Dark Color: Paint By Number

Last updated on January 15th, 2023 at 01:40 pm

Dark Color: Paint By Number

Dark Color: Paint By Number

Dark Color: Paint By Number is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Woohoo Tech. Ltd., Dark Color: Paint By Number is a Lifestyle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd November 2021 with the latest update 4th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Lifestyle, Board, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dark Color: Paint By Number ?

7,063 people have rated 2.2.0

What is the price of the Dark Color: Paint By Number ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dark Color: Paint By Number released ?

Dark Color: Paint By Number was released on 23rd November 2021.

When was the Dark Color: Paint By Number updated ?

The latest updated date of Dark Color: Paint By Number on 4th January 2023.

Where can Dark Color: Paint By Number be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dark Color: Paint By Number from Apple Official App Store.



Dark Color: Paint By Number is the special limited dark edition of Paint Color: Paint By Number, which goes above and beyond to bring everyone a de-stress coloring experience of modern dark artwork. Coloring pages of more styles, try the full version-[Paint Color: Paint By Number].

What’s Special?
Dark Color: Paint By Number features exclusive coloring pages from trendy IPs and many popular dark pictures for all tastes- Bloody Girls, Gothic, Vampire, Devil, Demon, Ghost, Skeleton, Wild Animal, Horror Objects, etc. Dark Color also contains special content like sexy characters, lovely movie characters, & New Year Celebration pages.

Dark Color gives you the strength to get through the winter blues!
Various coloring pages in Dark Color keep you occupied and set you free from daily troubles. Dark Color help you gain some happy color time to keep calming.

Set aside some time for creative expression with a coloring sheet designed by National Bell Festival artist-in-residence, Cris Clapp Logan. Each original black ink illustration is ready for you to unleash your colorful imagination.

It’s an entertaining way to kill time, create and release your inner artist for free. Pick the right color number and paint color, you will achieve a beautiful art page masterpiece, pixel art, coloring book for adults, paint by number coloring games & adult coloring book without any skills!

Key Features of Paint Color:

  1. Swift & easy to draw your own pics
    Perfect for every skill level, you can bring the coloring pages to life on your own. Dark Color: Paint by Number creates a new way to play coloring games- paint by number.

The art pages in our coloring book for adults require no specific skills. All you need do is choose a number and color, then tap the shade to follow the clues. Coloring paint by number is piece of cake.

  1. Newly designed paintings update daily
    All the paintings are carefully designed by our own designers. Dark Color follows the trend to update the most popular pictures daily to make you catch the trend timely.

  2. Color by number anytime & anywhere
    Bring your phone with you, coloring by number is available all the time with no internet limit.

  3. Quick Sharing on social networks
    You can easily download your finished paintings, share them with your friends, and post your coloring works on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…). Share the app and play together!

  4. Fun events to explore for happy holidays
    Dark Color creates exclusive coloring even to celebrate all the holidays. The Christmas coloring journey ends happily, and Valentine’s Day coloring journey continues!

Other Features of Paint Color: Color by Number:

  • Review your process by watching a short video after completing the color by number
  • Download your color paint by numbers pic to set it as wallpaper
  • More kinds of paint by numbers pics such as pixel art, sandbox coloring…
  • Explore the achievements system and get a bonus for more hints and a special coloring book
  • Full-screen mode, zoom in and out for the best viewing

Dark Color: Paint by Number is a secret weapon for killing your time. And it’s also an attractive coloring book for younger people: painting by numbers will improve their patience, concentration, and color discrimination ability. You will find so many free paintings by number pictures in this adult coloring book.

Enjoy painting, paint-by-number coloring games, art pages, and coloring books now!!

For any suggestions for Paint Color by Number, please contact us at [email protected]

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Updated on 4th January 2023

As the clock strikes twelve, 2022 slowly faded.
With gratitude in our hearts, we usher in a brand new year 2023!
Dark Color New Year celebration is in full swing!
>>> Let’s see what’s in store for us!

  1. Brand new category list for a more amazing coloring experience.
  2. More interesting New Year Pictures.
    No New Year would be complete without Dark Color. Paint your 2023 in colorful splendor now!

Dark Color: Paint By Number Review

We love this app, but when we finish a piece thats in our collection it acts like we never finished it and it stopped showing us how we did it.

The coloring app is really unique in the way of graphics also we like the mythical characters.

We have been using a similar color by number app and we really like it but they just dont have enough dark type photos. And it got really old. Im so excited to finally see an app an app we totally enjoy! Creators: suggestions. Please add a no sound option (for when we listen to music) also add an option to change the color section to change from grey to another color. Sometimes Grey on Grey makes it hard to see where we should color next. Please dont change your photos!! We love them.

This game is awesome we love how it has gothic mode.

We love the ap, however a lot of images have white spots that cant be painted and when showing an add for a hint will not give the hint and you need to see like 3 or 4 add to be able to have the hint.

We have gone thru and tried most every coloring book app you can and this is definitely one of our favorites. It most definitely isnt suitable for anyone below like 13 most of the coloring pages are under dressed animated woman which is unfortunate like why is it anime women have like NO CLOTHING? They also do use people like Wednesday Addams, harley+ joker, and more buuuuuut Harley is with Ivy now not Joker soooooooo thats upsetting to see but they do include LGBT+ content so all in all pretty good app.

We really like some of the pictures in this app. However when you finish the wallpapers they tend to warp and stretch out from there original shape. Hopefully this will get fixed in future updates. One other thing that we would like to see is a way to have more challenging coloring options. We personally like an image to that takes us a while to complete. Overall it is a good app that we like.

Addictive, good pictures but it doesnt show your progress and it it suddenly doesnt let us do the special category or daily ones even though it shows special in other categories.

Im loving this app but for some reason its not saving all our finished pictures.

We were actually disappointed on this app. We were looking for coloring that had like dark images. Like scary stuff. Nothing about this app is dark its more along the lines of sexual. Its just a bunch of an anime half naked girls. We didnt want that lol. We wanted like scary movie stuff to color, adult coloring without anime with their boobs hanging out.

We’ve done 4 pictures and none of them are showing up in our Achieved section.

We love the artwork 100% but unfortunately whenever we color an image and finish an AD, it doesnt actually complete the picture we just colored. The image will look black and white with a green check mark but wont put the picture in our competed list. So Ill have to restart and color it twice so it registers. Extremely annoying and a waste of our time. Also, when we color the images, itll lag or not register our pushes so when we tap to color itll take a minute to fill in the blank spots. Needs some work. Only thing we like is the art.

  1. Theres no way to connect to any social media accounts to save progress. 2. The ads are too long. 3. There’s no way to collect the daily prizes you receive when you finish an achievement. 4. The pictures go back to blank as soon as we get done coloring. Please fix.

The add showed a pic thats NOT in any of the categories at all. It was the main reason we added the app only to see its not there so Ill be deleting the app because of FALSE ADVERTISING.

Its a great app love all the different picture types.

We love the pictures available and the way the app works, we just wish there were fewer ads.

We would say the app over all is amazing it just gets annoying how there is an ad e you finish a page.

This game isnt bad we love all the pictures but theres way too many ads and it never shows that we colored a picture and makes us redo it.

This was our favorite PBN app, but then we were no longer able to get the daily challenge ads for more hints. We havent been able to get them since the Christmas pages posted so we’ve lost out on weeks worth of hints. Please fix this, and our rating will be a full five stars.

Cant limit how much storage the app uses. Need to delete each picture one by one.

Love the pics hate all of those as we say commercials for other games just way to many most games cant even play because there is to many and this one has a lot also.

The pictures are so adorable and beautiful. Thank you!

We love the game it has a lot cool pictures to color but our only issue is the ads on it there is so much ads to the point where we are annoyed with it.

We absolutely love this game we have been though to many paint by numbers but we didnt like any of them and we love this one and we wouldve gave it a 5 star review if not for the 4+ rating on the app when some of the coloring pages were really inappropriate women so maybe you can upgrade the age rating to a more appropriate age rating plz.

We really enjoy doing the coloring pages, especially the dark coloring pages. Our issue with the app is once we complete a page we’ll get a check mark to show it’s done, but the icon for the page is black and white. Reading some of the reviews here, we’ve noticed that this is an ongoing issue with the app. As this issue must be an Iphone issue as our wife has this app and has no problems on the androind.

We like the app except for the fact we have to redo the pictures 2-3 times for them to show completed.

Great pics, great coloring experience. However, finished pics arent being saved in our achieved folder.

We love the coloring pages. Yet we have an issue with a few things. We’ve spent the $4.99 to remove ads, yet we still have to watch them for hints? The photos arent always stored in the our Works tab. These photos also appear not colored in on the feed page. Including the Christmas Journey photos. The app is also unstable, it frequently crashes suddenly. Its really frustrating. Last thing, the app doesnt work well on iPad (eg. The Christmas Journey tree on iPad wont scroll down, and its too blown up to see the bottom. We feel like we’ve wasted our money.

We really did enjoy this app until we discovered a swastika symbol on bad Santas tattoo forearm literally right next to a cross. With only 2 more pictures to complete the Christmas special event at that!!! Extremely disappointed and have already deleted the app. Too bad we cant upload the screenshots we have of it.

Seems like its turning into a porn coloring app then anything. Im about to remove it.

The ads are just way too long. They are way longer then any other coloring app we have.

We used to love it but recently the pictures have become very provocative to say the least. Not a fan of seeing half clothed women all the time when we open the app. Smh.

We love this app, the pictures are beautiful and different than other color by number apps we’ve had. Tons of girl pictures and we like that. The only reasons we give it 4 stars are that when we color some small cells it takes a couple seconds for the color to fill all the way and when Im done coloring a picture it shows a check mark like we completed it but doesnt show that it was colored and doesnt appear in our completed artwork. Other than that its amazing.

We love the way this app operates. It doesnt drag you all over the screen for one little piece to color. It also burbles when youre finished with a color. Thats very helpful so you dont spend time looking for some thing youre not going to find. This is our favorite app. The review was a mistake. Right after the review the developers either sold it or just decided it wasnt a good idea to keep it pleasurable or easy. Now it drags you all over the screen just like the rest. Im probably going to delete it, as the dark stuff isnt nicely done enough for the aggravation.

We love this app, but when we finish a piece thats in our collection it acts like we never finished it and it stopped showing us how we did it.

Sorry to post here but not getting the newer pictures since this last update….

Can we get a button to hide our previous work?

We love the way this app operates. It doesnt drag you all over the screen for one little piece to color. It also burbles when youre finished with a color. Thats very helpful so you dont spend time looking for some thing youre not going to find. This is our favorite app.

Doesnt save the ones we colored and if we go back to color ones in progress then we have to color it 2 times before it marks it as complete.

Can we get a button to hide our work?

For the past several years we have been coloring by number on other apps to help pass time and to relax. Though many of those apps are great we always wanted a true adult coloring by number app. The apps we used before were geared mostly for children. We’ve been waiting for an app like this! We absolutely love it! We also love that you can make an one time payment to cancel adds rather than an expensive subscription.

Finally a coloring app that doesnt make you pay premium to be able to access its drawings. The pictures look amazing and the only payment is $5 for no ads.

This is a very fun painting game we really enjoy it but the adds gotta go theres to many.

We enjoy this app. Its very relaxing and the art is something we enjoy. But Im getting tired of having over 50 percent of the picture colored, having to exit the app, and coming back to find that almost all the work we have done is gone. We also think that the area we touched should be colored, not the surrounding areas. Another thing, once we complete a picture, isnt the photo suppose to remain colored not lose parts of artwork? Satisfy our disappointment and Ill come back and add the rest of the stars.

We love the coloring pages!! Only issue so far is when we color a picture its like we never colored it. We have to color it multiple times for it to show up as finished in our art work.

Love this coloring app lots of great pictures! But we paid $4.99 to remove ads and Im still getting ads constantly even if you just look at a pic you get another ad. We’ve contacted them twice and no response. The ads are constant and long! Hope we hear from them soon!

We enjoy it but would give 5 stars if there was more African American or people of color.

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