mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Defy gravity as you jump across floors, walls, and ceilings alike. Discover the mysteries and secrets hidden throughout the world of Salt and its diverse array of characters. Empower Dandara for combat and survival against enemies bent on oppression.

Awaken, Dandara, to bring freedom and balance to this directionless world.

ENTER THE HIDDEN REALMS – The Trials of Fear Edition* adds 3 new areas to explore, a new big boss, new powers and mechanics, new music tracks, a new secret ending, as well as many quality of life updates and more!

UNCOVER THE SALT – The Trials of Fear Edition adds a whole new focus on story, fleshing out the lore of the Salt and its inhabitants. Find new descriptions, dialogues and cutscenes for existing characters and environments!

INNOVATIVE CONTROLS – Built natively for both touchscreen and gamepad input, movement and combat interact smoothly and seamlessly.

BOUNDLESS EXPLORATION – Traverse across the esoteric world of Salt through fast and fluid jumps off any surface, unhindered by gravity, in lovingly crafted environments.

CHALLENGING PROGRESSION – Use a combination of speed & skill, wits & reflexes, to solve puzzles, earn power-ups, and access areas previously unreachable.

BEAUTIFUL AND IMMERSIVE WORLD – A visual and auditory wonderland comes to life through gorgeous handcrafted pixel art and original soundtrack compositions.

  • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition content is free to download to all existing owners of Dandara.

Updated on 25th March 2020

-General minor bug fixes.
-Overall fixes to stability.
-Several typos fixed.

Dandara Trials of Fear Edition Reviews

This is a great metroidvania game. Id get the sequel if there is ever one made.

Ill still give Metroid the top slot for this genre, but Dandara is super cool. Unique character movement, creative world building that doesnt feel same-y, and serious difficulty that forces you to get better without causing you to throw your phone across the room.

This game is, simply put, amazing! It does not hold your hand at all and actually encourages exploration, it almost made us feel like we were playing Castlevania with a twist. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay keeps you on your toes, especially towards the later parts of the game. Hats off to Long Hat House, no pun intended, eagerly waiting for a second part!

Hey Dandara team: Im so excited about the Dandara updates! First version was great, and Im stoked to explore the new stuff!

Home run game, yet fishy, yes fun , have to say over all one heck of a gameplay … Yep…

It took us about 9 hours to beat.

This game is criminally underrated, its easily one of the best metroidvanias ever made. The movement system is extremely satisfying and the artwork is superb. We cant recommend this game enough.

We played the original Dandara for 17 hours – beat the game and then hunted down every chest and unexplored area. And we immediately wanted more. The expansion is perfect, and it simply downloaded in the background, silently, for free.

We can not recommend this game enough. Its an absolutely flawless iOS gaming experience. Easy to learn and tough to master like the best of the classic games we grew up with. If youre looking for a long and engaging single-player game to sink your teeth into, this is it.

Great platformer, very fun, a long adventure with tons of discovery. We were really amazed and a rarely buy phone games (with everything thats free out there) but this game was worth 3x the price to us at least. Absolutely worth playing.

The controls are unique and well executed and easy to use with touch screen. The pixel art is top notch. The gameplay is fun and unique. We highly recommend checking this game out. Dandara is very impressive.

We’ve never written a review before but we felt compelled because this game is so fantastic. By far the best phone game we’ve ever played. We highly recommend it.

Dandara packs a ton of fun. The game is easy to pick up and offers a challenging variety of enemies and obstacles. Timing is important, so its encouraging that the controls are tight and responsive. We found switching the leap and shoot button most effective. If youre looking for a platformer thats both fun and challenging, we highly recommend Dandara.

Cool game! You must have patience at the beginning to learn the game well. We like playing games in bed with easy controls that can be time consuming and make you think. No ads. Easy controls. Lots of options. We ended up using cheats but its hard enough of a game as it is. Sometimes too hard but you might like that. Good stuff thanks for creativity in the app world finally.

This game was amazing!! Here is a list of why we loved it: – The visuals satisfied our love of retro gaming. The way next level areas were blocked is classic and clever in that you had to win/ discover the right tools before you could move forward. – Once mastered, the movement technique was awesome! We also love that we didn’t have to worry about landing on something we wasn’t supposed to, mostly. The movements also allow you to go FAST if you, like us, are a speed demon – but some levels forced us to focus and SLOW the freak DOWN. – we are so glad there was a level that involved artists, musicians and scientists. – The world is VAST and interesting! We were so excited to discover each new location. – we appreciated the color coding in the map. The twisting directions are challenging but if one keeps peeking at the map from room to room its easy to locate where you are. (I was a bit confused by the camera icon.) – Defeating enemies and acquiring salt was addicting. CHALLENGING! (PLUS A TIP FOR UPGRADES) – It took us two playthroughs to get the hang of why salt is SO IMPORTANT to upgrades. We didn’t have enough life to beat the final boss… So we REPLAYED it (which we found we did not mind at ALL) and made sure to find a camp AS SOON AS we HAD ENOUGH SALT to upgrade. We maxed EVERYTHING OUT. Yet still, the final boss was preeeety tough (but enjoyable to play because REASONS and we don’t want to spoil things) our only critique is that even being maxed out on upgrades, we still had to apply cheat codes when fighting the final boss. We’re incapable of being zen enough to limit our magic and move without getting too banged up! Alas, we don’t care, it was an AMAZING RIDE. We might even play through it yet again, as we loved the feel of moving around the world. 100% explored.

This game is really fun, we love it very much. The music, the story, and the gameplay are all top-notch. But Im writing this view just for a question. But recently we havent been playing this game as much as before and last 3 weeks ago we wanted to play it again, and when we launched it, the bar was around 50% and the game just quits and brings us back to our iPad Home Screen. We did this multiple times then decided to delete the app. We reinstalled it, but when we hit the Open button, it does the same things to us. Then when we go to our settings, we couldnt find the game, like, it literally didnt exist as an app anymore and we couldnt even offload the game. We wrote a request to RawFurry support but Im not getting any responses. Three weeks after (which is now), we couldnt wait any longer and decided to delete the game, sign out of our Apple ID, and then reinstall the game. We just reinstalled our game; when we open it, it loaded without crashing! But then when we click start game, no files could be found and we had to restart everything, so we click start game on an empty file, then the app crashed. Could you please fix this? We love playing the game and we definitely wouldnt give you a 1 star just because of an error, and definitely wouldnt ask for a refund, but Im waiting too long ;(

Just about everything is great with this game. We hope there are more like it. We like the originality. But there is one frustrating thing that messes us up. If you are in a fight and your health gets low and you use an essence, sometimes it does not fill your health and still deducts an essence. Which makes planning your fights more of coin flips than anything. Other than that we really enjoy the game.

An amazing game with wonderfully innovative gameplay. The first third is mildly paced exploration with superb everything, but as soon as you need to hunt the three bad guys in their respective mazes, the gameplay shifts out of puzzles into reaction speed and straight out panic in some places. Here, it completely lost us. The frustration level went from a mild 1 to an 11 and its disappointing that such excellent gameplay devolved into old-school NES tactics. Had to delete without completing it, which bums us out.

We really wanted to like this game. We SHOULD like this game, we thought. We tried several times, kept forcing myself to pick it back up, but, after many attempts, we just cant do it. 1. This plays nothing like a Metroidvania game. Not necessarily bad, but not as advertised. There is no platforming or secret wall-breaking with a feel that youd expect from SOTN or Zero Mission, and theres little meaningful backtracking or sequence breaking. 2. The jumping movement style is incredibly tedious. We get that the developers were probably trying to do something experimental, but the movement feels more restrictive than liberating. The level design necessitated by the back-and-forth movement also renders every area to feel exactly the same since EVERY zone converges toward simply being a rectangular corridor with varying background vignettes. 3. The orientation turning feels pointless. Since every side of every room is potentially a floor and a ceiling due to the movement style, when the screen rotates upon entering a new zone, it just feels arbitrary, as theres no real up or down in the entirety of the game. 4. Dying and losing your salt (essentially exp) is annoying. This is perhaps personal taste, but for a game that claims to be a Metroidvania, which are based on exploration and trying new paths, having to return to your body every time feels dissonant to the core gameplay. We feel like Im punished for exploring or making a wrong turn by having to do the EXACT same thing if we mess up and die. Its boring and repetitive, and, rather than feeling rewarded for discovering a new zone or mentally noting a place to go back to later, we instead groan thinking about the forced deja vu that death brings. We dont mind dyingI loved Order of Ecclesia, and that game whooped us constantlybut we hate having to slog the same territory just for another chance to try every time, or risk losing upgrade progress if we want to try a different path. A few positivesthe game looks great! The animation is smooth (her scarf looks dope when it flutters), and the colors and pixel art are gorgeous. The controls are also butter, and you can tell they were designed with touch screen in mind. All in all, though, we just couldnt get into this game. Several core gameplay decisions just strike us as unfun, and we feel like Dandara just doesnt deliver the same experience that the games its clearly inspired by deliver. We do look forward to future games from these devs, as they clearly have great ideas, but this one just aint for us.

Old-style game for Nintendo users. Save your money for another game.

Hi, we hope to like the game. We are using an iPad, and having a great deal of difficulty in the first few areas just opening the down passage doorways that have the down arrow icon. So much so that we dont know if we will have the patience to continue. Is there something we are missing? Using the touchpad, and tapping dozens of times on the icon both as an arrow and as a door(i guess thats what it is) just does not open the passageway. Very frustrating.

Cringe level response time in tense moments turn rewarding difficulty into sore thumbs and frustration. Avoid.

After sufficient time playing, the version for iOS has very disappointing controls. We dont understand how the apple device understand our gestures and responds precisely but app mad for the device does not. ICloud does not function across device. SUPPORT has not lived up to its name 1 star.

Calling it a Metroidvania in the description is misleading. The game mechanics are somewhat interesting but it felt like a bait and switch.

We have an iPhone 11 and this game refuses to work. On a clean re-install it either never stops checking the cloud for saves when we try to start a new game or it freezes when transitioning after the first part of the game. Very disappointed a well-made game like this is so busted right now.

A premium game, without in app purchases. The best part is developers keep adding content and always updating. Worth twice the price easily, everyone should buy and support quality games.

We normally dont like low res, retro looking games. And its no surprise its not for us. Its not just the looks. Its the constant jumping from place to place. No walking, running. The character/story doesnt grab us. But we wouldnt knock anyone who likes it. Games are meant to be enjoyed and this one just isnt for us.

After looking through a countless number of games to spend our few dollars we had leftover on, we came upon this little gem which seemed cool at first, so we kept it in the back of our mind. After looking and comparing reviews and trailers across many different games and systems, we figured that this was one whose controls would fit perfectly on mobile devices without any adjustments needing to be made. After purchasing it, we can say this is hands down the best mobile game and one of the best metroidvanias we’ve played to this day. Silky smooth sound effects, presentation, and (as we had assumed) controls which are incredibly intuitive. Its content is extremely unique with almost no other games like it that we can think of due to the simple mechanic of traversal. Combat feels just as good as well. And for the cherry on top, theres even a new game plus for an extra challenge. We cant wait to see what else these devs masterfully create next.

Im always worried when buying a platformer that it will be punishingly difficult, where one missed jump means losing progress. No so with this one. Several hours in, its not easy but its fair, and jumping around the world without gravity feels satisfying. Amazing aesthetics as well. Our only complaint is that there should be fast travel and better marking of points of interest on the map. As is, we have to waste time backtracking trying to find where to go next.

We love love love this game. We bought it during the school year and realized it would be addictive. So, we didnt play for awhile. Now that its summer, Im hooked. We have to force myself to stop playing and do things like eat and sleep. The graphics are beautiful and the skill level required is challenging. We love that after we beat a boss Im super excited to check out our map and see what locations we might be able to open next. We dont recall what we paid for this game, but we can honestly say Id buy it again. If only our nieces, nephew, or great nieces were game4s this would be their next present.

Call us whatever you want but we feel like this game is so difficult that the sense of accomplishment of defeating a boss is outweighed by the frustration of repeatedly dying. In later parts of the game even if we turned on cheat mode it still felt like a headache – and Im not just talking boss fight, some later rooms are just filled with difficult enemies that respawn every time you die. If you are into difficult games, then this game might suit you.

Was very skeptical at first because didnt think it would play/control well on a phone from the pictures in the App Store. But we were very wrong it is works for the iPhone great. You move around very easily along with all other actions. Kinda of a metrodvania game.

They put the game pause button right next to movement controls. Very bad. It causes the game to get paused accidentally all the time. Please please please move the pause button.

We love this games so much! It reminds us of hollow knight and Id rate it 10/5 if we could and if we hadnt lost all our progress. We started playing on our Apple TV and with iCloud we were able to continue playing on our iPhone. After over 2 hours of gameplay, we tried to continue playing on our Apple TV, and it looks like the save file is synced (it shows 2+ hours of gameplay and that Im lv 6) but the game made us start over and Im not able to continue from where we were left off even on our phone. We hope this problem can be fixed and we really hope it can happen without us losing our progress. Other than that, great game, it was worth every penny. We really recommend it.

Dandara clearly draws heavy inspiration from many of the core classics that have shaped the staple mechanics and ideas we have today! The side scrolling genre can get old quick lacking originality. But the way this game is constructed through exploration, and platforming it kind of takes away from the focus of beating bosses so to speak to progress. Though there are plenty of bosses that are beautifully crafted with difficulty. Speaking of difficult, the skill cap on this game is demanding but fair. We never felt like we couldnt overcome The obstacles set before us. Mechanically speaking the feeling of jumping from wall to wall was ever so satisfying. It feels great. We feel like Im shooting a rubber band across the room with this super jump. Makes us feel like a hero! The only complaint we have is the combat its self with the shooting mechanics. We just dont like that we have to charge our shots. Though it does add a layer of difficulty that is cohesive with the game. Lastly the world building and overall vibe, BRILLIANT! The world is an aesthetically pleasing array of eye candy and eloquence. It draws clear inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and even alittle like Mega Man. All in all though its own piece of magical art! We ADORE this game. So fantastic. And we recommend it to mobile and console gamers alike.

We’ve just downloaded the game and we are very excited to play we only have one issue, the sound doesnt seem to be working we dont know if there is music or sound in this point of the development but we definitely want to hear something to add to this experience if there is anything you all could do to get back to us Id greatly appreciate it.

Dandara overall is a great game we love the motion and creativity but originality this game has but the enemies and characters can be a bit too much, with everything going on its like a puzzle with monsters. Be careful once you get to the skull dont let it fool you, it can help or hurt you. The game does get a little overwhelming but its fun. ENJOY!

The shooting is so slow with the stupid finger motions. It’s not fun on a screen. The waluigi looking mfer was our end point. Disappointing. Also why does it have to make you traverse so much to get back to your dead body?

Normal game and height price App Store = drag of money.

The app icon on appleTV 4K is blank. We have tried deleting and redownloading to fix this and it is still a blank icon.

The boss fight with the Giant was the final straw to remove this game off our phone. The swipe to move gameplay seemed cool in the video, but when it gets to the parts mixed with intense combat, it gets old really quick. We found it felt more like we needed button-speed responses or lots of forethought to survive those sections. Then Id lose all our coins and have to hope we get back to that area again. We would not call this a bad game, just poorly tuned and ill-fitting outside of the primary control feature. Id give 2.5/5 but you can do halves on App Store reviews far as we can tell.

This game feels like a compilation of great ideas from other games of its type mixed with an unexpected traversal system. We imagine this space jumping mechanic (or whatever you call it) was done to make it much easier to control with a touch device, but we played it with an MFi controller (a SteelSeries Nimbus, an excellent controller for anyone wondering). We wasnt sure if we liked it at first, but after not too much time we were wall hopping like a pro with an almost instinctive speed. Its extremely unique and rewarding to develop this new gaming skill since it feels so different, but controls with a polish oftentimes not found in even the most biggest budget AAA games. Dandara reminded us, of all things, of Suda51s Killer7. That game also had an unusual, yet completely solid, control setup where holding one button caused your character to move along a predefined path, but at any point the player could stop, take aim, and fire at any incoming threats in any direction. Traversal in Killer7 was restricted, but not automatic and the player always had control over which direction they would go and, most importantly, the speed at which they would move through the world. It felt very much like an on rails shooter, but where you controlled the speed of progress. Dandara gives you more freedom of movement than Killer7, but the flow is similar: move through the world, encounter enemies, strategically position your character, and fire. It definitely feels like a bullet hell game at times, but with way more emphasis on positioning than quick dodging (note: Im not a schmup fan and we loved Dandaras gameplay and combat, so dont let the bullet hell comparison deter you from playing this game if thats not your thing). Ultimately, this game feels like a cross between Super Metroid, Dark Souls and an action shooter. There is no platforming, though there is a great emphasis on timing your jumps. Its a tough feeling to describe, but we can say it feels right at home on a controller. We may even go back and play through it on our phone just to see how the controls compare. Only one thing stood out to us with the gameplay and it was with one of the sub-weapons that we used maybe once and then never again. It may be something useful that we missed or something for more advanced techniques, but we never really saw the benefit to using that weapon so we just ignored it. Presentation-wise theres not much we can comment on other that to say its a beautiful and bizarre world to experience. It feels like youre inside an ancient mural telling a grand tale involving competing gods that symbolize the struggle of humanity over millenia. Its mythological in its structure, so dont expect any in-depth character development, but what is here is definitely a pleasure to explore, especially given the contrast between ancient civilization influence early on mixed with modern cyberpunk aesthetics later in the game. The amount of music tracks is somewhat small in numbers, but whats there is fitting and oftentimes fantastic. Our only real presentation issues with the game are some strange interface bugs with the AppleTV version. Im on an AppleTV 4K and the parts of the interface that display which buttons to press would flicker on and off, usually staying off. Another issue is when accessing the map it would either constantly zoom in or zoom out and we would have to hold the right stick in the opposite direction to keep it focused on the part of the map we were reading. These issues were more annoying than anything and did not affect the other aspects of the visuals or controls whatsoever. Just a tiny rough edge alongside an otherwise polished experience. We feel like this is a game that could be played for a long while after completing it. While it doesnt seem to offer any major replay options (that we’ve found, at least) it does beg to be speed-runned. Thats not really for us, but even with the lack of meaty replay options, it took us a solid 8 hours first time through which makes this totally worth the price because Ill likely play it again in the future.

Dandara is a masterpiece! Great controls, fun but challenging gameplay, unique experience! Its worth every penny!

This game is a perfect example of what it means to be a metroidvania. We first heard about this game through a brief mention from a youtuber, and remembered that shout-out when we saw this game on the app store. Little did we know we were in for quite the thrill ride. We can barely even begin to describe how much this game does right. The visuals are evocative and beautiful, the soundtrack is perfectly in tune with the environment around you, matching the mood of the moment to keep your mind still and focused, or keep your heart pumping. The gameplay and controls are unconventional, but well-designed and intuitive. Very few, if any, games control like this, but you are given plenty of time and space to practice your aim. The game borrows lots of ideas from Dark Souls. Saving at camps, which refill your health and potions, but also reset most of the enemies, losing your experience when you die, only for you to retrieve it if you return, predictable, yet dangerous enemies, and most prominently: death. Lots of it. This game is hard. Extremely hard. We got a third of the way through the game before we even knew we could upgrade your character. The game starts slow, but the training wheels quickly come off as the threat grows further and further. As with any metroidvania, you quickly encounter barriers and other obstacles that you are unable to pass or move around, and so must find upgrades that allow you to progress further. This game is pretty straightforward about where you can and cant go, and the game is very straightforward, especially compared to a normally secret-ridden Metroid title. There are lots of hidden chests with extra experience to help upgrade yourself, which becomes very helpful later, but the amount of powers and abilities you have at your disposal seems a bit underwhelming. In addition, the game does require a bit of experience grinding in order to fully upgrade yourself. What we believe this game does best is motivate the player through its story. There are sparse bits of dialogue sprinkled here and there, but the majority of the plot is communicated through subtext. The detailed world around you provides all the details you need to understand your mission. It feels satisfying in a way, seeing the corruption that you face in the form of the striking and frightening enemies you face, whether they are wicked looking robots wielding laser scythes or strange rabid creatures with human faces that charge at you hungrily. You will face overwhelming adversity within this game. Nearly everyone left in the lands you travel is there to end your quest, and yet you fight. You will be beaten, you will be angry, you will despair, but, for those you fight for, you must never lose hope. For as long as you persevere, as long as you keep fighting, you will win.

After the few hours, this fun game turned into Dark Soulshuge difficulty level jump. Probably harder than dark souls actually. (Even we were able to finish Bloodborne) we think only hardcore fans would love this game. After killing the first main boss the difficulty jumped and made the game torturous to play for us. We guess the a. We character warned us of the difficulty coming, but its not like you have a choice to go anywhere else. Even when we managed to get passed a difficult room, we did not have a sense of fun doing it anymoreonly to die in the next room. Like Darksouls, you lose your currency where you died, and if you want it back you have to work your way back to where you left off without dying, or else. We didnt get far enough in the game to know what the Salt currency buys you. We have only 3 heart health bars. Using a potion takes 2 seconds to use and only adds one heart. We can get hit while Im trying to cure myself. Our bullets have limited range and cant go through walls. Some enemies bullets have infinite range and go through wallseven random bullets enter the screen and seemingly came from nowhere. (Well Im sure they came from somewhere but we were too frantic trying to avoid them to see) Some of the rooms you have to navigate quickly through and avoid the bulletsno time to use any health potionyou have to know what youre doing or you die and drop your money, and go back to camp and have to do the course all over again. Oh well, at least the game was only a few dollars. Too bad. We think we were only 1/4 through the game.

The Stickman in Dreamland are now too hard to kill. We cant get past this area so Im done with this game. You cant make a game this hard to play and expect anyone to enjoy it. Michael Damey.

Dandara is a well-designed metroidvania (slanted a bit towards Metroid) with creative mechanics and gameplay that’s rich enough to be a console mini-hit and lightweight enough to play intuitively on a smartphone.

We rarely write reviews but this is one of the best app games! We know a lot of you are looking at the price but it is worth every dollar. This game has story, adventure, and a little bit of figuring out how to get to places. It’s fun and it can be challenging as well. Dandara needs a sequel! Let’s hope!

We just competed our second play through. We just had to do it all over again; Dandaras movement style is so compelling and fun that we couldnt let go of it after one go. The controls are superb and extremely well suited to touch, so much so that a physical game controller would probably be inferior to the absolute finesse of the current two-thumb touchscreen approach. Please make more games like this!

This game is insane! Love it! If youre a fan of castlevania or Metroid this games for you. Is very challenging but well worth it. Im 5 hrs in and theres still so much in the game. Im No where beating it yet. Props to the DEV team you have a winner.

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