Dart Scoreboard Pro

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 09:20 am

Dart Scoreboard Pro


Dart Scoreboard Pro is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jonathan Hill, Dart Scoreboard Pro is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th October 2014 with the latest update 1st February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


124 people have rated 4.5.1

You can download the game Dart Scoreboard Pro from APP STORE.


Dart Scoreboard Pro helps keep score when playing Cricket, Wild Card Cricket, 301/501 and Shanghai

  • 1-5 Players
  • Statistics and game history
  • Simple and fast scoring
  • Full Independent Apple Watch support with Complication
  • View scores on Apple TV with Airplay Mirroring
  • iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV support

Basic Controls:

  • Single, double or triple tap and long press to enter your score
  • Tap "Next" button when you turn is complete
  • Swipe or tap undo arrow in toolbar to correct mistakes
  • Tap player name to customize
  • Tap statistics button in toolbar to view statistics and what each player scored each round


  • Playing with points is optional
  • Choose between cut throat or standard scoring
  • Ability to customize what numbers to aim for instead of standard 15-20 and bull’s-eye
  • Statistics for marks per round


  • Supports double in/out settings
  • App will show suggested outs when playing double out
  • 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, or 1001
  • Assign bull’s-eye value to 25 or 50
  • Statistics for points per dart and points per round

My name is Jon and I like to play darts.

I developed Dart Scoreboard Pro because I was frustrated with the buggy and overly complex dartboard apps available in the AppStore. I wanted the app to be something anyone could open quickly and begin playing.
I do not enjoy using apps with advertisements so I will not include them. I hope you enjoy using Dart Scoreboard Pro!

  • Jon

If you have any feature requests or if you would like to join the beta program you can send me a message in the app or contact me on Twitter @dartscoreboard.

Updated on 1st February 2021

This is a major update! New games, new ways to play existing games, faster ways to enter scores, new standalone Apple Watch App and much more!

Wild Card Cricket
Customize what numbers to throw at for Cricket and Shanghai
New standalone Apple Watch app with support for all new and existing games
Better interface for long pressing to enter doubles and triples
Faster and more responsive double and triple tap
Brought back swipe to delete for scoring errors
Completely new interface for starting new games with more customization options
Ability to rearrange players between games
Setting to automatically advance to the next player after a period of time
Option to announce current scores and next player
Sound effects


  • Bug fixes for x01 and Airplay Mirroring to Apple TV

Dart Scoreboard Pro Reviews

This is exactly what we were looking for to help us keep darts scores on our Apple Watch. The only thing that would make it better is if there were an option to just input the score for a turn in 501 as a number instead of putting in each dart individually. Love the app, though, and its still the best $2 we’ve spent in the App Store.

We like to play extended Cricket (down to 10) and this app lets us do that and more. The only possible improvement we would ask for is to have the app recognize the iPad so that all the numbers show up on one screen without having to scroll up and down. Other than that it gets a fat two thumbs up from us!

This is a wonderful app, Jon. We have a fee suggestions. Could you increase the size / activation area of the NEXT button by ~20%? We find myself missing it when changing between rounds and players quickly. We also believer there is a bug where the MEXT button occasionally causes the score that round to undo instead of progress to the next player. It seems to happen every 20 rounds or so, frequent enough that our friends and we have noticed. Cheers.

Latest update 4.5.1 makes it even better, but the double & triple score feature on cricket games has unfortunately vanished as a result (circle with one slash, circle with no slashes). Can you please address in next release? Also, it would be really really cool if you could- incorporate All Star scores Provide a more granular breakdown of player stats per game Store player names so they can be selected from a list See cumulative/historical stats per stored player Keep up the great work and thank you for this great app!

The app is great and largely easy to use. We only have one complaint keeping it from 5 stars. After using the app once to score a game we started poking around the settings to get a better feel for how it worked as a whole. While bouncing around the app we added another player from the default 2. We thought to myself thats easy enough, good to know for later use. This is where the minor problem comes in. We cant remove the 3rd player now that its been added. If this gets fixed the rating goes to 5 stars.

This is a wonderful app but for two really annoying things: . You cant play showing just the players actually playing … If only 2 the scoreboard will show 4 and each round you have to manually bypass the others. . You cant mute/turnoff the commentary … It gets very annoying! Fixing these two issues would make this a 5 star app.

Best scorer we’ve used. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a choice of colors for the numbers.

This is a great example of how to make apps – do not over complicate things, focus on functionality, keep the interface clean. Thank you!

One of the easiest and best dartboard apps we’ve ever used. You wont be disappointed!

No more worrying if the bar you go to has scoring or not. This app is really intuitive and easy to use. Cheers!

Every friend who tries this out loves it. Developer is super friendly and has made it a point to fish for any suggestions we may have to make the app better. Gave it a 5 cuz there aint no six! Get it!

Recently got back into darts and found this app. It is a very simple to use and we ended up signing up for the beta program. The developer is working to make the app even better and takes feedback from testers and implements it if it was a sensible idea. Great app that the developer takes pride in, doesnt get much better then that.

A group of friends and we have been testing out scoring apps and have landed on this one as being our favorite. Inputting your scores is easy and we do not place scores under the wrong person as with other apps.

We’ve used this app since it first came out and it just keeps getting better and better. So easy to use. It does all figuring letting us enjoy the game of darts.

Wow a dart scoring app thats easy to use made by an actual dart player. Developer hates adds so guess what, no advertising bugging you every few plays. We just deleted our other dart apps and now have just one thats perfect. Thanks Jon!!!

We like to get the free apps when possible, but after looking for a bit and reading some reviews of this especially the highlighted one, we figured this was the best bet. We are very pleased. The score system is easy to use, nice visible and over clean. We would recommend this app highly.

We have the old school dart board and was looking for an easy app to keep score with. After trying a few different ones, we found This one and we love it. Everyone that comes and plays at our house loves it too!!! We have looked it to buys just a digital scoreboard for darts and it looks like this is still the best rout to go. We have considered buying and older iPad to mount on the wall and use it strictly for this app.

Overall great app. Use it all the time (Apple Screen Time even tells us its one of our top-used apps). There are some bugs that we are trying to share with the developer but cant find contact info: Theres a bug where the out suggestions dont show a possible double bull check-out if you leave 50 with one dart remaining. Theres another bug that busts erroneously. Say if you have 11 left and hit a single 5, it says youve left 1 and busts you. If you hit OK it moves to the next player and then leaves 6 on the first player. We have screen vids if needed.

This app works really well. The only thing that we wish it had was the ability to keep historical stats on common users. Update: There is a glitch/bug that shows that youve busted in x01 games when you actually havent. We have contacted the developer and they are aware and working on it.

Once you learn the basics to keep score, very easy to use. Well designed layout with good colors and easy to read. Like the way it gives you game stats at the end of each game, but… Would be great if it kept game history stats, so if you play the same opponent(s) regularly you could see wins/losses/points scored/number of rounds for easy comparison of stats over time…. That would make it perfect! TK.

This is the best darts scoreboard in the App Store. Our only request would be not to limit the number of players to 5. There is certainly room in the app for even the smallest iPads. We do understand that more than 5 players on one board will drag out the game, so this is a logical decision to cap this, but it does happen. Allow the scoring app to accommodate and you get 5 stars from this user.

If you play darts where the green bullseye ring is 25 and the center red is 50, this app will not score that way. You have to choose one or the other. Also there is no option to just add your throw score. You have to enter one dart at a time and it slows down your game. Those are our only complaints, but we feel it’s a major drawback for the way we play. Still a good app. Hope the developer reads these and adds these options.

Our brother and we both got this app to more easily score darts (especially the 01 games because we hate math, haha.) It worked great at first but then it started getting buggy at the end of 02 games. It will tell you you busted when you havent. Im really disappointed because this app was perfect. It scored easily without extra bells and whistles. To the developer: can you please fix this?

Claims that the only dart Im trying to record exceeds three.

This app has everything youd want, is easy to use, and looks good. Well done!

Simple and easy to use. Looks good. NO ADS.

We really like using this app for playing darts because of its simplicity and usability. The option to play 3 different games is great. We didn’t know how to play Shanghai but learned a new dart game because of this app. Awesome new design!

Easy to use and good explanations. Very customizable.

Started using the app at home, then told our family about it. Now everyone uses it when we play. Never knew about Shanghai until using this app. Its a lot of fun and easy to keep track of scoring.

We have been playing darts in a league for 20+ years and just started using a scoring app the past 4-5 years. Problem was there were many apps that did one particular thing well but none did them all. We found this app and there was a message center that allowed us to send a suggestion to the developer. So we took a chance knowing most developers NEVER respond. Well guess what. Not only did he respond but he actually messaged back and forth with us till he understood the features we needed that would make this app perfect. Wow. This guy actually implemented the requests and turned them around in under a week. This app now gets a 10 and we are deleting our others apps as they are now useless. Thank you for listening and doing.

Absolutely a Perfect App for what we are looking for 10/10.

Love it so far! Dont know if Im doing something wrong, but it keeps having us reset game after we’ve won. And if we do play again it still doesnt seem to save stats? We guess the history is only the current game?? Otherwise a nice app for scoring our dart games!

We really like the app, but after 1 game, the app crashes and Im unable to reopen it. It will show the initial screen with the icon, but then immediately closes. It only works again when we fully restart our phone, but then faces the same issue. Id like to contact the dev, but dont have twitter to do so. Hoping for a fix. Update: dev contacted us and is working to resolve the issue. We appreciate the support.

Fix Apple TV share screen size is off.

Love the idea to keep track of scores and darts but you took away the swipe feature to delete the wrong score… That was one of the best things about the app!! Please add it back!!! Argh!!!!! It does work on the phone but not the ipad and it is our main scoring platform.

Love the app but would like to see "wildcard cricket" where the target numbers keep changing until someone has locked in that number… Please entertain the thought of adding this feature!!!

Great app! Makes scoring darts easy!

This is the best app we have purchased in quite some time! It works flawlessly, and is so simple to use. Tap to score, and get on with the game! We no longer need a dry erase board to play darts. We love it!

This app is great! It’s simple to use , easy to read, and the latest updates are perfect. It’s exactly what you want a dart scoring app to do. Also the explanations for the games are great too. The new easy to find undo feature is perfect!

This app does exactly what you needed to do. We rarely purchase apps and usually get free apps but this one is worth more than two dollars. Great job, we really appreciate the efforts of the developers.

Does what we paid for. Great effort by the developer.

What a great app! Just what we were looking for!

Wow. So simple to use. Exactly what we were looking for! The developer is great at responding to requests through the app. Well worth the money.

3 classic games, easy 1 tap scoring. Developer constantly improves/updates based on user feedback.

If u have made it to this review, then do urself a favor and just purchase the app. We’ll save u the time of reading more or looking elsewhere, it’s easy to use and has just what one would hope for. Very, very pleased.

Only app we’ve written a review for.

Simple and easy to use! Worth the purchase.

Simply the best dart app out there. So simple and easy to use.

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