Dirt Racing Mobile

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Dirt Racing Mobile


Dirt Racing Mobile is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Windowed Universe LLC, Dirt Racing Mobile is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th November 2013 with the latest update 23rd August 2015

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


9 people have rated 1.5.0

You can download the game Dirt Racing Mobile from APP STORE.


NEW RELEASE – Dirt Racing Mobile 3D
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Dirt Racing Mobile is a Universal app! Enjoy it on all of your IOS Devices.
Try the FREE Dirt Racing Mobile Midgets Edition before you buy!

Finally a challenging Dirt Oval Racing game for mobile devices with physics! Race against AI controlled opponents or race against the clock. Hours of sliding and dirt slinging action at your fingertips.


  • 4 Cars (Sprint Cars, Latemodels, Modifieds, and Street Stocks)
  • 12 Tracks
  • 4 Game Modes with Stars to be earned for each car and track.
  • No unlocks, play what you want when you want.

——- TIPS ——-

  • Start slow! Start with the Street Stock at Track 1 in Practice Mode.
  • Use LIGHT TAPS on the turning buttons.
  • When the car starts rotating, the momentum may keep turning the car.
  • The buttons are MUCH larger than they appear. (so they do not take up too much screen)
  • Use the Turning Lines and countdown markers, they indicate when you are approaching a turn!
  • Letting off the throttle will allow the cars to rotate faster.
  • If you are pressing the turning buttons more than 1 second you are probably holding too long.
  • Make sure you can get at least 1-2 Stars in Qualifying before attempting Single Amatuer Race.

For any feedback or bug reporting please contact us.
Twitter: @Windowed or Email: [email protected]

Updated on 23rd August 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

NEW RELEASE – Dirt Racing Mobile 3D
Free Demo Available

-Added link to Dirt Racing Mobile 3D

Dirt Racing Mobile Reviews

The game is fun but the car is out of control and if you bump into another car you will reck while the will not move at all and it is quite impossible to win any pro races so do not waste your 99 cents here this game is a waste of your time and money!!!

You just cant drive the car and it is horrible with no control.

This game is GOD AWFUL don’t waste your time or money already regret it.

So much fun! Best dirt oval racing game by far. It took us a few laps in practice to get used to everything, but as soon as we did im having a blast! We really like how each car drives completely different from each other. Those sprint cars are so insane!

Extremely realistic! So worth the money. Most satisfying feeling of DRIFTING in this game like no other!

Super fun 2D dirt racing game, very challenging, great physics and hours of gameplay. A++ game for a dollar.

It’s a great simple dirt racing game. Amazing physics, super fun for only .99 cents.

Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!! Love the cars too!!!!!!!!!!! $.99 is like a steal for this game!

1:needs cautions 2:Running starts 3: every time we slightly touch a cpu car we spin out Its a great game though hope these are in future updates:)

It’s a fun game. I’d like to see the computers be able to spin out too.

Our favorite iOS racing game yet. Very simple concept that is very addictive. We would be willing to donate if we knew this game would reach it’s potential. It really just needs some features to adjust the control buttons, if anything just to be able to move them around or make them bigger. It feels like it doesn’t respond to certain button combinations when pressing the gas and the turn at the same exact time. Cautions aren’t necessary and probably hard to implement in a way that wouldn’t be aggravating. And the other reviews are right about the AI physics, they are immovable sometimes making it so that your car always spins out when touching them. BUT, the first features we really want to see are the control rework and a season/career mode. With the option to do practice mode, then qualifying heats, then a race. That would be amazing. Great game though please do some updates! Even if it has to cost more!

The game is great!! But it needs to have an option to have no slagger and need cautions! Great game! Love it! We’re addicted!

This game is awesome, the only thing we would like to see different is cautions & 3D game play with car setup.

Best dirt game ever but needs cautions.

We bought the game and it was great but everysince iOS8 it crashes while trying to open it.

With new cars and numbers with color any color.

Pretty good game the buttons are unresponsive some times when you hit the wall it slows you down way to much and the other cars never spin out.

This is such an awesome game, we love to sit here and play it. We’ve recently upgraded to iOS 8 and now it crashes, please fix it.

If you guys make a online racing for us we we would have rate a 5star.

Was five star til we updated to iOS8, now it doesn’t even work.. Won’t even let us open that app.. That we payed for!!! Now it’s a zero star.

The buttons are GARBAGE!!! Other than that it’s addictive…

Would love this so much more if you weren’t the only car that could get spun out by other drivers it is frustrating! It could be made more real by some simple changes and you could get 5 stars.

Purchased this game for our son and it would not load on our iPad. Our son was very disappointed.

It’s a great concept and we love it but it could use improvements…a lot… We would like to see some updates and big fixes for this game.

Bought this game and it wont open on our iphone 5s.

We like to start a race like pase lap we go around the track 1time and in turn 4 we go with the green flag And we want the other car to spin out sometime and put out a cation and after caution we should go around the track 1 time and we’re turn four we go.

It a very fun game, but the button do need we be bigger, and more stagger options.

This game is so fun keep updating both of the sprint car and midget game make the next update on the midget make the chili bowl track every time we press a button it closes us out of the app.

Great game but needs a career mode.

With the new update, it’s even better. We find it WAY easier to control your car with the new adjustable stagger!

Can u add mini stocks? Or maybie even dirt legends? It would be really cool if u could make like 100 lap races and add pits. But make it where u could adjust the pit settings so u didn’t have to come in the pits.

This game is amazing! Wish there was a way to race friends online but maybe at some point… Keep up the great work!

The controls feel great, but after 30 minutes of practice, we still struggle to not get lapped on the easiest settings.

This is an awesome game… When the buttons work. We’ll have our thumb on the throttle, and without lifting, the game acts as if our thumb wasn’t there. The same for the steering, we’ll hit the left steering button to start the cars rotation and then the next thing we know we’re in the wall cause for some reason it didn’t turn. We usually don’t review games, but we REALLY love this one and would like to have an update to resolve the issue. We know the lost update said something about fixing this, but it didn’t on ours. Other than the buttons, it’s an awesome game!

Totally addicting game! We questioned whether a dirt racing game could be developed to be fun and lasting for IOS… This game does both! Trying the midget version next.

Very cool just needs tilt steering!!!

We’ve raced dirt track for 20 years and we absolutely love the game. But you have to reduce the stagger on the lates and the sprints then the game will be perfect.

Could be a great game with tilt steering. The right button sticks and the Sprint Cars are undrivable. They only spin out to the left. Please fix.

Awesome game highly recommend!!!!!! Best dirt game out!!!!

This dirt racing game is sick. Awesome graphics, addicting game play. Easy controls.

True bodied dirt race cars ,a blast to play!!!

Great game!!! A lot of fun very addicting!!!

We love the idea of a dirt racing game but the truth is, the controls need a lot of work. Better, bigger buttons are needed and a little more control of the cars would be nice. All in all it’s fun and has potential but it definitely needs to be tweaked a bit to be great.

We have been racing dirt track cars (modifieds) for 3 years and we have to say, we love the idea of a dirt track game on IOS! So as we searched one and scrolled through them, we saw this one! Although it was 99 cents, it had 5 star ratings, so we figured we couldn’t go wrong! Boy was we wrong.. It’s just another game where you control an out of control, car that wants to do nothing but spin out. None of the cars drive anything like a real dirt car, and the camera view is terrible. If your looking for a first person, realistic racing game, this is not the game for you. We will keep the game (mostly cause we payed for it) but also because we hope for an update that makes things much more realistic. Thank you for your time we hope we saved someone some frustration! PS: don’t put "real racing physics" in the description, because there’s nothing real about the physics or driving style of these cars.

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