RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft

Last updated on January 15th, 2023 at 11:30 am

RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft

RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft

RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tellurion mobile, Limited Liability Company, RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 4th June 2016 with the latest update 12th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft ?

10,218 people have rated 5.3.11

What is the price of the RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft released ?

RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft was released on 4th June 2016.

When was the RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft updated ?

The latest updated date of RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft on 12th January 2023.

Where can RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft be downloaded ?

You can download the game RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to RealmCraft Free Block Building and Survival Game.
Explore cube worlds, fight with aggressive mobs, destroy caves and build.

Features of RealmCraft Game
~ Fascinating open block world in which everything consists of 3D cubes.

~ Worlds creating. Destroy blocks and cubes, collect blocks, build blocks, move them as you like and create your own cube world;
Cut wood, break stones, mine blocks and create out of them building and worlds of your dreams!

~ Blocks crafting. RealmCraft game offers you 100+ types of blocks that can be used to build and create useful items;

~ Crafting mode. Free blocks mining game allows you and your friends craft, survive, mine and build!


~ Realmcraft is a simulator for building, crafting and farming. Spawn eggs to get to know all the unique mobs, learn how to tame a wolf, ocelot and horse, start growing plants and set up your very own block farm!

~ Multiplayer and 4 mini games! Meet other fans of building games, chat with them, do joint construction, and share life hacks and secrets of the game.

~ World exploration. In this blocks world with colorful cubic graphics, many lite biomes await you: from forests and plains to deserts and taiga. In each biome, you will be greeted by unique flora and fauna.

Survival mode
Mine, build, collect resources and plants, beat enemies and go hunting to survive in survival mode (single player).
Master the secrets of surviving and go from simple wooden armor to strong diamond armor!
Use enchantments to increase your damage and defense! Let the evil mobs regret meeting you!

Creative mode
Enjoy unlimited creativity, immortality and flying in creative mode. Start your block city building! Build your dream houses from cubes, or copy real-life landmarks and houses from TV shows. Also here you can become a real engineer, creating complex mechanisms from electrum. Most importantly, remember that there are no restrictions in the open cube world of Realmcraft, so let your imagination run wild!

Worlds and mini games
Realmcraft has a multiplayer mode called Worlds. Make friends with real players from all over the world and build together! Show other players the buildings you create and give tips on crafting and building. RealmCraft game has a private chat in which you can communicate only with your friend!

If you like creative & survival block building and craft games then the free Realmcraft sandbox is exactly what you are looking for!

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Updated on 12th January 2023

  • New Year update with winter icons!
  • Winter and New Year Events and Mobs; try to find cool Holiday mobs.
  • Holiday Mobs in New Year clothing ;)

RealmCraft 3D: Survive & Craft Review

This game is waaaaaaayyyyyy better than Minecraft, and free!! We do have one question tho, who are the developers of this game! We support you guys fully, have a nice day!!!!

We used to play this game but a couple days later we deleted it but we hope theres like a lot of new updates cause Im gonna play it again we will let you know if we dont like it or like it thats all we have to say byeee!!!

READ THIS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD! Probably the only reason this game keeps on running because it has adds but we have to eimit that the only reasons we like it is because the other off brand Minecrafts are bad and the original is 7$ !!!! And as a 10 yo we dont have that kind of money we dont get paid So we guess it is ok but it is still not the best this is the reasons why 1. It glitches on any phone we play it on 2. You cant get to the ender dragon! 3. All THE ADDS!!!!! But we really hope you guys can fix those few things plz if so it will be a great game so yeah -Sincerely Brooklynwright2011-

We could not even do the basic controls. Could not gather wood or do anything in the game. Using a ps4 is useless too.

We love this its exactly like Minecraft but please get rid of the ads! Best game ever!

We love realmcraft! <3 Because you get to get creative and survive and play with friends in multiplayer! If you want to play with us our name is Roxanne Plays! ENJOY RELMCRAFT!!!

Thank you for making this is very good this game makes us crash though but l like it this is our favorite game.

We love the graphics and the fact that its FREE!!! So amazing but we did wish we had elephants they were so cool. Anyway this is a must get game <3.

We love the game and all but there is someone or some glitch in the game that makes every thing be destroyed.

You need to add shulkers, drowns, creepers, iron golems, if you do omg we will be so happy oh and a ended dragon.

Its a very good game! We really love how you have many diverse types of animals and enemies we know you put a lot of effort into it and good job.

This game is a lot better than Minecraft so fun but you need to fix other players not being able to see certain things like the monsters you spawn otherwise good we like the mini games Im a fast builder you should also add egg spawners to mini games that dont attack your team only other teams.

Please add bees and name tags because we wanna name our pets also please add Channeling to trident enchanteing and add Wizards and wizard Wands please.

Dear realm craft we are sorry if we did anything wrong in the game we dont know why our account hasnt worked in 3 updates in the game please if you have any solution please dont forget us thanks a lot.

We love this game because you see cool monsters but 1 problem when Im on online multiplayer and every is messed up and when Im not online playing its not messed up but this game is the best game ever.

Can you please ad the end and the elytra.

We love the but, we wish that we can create random portals with different blocks representing different dimensions other than the nether world and we wish we can craft freely and have a stonecutter.

First of all you can play bed wars without an account and you can play sky wars and you can play snowball fights!!

We love this game but what would be cool is an SCP update and also barrels and more trapdoors.

Hi can you guys please add the awesome axolotl please and could you please add a lush cave in to the game please thank you.

This game is our favorite This game is Like our Dream everyone thinks that this game Is amazing but not for them all This is a wonderful thing Form. Sadan. Country. Kuwait.

We had this game befare and is going to get 5 stars because the update is so good because have so much tipe of animals that minecraft dont have like you can make your own funiture and more in our opinion this needs to get 5 stars thanks if you read this.

THIS GAME IS Uhhh well.. A little but better than Minecraft and also Ty for the new update we appreciate it but.. On the next update can you put 1. End portal 2. Ender eyes for end portal 3. End dragon 4. End stone 5. New mobs 6. Some other new stuff And thats all we would like you to add in the next update!

It is pretty fun but could you add more animals like a dragon a goat the controls need a little improvement but rather then that it is a good game.

This game is free and no ads like we loooove itttt sm so pls maker join our group.

Theyre really swollen and hurt and itch constantly, we mean 24/7 PERSISTENT ITCHING, this game has only worsened it. We think it gave us crab.. Like the ocean life squids like in the thumbnail we love squidgame its so good we like when the Director made killing old people club #dieoldpeople ( )

It is soooo good but it needs mods and sky block we think you have it because we were not on it for a while but it is still good o recommend to play it.

Yo this game is so cool we like that it has different worlds you can go to. We like the ship world we like multiplayer mode also so pls make more games like this 5 stars.

We love this game but there is one thing…… Can you make it to be able to change the texture pack to Minecraft texture? The other mobs that arent in Minecraft pls just make them some what blocky. We want the Minecraft textures because they look cool and we cant buy Minecraft. Pls change. Otherwise it is so good we play it every day we also want there to be an end portal and to get blaze rods from the nether we want the dragon fight to be just like the one in Minecraft pls make changes.

Can you add rocks please please please please please in the egg spawner frog please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaseplease.

So the reason why we want it so we can make a server and invite friends is because it would be fun if you could own a server and invite your friends.

Its just like Minecraft but there is a little stuff we want to ask could you please add blocky characters and fix the leg please we would really love if you did that.

Even though its a copy its still good so its like Minecraft except it isnt bedrock or Java its like terraria but its not terraria so the game is good.

To developers, what we would love to see in this game is having a re-textured version of netherite armor, and a caves update, we would also like a paint tool. This is a great game you guys have done a great job on it! Keep up the great work!


Minecraft wants us to pay for him now this Minecraft is free so stay mad.

When we were making a 16 by 16 hole near the top there was something VERY VERY SUS it was a clay amongus. Why did you do that.

On the color things we said well it was a false alarm by the way.

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