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DEEMO is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rayark International Limited, DEEMO is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2013 with the latest update 11th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,707 people have rated 5.0.4

You can download the game DEEMO from APP STORE.


"Never Left Without Saying Goodbye."

The world acclaimed, mobile rhythm game that’s touched over 10 million players. Created by the team that brought you Cytus, the original Rayark team has created a whole new texture to the piano rhythm game DEEMO.

A girl who fell from the skies and lost her past;
Deemo, who plays the piano all alone in the world of the treehouse;
an accidental encounter between the two.
The music flows as the fingers hit the piano keys.
The start of a fairytale journey has begun…

Game Features:
-60+ free songs in story mode, including more than 220 songs
-Unlock more tracks as the game progresses, experience a story that will move you
-Accompany Deemo and engage with this stunning, modern fairytale
-Plenty of original piano songs in various music genres, many composed by famous composers from around the world
-Simple and intuitive gameplay, experience touching emotion through music
-Through tapping and sliding, follow the rhythm to play along
-Explore the scenes, piece together the clues, and obtain hidden in-game elements
-Stand-alone game; no need to have internet connection to play
-Twitter and Facebook score sharing function. Proceed to Youtube for official videos.

Updated on 11th May 2022

DEEMO 5.0.4

  • Deleted "Kimi no namae no kazegafuku"
  • Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI

DEEMO Reviews

With DEEMO II out at 60(?) fps, it would be great if DEEMO got the option for players who are disoriented from switching back and forth.

So we were bored and decided to get a rhythm game we found out about DEEMO II so we downloaded it and played it we finished the first chapter then remembered that their was a game before it we bought the game and Im obsessed The music is amazing and the levels are so well planned out its challenging but not to where u rage quit Honestly its worth ur $2 trust me.

Its beautiful, its fun, it has character. Best mobile game to this day.

We have not been playing for long, but the music, the graphics, the story, everything about it is beautiful. We could play this game for hours and might even listen to the music outside of the app. Some things being blocked by a paywall bothered us at first, but then we remembered that it was very cheap to begin with. So a full 5 stars for this.

Aww so cute characters like deemo.

Got us started on playing rhythm games. Easy to pick up for beginners but does get difficult later on. Story is nice, love marigold and in general awesome.

We played this game sine we were middle school, and now we are Senior college student. This game has not been a game anymore to us but a cure. It has given be strength when there were rough times in our life. The musics in this game has a such a great healing effect. One of the best game in our life so far.

We’ve adored this game since our childhood. We redownloaded it recently and it still moves us. The music is beautiful and the story, though simple, will bring you to tears. Truly a one in a million game.

This game, its early 2000s charm, its style of music, they all make us feel right at home. We first discovered this game and when it came to an end we were moved to tears. Fantastic game, definitely in our top five and the greatest mobile game we’ve ever played, no question.

The amount of joy this game has brought us ever since we were little is something we cannot express, even in a review. We could tell our friends, family, and strangers on how great this game is and they still probably wont know how much we love it. We hold this game so close and dear to our heart. We’ve always had a love for music and music games, so you could probably guess why this is our favorite. Not only has the plot inspired us but so has the music! We honestly cannot wait for Deemo 2! If this game has touched the hearts of many, ours included, then Im sure the next one can too! :,^)

We played the game when we were in high school when the game wasnt even finished and just recently started playing it again. It brought back all the memories. We still remember the first time we saw the ending. We cry every time we watch it. The songs are amazing. We have both of the albums on our iTunes. From a 15 yo girl and now Im 25, the game is still gold. Love every bit of it.

We have had so much fun playing this game we love the look and the story line we alway try to get better and we like that there are so many songs.

This game is art! The art style is unlike any other game, and each songs have completely different experiences! We could never get tired of it.

We want to recommend this game to any music game player for its music, UI, and most importantly, its plot. You will never regret playing it if you play it towards the end of the story.

So, our phones not good enough to handle DEEMO reborn, but luckily it can play the original just fine. There are lots of songs to play and discover, and a really good (if sad) story to reveal.

We’ve played this game for years now. And every time we come back we fall in love with the music over and over, we just wish that there was a way to remove the title in the top left corner, it covers the top and its difficult to play, even the easiest songs.

We love the Music and the easy to learn gameplay.

Our first play rhythm game, and we still play it after 5 years. But today idk why some song pack is missing.

We’ve wanted this game for so long now and we finally got it. Complete let down. Slow paced and not what you think it is.

So we got this game in 7th grade. 6 years later and Im in college and still play this game at least once a week. We cannot recommend how good this game is and how much it is worth the money. The story is great, the gameplay is great, and the music is great. Given that we’ve played as long as we did (with some breaks here and there) you would think we’ve ran out of content, but there are still challenging songs and songs that we can barely even pass. And because there are so many good songs there are always 6-7 good songs that are perfectly within your difficulty. As far as other rhythm games (Cytus I/II, Phigros, Arcaea) its this one we always come back to. Cytus we is ridiculously unforgiving. Cytus II is rediculously forgiving. Phigros is fun but all the challenging maps are gimmicky and if you play them enough youll eventually get a score if you want. Arcaea is impossible to play at high difficulty on phone. Deemo, however, is different. Difficult maps feel possible on phone, and theres no better feeling than getting a score youre happy with. So please. Buy the game AND the Forgotten Hourglass. It literally triples the games content. Best purchase we’ve ever made in our live no exaggeration.

Moon Without the Stars is the best song in this game, your experience will never be complete unless you play this masterpiece of a track. In all seriousness, though, this game is one of few that brings us to tears every time we reach the end of the story, and that alone makes us recommend it to anyone who even mildly enjoys rhythm games! The actual gameplay is generally very balanced and is extremely easy to pick up and learn for beginners, while still being challenging for more experienced players who want that sort of thing Overall, this game is a solid 5/5.

We love it, this game play with our soul.

This game is incredible but theres simply one problem we would like to see addressed. There are some songs we have bought that we simply cannot play, not because theyre too difficult or technical problems, but because their song titles are simply too long and cover a large portion of the top of the screen (my phone is quite small as well, so that doesnt help). If, in a future update, Rayark were able to add an optional setting to remove most of the text and icons at the top, we would have absolutely no problem with calling this one of, if not THE best rhythm game we’ve ever had the joy of playing. Thank you!

When you beat your (they can be very hard but fun) You just sit there and smile lot yourself.

Dont know if its a new update but very laggy on our 2020 iPhone 12. We have a 5-year-old PS Vita that runs this game smoother with no issue. Our iPhone 6 on iOS 9 never received the new update and dont lag at all compared to the latest version of this app running on an iPhone 12.

There are very few games that we will sink extra money into in terms of mobile gaming. This game absolutely deserves it. Wonderfully simple and effective main story, great environmental tidbits and exploration, not to mention gorgeous art, accessibly difficult songs that ramp up into facemelters, and excellent music.

Im sure we’ve left a review sometime ago, we cant remember its been a really long time. We just want to write down how much we love this game. Its what inspired us to buy a keyboard and learn how to play. We still remember absentmindedly looking for a rhythm game to play on our old iPhone in high school near a decade ago and stumbled upon this game that we still play to this day. We used to play some of the songs when we’ve had less than good day but we find myself happy now, its funny to feel like Im looking back on fond memories of something thats still there and living. Im glad we downloaded this game all those years ago.

This game will never not be close to our heart. Download it and play it. Seriously. Beautiful music, well done menus, fun gameplay mechanics, simple controls. You need to play this game if you havent already.

We’ve loved this game since we found it in middle school Im 22 now and it still remains one of the best rhythm story games of all time in our book! We have consistently gone back to play this masterpiece of a game. 10/10.

We’ve been playing this game since we were in 5th grade and now im a senior, its been a long time. We love this game with all our heart. Its honestly such a great game with amazing songs and a lovely story line. The only unfortunate part is that if you want more songs than whats given to you, you have to pay. Otherwise this is a fantastic game and we love it with all our heart!!

This playthrough, for the first time we bought the Shattered Hourglass. While there’s plenty of content without it, and plenty of gorgeous songs with good charts too, we wanted to see the further story & songs. We’re very satisfied so far. We’ve loved this game since we first played it most of a decade ago in high school. The additional base game content has only filled out the appeal for us, though it does become a bit much to pick thru sometimes for replay. It’s a lovely piano based rhythm game, and like all of the Cytus team’s work, it delivers a melancholy and engaging story. Unless their taiko remake was cytus team – we can’t imagine Taiko no Tatsujin has a sad setting but what do we know.

Ads are why we stopped playing mobile games. The game is fun.

We first got this when we were pretty young like 13? We sucked at it, and barely got anywhere; but a few years later we got back into it and was having a lot of fun! We introduced all the friend we could to it, and a lot of them got it; but the thing is, we described the game based on what we first encountered. To us it was a super cute game where a girl falls through a ceiling into this lonely things realm aka Deemo. So us and our friends are constantly playing this game and enjoying it so much; we realize now that we were Stimming, as we’ve realized Im autistic, and it was an amazing way to escape the world and experience sensory bliss~ But the thing we mainly want to touch on is that discovering the new areas we hadnt discovered before made us realize there was more to the game! We’ve now played until the ending 3 times at various points in our life, and we start crying every time right at the end. Its hard for us to cry, but the area right before the end makes us tear up and the ending always has us bawling our eyes out and sniveling. 10/10 one the best games ever, the gameplay is incredible, the music is amazing, and the ending will rip your friggin heart out. Enjoy!

We play this game years ago an totally forgot about it. One the best underrated tap music games out their and Absolutely beautiful.

We’ve first played this game when we were in middle school and here we are now still enjoying it almost 2years since we’ve graduated, truly an a amazing game.

Until we purchased a new phone and was unable to restore our purchases. We put money and time into this game. We’ve been trying to resolve this problem for weeks now. The game wont load past the Play menu. Im done with it now.

Game has no sound. Impossible to play enjoyably.

The gameplay is very good, we once played this game before the full version was out and fell in love with it. We had to delete for we had space constraints on our iPad. But we are so glad that picked it back up again. The music is wonderful and really gets in the mood of the game. We definitely would get this game. The money is well worth it.

We use to play this game a lot when we had our first iPod touch! So this game has been out for a while for sure. Even to this day there is still some songs we cannot get 100 percent of the challenge they are. But still love the game regardless! Im glad it still exists and we just recently downloaded it again and having fun!!

Been out for a long time with very classic and great gameplay.

Like some of the songs, and the gameplay looks good.

We remember first downloading this game when it was App of the Week years back. Just redownloaded it for nostalgia’s sake and we’ve been sucked back into the game’s amazing music, art, and story. A must play!

Do we really have to explain why 5stars come on now.

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