Dice Go – Lucky Day

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 08:45 am

Dice Go – Lucky Day

Dice Go - Lucky Day

Dice Go – Lucky Day is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HoLi Technology Limited, Dice Go – Lucky Day is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 29th June 2022 with the latest update 19th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dice Go – Lucky Day ?

258 people have rated 1.0.7

What is the price of the Dice Go – Lucky Day ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dice Go – Lucky Day released ?

Dice Go – Lucky Day was released on 29th June 2022.

When was the Dice Go – Lucky Day updated ?

The latest updated date of Dice Go – Lucky Day on 19th July 2022.

Where can Dice Go – Lucky Day be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dice Go – Lucky Day from Apple Official App Store.



Dice go is a fun and casual game to enjoy your leisure time. There are multiple opportunities to roll the dice in the game, and you can use these opportunities every day to complete daily challenges and get challenge rewards. The acquisition of these rewards is easy, as I said before, dice go is a game for you to enjoy your leisure time. Not only that, you’ll get a whole new gaming experience from innovative animations. The personalized design we bring will refresh dice fans

Well-designed Animations
We have designed various styles of animation effects for the dice that allowing you to have a better gaming experience when playing the game.

Different Luck Challenges
You will get a lot of oppotunities of different challenges and will have a sense of achievement by winning challenges.

Easy-played Game
There is no complicated system, and confused functions. It allows you enjoy the dice adventure directly and start your bingo journey quickly!

Accessible Game for You
You can easily start your adventure and discover your own exciting moments in this dice journey!


  • Special dice-rolling effect
  • Different reward events
  • Free Rolling chance
  • innovative animation

Updated on 19th July 2022

  • Fixed some bugs.

Dice Go – Lucky Day Review

Heck we thought it was a scam but then our cash app said we got 1000 from dice go and now Im working on waiting on the next 2000 so just hang in there. Its on its way. We only waited for 5.2 years lol.

We’ve spent lots of hours playing !! We will continue for years to come !!

Its fun but will see if its real Im not gotten anything yet.

Its seems pretty neat so far.

Really had a good time and it was great to have some time to relax and enjoy making $$ and staying busy.

It seem like it will pay out idk but we see we like the game.

Best Money Making Game ever win cash money it’s dope man y’all should try it.

We love this game so much and its so fun! Thats all lol.

Fun game fast money about time.

We like it we hope we win a lot of money.

We absolutely love this game.

Interesting game full of surprises looking forward to big rewards!

This game is so fun and addicteding it was so much fun we like we give it a 5 star <3.

Everything is working great . So come on in and play to see how it works . We have not won any real rewards yet but who knows you might win big.

This game is so addicting and fun and its one of those games where it doesnt take forever to hit goals and get the rewards. Love it here.

It’s been pleasant there’s a very few videos to watch.

We love it having fun and making money.

This game is the truth worth the the time playing.

We love the game and there’s something to improve Is it possible to use other ATM card ?!. ( Not Pay pal)

We like it we hope we win a lot of money.

Waiting on our pay out will update and let ya all know if it does. We have an iPhone and had no problem.

We’ve earned $1000 which is the first payout, we havent tried to payout yet, but we will soon and will update review then. However this game is fun, regardless of money or not, its basically just like playing a board game!

In the description of the game we are just now seeing it says absolutely not one thing at all about wining cash. And here we sit waiting on our winnings, now we feel foolish. There is no winning cash is there?!?!?!!??? It is a quick fun lil game to pass time or fall asleep to but to lie, so wrong. We are going to hope for the best but expect the worst.

Have to win 1000 dollars in order, watch some ads but its entertaining. Hopefully get money since Im also job hunting.

Extremely easy game to play though not much time to really interact in the game and the prizes froze up when we came within 2-3 pieces of 50 puzzle pieces needed to redeem the prize. Im in deep with time and stamina on this game and hope it pays out. Im disabled. The monies pending would offer great relief. We downloaded this app before we read the review. Im hoping we have not been scammed. We believe in the benefit of doubt till we see for myself.

We enjoyed the game but they are not good about sending the winnings. We think its a scam!

This game is a scam, it may not look like it when you first play it but, its a complete scan. 1. You have to reach 1000 to cash in your money and 2. When you get close to 1000 Like at $998.67 they wont let you land on any money to Get 1000 so watch out!!!

So Im on the last task to jump the queue since there are 300 people ahead of us. We’ve done all the rest, but for some reason this task isnt registering that its done. It keeps telling us to play the Spin 1 time which we have multiple times but every time we do, it doesnt register .

Idkk if this is a scam butt we havent got our 500.00 dat we made.

Way to many ads. Watch ads for 40 minutes out of an hour. Not much play time, just ad watching.

This game is waste of time!!! We logged in to check our status of getting our cash and everything was gone!!! There was no way of winning money anymore either!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!

We have been playing and they have a gift center. We’ve been using our spins to try for one item. You need to get 50. We have 48 out of 50 and the item disappeared. If you dont plan on giving rewards advertised dont advertise it. Im surprised no one has opened up a class action lawsuit yet!

The game itself is fun but DOES NOT pay out!!! So dont expect to get anything from this game!!!!!!!

All out scam this is horrible honestly.

Never pays out we been waiting for it to pay out and Im still waiting, we have more the money they needed us to collect for nothing. Still waiting on the pay out smh.

Dont waste your time playing this with the hopes of actually getting paid . You play for days watch all their annoying Chinese based adds over and over again then when you have what they say you can withdraw They put you in a queue to collect and it never moves . We have been at#5 in the queue to withdraw and #100 on another amount forever and it never moves up to your turn. We should get together and file a class action civil suit for wasting out time and false advertisement.

Dont waste your time playing this game its all a scam youll be waiting for all your payouts and never get anything even when you are at 99% doesnt give out the prizes when you are at 57 or 58 out of 50 it just stops giving it to you all together.

We have been playing and enjoying this game, soon as we got almost $1000 and has several thousands of coins, the game locked up and wiped out all our credit, was erased and gone. This isnt fair! Fix it or Im deleting. We deserve our rewards and being able to cash out our winnings. Or is this just another scam fake game?!

This is not even worth one star for a rating. Scam.

We cashed out at $1000 we played to jump we did the missions to jump. We made it to 99.99990% in the queue with it says 5 people ahead of us it wont go past that percentage.

Game is a total scam. Cant cash out. Cant apply jumps after a certain point to speed up payout. Again total scam. AVOID!

We’ve been waiting over 3 weeks for our 1st two cash outs. We’ve done 100s of jumps and completed a ton of task yet we’ve not received anything. You need to follow through with what you advertise. Its been saying 5 people ahead of us on both cash outs. Im very upset starting to see as a scam!!!

Been waiting for over a month now on all of the payouts. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Glad Im not actually expecting anything less from these games.

We have been waiting in their queue at number 5 for over a week and they dont pay us Game is a hoax Dont waste your time.

This game and its add said we could win money from playing it but we havent seen any of the money it first said we’ve earned its a ripoff and full of false advertising.

Dont bother with this game. Its a scam. We’ve been number 5 for three days waiting on our deposit. We’ve completed tasks after task and its never enough. These people are liars. So dont waste your time.

We have 5 people ahead of us in the queue to has out. We’ll update if we actually get the lay out of $1000. Update: still 5th in the queue. Its not gonna happen. The marquee that announces winners have turned over several times after we were 6th yet we have not received our cash out.

Complete waste of time! Never pays anything.

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