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Dino mutant : T-Rex

Dino mutant : T-Rex

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Dino mutant : T-Rex! Developed by the innovative team at MondayOFF LLC, this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 30th November 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 3rd May 2024.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Casual, games? Then Dino mutant : T-Rex is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Dino mutant : T-Rex

Over 867 players have rated Dino mutant : T-Rex. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Dino mutant : T-Rex Cost?

Good news! You can download Dino mutant : T-Rex on your iOS device absolutely free!

Dino mutant : T-Rex Release Date

Eager to know when Dino mutant : T-Rex first graced the App Store? It was launched on 30th November 2023.

When Was Dino mutant : T-Rex Last Updated?

The latest version of Dino mutant : T-Rex was updated on 3rd May 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Dino mutant : T-Rex?

To get started with Dino mutant : T-Rex, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Dino mutant : T-Rex

· · · · · · · Game Feature · · · · · · ·

» Mate to lay fertilized eggs
» Tap to hatch infinite eggs
» Claim mutant t rex. Mutant T-rex has better stats
» Hunt to get some food for your babies!
» More contents will be updated

· · · · · · · Mutant information · · · · · · ·

» 50 Skin mutation
» 50 Pattern mutation
» 50 Body coloured mutation
» 50 Belly coloured mutation

Everyone, MondayOFF

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Dino mutant : T-Rex updated on 3rd May 2024:

· · · · · · 0.4.8 · · · · · · ·

3rd / May / 2024

Minor updates

» New 5th map added
» Increased number of spaces where nests can be moved (21 -> 31)
» Difficulty balance adjustment for map 4
» Added conditions for contest entry (Must have a total mutation collection of 10 or more to participate)

User Reviews on Dino mutant : T-Rex

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Dino mutant : T-Rex below:

We really like this game a lot. Its something you can do on the side while you wait. The mutation chance is a little painful, but also does add some more fun when you do actually get a mutation. We know the game is still in development, but itd be really cool if there was a way somehow to see the family-lineage. We can see that being hard to add in though. But yes, very good game. Absolutely recommend.

Its interesting game with easy mechanics to learn, we are very excited to see more interesting things coming and to be added. Two suggestions to the developers as of version 0.4.7: 1. There are noticeable amount of times that the game would freeze and flash quit when we open the chat channel, please look into them. 2. Once the everlasting x2 mutation and x2 CD reduction were purchased, the 10 mins boosts of both that we got previously from the bone shop lottery did nothing when used. We had quiet a few of them stocked up, please consider refund them as bones maybe?

This game is incredible! Love the vibe and ascetics, also the chat is very helpful for new players like us! Older players are very helpful! They tell us how to navigate through the game with ease, and are incredibly kind they have been nothing but helpful to us and other newbies! Keep up the hard work developers ;)

We like sending our dinosaurs to war.

Honestly has to be one of our favorite games we’ve played so far. We dont usually play games, better yet ones on the phone but we gave this one a try and WOW we were hooked and definitely spent more money than we should have haha. One issue is that Im near the end of the game and there really isnt nothing new to do anymore so unfortunately the game is sorta just a bust now. Still would recommend 10/10.

It is a very fun game. But it has nightly updates around 3-7 am Every single night we would get on to play (i work overnights at our job) and it would be closed for updating . Its very suspicious that an app would need to update almost every night. Just doesnt make sense to us. But Im sure there is a good reason. We just cant play the game if it constantly kicks us off to do an update every night . :( Disappointed because we cant enjoy the game.

All we said was the name of a bird, the blue footed boobie:(

If your Dinos die and you dont resurrect them yourself they just die. They dont automatically revive after some time they just die!! The game doesnt tell you that so you can easily reset your progress accidentally if you are not carefull.

U get to breed! And lot hunting so much to do ! And we are getting rare ones! We just started and this is child safe :)

For only 2.99! We changed our review to 5 stars.

For starters, it’s a good game the design the play through is all so smooth. If you log onto the discord everyone if friendly and welcoming. There’s very frequent updates which make the game better and better everytime. All in all its a great game with an amazing community. (Way better than Cluster Duck)

Well balanced and doesnt shove ads down your throat. Well priced micro-transactions (that arent required) and some permanent upgrades. We just wish theyd put it on the Google play store too so we can play with friends!!!!!

We hope it can add account binding, we need to play again when we use another phone. Add a button to lock the dinosaurs at the hatching location so you don’t have to search for them one by one. You can change your account name. You can search for dinosaurs by category in your backpack. Chat can be translated.

We love this game so much! Its decently paced, interactive, and really gets creativity going. One thing that would be interesting to see in the future is seeing other dinos incorporated. Maybe we can get that through mutations, adding a new section to the collection book.

Can you make it so we can change the background bc its too bright at night.

Hi, first off let us say that we love dinosaurs especially the trex and this game has made it a dream to breed and mutate them like in the Jurassic park series. However, it seems like every few seconds we try and do something the game just crashes and it is constant. We load into the game it crashes, we try and collect an egg after restarting the app and it crashes after everything we do it is a constant crash please fix this for other people that love and enjoy the game we dont want you guys to lose out on a prime opportunity because of the minor inconveniences! Thank you for your time!

We thought it was gonna be like every other game were you have to wait an hr then 4 then 7 we’ve been playing for about half a day and eggs are quick to hatch and breed. They also have a variety of skins for Dinos which is amazing. We do have to say though there are some down sides to this game as every developer needs is money you do have to pay for no ads or extra food and stuff like that nothing too bad. It is a bit buggy but its still new we hope you guys continue making this game better. Also make a filter in chat its quite annoying Im 21 talking to other teens not children and we cant say Damm horrible lol.

Its a fine game we just wish we could play it with wifi, the banner ads get blocked by basic wifi security.

We saw an ad for this game on instagram and decided to give it a try. Usually the ads on instagram for games are scams and the games are terrible. That is absolutely not the case with this game. It is fun, easy to understand without being boring, and always has something to do so you arent just staring a a screen waiting. Great job to the creators and everyone please download this game!

We are low key addicted, their so cute and they have fun designs and the all the ads are basically optional. The battles are adorable and their is two goals to work towards power and looks and you can pick or try and balance and we love it so much.

This game was, until the most recent update, overall a 5/5. Simple but effective, never felt pressured to pay, minimal advertisements, interesting gameplay that doesn’t demand 24/7 play… Until this. The event update! Great! Oh, by the way, the event’s prizes are unique mutations unavailable anywhere else and did we mention it costs FORTY DOLLARS? Yes, someone, incredibly, approved this shocking price point for the full event pass. Forty dollars, just so you can try to complete the event. Oh and of course the free plays for the event are limited and slow to regenerate, so be prepared to splash out even more cash if you want to fully complete the event to win those prizes you just paid almost half a Benjamin for. We are seriously disappointed, MondayOFF. This has been a fun little game where we’re happy to occasionally watch ads to get boosts and such, and might have even eventually made a small purchase, but this brazen and shameless attempt at a cash grab event has put a sour taste in our mouth. Yes, the event is fully optional, and yes, it’s just a game and collecting every mutation is, in the grand scheme of things, utterly and wholly unimportant, but it’s the principle of the thing. For it to go from very gently pushing real money purchases that only make the game go faster to now locking actual aspects of the game – however minor – behind staggeringly high price points is a kind of whiplash that taints one’s enjoyment of the game, and makes one wonder how soon this aggressiveness will spread to other parts of the game. There is a balance to be struck between making the game profitable (hopefully so you can and do pay your developers) and just flat out highway robbery, and you’ve fallen very far out of balance here.

It will not let you play without a connection despite not having any multiplayer functionality.

First when we downloaded the game servers were down, and we were like ok thats fine Ill wait till they are back. Fast forward, the next day Im opening the app to play for the first time and we play for like 30seconds, then it wont allow us to play unless we give it access to our info for personal ads. Scummy game. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

Its a fun game to play but the meat balance is a bit off and if you download the latest update March 31 the game now no longer starts. Hope they fix that bug soon.

We’ve been playing this game for like 4 hours on our car ride and its kept us entertained. Breeding and fighting using the dinosaurs is fun and new. Trying to have enough food to feed all your Dinos and having to hunt all the time is actuallyfun. We like how every part of the game has a actual purpose and it all ties together. Good job make more games.

We cant open the game. Every time we open the app a error code pops up and its closes the app. Please fix!

Can we just get enough meat by hunting? We keep running out of meat and theres no way to get more.

Great game. We’ve been playing a lot the last few weeks. Until now The downside of it right now is that we cant play it at all anymore. We killed the level 4 boss when his recovery timer was down to the single digits. However, now the boss is gone, but Im still on level 4. We can still send out hunting partys, but cant collect anything when they return. The user form just pops up blank and the screen freezes. We have the bosses skin in our inventory, so it shows that we beat it. We think it also sent all our Dinos to the graveyard too, so we dunno. Either way, we cant play any further once our meat storage is depleted.

We have played it for about idk minutes and we already like it.

This is our new favorite game! Have had it for a couple of weeks and am not bored with it! Its a rare game thats casual, but has enough to engage with when you play to keep you constantly entertained. Since the last update our screen is frozen on the ballot voting and it wont let us close it. :( we hope this is fixed soon!

This is a great game with really nicely balanced and well explained mechanics that is fun to play. This is a great game to waste away the time, but a feature that could be nice to see is to have the ability to change the cosmetics of the T-Rexes.

We do Love the game keep the good work up.

The game is fun but the wait times for dinosaurs to grow up is crazy long. If it takes two minutes to lay and hatch an egg it takes over an hour to have a grown dino. It turns into us playing the game for 5 minutes then setting an hour timer so we can play for another 5 minutes.

Guys this game is so underrated its a little like clusterduck but better !! We love genetic games so much and this game is so cute.

We’ve been playing the game for about a week now. Its really fun and we have had no problems until now, but whenever we went to world two, we did not receive the reward for killing the velociraptor. We know other people are having the same problem and like us cannot upgrade their incubator. Its a really fun game, but we would like to progress further. Will us and the many other people ever receive our rewards?

Im enjoying the game and we dont have any major complaints so far. But we do have a question for the devs. Why do devs limit the text fields for names (the Dino names in this case) to do few characters? Does it really increase the computing load or memory use to let us give our Dinos fun names, like Rampaging Bloodlust or Daisy McWimple? Why am we limited to a miserly 7 characters?

We started this game a few days ago and it is really fun to see the dinosaurs mutate and evolve further. We like how you have to hunt food in order for the dinosaurs to grow and progress further. The reason for the 4 stars is that we just progressed to the second map, but we didnt receive the raptor hide in order to upgrade the incubator. We know you are still updating the game and working out all the bugs. Hopefully youll keep working on the game to make it even more enjoyable for other players!

At first we didnt know how we were going to like the game, but the Dino Nerd in us is very happy with it! We do like that we can do some hunts and leave the game for a bit to incubate the eggs. We are slowly moving up now Im that we figured out some strategies. We love the art and the game design. We look forward to more content in the future!

We’ve been hyper fixated on this game for a solid week now and it still hasnt gotten boring! This game keeps it interesting with tons of new dinos, and fights!! This game is so so good, cant wait for the February event its teasing in game!

Enjoying game looking forward to future updates. Maybe make a discord so people can express ideas and share their Pog Dinos.

We’ve been playing this game religiously for a few days now and we absolutely love the game and its very playable as is. We have a few suggestions as it does seem at the point we are in the game its leaning towards more pay to win and its becoming very difficult for us to get better Dinos. We think the chances to get better stats after breeding should be more common then it is cause we can play for an hour and only get one or two better Dinos. We also think the hp on bosses and other Dinos should be reworked as the second we got to the 2nd map we’ve only been able to attack the lowest level Dinos to get food and Im no where near being able to attack even the second higher tier Dinos on the map. Like we said though we love the game and will continue to play but we hope you do make a couple changes and please stay away from pay to win we understand you need to make money from the game but please dont make that all the game is. If some changes are made to the games we will be more than happy to give a 5 star.

We really like this game. It flows really nicely, but some of the content that was supposed to come out hasnt yet. We beat the third boss, but the fourth map didnt open. On the map selection, it says content coming January 2024.

Already beat world 3 and all bosses, can’t wait to see the next world.

We are a paleontologist and we play this game literally every day. The genetics aspect to the game is amazing. The only feature we would add is dominant and recessive traits to make breeding more complex and fun. 10/10.

We played this game religiously for like a week, but the islands go extinct when you move to the next one! When the island goes extinct, it prevents you from being able to loot nests and reach appropriate leveled enemies in the previous one, leaving you with nothing but an overpowered map and underpowered Dinos.

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